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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/15/20  (388)
Is anyone else addicted to wasting time nonstop?    03/29/20  (55)
libs why are you evil    03/29/20  (1)
LMAO: Whokebe now claims he got a 170 on the LSAT    03/29/20  (36)
If you could have the answer to one historical mystery, which would it be?    03/29/20  (131)
DAVID LAT IS A SURVIVOR!    03/29/20  (110)
any of you nerds have an NYC handgun permit?    03/29/20  (39)
Weird how morons IRL view Chloro-Cure same as morons in Contagion viewed Forsyth    03/29/20  (46)
lookin good, TS Amanda (pic)    03/29/20  (1)
Hey libs, I got my hatchet in the mail today.    03/29/20  (2)
need to punch an obese gook in the face. is chandler around?    03/29/20  (6)
rate this creepy boomer quarantine dance-party    03/29/20  (3)
what are some songs from the 90's that were hits, but haven't heard in a while    03/29/20  (17)
other than producing babies, women have ZERO value to society    03/29/20  (4)
Koreans: “Don’t sleep with a fan on.” XO: “Take chloroquine.”    03/29/20  (4)
The most prestigious pharmacology discussion board in the world.    03/29/20  (1)
2023: Trump, hand on Xi Jinping’s head: “It’s afraid.”    03/29/20  (4)
Rate my Spotify playlist (CSLG)    03/29/20  (10)
epah: having sex with a virgin cures aids    03/29/20  (2)
Found out today that the 'Gaia hypothesis' guy is still alive    03/29/20  (1)
How MAF is Xi going to be when chinese released virus fails to stop Trump    03/29/20  (3)
Tiger King on Netflix is a 180 show about proles    03/29/20  (47)
Whok said “Jinxy, it’s 3am I must be lonely.”    03/29/20  (36)
Guy at work took a swing at me. I hit him. HR is now involved    03/29/20  (76)
Girlfriend wants to get an exorcist for our apartment    03/29/20  (50)
PSA: never ever ever EVER EVERRR rent an apartment to women    03/29/20  (5)
"here's $1200, in exchange you need to be alone" luis: lmao    03/29/20  (3)
EPAH gasping for breath in ICU: NO NO DONT give me the Trump cure    03/29/20  (2)
What historical figure is rachmiel most analogous to?    03/29/20  (61)
"Let's hit the slopes," said the ski instructor so I decked the Azn brah    03/29/20  (41)
The movie "Titanic" has a pretty dark ending if you think about it    03/29/20  (44)
LMAO at the thought of people having “plastic surgery”    03/29/20  (1)
Got a call from the firm I was fired from months ago asking if I    03/29/20  (87)
which 3 countries are our biggest military allies?    03/29/20  (23)
"And then you searched: 'rimjob daddy'..." "Is there a question, counselor?"    03/29/20  (5)
My 4 y.o. daughter asks for "bath time w/Daddy" as her gifts now    03/29/20  (84)
Prole records his prole vacation on prole cruise ship - very prole (vid)    03/29/20  (52)
How much of the Kardashians' behavior can be traced back to OJ Simpson?    03/29/20  (1)
Sluggish Cognitive Tempo    03/29/20  (68)
Hypo: pay $10,000 to receive nudes of Mia Khalifa    03/29/20  (23)
"Buzz buzz"says Kasich sticking the Zika syringe into the pregnant woman's belly    03/29/20  (49)
My girlfriend got me in a headlock that was almost impossible to get out of    03/29/20  (77)
Been watching Bud Crawford videos. 180. Dood is so fucking nasty.    03/29/20  (1)
I can see Cleary now Paul Hastings gone    03/29/20  (42)
Margot Robbie admiring your brittle wrists, yellow teeth, balding head    03/29/20  (80)
"I'm just not a sexual person," says your new wife Belle Knox    03/29/20  (87)
Ariana Grande being sexualized on Victorious for 2 minutes straight    03/29/20  (38)
devs is pretty good    03/29/20  (2)
Historically important poster taking ?s on Australia, being a doctor, and boxing    03/29/20  (1)
Hypo: you end up in a lifeboat in middle of ocean w/Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham    03/29/20  (46)
Hypo: you get $3M but lose 3 points in physical attractiveness    03/29/20  (54)
"What a slut," GC mutters as you format your resume    03/29/20  (36)
"I didn't know yr dad died on 9/11. OK, so they didn't *all* call out sick. But    03/29/20  (33)
Check out this prole family overreacting to stuck elevator at hotel (video)    03/29/20  (101)
There once was a Watchmen from Nantucket. Presented with a dick, he'd suck it    03/29/20  (24)
SUBTENANT FROM HELL - guess race    03/29/20  (1)
Reminder: Whokebe makes roughly $100K as an Australian shit doctor    03/29/20  (5)
Mr. Wonderful makes young Down Syndrome entrepreneur cry on Shark Tank (vid)    03/29/20  (33)
Stood up in the middle of a meeting today and said: "Big...Black    03/29/20  (163)
Hypo: it's your first week in federal prison, and 3 men want u to be their bitch    03/29/20  (86)
Pandemics 🦠: History & Prevention [Michael Greger] πŸŽ₯    03/29/20  (1)
White House phone rings at 3AM. Biden "answers" a banana. "Hello?...HELLO?"    03/29/20  (34)
"My 26-Year-Old Model Girlfriend Is Out Of My League": fat guy w/young GF (vid)    03/29/20  (34)
"Didnt call u a liar. I think u do believe yr lil brother died at Sandy Hook. Bu    03/29/20  (21)
Kasich taking inkblot test: "Event Horizon scene...Hellraiser...Hellraiser II...    03/29/20  (12)
Dude dresses like a Regency gentleman every day (vid)    03/29/20  (14)
An entire nation patiently waits to find out if Rose and Finn get together    03/29/20  (24)
Chomsky, toothpick in mouth, spots you coming into work. "Fag alert!" he calls    03/29/20  (78)
Epstein's suicide letter included a plug for Chelsea Clinton's upcoming memoir    03/29/20  (28)
"molested me but I liked it--hi who just joined?"    03/29/20  (21)
Anyone else go to Applebee's Bar + Grill every night after work?    03/29/20  (46)
Went up to guy at work and whispered in his ear, "I know your secret"    03/29/20  (9)
New guy at work asked all of us to call him "BJ"    03/29/20  (25)
Am next door to bachelorette party right now, can hear "suck that dick" chanted    03/29/20  (23)
Boss came up to me in the break room and whispered "You like to get weird?"    03/29/20  (11)
The pizza order at beginning of Home Alone was wildly expensive    03/29/20  (149)
i want to make it 100% clear that i am NOT FLAMING OR BEING IRONIC when i say i    03/29/20  (1)
STICKY: Registration for the Q2 2020 Blank Bump Ladder Now Open    03/29/20  (1)
thought inside out (Disney movie) was gonna be about tsinahs asshold    03/29/20  (1)
journalist asks WHO doc re:Taiwan Covid19 response; WHO doc ends Skype call    03/29/20  (49)
David Lat will survive off of hydroxychloroquine and prove trump correct    03/29/20  (18)
Gathering of the Juggalos still scheduled to start on time (link)    03/29/20  (7)
Question for fraudvirusmos: is it troubling 50 doctors in Italy have died?    03/29/20  (39)
just eat some Reishi mushroom extract, eat a multi-vitamin daily    03/29/20  (5)
Because I have a newborn, work just requested that I stay at home for the forese    03/29/20  (3)
Biden: arguing not mentally fit to stand trial for raep while running for POTUS    03/29/20  (2)
Home treatment for Coronavirus    03/29/20  (25)
   03/29/20  (7)
theres nothing to fear hydroxychloroquine is here    03/29/20  (3)
So there’s 1500 dead over last seven days? Pretty typical flu season    03/29/20  (7)
these are my favorite movies    03/29/20  (13)
HLS Ames 2004: Gay marriage issue before RBG    03/29/20  (3)
do blogs help personal injury websites show up more in searches?    03/29/20  (25)
im in love with a french firefighter    03/29/20  (1)
Cookmos is this a good deal for a cast iron?    03/29/20  (4)
Thoughts on this body armor? (CSLG)    03/29/20  (29)
is enlightened good    03/29/20  (5)
‘He Penetrated Me With His Fingers’: Joe Biden Accused of Sexual Assault    03/29/20  (36)
NY docs are refusing to prescribe chloroquine just to spite trump e    03/29/20  (2)
so far three women from my wife's baby shower have tested positive...    03/29/20  (1)
Is Biden Still Running for POTUS?    03/29/20  (14)
I am making 800k, does anyone here need some $$$$? I know lawyers are fucked :(    03/29/20  (23)
How is Germany 18th on the 'military strength indicator?'    03/29/20  (30)
"you lose a lot of heat from the neck" (CA luis failing to justify turtle neck)    03/29/20  (14)
MacMurray College (Jacksonville, Illinois) to shut down permanently:    03/29/20  (1)
Just did the math: we’ll all either be dead or working for CSLG by July    03/29/20  (4)
Would Obama be managing this crisis better?    03/29/20  (19)
Prediction: Trump announces Monday that we're ending shutdown April 13    03/29/20  (47)
Q: Why is outting RSF permitted?    03/29/20  (23)
get your quarantine BOOK recs in this thread (foxmo)    03/29/20  (53)
Isn't it odd NYC has it this badly right now, but hardly any deaths in Philly/DC    03/29/20  (17)
A weird, entertaining war film - Valley of the Wolves: Iraq (2006)    03/29/20  (1)
It’s the weekend. Time for Tommy Turdskin to go insane for hours    03/29/20  (18)
Trump has accomplished nothing and will lose in a humiliating landslide    03/29/20  (3)
Wife: what's your password? You: luisdieselhafezredwooddoodlukesc
   03/29/20  (3)
NJ governor asks landlords to show 'compassion' in coronavirus crisis    03/29/20  (19)
πŸ‘ΈπŸ’€πŸ¦     03/29/20  (2)
grandpa, what did you do to hold them all accountable    03/29/20  (1)
ur future great grand children religiously studying @realdonaldtrump tweets    03/29/20  (1)
Chet Baker - Time after Time    03/29/20  (8)
which states still have barbershops open? my headpubes are out of control.    03/29/20  (4)
My wife is horrible to me but I can't divorce for religious reasons. What do?    03/29/20  (42)
2013: Boom demands total chaos communism. 2020: total chaos communism.    03/29/20  (12)
Revelator    03/29/20  (2)
peak boomer: bob dylan releases 18-minute song about JFK assassination    03/29/20  (11)
If you hate your life, brace yourselves for what's coming    03/29/20  (16)
Amazon Prime is useless now. They'd better be crediting us for this bullshit.    03/29/20  (10)
Imagine being a lakers fan. First kobe dies now nba season cancelled when they'r    03/29/20  (4)
So Bloomberg really thought he could be president huh?    03/29/20  (6)
Rank the top 3 John Candy movies    03/29/20  (22)
What's the easiest way to get a handgun in Maryland?    03/29/20  (5)
Should I get a divorce?    03/29/20  (80)
What's the difference between coronavirus and RSF?    03/29/20  (249)
50 y/o attorney has virus, works at firm near grand central, in severe condition    03/29/20  (111)
coronavirus antibodies are your best shot at not getting laid off    03/29/20  (1)
You got $ommee real big April fool$ $hit planned?    03/29/20  (3)
me & man o' war, both 100% race-mixed cajun mulattos who can't stand ni    03/29/20  (1)
which drive thru restaurant is most likely to get me rona'd up?    03/29/20  (2)
nigger    03/29/20  (14)
Think I'll miss you forever Like the stars miss the sun in the mornin' sky    03/29/20  (2)
Played 5 hours of red dead redemption 2 today    03/29/20  (12)
Summon TMF and DBG. Rate my wife's ancestry.com results.    03/29/20  (31)
Vanessa Bryant just signed with Brazzers! (link)    03/29/20  (1)
worst thing you can be called: Nazi, pedo... What else?    03/29/20  (1)
Crazy libs who are MAF about Trump were OK about foreign born Muslim being POTUS    03/29/20  (1)
tommy your middle name is literally a BIRDSHIT country    03/29/20  (16)
Some guy is circling Times Square blasting "Don't Fear the Reaper"    03/29/20  (8)
FEMA and "Jade Helm" conspicuously absent from Virus hysteria    03/29/20  (4)
Libs love cities, density and public transportation.    03/29/20  (5)
Women are tra$h...mu$t be violent with them and put in place?    03/29/20  (6)

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