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STICKY: Big changes   07/30/20  (329)
Henry Rollins has not had a romantic relationship in 35 years    08/03/20  (4)
REMINDER: it's a hate crime to root for the redskins    08/03/20  (10)
Do I really need a RE shitlawyer to buy coop in MFH?    08/03/20  (6)
im on benadryl    08/03/20  (14)
Hypo: Your best bro is dating a perfect 10 and she wants to fuck you    08/03/20  (28)
y'all should research george hodel. he fucked his hot 12yo dotter    08/03/20  (20)
Trump supporting Asian woman shoots and kills black male (video)    08/03/20  (41)
Isn't it funny how Kamala Harris supporters don't refute the disloyalty charge?    08/03/20  (1)
HOW CAN HE SLAP? new video at burger king, customer slaps manager    08/03/20  (1)
does amazon have any good original shows    08/03/20  (5)
taking a picture of everything i eat every saturday    08/03/20  (1)
In-laws fanatic about golf, tennis, skiing and equestrian sports. Exhausting jus    08/03/20  (10)
Familymos - how much cleaning/tidying up do you do on a daily basis now?    08/03/20  (3)
750 mg Test E EW, 150mg Primo Tabs ED for 5 months.    08/03/20  (3)
Louisville BLM: “Some have agreed to our demands.”    08/03/20  (1)
If Biden defuses to rebate Trump, how should Trump respond?    08/03/20  (7)
How many Hillary voters will vote for Trump?    08/03/20  (7)
CSLG: more friends in your current city than you    08/03/20  (5)
Oh boy here we go: Floyd bodycam footage released    08/03/20  (120)
HOLY SHIT, elon musks praises china, shits on america (link)    08/03/20  (27)
Ur ancestor: *dies gloriously in battle* U: *no second date w/ Tinder cattle*    08/03/20  (6)
LOL @ niggers at McDonald's with super specific instructions    08/03/20  (6)
hypo: $10m if u survive in NBA bubble for 48 hrs w/ all players hunting you    08/03/20  (3)
Anal 69'd with my girlfriend for like 40 minutes this morning. Was really CR    08/03/20  (26)
Deepfake zoom Biden's speech slowing to 33 rpm    08/03/20  (1)
Who is Ted Huang?    08/03/20  (1)
Apple re-launching 12" macbook with ARM for $799    08/03/20  (3)
250k job you hate, or 120k job that is pretty easy?    08/03/20  (29)
You really do need a $10 million net worth to maek it in America    08/03/20  (4)
animatronic Biden stuttering, shooting sparks on debate stage    08/03/20  (1)
Clean and simple explanation for the Tether fraud (DTP)    08/03/20  (3)
If I get 10 bumps, I'll explain my theory for what's going on w/ Tether (DTP)    08/03/20  (32)
Pavane pour une infante defunte plays as MPA falls into sea of cocks in slo-mo    08/03/20  (4)
Blank Bump 4 Trump    08/03/20  (1)
you must amplify black voices    08/03/20  (1)
gf tested poz for Covid, I’ll probably have it by tomorrow    08/03/20  (23)
ATL: Diversity Jurisdiction Needs to be Renamed to Amplify Black Voices (link)    08/03/20  (2)
Is NYC done here?    08/03/20  (28)
NYT: Let’s Scrap the Presidential Debates    08/03/20  (62)
MDH sucks. Never funny despite trying so hard but always crude and pathetic.    08/03/20  (5)
Rating poasters as things I consider to have been a disappointment    08/03/20  (40)
CSLG: gets laid YOU: laid off    08/03/20  (1)
Mr. Jizz    08/03/20  (2)
just show up 2 random trial & act surprised when Pltf says ur not their lawyer?    08/03/20  (4)
CSLG 700 active cases including multiple wrongful deaths. YOU: one memo    08/03/20  (1)
real talk: tyson fought mostly sps fighters    08/03/20  (1)
You're a loser, whokebe (chanlder)    08/03/20  (6)
Crazy to me that there has never been a loss prevention tv show    08/03/20  (4)
if you could get advice from only 1 person, i think itd have to be a lawyer    08/03/20  (4)
Someones in the kitchen in China, someones in the kitchen I know. Someones in th    08/03/20  (3)
Black emoji world record speed run    08/03/20  (4)
I’m gonna kill myself    08/03/20  (4)
Excluding my wife, 2 of the 3 girls I creampie are engaged to white guys TT6    08/03/20  (23)
Rate: My new Range Rover    08/03/20  (49)
crawling out of the shithole of youth is absolute garbage and they should warn    08/03/20  (1)
Holy fuck - Chainlink (LINK) mooning again. Buy now or stay poor    08/03/20  (210)
If Biden refuses to debate Trump, how should Trump respond?    08/03/20  (33)
Chainlink $9 watch    08/03/20  (11)
crypto hedge fund closes after losing 50% of capital    08/03/20  (2)
Dem 2020 platform: Blowing up Mt. Rushmore, burning Bibles, mandatory kneeling    08/03/20  (11)
White saviors and black victimhood will be with us forever    08/03/20  (1)
Remember when coronavirus killed everyone you know - young, old, healthy, sick    08/03/20  (3)
Muscadine Wine: Come back. You're 180. Fuck libs    08/03/20  (8)
Reminder: Libs are devil-worshipping pedophiles who despise beauty and truth    08/03/20  (33)
Misguided Janitor tp— really pathetic, low-energy scum    08/03/20  (18)
Remember how self-righteous Libs were in Feb/March about NOT wearing masks?    08/03/20  (38)
"hardcore" bands/shows/the scene were gay as fuck    08/03/20  (20)
Clique-based analysis of the 2020 Election    08/03/20  (31)
Why do so few fast food places sell hot dogs?    08/03/20  (16)
sharklasers in a vintage ironic mickey mouse shirt in mcgill brochure lgbt secti    08/03/20  (4)
Dyslexic Dupa entering a high school eat bed tournament    08/03/20  (2)
caligula is my favorite historical figure    08/03/20  (3)
Mercedes Benz salesman training video    08/03/20  (11)
Imagine if only media to survive for aliens is an issue of Epoch Times    08/03/20  (2)
Any Reason to Buy Anything More than a Glock 19 for Home Defense?    08/03/20  (60)
Donny is up 100x on Chainlink. He is the best investor on XO (DTP)    08/03/20  (11)
If Biden refutes to debase Trump, how should Trump respond?    08/03/20  (3)
sharklasers in a lemon costume getting a handy from a Taiwanese chick at Cornell    08/03/20  (5)
Nathan Hale from Heaven: I DIED FOR THIS SHIT SHOW?!    08/03/20  (1)
$JMIA has been a monster stock. TY XO    08/03/20  (69)
Sharklasers putting a personal ad in a WUSTL 'queer chess' zine    08/03/20  (2)
Sell everything in crypto    08/03/20  (5)
Clinton supporting Asian woman screws and weds white male (video)    08/03/20  (1)
Departing MSNBC journalist TORCHES the network in LENGTHY SCREED    08/03/20  (23)
remember that "box tops for education" scam? Hows that gon' work w/ no schools    08/03/20  (1)
POTUS elections in which the less alpha man won?    08/03/20  (2)
I'm really enjoying The Boys on Amazon Prime, it's really fucked up    08/03/20  (6)
Where is the REAL border from North to South (US) now in 2020?    08/03/20  (1)
Typo in CIA black budget leads to $34 million for "EPAH Times" newspaper    08/03/20  (1)
Kamala chanting 'Deshi Basara' as Biden climbs from DNC basement for debate    08/03/20  (1)
Dr. Squatch soap guy now appearing in Epoch Times ads    08/03/20  (1)
I'm really enjoying The Boys on Fire Island, it's really fucked up    08/03/20  (1)
In Europe right now. Haven't seen a black person for weeks    08/03/20  (53)
Law firms doing ultrastealth layoffs now    08/03/20  (13)
Dyslexic 58 year old white man 'Floyd George' causes riot in Tempe    08/03/20  (1)
"i'm self directing my portfolio"rsf told himself as he spiked his brothers coke    08/03/20  (3)
keep failing george floyd escort mission    08/03/20  (5)
"youre so profoundly sad" "no, it's just my people are nordic"    08/03/20  (2)
Prediction: Donald Trump will hold a one-man debate and scream at a chair    08/03/20  (1)
Retire if a +1% day market day generates 75x your daily wages    08/03/20  (7)
going to buy a yo yo and get really good at it    08/03/20  (4)
*Rabbis cackling as they form harvested foreskins into hellish flesh Golem*    08/03/20  (3)
We should decrim. 95% of non-violent crime + euthanize violent criminals    08/03/20  (5)
Any updates on that biracial woman that was set on fire by racist white boys?    08/03/20  (1)
Prolest fast food joint?    08/03/20  (29)
did george floyd die of a heart attack, overdose, or covid?    08/03/20  (1)
is Schwan's prole    08/03/20  (9)
it's all been over since the beginning hasnt it?    08/03/20  (4)
The only good Tucker Carlson interviews are the hostile ones    08/03/20  (1)
I don’t believe George Floyd is dead. Prove me wrong.    08/03/20  (4)
Why conservatives should back police reform (American Conservative)    08/03/20  (25)
Eating in restaurants is such a weird charade now.    08/03/20  (38)
New Poll: Trump only down 4 points to Biden    08/03/20  (1)
"still processing this" (rsf 9/11/01 live journal title about 12 foot party sub)    08/03/20  (20)
Rating posters as other posters    08/03/20  (17)
I'd also depressed if my claim to fame was whining "i'm gay" waiting for chink b    08/03/20  (8)
im gay    08/03/20  (10)
luis rate the hootie and the blowfish golf music vid    08/03/20  (1)
Rate this blonde 2020 Harvard Law grad?    08/03/20  (132)
The entire earth littered with medical debris    08/03/20  (7)
I'm wearing the clothes I last creampied her in..her clothes (Boom)    08/03/20  (20)
Nothing better than being at the lake on a hot day. Lol at ocean/beach faggots    08/03/20  (58)
The only VP candidate Tucker has not trashed is Demings    08/03/20  (1)
Rating posters as Mike Fart's previous monikers.    08/03/20  (3)
Is Panera bread some sort of weird flame ?    08/03/20  (43)
California tumbles into the sea. That'll be the day I go back to Pounders Place    08/03/20  (1)
Okay American Women, we get it, you can stop being fat now    08/03/20  (1)
Upset Jew...allowing things to be like this is ok?    08/03/20  (4)
Charles article: When the Online Trolls Are Men With Offline Power    08/03/20  (60)
blacks love Wingstop and McDonald's from door dash ...    08/03/20  (4)
Really it's "we" upset Jew?    08/03/20  (3)
America is fucking trash...is it?    08/03/20  (4)
She should be running    08/03/20  (2)
you'll get stiffed on tips on door dash    08/03/20  (3)
The material used to make the mask is worth infinitely more than person wearing    08/03/20  (3)
DTP has made me more comfortable with my own extreme disagreeableness    08/03/20  (5)
whats the best buffet youve ever been to    08/03/20  (22)
Lol at trump cucking on masks    08/03/20  (1)
Poor whites actually have a really good work ethic    08/03/20  (2)
Reminder: Corporations are literally psychopaths    08/03/20  (3)
   08/03/20  (11)
Fucking porn star Kelli Klass tomorrow in Pittsburgh, taking Qs    08/03/20  (137)
Are BIG layoffs coming to transactional work??    08/03/20  (1)
More prestigious: Taco Bell or Burger King    08/03/20  (11)
The Turdskin Cure for Coronavirus: Bathe in Shit and Drink Piss (link)    08/03/20  (2)
400 years of Jewish planning to cut off your son’s dick    08/03/20  (3)
MPA is the "American Sniper" at axe throwing bumble dates    08/03/20  (3)
George Floyd alive, living in Coeur d’Alene (NYT)    08/03/20  (1)
Fat retard here. What should I get at McDonald’s?    08/03/20  (4)
making your way in the law today takes everything you got    08/03/20  (4)

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