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jap girls wearing ironic beanies    10/30/20  (2)
State of the race today: Trump 259-243, PA/MI to be decided    10/30/20  (9)
Pennsylvanians urged to drop off mail-in ballots in person    10/30/20  (27)
so the post office proved unable to do their jobs?    10/30/20  (2)
What’s the most cr Reliable car I can get for under 10k?    10/30/20  (15)
ITT: Propose your solution to current cost of education    10/30/20  (25)
I've watched 11.5 hours of JRE/Alex Jones in the last 18 hours    10/30/20  (10)
RE: Korean Invasions of Japan Circa 1274 AD:    10/30/20  (4)
Millions of mail-in ballots not yet returned in battleground states    10/30/20  (10)
trump making fun of aoc's college when he cheated to get thru penn's back door?    10/30/20  (9)
lower iq prez: trump or bush?    10/30/20  (3)
LMAO Tucker Carlson says he lost “damning” Biden docs in the mail??? Not fla    10/30/20  (113)
you forgot one thing, mr. biden. dat too many envelope.    10/30/20  (4)
People of Color Fought for the Right to Vote in Person. Now It's Being Taken fro    10/30/20  (3)
Trump got Libs to cast mail in ballots that won’t end up being counted    10/30/20  (17)
Just saw a LITERAL IRL deep stater trashing Glenn Greenwald on FB    10/30/20  (2)
'Dude, I'm Done': When Politics Tears Families And Friendships Apart    10/30/20  (4)
Libs realizing you actually need completed ballots to harvest and stuff them    10/30/20  (9)
NBC succinctly debunks hunter biden photos/emails/videos    10/30/20  (21)
Lockdowns prevented herd immunity & caused drawn out pandemic lol. Libs you fuck    10/30/20  (21)
*Caves kike's skull in w/ can of Trader Joe's Turkey Chili*    10/30/20  (12)
Hypo: a string of Trader Joe's turkey chili related murders.    10/30/20  (12)
Nytimes sounds worried they placed their faith in government portal workers    10/30/20  (1)
Who was this Christine shrew trying to cramp Jim Jones style? - link    10/30/20  (1)
rate my dinner: 2 cans of trader joe's turkey chili    10/30/20  (2323)
libs tomorrow: "uhh, actually voting in person is completely safe"    10/30/20  (6)
After 10+ years I will make more from buy/sells than practice    10/30/20  (1)
ITT share your midcap, high risk, high reward stock picks    10/30/20  (4)
dem voter rolling blunt on blank absentee ballot, unaware it is November 5    10/30/20  (2)
it could be raining fire but come tuesday i'm voting for donald trump    10/30/20  (7)
Van Jones Praises Trump, Libs demand CNN "cancel" him    10/30/20  (12)
Abilify isn't covered by MEDICAID    10/30/20  (3)
"hunter biden!!" the trumpfag shriekd as trump's 27th associate was sent to pris    10/30/20  (4)
Should have bought more NIO stock too    10/30/20  (13)
"grand army" on netflix is full of hot nubile teens fucking    10/30/20  (3)
Funny thing about Bart: He's an alcoholic, and his family doesn't love him    10/30/20  (3)
Historians, why wasn't election day just set for 1st tuesday in november?    10/30/20  (7)
Michigan absentee voters: It's too late to mail your ballot. Drop it off.    10/30/20  (7)
How much net worth do I need to get a 40k car    10/30/20  (17)
To this day I regret daily choosing full ride state school over Princeton    10/30/20  (7)
im gonna have such a field day gloating on election night    10/30/20  (1)
Converting all Crypto to 100% BTC is liberating    10/30/20  (1)
so rsf flies small airplanes now? how many grand pianos does he use as counterb    10/30/20  (3)
Absolutely devastating for board libs tp— incredibly 180 poster    10/30/20  (1)
Massive early voter turnout in Texas. Good for Trump?    10/30/20  (39)
Where on we on rogs? Can you send draft? Ok if not perfect. Need now. Thx.    10/30/20  (2)
Do invaders ever not take what locals consider precious/valuable? Then locals    10/30/20  (1)
Can a bachelors computer science grad get cools jobs with military with decent    10/30/20  (10)
ACB just gonna keep saying she has no time to read briefs?    10/30/20  (21)
Bird brained shitlib shrews completely forgetting to mail in their ballots    10/30/20  (2)
Is ur response to my text, like ur ballot, "in the mail"? Its good up to a week    10/30/20  (1)
Top 1% SMV (Sexual Market Value) Male here. Taking ?s on being 1% SMV ITT    10/30/20  (54)
Rate this online teacher    10/30/20  (3)
Jfc Minnesota might miss a shit ton of mail in votes    10/30/20  (5)
Lol at thinking Dems can round up all their mentally ill freaks to vote by mail    10/30/20  (33)
Should I dump another 20k into NIO or Pinterest stock    10/30/20  (3)
So basically Biden's playing defense in MI while ACB is out on injury?    10/30/20  (1)
tucker: "my dignity's in the mail"    10/30/20  (5)
Hello poasters, look at your President. Now back to me.    10/30/20  (41)
single-channel pro-regime propaganda is the terminus of current media trajectory    10/30/20  (5)
What career would you steer your kid towards?    10/30/20  (162)
Breaking: Little Wayne Endorses TRUMP    10/30/20  (36)
Should have bought more Pinterest stock    10/30/20  (1)
'We’ve got to stop the bleeding': Republicans sound alarm in Florida    10/30/20  (7)
Everything ok? Not like you to send at 530 when I ask for COB. Do we need to tal    10/30/20  (1)
91,530 new COVID-19 cases! A new US record. 3rd day with 1000 deaths in a row!    10/30/20  (26)
Biden bathing in a tub full of eggnog in FL somewhere    10/30/20  (1)
Guys I drank an entire quart of Eggnog that I bought maybe 3 hours ago - wtf?    10/30/20  (5)
Why isn't there a bigger anti-porn movement    10/30/20  (45)
Crazy how in "Fright Night" the guys is cool with being vampire cucked    10/30/20  (4)
Parents of hapas - are you going to pretend your kid is Hispanic    10/30/20  (1)
Working from home has been a life changer    10/30/20  (24)
Man Falls Through Sidewalk Into Rat-Filled Chasm    10/30/20  (5)
I am not 100% BTC. Converted all my ETH into BTC    10/30/20  (1)
I'm seriously sending my kids to the UK for university    10/30/20  (3)
Iranian cyber attacks leaves most of Israel without power    10/30/20  (1)
libs, take your fake polls and hit the bricks    10/30/20  (1)
wilb always asks if im "finna go skateboarding" with him    10/30/20  (3)
Yeah I’ve been living in a rat-filled chasm on 183rd street.    10/30/20  (2)
Top ten most awful/disappointing albums of the 90s.    10/30/20  (111)
(((media))) manipulating polls to trick dopey consensus minded white women    10/30/20  (1)
Just took my Rolex in for SERVICING/OVERHAUL. Taking ?s ITT.    10/30/20  (80)
Charlie Cook: Biden's real lead is 9 to 10 points - link    10/30/20  (7)
Just drank 2,000 calories of egg nog    10/30/20  (23)
Exactly how much of a beta cuck is Trump?    10/30/20  (2)
The Atlantic: Relax, you can believe the polls this time - link    10/30/20  (13)
T.I. rapper interviews alex jones(video)    10/30/20  (1)
Why do you guys bitch about CoVID lockdown when we can WFH forever    10/30/20  (1)
Trump must win. He must.    10/30/20  (16)
Auschwitz had a swimming pool, bakery, post office. Hey could u pass the gravy    10/30/20  (126)
Why has FRANCE, in particular, had such a brutal SECOND WAVE?    10/30/20  (7)
DJ TRUMP yelling "get down" as he fires shotgun at lucifer zhimself    10/30/20  (2)
Cost of living is too high    10/30/20  (88)
Ate lunch at diner today, they made me write down my name/phone for COVID trace    10/30/20  (4)
Rudolph | piñata | LOL    10/30/20  (3)
Is it a compliment to say you look like a skinnier Amy Schumer    10/30/20  (2)
why have rasmussen polls been so much more favorable for trump?    10/30/20  (3)
Amy Schumer in fall NBC Grizzly Adams reboot    10/30/20  (2)
The real pandemic is obesity and alcoholism/opioids    10/30/20  (6)
I've done the math. Biden has no path to victory.    10/30/20  (10)
can't believe 'Bridget Fonda' wasn't a bigger star    10/30/20  (3)
Walmart pulls guns & ammo in advance of election, cites "civil unrest"    10/30/20  (6)
USC poll (got 2016 election right) says trump will win    10/30/20  (15)
Why do Republicans love guns and starting wars so much?    10/30/20  (16)
If California had South Dakota laws, it would be 180    10/30/20  (8)
Rudolph buying extra lube for Tuesday night, why?    10/30/20  (1)
Trafalgar: youth vote moving toward Trump because of lockdowns    10/30/20  (13)
It was a Blacklash    10/30/20  (2)
So "borders" is getting board notoriety for being a complete fucking moron    10/30/20  (58)
Xo is going to completely melt down when Biden wins    10/30/20  (91)
Texas has already surpassed its 2016 total election turnout (early + day of)    10/30/20  (4)
8 figure PI master taking questions (CSLG)    10/30/20  (41)
Interdimensional aliens    10/30/20  (7)
On a scale of 1 to 10, how fucked are board libs?    10/30/20  (7)
Alex Jones has insane inter generational trauma from Nazi Germany    10/30/20  (1)
Tucker set up the "lost" package and the FBI/CIA are spying on his texts (link)    10/30/20  (50)
My mom told me she's voting for Trump    10/30/20  (1)
FB won't let you post the gateway pundit article...    10/30/20  (1)
Joe Biden? Really? What was the DNC thinking?    10/30/20  (3)
Trump overs hispanics their own 'Platinum Plan'!! spicy!    10/30/20  (2)
stimulus checks for whole country: $350bn. Ice Cube 'Platinum Plan': $500bn    10/30/20  (2)
So Tony La Russa's White Sox are winning world series next year?    10/30/20  (3)
GOP: 'we're doing reparations and $500b Platinum Plan. No stimulus checks'    10/30/20  (3)
Did Hillary generate more enthusiasm than Biden?    10/30/20  (45)
Michelle Obama endorses Trump Platinum Plan, says 'that shit is fly'    10/30/20  (6)
Mike Fart here. Taking Qs.    10/30/20  (84)
wtf is the platinum plan    10/30/20  (13)
“Borders why don’t you discipline me for my errors again” *shakes rump* (R    10/30/20  (1)
new ad running for Trump's Platinum Plan    10/30/20  (2)
Is there ANY amount of money you would take to trade lives with spaceporn?    10/30/20  (76)
rate this azn girl getting raped doggy style by her teddy bear (pic)    10/30/20  (1)
Facebook again cheating to try and help Trump win    10/30/20  (2)
How many shitpits could a jaguar fight at once?    10/30/20  (49)
On what DATE will we know who won the 2020 presidential election?    10/30/20  (2)
so basically what youre saying is that spaceporn is taller than you?    10/30/20  (2)
I think first time voters and black/hispanic males push trump over the top    10/30/20  (3)
BYEDON + 14 in Michigan now    10/30/20  (24)
TRUMP OR DEATH    10/30/20  (2)
"Oh, ur a Never Trumper? Well, I'm a Never Lib"    10/30/20  (1)
🚨 FBI opened criminal investigation into Hunter in 2019, stayed mum during im    10/30/20  (2)
How much did you put down on your primary residence?    10/30/20  (24)
making some cabinets. love it. too late to be a carpenter?    10/30/20  (2)
Literally nothing could have stopped me from voting Trump    10/30/20  (3)
Lol @ libs' "zuck is helping Trump" conspiracy theory    10/30/20  (2)
can we finally kill the libs once and for all after Trump wins AGAIN    10/30/20  (1)
Is wearing a Rolex striver-y?    10/30/20  (47)
how much money do u have to make before having kids    10/30/20  (4)
If Trump wins the election there is no way hunter doesnt killself    10/30/20  (6)

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