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STICKY: Big changes   07/14/20  (311)
Heartbroken if PP was the guy that outed C12    07/15/20  (2)
rate this reddit comment    07/15/20  (1)
Most iconic athlete in each city    07/15/20  (194)
Lib crushed to death tearing down bronze Jefferson statue    07/15/20  (40)
xo won't exist 12 months from now    07/15/20  (49)
A day in the life of Donald Trump's America.    07/15/20  (210)
500 blank bump salute to Charles    07/15/20  (533)
** OFFICIAL THREAD for lib or other posters to deny involvement in CNN story **    07/15/20  (29)
doesn’t Paulie Porsche understand that we all know who he is?    07/15/20  (38)
Drudge shooting ropes over prospect of cities shutting down again, no school.    07/15/20  (12)
ITT: I name a poaster. You write their out-of-office reply.    07/15/20  (314)
board libs are fine w the insane deplatformings, bannings, explusions ?    07/15/20  (36)
reminder: pencil dick pumo/baby goldstein spammer threatened to murder poasters    07/15/20  (1)
Rach, long time elite poaster here, can you make search work for me TY    07/15/20  (92)
HEYY!! Just find this board? it's a male nurse discussion board now. hth    07/15/20  (1)
180 how rachmiel came back and dove deep into THE HUNT for the traitor    07/15/20  (18)
I want total chaos communism    07/15/20  (186)
Swedish politician calls for Greta Thunberg statue to replace Charles XII statue    07/15/20  (30)
The Bloody Shovel/Spandrell guy's website returns an account suspended page:    07/15/20  (2)
CharlesXII, blogging a chapter-by-chapter readthrough of Christian Nation    07/15/20  (536)
Luis we're headed up to Humboldt Redwoods S.P. for 4 days. Any reccs?    07/15/20  (20)
even though i'd like to be 21 again, 21 year olds are fucking insufferable    07/15/20  (7)
henry aaron wearing nurses scrubs with eggplant emojis 🍆🍆🍆    07/15/20  (47)
vonoskar and other literary minds, come here    07/15/20  (7)
Who the fuck is “Popehat?” Some Gen-X biglaw bootlicker?    07/15/20  (3)
As Coronavirus kills millions, I bet we hear a lot less SJW bullshit    07/15/20  (12)
Captain Barf new poast: Good-Bye and Good Riddance, Sleepy Jeff    07/15/20  (6)
Irwin R. Schyster's top 10 tax tips    07/15/20  (2)
surprised no one is talking about doobs in all this    07/15/20  (1)
Important reminder: unlike you, nyuug is basically cancel-proof    07/15/20  (10)
ITT: we reminisce about our first gay experiences    07/15/20  (3)
Do high IQ blacks breed with other blacks?    07/15/20  (3)
Rach and vonoskar in Boston police HQ, sending Luis undercover to find the rat    07/15/20  (1)
blacks are starting to see through (((them)))    07/15/20  (2)
Anyone else feel like we're in the beginning of a huge cultural revolution?    07/15/20  (28)
“We” pumo used to spam 24/7, HATED Tucker, now he’s gone    07/15/20  (64)
I am afraid that I will be cancelled    07/15/20  (5)
He Did It    07/15/20  (1)
do you know guys who maed it despite insurmountable odds?    07/15/20  (30)
Christianity is clearly not working for the vast majority of believers    07/15/20  (51)
Steve Susman is dead    07/15/20  (8)
I have a big suspicion that Tommy T is the culprit in all of this    07/15/20  (65)
What faggot put CharlesXII on the AutoAdmit Wikipedia page?    07/15/20  (11)
In coeur d'alene all week. It's like going back to 1996.    07/15/20  (19)
At what point is voting GOP a hate crime? (Gawker)    07/15/20  (9)
Nyuug, not flame are u worried 2019 n-CoV will devastate your "country" Korea?    07/15/20  (110)
LA Times: Cancel the Star Spangled Banner (you won't believe the replacement)    07/15/20  (3)
So I’m watching this documentary on drugs in Kenya and I see hi speed trains    07/15/20  (9)
Louis CK weighs in on Charles    07/15/20  (1)
moronic white women have been brainwashed by radicals for decades    07/15/20  (2)
Anyone got good 'background music' to play on loop while working?    07/15/20  (42)
everyone's poasting all moderate and intellectual now they think cnn's here lmao    07/15/20  (21)
Rate this house in South Africa you can get for sub $400k USD    07/15/20  (9)
rate this yacht    07/15/20  (2)
REMINDER: Mariah Carey gets her pussy blown out by an ASIAN boytoy:    07/15/20  (1)
Here's why shitlibs are not a threat, are inevitable, and are a good thing (DTP)    07/15/20  (103)
Nick Cannon: white and Jewish people “the true savages,” “closer to animal    07/15/20  (15)
im the COO of a company    07/15/20  (4)
This is upset Jew ... adieu, sweet boart    07/15/20  (33)
a lot of Millennials are trending towards distrust of U.S. media    07/15/20  (3)
CHARLES DIGITAL here, with a weeklong tour of the top sites in EGYPT    07/15/20  (296)
I recall a "media pumo" that lawman used to always call out for being unhinged    07/15/20  (1)
CX11, My offer is still open, Mother-in-law is wide open    07/15/20  (13)
Facebook page of guy banging SHITLOADS of chicks in Thailand    07/15/20  (316)
"An Internet Message Board for Law School Students"    07/15/20  (3)
Sticky: Fig Changes (Monsanto geneticist)    07/15/20  (3)
i love my girlfriend    07/15/20  (8)
probably took like $30 million worth of coke to make this happen    07/15/20  (4)
rach, longtime poaster here...can you grant me ssh access to the db?    07/15/20  (1)
anyone else here enjoy female-POV femdom porn?    07/15/20  (8)
pretty cool that the usa is getting its own cultural revolution    07/15/20  (53)
NYT Editor RESIGNS. Calls fellow NYTers a bunch of Trump Deranged FAGGOTS    07/15/20  (144)
Been in Coeur d'Alene for 30 min. Can only hear ppl shouting in 10 diff language    07/15/20  (1)
It's brutal what they're saying about Charles on Twitter    07/15/20  (11)
Hope PN isn’t contacting PPs employer about his alleged N word moniker    07/15/20  (1)
bear tp    07/15/20  (8)
CNN, plz dig into this "Henry Aaron" guy - he may be spreading HIV to BIPOC MSM    07/15/20  (2)
the album Lost Horizons by Lemon Jelly    07/15/20  (1)
una cerveza, por favor    07/15/20  (1)
Your disappointed father, wearing a surgical mask at your wedding reception    07/15/20  (55)
i think i could’ve been a decent cop    07/15/20  (6)
war machine, why are you guys doing this to us?    07/15/20  (12)
Fireworks by Animal Collective    07/15/20  (4)
Remember when anti capitalism was a funny college joke    07/15/20  (1)
TC making soy face on hot mic "and they'll never know I was charles the whole t"    07/15/20  (1)
Tucker opens his show: “I’m rehiring Blake Neff”    07/15/20  (48)
can we go back to poasting about luis now    07/15/20  (3)
My wife fucked our racist neighbor.    07/15/20  (190)
ljl at every1 pretending searching for threads + emailing CNN hack = tech skills    07/15/20  (1)
Any movement on YALE having to change its name? Really want this to happen    07/15/20  (16)
Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl by Broken Social Scene    07/15/20  (1)
Did Prateek Bhopale use a moniker with the N-Word in it?    07/15/20  (4)
Ricky what should we do    07/15/20  (5)
Womens support for trannies will backfire on them bigly    07/15/20  (23)
cnn racism-outing beat intern: “holy shit it never stops wtf is going on here?    07/15/20  (1)
hotter first lady? melania trump or michelle bolsonaro?    07/15/20  (3)
Racist Twitter/Square won't let Jack Dorsey move to Africa    07/15/20  (5)
3.2 libarts GPA    07/14/20  (5)
Biden: "And they had this one story about a kid from the Congo. Jet black. And h    07/14/20  (32)
Vonoskar would you like to read some of my writing?    07/14/20  (12)
the jet black Congo post isn't even that bad    07/14/20  (8)
Clear frame glasses: cr or douchey?    07/14/20  (1)
So PauliePorsche posted as “Jesus Fucking N-Word Christ”??!?    07/14/20  (11)
would you let UPS BROWN guy from India to set up your toilet for 50% off?    07/14/20  (2)
C12 crucifixion ushering in era of greatbort flourishing & renaissance    07/14/20  (3)
Oliver Dar-cy, writing a law school app essay that no one will read...    07/14/20  (10)
Last night's show proves Charles was the brains behind the show    07/14/20  (1)
If I talk loud enough the racismists wills go away    07/14/20  (1)
this is the perfect example of why you need to be financially independent    07/14/20  (12)
Had to talk to some normies today, tried to tell them about fraudvirus.    07/14/20  (6)
ITT I poast tranny pics / GIFs.    07/14/20  (66)
Live shitlaw mastermind (CSLG)    07/14/20  (28)
How much for instructional body cam video of CSLG sarging potential clients?    07/14/20  (1)
CNN EXCLUSIVE: Oregon white supremacist Dinesh "Frank Lloyd Wrong" Gupta posted    07/14/20  (14)
Utah “Jazz”: most ridiculous sports name ever?    07/14/20  (23)
Reminder: XO was disparaged by literal TLS Oliver Darcy of CNN    07/14/20  (6)
This fraud virus is leading to millions of kids getting molested. Millions.    07/14/20  (28)
some seed fell on rich soil & produced fruit, a hundred, sixty or thirty fold    07/14/20  (12)
Holy shit, Matthew Yglesias is defending Charles on Twitter.    07/14/20  (1)
Introducing our new writer. He's an O&G baron, wears cowboy boots and is chinese    07/14/20  (5)
seriously loling at UJtp's retirement thread - not even 24 hrs WTF    07/14/20  (2)
Oliver Darcy died how he lived: head in a toilet & ass full of semen    07/14/20  (17)
"Fascinating little bugger, isn't it?" asks vonoskar as you watch a roomba demo    07/14/20  (26)
ive wanted to marry nick carter at every point in his body weight struggle (to b    07/14/20  (8)
The outer was Carl Spackler. Not flame.    07/14/20  (1)
Cute girl jumping on trampoline gets double bounced into power line (NSFW)    07/14/20  (6)
Are Country Pumo’s cock and balls    07/14/20  (1)
It broke my heart when NCChineseDude didn't get into Yale    07/14/20  (9)
Has ARE Reptile posted since the outing    07/14/20  (4)
The outter was old college board poaster NCChineseDude    07/14/20  (3)
Wow! Got great news today! Off the Yale waitlist! Should I go? (NCChineseDude)    07/14/20  (2)
Was David Irving right?    07/14/20  (2)
Hello XO    07/14/20  (1)
Is vonoskar slamming adderall 24/7 now? His content creation is off the charts    07/14/20  (10)
I am thinking about retiring because this latest scandal broke the board    07/14/20  (39)
Vonoskar asking black yankee stadium employee where he can find the vomitorium    07/14/20  (19)
Has anyone here spoken to Charles since the incident?    07/14/20  (33)
AutoAdmit is more diverse than every major newsroom and "antiracist" organizatio    07/14/20  (7)
Tucker to Charles: “Mind yourself, Nerdo.”    07/14/20  (4)
mary poppers (henry aaron's bath house nom de guerre)    07/14/20  (13)
The Box tp needs to come back and make all the new female journalists jealous    07/14/20  (1)
What internet equipment do I need to work from a remote cabin?    07/14/20  (12)
Bad boi, bad boi ... whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you    07/14/20  (1)
dump any info you have on GoodBoi77778/Tempoman/...,,.,,,,
   07/14/20  (244)
home movies of u and j shad posting    07/14/20  (13)
The Pluto encounter was 5 years ago    07/14/20  (1)

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