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STICKY: Big changes   07/16/20  (315)
Trend of bros hanging sunglasses on the BACK of their t shirt collar    07/16/20  (5)
know a guy who lost both his dads to covid; this is real guys    07/16/20  (3)
e-catholicism is the worst development in the past 5-10 years    07/16/20  (45)
Videos of big-dicked priests jerking off during confessions.    07/16/20  (3)
I am thinking about retiring because this latest scandal broke the board    07/16/20  (56)
California prison docs force feed estrogen to rowdy teen    07/16/20  (24)
Karate kicked the face shield right off female Sprouts cashier (chilmata)    07/16/20  (27)
Libs: "Beans bad! Stylish virus man good!"    07/16/20  (1)
Lol so redskins changed name as a sop to libs to change subject from impending d    07/16/20  (2)
Chilmata fanfiction is hilarious and underrated    07/16/20  (1)
So 2nd time in a row Dems nominating a terrible candidate they don't even like    07/16/20  (40)
Reminder: A review of studies shows masks do *absolutely nothing at all*    07/16/20  (17)
What is "critical theory?"    07/16/20  (8)
Whoa man. I'm Catholic. That's my religion. Take it seriously.    07/16/20  (2)
Affirmative action has nothing to do with bias against Asian Americans    07/16/20  (11)
If you ate nothing but Metamucil all day would you still have a big poop?    07/16/20  (1)
The Semite must be crushed.    07/16/20  (1)
Hi. I'm George Glass. Nice to meet you all. I'm a new poaster on XO.    07/16/20  (5)
i threw all of my money into stocks months ago and have seen basically 0 gains    07/16/20  (6)
pretty obvious by now that cnn leaker was ross. no other new poasters since ‘0    07/16/20  (1)
diner started to take my temperature-- noped the right outta there.    07/16/20  (6)
Dr. Fauci on the cover of InStyle    07/16/20  (10)
the future of America is a simple demographic math problem that people avoid    07/16/20  (82)
Russian forces finally kill an American "advisor" in Ukraine    07/16/20  (1)
Does anyone remember WLMAS talking about Mueller’s homicide prosecutor?    07/16/20  (27)
The Jewish Military    07/16/20  (12)
New development of antifa getting black bagged on the street is pretty 180    07/16/20  (11)
Breaking: Redskins "pimped out" cheerleaders to season ticket holders    07/16/20  (1)
So PP snitched on Charles, tried to get xo shut down, then lied and denied it    07/16/20  (2)
New poaster here. Mike Fart. I'm new.    07/16/20  (24)
"If u follow us u will get shot" - vid of feds shoving girl into unmarked van    07/16/20  (59)
xo Krystal Ball calls out Bari Weiss    07/16/20  (20)
Spike in violent crime follows rise in gun-buying amid social upheaval (Wapo)    07/16/20  (37)
Oh, yes, ban the Redskins (WSJ)    07/16/20  (43)
Don't worry guys... CSLG and NYUUG, the power team, are still poasting (CSLG)    07/16/20  (3)
Psychiatry and Christianity Thread    07/16/20  (4)
brand new poster Mike Fart will be to xo what plutarch was to florence in 1370    07/16/20  (1)
Imagine if we had a virus that actually killed people. Lol at every inept shit    07/16/20  (1)
the purpose of America is to spread aids in countries that dont have aids    07/16/20  (3)
new poster Mike Fart is a breath of fresh air    07/16/20  (3)
TX: 4 highest death days in a row. FL: 4 highest death days in a row. AZ: 3 high    07/16/20  (13)
oliver darcy assraping your best friend in front of you while you poast about it    07/16/20  (6)
rachmiel you need to ban Shashwat    07/16/20  (19)
CharlesXII, blogging a chapter-by-chapter readthrough of Christian Nation    07/16/20  (537)
How can Bill Cosby owe Quinn $2.75M?    07/16/20  (2)
Trump was right about China, media, NAFTA, NATO, tariffs, etc. etc.    07/16/20  (8)
CNN: "He maintained a years long relationship w hate speech advocate Mike Fart    07/16/20  (2)
Charlamagne tha God: "Jews have the power" (link)    07/16/20  (11)
the best pepito poasts were the ones where he drugged his wife's food    07/16/20  (5)
Still LOLing that "flatten the curve" became "CLOSE SCHOOLS UNTIL 2021!"    07/16/20  (11)
“We’re doing great on the virus, really great. So, we’ll see what happens.    07/16/20  (1)
Reminder that China killed 140,000 of our people and counting    07/16/20  (1)
F. H. Bradley had 180 hair, shot cats, literary brilliance. Russell: shitbreath    07/16/20  (11)
In coeur d'alene all week. It's like going back to 1996.    07/16/20  (22)
This tiktok 18yo is a 10/10    07/16/20  (55)
So national grocery store chains are requiring masks even in states that reopene    07/16/20  (17)
No life could really begin until the death of the second generation of stars    07/16/20  (3)
"Pink is prolapse, white is worm" Oliver Darcy told the new class of CNN interns    07/16/20  (1)
Steve Susman has the Covid - Has been hospitalized for two months    07/16/20  (6)
My Pillow guy sticks up for Charles.    07/16/20  (67)
I hope this Great Boardt Survives (Ancient Poaster from 04-05)    07/16/20  (8)
Poll: Do you think there is more than one Universe? (Pls give me hoap there is    07/16/20  (5)
Ur dad dies of “COVID” - Doc: “His last words were: “wear a mask, black    07/16/20  (4)
Shooting Breonna Taylor with a 50 caliber truck mounted machine gun    07/16/20  (5)
On Charles and his Defense Fund    07/16/20  (28)
AOC defends rise in crime in NYC    07/16/20  (57)
rate this tiktok girl and her alpha gen z boyfriend    07/16/20  (25)
18th C Euros: stay & fight! Ur ancestors: loltyft, peace out    07/16/20  (2)
The Perilous Whiteness of Pumpkins    07/16/20  (10)
rach how much did traffic spike and has it returned close to normal yet?    07/16/20  (1)
Most Texas schools will be open for in-person    07/16/20  (1)
Trump now trying to stop hospitals from reporting on his utter failure    07/16/20  (3)
JJC meets Mandela    07/16/20  (2)
“We” pumo used to spam 24/7, HATED Tucker, now he’s gone    07/16/20  (67)
"By July, the country is really rocking again" Kushner in April. lol    07/16/20  (2)
Coronavirus has me really wondering about Sandy Hook    07/16/20  (1)
I expected xo to be in this state but not until 6 months after Biden won    07/16/20  (5)
Saw ad for Hulu show Mrs. America on Phyllis Schlafly; am I supposed to disagree    07/16/20  (9)
JFC at this clothmo child abuse.    07/16/20  (1)
Two guys blown up by IED have final conversation mid-air (video)    07/16/20  (1)
Just used the “I have asthma” excuse re: not wearing a faggy mask    07/16/20  (41)
last night date and I weren't allowed on a patio because we didn't have masks    07/16/20  (3)
BLM: burn, loot. HK protestors: write new anthem, orchestral score    07/16/20  (4)
What explains Arizona's LEFTWARD drift?    07/16/20  (2)
Texas stats: Flu deaths average 11K per year. Currently 3K COVID deaths    07/16/20  (31)
U.S. weighs travel bans, asset freezes on all 90M CCP member + families    07/16/20  (49)
General Butt Naked ate live children & now everyones like "Africa not a shithole    07/16/20  (8)
Why do you think CSLG got no-offered?    07/16/20  (43)
Gun to your head: what are the REAL odds RBG died years ago &replaced by double?    07/16/20  (14)
Quotemos tearing down statues of Halford, AssFaggot, evan39    07/16/20  (64)
New article be xoxo Ron Unz mentioning Charles    07/16/20  (17)
*** BUY GOYA PRODUCTS ***    07/16/20  (3)
Charles died for are sins.    07/16/20  (1)
Anyone seen/heard from KemalaSexyChocolate lately?    07/16/20  (1)
any talk of venmo should really be deleted    07/16/20  (2)
anyone here ever finish infinite jest    07/16/20  (69)
BEWARE new visitors. After multiple hosts I can confirm xoxo is NOT fet friendly    07/16/20  (1)
Minneapolis gets down to serious legislation    07/16/20  (3)
Boomers sought to destroy generation before AND after    07/16/20  (1)
Kampusnacht contributed to this by hyping up Charles. Inflating his xo ego    07/16/20  (4)
Abraham Lincoln (born Abraham Weissblaum) was an American statesman and lawyer w    07/16/20  (1)
CNN applauds assfaggot’s courage    07/16/20  (2)
anyone here ever finish infinite cock    07/16/20  (3)
The leaker was Arkan/Opera Soprano    07/16/20  (73)
Pumos are asian the apostrophes are chinese eyes, semi colons are winking korean    07/16/20  (2)
The Jewish Armed Forces    07/16/20  (1)
holy shit do i hate being    07/16/20  (3)
   07/16/20  (1)
Is anyone going to do anything to save us?!?    07/16/20  (5)
Xo gunmos: would you buy a palmetto state arms AR-15?    07/16/20  (14)
Anyone heard of this new poaster “critical theory Tim”? Hear good things j    07/16/20  (4)
big announcement. I know the identity of the leaker: it's my anus.    07/16/20  (1)
world has already moved on from c12 “scandal”, but xo will obsess over it fo    07/16/20  (9)
Is Spoon the credited Americann rock band of the 2010s?    07/16/20  (1)
Hard work and intact families are racist.    07/16/20  (144)
just got a boner thinking about super degraading shit i did to a german chick    07/16/20  (12)
not flame everything went to shit ever since we sent a probe out to pluto    07/16/20  (5)
St. Louis couple a bout to be charged. Potus to get involved    07/16/20  (49)
How sausage is made inside NYT's agenda propaganda factory ITT    07/16/20  (21)
Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons - Darcy.mp3    07/16/20  (4)
"It had a Doobsian flare in Johsnmeyerian ouevre..dialectic prose in Vonoskarian    07/16/20  (11)
Seth Meyers    07/16/20  (2)
Hit $1m net worth this week.    07/16/20  (16)
Oliver Darcy Investigation Compilation    07/16/20  (133)
The Jewish Army    07/16/20  (1)
Chainlink $8 watch    07/16/20  (15)
In retrospect did we overreact to 9/11?    07/16/20  (66)
RATE my last.fm (green jolly)    07/16/20  (4)
Scholarship that black QBs are more athletic than smarter white QBs    07/16/20  (2)
Read this article on South Africa. This is our future    07/16/20  (14)
There’s not much point in being a mindless wagecuck    07/16/20  (1)
I cannot fucking believe we're still reporting on this as if its ebola    07/16/20  (28)
Rach, long time elite poaster here, can you make search work for me TY    07/16/20  (111)
Another Judge Rules!!!!!!!!! ISIS Bride can return to Britain!!!!!!!!!!!!    07/16/20  (1)
Watching CENTRAL LEAGUE BASEBALL, with NO DH    07/16/20  (2)
what would happen if white people just left america    07/16/20  (52)
Believe me I was fucking trannies and fat black chicks long before it was accept    07/16/20  (3)
Jews are a much bigger threat to Whites than the CCP    07/16/20  (6)
I HATE Biglaw and what it has done to me    07/16/20  (135)
should i buy this apt    07/16/20  (1)
"oh, I've been autistic for, gosh, 30+ years, but I just became gay recently."    07/16/20  (11)
whats an in-house product counsel    07/16/20  (4)
honestly sick of talking/hearing/reading about race    07/16/20  (12)
Work 10,000 hours in law so you could be envious of 17 y/o Zoomers w/ gf (DTP)    07/16/20  (7)
Axl Rose in the 80s: coolest white guy in US: 2020: bald, ORANGE MAN BAD    07/16/20  (2)
Watching Joker- Bernie Goetz references are 180    07/16/20  (7)
As Coronavirus kills millions, I bet we hear a lot less SJW bullshit    07/16/20  (25)
Seeing a SURGE in gays converting to conservatism    07/16/20  (9)
*tells P1 to pick Stack* *he picks Library*    07/16/20  (8)

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