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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/15/20  (388)
The Religious Right’s Hostility to Science Cripples Our Virus Response (NYT)    04/02/20  (18)
*rsf uploading $900 burger king receipt to rich kids of instagram*    04/02/20  (42)
*rsf abruptly shifting weight to back of plane; handing b-cards to whiplashed pa    04/02/20  (56)
Every poaster who is able: fuck a girl in the ass tonight and report back when f    04/02/20  (2)
RSF's dad singing him "The Wreck of the Cantor Fitzgerald"    04/02/20  (280)
garth brooks the dance is one of the greatest songs ever imo    04/02/20  (12)
Will PRIDE be cancelled? Only 2 months away!    04/02/20  (2)
I can’t even imagine real life returning to normal after this    04/02/20  (9)
Do you guys think uvt and nyuug get tired of winning? Is this what will happen    04/02/20  (3)
"Don't wash your dick," RSF said as I set down my gym bag.    04/02/20  (205)
You are living through a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Stop complaining. Enjoy.    04/02/20  (19)
I'm not tired of winning yet. Are you?    04/02/20  (4)
19 year old rsf:"father i wish to have sex with men in belarus""graduate hs 1st"    04/02/20  (1)
Aerosmith- Dude Looks Like Elena.mp3 (RSF remix)    04/02/20  (377)
whok, what shift do you work at Coles?    04/02/20  (7)
Poll: Do you have any face masks?    04/02/20  (27)
spaceporn come back    04/02/20  (11)
XO marriedmos how is living with your wives 24/7?    04/02/20  (129)
One thing's for sure, there's a lot more gay shit to come    04/02/20  (7)
"Justice Kagan? Your seat is over there. Oh sorry, it's you Mr. RSF"    04/02/20  (13)
This is obviously the opening stages of world war three    04/02/20  (5)
Why the fuck are ppl acting like “layoffs” are a bad thing    04/02/20  (6)
My wife teaches piano as a sider hustle. Can she get $10k from SBA too?    04/02/20  (2)
invading albania's party beaches (and not taking ur shirt off) (rsf)    04/02/20  (4)
what kind of "man" doesn't forcefully dick down his wife when she gets out of li    04/02/20  (16)
u can’t make this shit up trump opening border to browns to work ARE jobs (lin    04/02/20  (3)
Great things about wuhan bat flu epidemic    04/02/20  (1)
chandler wtf don't delete my fuck marry kill thread    04/02/20  (12)
How risky is facial hair re: getting bat aids    04/02/20  (1)
How long until we get some good Coronavirus sales ?    04/02/20  (5)
CA libs announce "anti-wealth-hoarding"
measure: 90% wealth tax on liquid assets
   04/02/20  (12)
is jared kushner's dad still in prison?    04/02/20  (2)
lmao at talking shit to anybody if you've never sucked dick in a parking lot    04/02/20  (3)
https://imgflip.com/i/3v62sr    04/02/20  (5)
Why is “medical porn” trending on porn hub    04/02/20  (1)
Was at work all day. Did benzo go nuts again?    04/02/20  (1)
you too 5 years to graduate high school? sick get in the car were fucking tranni    04/02/20  (7)
BREAKING: Joe Exotic hospitalised after contracting coronavirus in prison    04/02/20  (4)
ARE Reptile - why don't you go back to Russia?    04/02/20  (4)
I can’t even imagine Real Life - Send Me an Angel.mp4 after this    04/02/20  (2)
trumpmos: defend jared kushner being in a position to influence anything    04/02/20  (5)
Marriage guys: Don't you get tired of sex with your wife?    04/02/20  (3)
We just went over 1,000 dead for the day. 2nd day in a row. 6100+ total.    04/02/20  (9)
*mdh walking client with fake neck brace into psychiatrists office*    04/02/20  (8)
Stripper side piece threatened to contact my wife    04/02/20  (112)
South Korea has COVID testing walk-up booths (pic)    04/02/20  (3)
I know leukemias bad dirte but at least it isn't cancer (whok)    04/02/20  (15)
Trump appointing Jared to 'flying saucer defense force'    04/02/20  (2)
just got off phone with PO. he told me i forgot to tweet splc, ACLU, huffpo(benz    04/02/20  (1)
anyone worried about their job getting destroyed?    04/02/20  (4)
Business has slowed significantly lately (CSLG)    04/02/20  (70)
I prefer the COVID Era to the GC Era    04/02/20  (126)
What was that Trumpmo conspiracy theory about covid19 being injected with HIV    04/02/20  (4)
so we had to lie about mask effectiveness so 3M could sell masks to foreigners?    04/02/20  (3)
tinder: 1 month of free Passport to unpaid members = LOLLERCAUST    04/02/20  (1)
DAVID LAT IS A SURVIVOR!    04/02/20  (146)
kill yourself benzo    04/02/20  (32)
conspiracy theorists think Trump got coronavirus vaccine 6 wks ago    04/02/20  (3)
Meetup.com stock down an unbelievable 93%    04/02/20  (7)
Jazz legend Ellis Marsalis Jr. DEAD from Wuhan flu:    04/02/20  (7)
Baseball stadium “FraudCam” zooming in on your bald spot    04/02/20  (45)
Barebacked+Creampied Columbian MILF last night. Taking ?s ITT    04/02/20  (11)
The Appetite for US Dollars is Insane    04/02/20  (38)
Any zozo boys drink tea?    04/02/20  (8)
6 million Jobs died    04/02/20  (16)
nyuug - thoughts about ur first world country (with 1,766 coronavirus cases)?    04/02/20  (52)
That senile fuck Biden will be president LJL    04/02/20  (48)
Do you fart loudly in front of your wife?    04/02/20  (6)
When will Desantis put out bounties on the filthy New York tribe causing wahala    04/02/20  (1)
People who are hacking into Zoom meetings & being disruptive should be EXECUTED    04/02/20  (1)
whok, rate me as a degrading "medical act" you have performed on someone    04/02/20  (3)
REMINDER: Chinese were eating grass to survive in the 1960s, like N Korea    04/02/20  (1)
Why did Trump administration wait until April to recommend cloth masks?    04/02/20  (13)
Trump must have been given some type of vaccine already. Y or N?    04/02/20  (5)
Blacks 14% of Michigan's population but 40% of coronavirus deaths    04/02/20  (39)
Nutella got fired and Dirte has cancer? WTF is going on here??    04/02/20  (8)
XO loves Trump. XO hates Kushner. Kushner basically controls Trump    04/02/20  (6)
rate this Zoom meeting for the NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs (pic)    04/02/20  (6)
Estimate the price of $UPRO in 6 months    04/02/20  (3)
America 2014: "maybe we can beat Ghana! and then win in Iraq"    04/02/20  (3)
Tucker slamming Fauci/Birx/Trump for shutting down economy    04/02/20  (9)
Ur doctor creating obeezy pumo tracking thead on worst day of worst outbreak in    04/02/20  (5)
PSA: odds are as high as theyve even been that a lot of us will die this year    04/02/20  (1)
Drink every time benzo says toupee, tsinah says parole, and rsf says pauper    04/02/20  (10)
What’s your favorite word?    04/02/20  (3)
spaceporn dutifully searching his moniker daily, hoping to be still remembered    04/02/20  (3)
you people make me sick    04/02/20  (1)
Alabama Governor: "Apparently antibiotics don't work on this bug..."    04/02/20  (6)
NYT guy: 'We can't allow kids to be home w/ parents, due to child abuse risk'    04/02/20  (2)
so where should we go from here *sets down blank sheet of paper & a pen*    04/02/20  (1)
Many people getting covid19 are getting it due to being unsanitary: T/F?    04/02/20  (1)
SBA Small Business Loan Program is FUCKED    04/02/20  (38)
lol spacecuck    04/02/20  (3)
So the tax system is both highly complex and highly arbitrary?    04/02/20  (3)
Kushner Takes Charge Of Coronavirus Response    04/02/20  (18)
i want to move to L.A. and get my groove on    04/02/20  (5)
bingdu the poster. xin guan bingdu. first day    04/02/20  (5)
England vs Italy official thread    04/02/20  (33)
Let me be clear: if you wear a mask, you an incel nerd 😹    04/02/20  (5)
Elderly woman dies after being smacked for not social distancing    04/02/20  (26)
Solos: Any luck with SBA loans yet?    04/02/20  (200)
Holy shit ive been here 10 years and just discovered the "Options" menu    04/02/20  (42)
most people can't work from home like shut in comma jockeys    04/02/20  (2)
no jews at the wedding reception! tp    04/02/20  (1)
More people have died from COVID-19 in 3 months than US combat losses in Vietnam    04/02/20  (16)
Should I not work out outside until I get a face mask?    04/02/20  (1)
Holy crap, Louisiana +2700 new cases in one day - link    04/02/20  (18)
Marine Corps completely committing to war with China    04/02/20  (112)
workers of the world unite    04/02/20  (5)
nutella now moving family to Chino Hills, citing reputation as great family town    04/02/20  (1)
Bump this thread if u r still 100% pulling for TRUMP    04/02/20  (497)
lonely hunters will have sex with pretty much anyone?    04/02/20  (1)
lonely housewives will have sex with pretty much anyone?    04/02/20  (10)
ROFL Australia already testing a vaccine on humans    04/02/20  (1)
Thank-You Muslims and China for all that you've done for the Travel industry    04/02/20  (1)
You do realize that the entire show Lost was them in Purgatory.    04/02/20  (10)
lol at being sad over 1 dead basketball player. 1m jews died in the holocaust    04/02/20  (64)
LOL, Venezuelan warship rams German cruise ship, sinks - link    04/02/20  (7)
$5m to punch Jared Kushner in the face on live TV but there's a twist    04/02/20  (1)
Slapping my tranny GF on the ass like I own it FUCK LIBS AND FUCK 'CONSENT'    04/02/20  (33)
Is that chloroquine stuff still happening or was it fraud    04/02/20  (1)
DBG, love you bubbele, but why are Ortho Jews so fucking monstrous?    04/02/20  (21)
pool boy visits 3x week but we don’t have a pool    04/02/20  (1)
Went to hospital wearing mask/gloves. Saw 80+ year olds with no mask/gloves.    04/02/20  (21)
RIP stacy’s mom    04/02/20  (1)
Confirmed U.S. cases increased 15 percent today (April 2), to 236,339    04/02/20  (8)
Alabama Governor: "Did you know people can spread the virus to other people?    04/02/20  (3)
Good tweetthread about Chinks annihilating the USA    04/02/20  (7)
Trumpmos - defend putting Jared Kushner in charge of anything    04/02/20  (1)
TEKA$HI 6IX 9INE RELAEA$ED    04/02/20  (15)
DIRTE, how are you man? Please update me.    04/02/20  (84)
*tsinah rigging tactical poppers to his CPAP so he can parTy even in his sleep*    04/02/20  (14)
name one bad thing abt covid era    04/02/20  (7)
Trump should just announce everybody is infected    04/02/20  (1)
Chadvirus    04/02/20  (8)
Fraudvirus    04/02/20  (23)
NIGGER    04/02/20  (7)
**Breaking: Antibody test approved by FDA**    04/02/20  (12)
Reminder: > 50% of COVID19 deaths are from NYC metro & Calif. IOW, blame libs    04/02/20  (1)
xo's new filter by custom date range is really useful    04/02/20  (2)
*jason mraz making jim halpert face at camera while signing tsinahs tits*    04/02/20  (13)
something fitting about a fraudvirus killing off a fraudeconomy    04/02/20  (14)
CSLG why is milk/cheese not allowed on your Slow Carb diet    04/02/20  (6)
DAILY REMINDER: Trump Could Have Contained this and Failed    04/02/20  (88)
2nd Great Depression is here, folks: check out this line at food bank    04/02/20  (28)
DNC Convention delayed until August. Bernie still has a chance! (Link)    04/02/20  (1)
CSLG, what are your thoughts about COVID and ensuing economic collapse?    04/02/20  (23)
Peterman died the way he lived - his head in a toilet w a butthole full of jizz    04/02/20  (131)
need a Protocols of the Elders of Zozo board to plot against dumb goyum    04/02/20  (9)

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