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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/15/20  (388)
*explosively farts cum while wearing leather gimp suit* "Libs? Ur response?"    04/09/20  (3)
all the shenanigans in the market right now make me feel demotivated    04/09/20  (4)
lmao that shit already free nigga    04/09/20  (18)
I’m going to get cuckholded then drive around my plastic sports car    04/09/20  (2)
"My blood was boiling", screeched the pan faced "man"    04/09/20  (6)
"In many ways, these purchase agreements are my kids" said the female lawyer    04/09/20  (15)
20 million new unemployment claims in 2 weeks    04/09/20  (11)
The Eternal Quarantine of the Shitlib Mind    04/09/20  (2)
Steve Harvey's mouth agape as all answers flip to say TRUMP and air horns blare    04/09/20  (6)
Harry Potter and the Bat Flu Powder    04/09/20  (2)
What muscle group do I miss with this routine?    04/09/20  (5)
SLEEPY JOE COMIN' AT YA!!    04/09/20  (1)
So the senate gave big businesses trillions, refuses to pass small business stim    04/09/20  (5)
The Fed is buying junk bonds. How is XO not freaking tf out?    04/09/20  (32)
If you're curious, this is what prole Jews are like.    04/09/20  (14)
ITT: rate the milestones of my marriage by year    04/09/20  (61)
The backbone of western civilization is V20 Capital Markets practice groups    04/09/20  (3)
If you didn't score above a 1400 on the (old) SATs, you are a Literal Retard    04/09/20  (63)
Brooklyn judge who called a lawyer a pussy over virus is killed by virus    04/09/20  (1)
Unemployment claims by state    04/09/20  (1)
This virus only kills the people who would've died from the flu. Go back to work    04/09/20  (1)
How much did this PI lawyer pay Maury Povich to shoot a commercial with him?    04/09/20  (4)
predict the date of the next publicly attended professional sporting event in US    04/09/20  (3)
Why did Britain and America go to war against Germany in WW2?    04/09/20  (49)
Future generations looking back on Trump’s China tweets: “haha wow holy shit    04/09/20  (4)
TRUMP ATTACK AD ON BIDEN    04/09/20  (30)
Are we now calling him Dr. FRAUDci?    04/09/20  (5)
lol at Bevin pardoning a child rapist    04/09/20  (17)
should Trump call Biden “China Joe” or “Beijing Joe”? Which one works be    04/09/20  (33)
Just do buy stocks in the early stages of a pandemic with an R0 of 5.7    04/09/20  (22)
job opening for women's bathroom janitor ITT    04/09/20  (6)
Went to Costa Rica w/ 5 dudes, no FB posts, Go to the grocery store 1 chick    04/09/20  (8)
twenty nine literally retired after we saw what she looks like    04/09/20  (3)
What the FUCK are the Rams doing?    04/09/20  (2)
purity ring - peaceful.mp3 blaring as your wife is defiled by niggers    04/09/20  (1)
it’s all fraud & lies & no one seems to care    04/09/20  (6)
3 US governors have blocked hydroxycloroquine use for COVID patients (link    04/09/20  (3)
Libs, do you have a response yet?    04/09/20  (2)
Boris Johnson easily defeats fraudvirus    04/09/20  (2)
a bottle of wine is equivalent to 8 drinks? i downed it and had much more...    04/09/20  (9)
I'm shocked there is currently so little crime    04/09/20  (4)
Women really are the inferior gender    04/09/20  (15)
Turkish pneumonia rates PLUMMETING thanks to..you guessed it    04/09/20  (22)
the truth about what happened to Epstein    04/09/20  (0)
Poasters like "waffle stomp" completely ruined this place.    04/09/20  (20)
Harvard FedSociety prez brandishes gun in Zoom class; libs lose their minds    04/09/20  (66)
Trump: JUST THE FTHLU! But get tested before u come to WH journalists!    04/09/20  (2)
Gavin Newsom Declares California a ‘Nation-State’    04/09/20  (11)
Highest student loan debt you ever heard    04/09/20  (32)
I give you two post-lockdown jobs. You pick which one you accept.    04/09/20  (179)
It'd actually be CR if my grandparents died now. No need to go to funeral, etc    04/09/20  (7)
"it's priced in," explained Henry Aaron to the john concerned about his HIV risk    04/09/20  (23)
had a long conversation with a powerful boomer about fraudvirus    04/09/20  (17)
Trump hasn't led Biden in a single reputable poll, not one    04/09/20  (8)
Boomer: "everything will go back to normal and be well"    04/09/20  (1)
"Experts" now saying flattening curve isnt enough, need to "crush the curve"    04/09/20  (69)
...ceterum autem censeo Sinam esse delendam    04/09/20  (6)
worthless people are dying    04/09/20  (5)
Ljl @ exercise & eating “healthy”    04/09/20  (6)
slipping phrase "I'm fully powered up" into dense flock of discursive footnotes    04/09/20  (7)
Can solo lawyers get the $600 unemployment checks?    04/09/20  (3)
lol nice article faggot    04/09/20  (4)
$1 million, but you have to read 20 Upset Jew threads/day for rest of your life    04/09/20  (61)
United States ZOOMING past Spain, catching up to ITTTaly! MAGA! KAG!    04/09/20  (2)
Rate this hot as fuck flight attendant working from home (video)    04/09/20  (31)
Any historical evidence of voter fraud by mail in ballots?    04/09/20  (1)
People deciding whether to open economy feel no financial stress    04/09/20  (2)
having a nice office chair is very important for work from home    04/09/20  (10)
Possility of semi-quarantine for next 2 years?    04/09/20  (5)
Nationwide government hiring freeze    04/09/20  (1)
How come no one told me getting super fit is 180?    04/09/20  (11)
who are the top 5 current poasters    04/09/20  (55)
LOLing that Dems turned nation-wide house arrest & depression into a loser    04/09/20  (1)
tried an alcoholic seltzer for first time... why even bother with beer?    04/09/20  (42)
globohomo    04/09/20  (7)
poast itt if ur an unrepentant homosexual    04/09/20  (3)
xo Scott Minerd    04/09/20  (2)
Shitlaw boss making visits to his attorneys homes (Not flame)    04/09/20  (9)
Confirmed U.S. cases increased by -- ah fuck it, ur grandpa's gonna die    04/09/20  (5)
feels like groundhog day w/ same press briefing and every day feels like weekend    04/09/20  (1)
Hehe 69    04/09/20  (4)
Dubois TP “I don’t dislike Biden’s “ideas”    04/09/20  (1)
Fed Ends Capital Markets As We Know Them    04/09/20  (3)
Guy builds replica liquor store in his garage so local black teens can rob it    04/09/20  (4)
Any many firms pull any hijinks today?    04/09/20  (1)
The Scholars Danced With Dignity (TSDWD)    04/09/20  (11)
Corona-cure: rare flower found in tiger-infested jungle. Who we gonna call?    04/09/20  (2)
depression is a professional/leisure class/lumpenprole cope    04/09/20  (8)
still getting packages from AMZN quickly    04/09/20  (2)
the world is run by $ick criminal fraud freaks    04/09/20  (1)
u have to be $ick to be healthy in this fraud society    04/09/20  (2)
Fire a realtor with no written contract as a buyer    04/09/20  (14)
FUCK CHINA polling EXTREMELY well, will be Trump's path to 2020 victory    04/09/20  (76)
If you are Short, it is shrewd to Short the market    04/09/20  (3)
Rate this super high T Swedish track athlete    04/09/20  (81)
what's going on with Trump lately? he's not being a lunatic asshole.    04/09/20  (2)
A young Biden grinning as black kids fondle his hairy legs at the swimming pool    04/09/20  (2)
Bernie Supporter here. Proud of him.    04/09/20  (27)
Anyone's alcoholism increased during quarantine?    04/09/20  (16)
Meet the teen tumblr fanatics that worship CornPop    04/09/20  (3)
How come no one told me getting super lit is 180?    04/09/20  (4)
After 12 years of being an adult I had finally found happiness and purpose    04/09/20  (5)
(((Disney execs))) force Dana White to postpone UFC 249    04/09/20  (6)
For men, the antibody test requires a swab inside the penis urethra (link)    04/09/20  (5)
The USA has lost 40 jobs for every Wuflu case. 1,141 jobs for every Wuflu death    04/09/20  (42)
So Tucker was a badvirusmo and now he’s blaming the (((models))) 4 fraud??    04/09/20  (4)
LOL so now libs are pushing mail-in voting?    04/09/20  (3)
Feel sorry for dead bedroom bros stuck with wife. Must be very tense    04/09/20  (1)
new AGWWG rom com on Netflix    04/09/20  (2)
Should I finish yesterday's WH briefing before starting todays?    04/09/20  (1)
German data conclusively proves virus == bad health wise and not just the flu    04/09/20  (34)
so literally everything is total flame and we should just go live in the woods    04/09/20  (7)
LJL @ academic journals    04/09/20  (6)
Is cowgod playing FF7    04/09/20  (1)
Elites have to be thrilled. Test run of total crackdown went beyond all expectat    04/09/20  (5)
At least nyuug pretends to get laid. Fleshlight and fatceps post failure convos    04/09/20  (3)
Serious ? for DDC (need a response by end of day)    04/09/20  (2)
Aspergers Chad lecturing FLESHLIGHT on Global Capitalism    04/09/20  (2)
This crisis has really emboldened doctors and biologists/scientists    04/09/20  (7)
I accidentally bought the "goy" fleshlight... OY VEY! (dbg)    04/09/20  (6)
Fleshlight you're right working out more frequently def helps    04/09/20  (3)
nyuug fleshlight u around?    04/09/20  (3)
any bros getting better at cooking? any new 180 recipes during this quarantine?    04/09/20  (1)
Despite my fleshlight moniker schtick -- I've never used a fleshlight.....    04/09/20  (4)
NYUUG's sideways half-length fleshlight    04/09/20  (2)
im well over 30 years old and still feel like a child in most ways    04/09/20  (5)
Why is Don Kihote currently posting under "Green Jolly Rancher" alt?    04/09/20  (34)
There were never any fucking dinosaurs    04/09/20  (2)
women are absolutely disgusting & they regularly spray diarrhea    04/09/20  (7)
*eating slices of american cheese while you punch 'fleshlight' in face    04/09/20  (6)
A Coronavirus Reckoning for the Left (xo WSJ    04/09/20  (1)
Bannons podcast is pretty 180    04/09/20  (2)
Any recommendations for getting a solo website made?    04/09/20  (7)
If I came at Jim Kelly's wife, do u think he would even defend her? (DTP    04/09/20  (24)
Need mo money for dem pograms    04/09/20  (4)
when women are alone they go on "standby mode" & just stare at wall    04/09/20  (23)
it was obvious peep show was done here when jez was sporting norwood 4    04/09/20  (5)
CSLG, you should commission an artist to make a "jew light" painting of you    04/09/20  (6)
To everyone saying 6,000 deaths isn't that many    04/09/20  (47)
moments where you experienced the sublime    04/09/20  (11)
Selling dirtestrong wristbands for $10 each (CSLG)    04/09/20  (18)
🚨 4/9/2020 Members of the Coronavirus 🦠 Task Force Hold a Press Briefing    04/09/20  (3)
NYC = Serious Women Signing Paperwork    04/09/20  (5)
people seem to be over this--tons of people out today(SF)    04/09/20  (11)
Report: 600 Iranians have died from drinking rubbing alcohol (link)    04/09/20  (6)
🚨 04/09/2020 Members of the Coronavirus 🦠 Task Force Hold a Press Briefing    04/09/20  (1)
White girl randomly shot and killed in a 'good' part of Chicago    04/09/20  (7)
Reopen vega$    04/09/20  (1)
#trap #crossdresser #femboy #sissy    04/09/20  (1)

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