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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Should I buy 9yo nephew Madden 21 MVP edition for PS4/5?    12/01/20  (4)
Another MONOLITH found. In Romania. The aliens are planning.    12/01/20  (1)
what's a good "gentlemans" front-opening automatic knife    12/01/20  (3)
Ellen Page: says it was joke, "April fools" is on Dec. 1 (not April 1) in Canada    12/01/20  (1)
It's GIVING TUESDAY people    12/01/20  (1)
Is it settled XO science that the rise of Idpol was coordinated answer to Occupy    12/01/20  (15)
In case we have rioting/looting during coronavirus can the army step in to resto    12/01/20  (22)
Postmodernism really is just relativistic gnosticism    12/01/20  (1)
2007 Oscars to be redone with Page now up for Best Actor (NY Post)    12/01/20  (1)
stockmos any moves rn or pulling back?    12/01/20  (1)
Is Palm Beach Florida a nice area to live in ??    12/01/20  (58)
Ellen Page comes out as transgender (cnn)    12/01/20  (66)
When will we become like 'I Am Legend' because of Corona?    12/01/20  (5)
Tuition strike at COLUMBIA    12/01/20  (33)
Kitten gets his first mouse    12/01/20  (1)
Taking Qs about Asia    12/01/20  (52)
Surveillance video of superstar rapper Triple Beanz being assassinated:    12/01/20  (22)
USA: crushed Axis in ww2. "couldn't" beat mud hut gooks in Vietnam LMAO    12/01/20  (27)
black subordinate sent me super rude email    12/01/20  (106)
“He played a pregnant teen in Juno.”    12/01/20  (11)
*spaceporn angrily turning off car stereo after trying out RHCP cd*    12/01/20  (1)
There is really no better time to poast than in December    12/01/20  (1)
can someone poast that meme where the libs are trying to turn a tomboy into a tr    12/01/20  (1)
sportsbook. dark winter. face rag.    12/01/20  (3)
Poasters please read these guidelines for reporting on Elliot Page!!    12/01/20  (5)
Rate my weight loss dinner (lost 20+ lbs) / Shitlibs hate me    12/01/20  (20)
*Chris Hansen voice* "He calls them 'little cheese pizza play dates' "    12/01/20  (3)
Natalie Portman deepfake blowjob    12/01/20  (10)
lmao friend's wife just made him sell house in suburbs and move into big city    12/01/20  (25)
Bring in CPA / tax attorney to review plans of my estate planning attorney?    12/01/20  (4)
Nasdaq announces it will delist any company w/o a female and minority BOD member    12/01/20  (51)
Eddie Vedder voice: whoa I. whoaaaaa I have sex w guys. Yeaaah I    12/01/20  (27)
just got my entire shitlib family to start referring to me as Your Highness    12/01/20  (2)
Unmatched 3rd tinder match of the day after she told me she's 16 not 18-20. WTF    12/01/20  (2)
Nigress RN’s unplug your dad to charge dey cell foam.    12/01/20  (6)
Libs are really mashing the gas pedal now    12/01/20  (6)
lifehouse is such a 180 band.    12/01/20  (4)
Garmin GPS watches are good?    12/01/20  (5)
Vandy kicker named SEC "player of the week"    12/01/20  (22)
why do libs want people to live like this    12/01/20  (4)
become mtf tranny, but present male, keep dick, and use he/him/his. cr?    12/01/20  (8)
2093: your great grandkid taking field trip to dual holocaust/covid museum    12/01/20  (4)
POLL: How many hours are you on track to bill this year?    12/01/20  (14)
He’s throwing RED MEAT to his base!! Stop him!    12/01/20  (1)
Major bank analyst: We are buyers of JMIA when it hits $23    12/01/20  (1)
The worst part about living in Suriname is the relentless heat    12/01/20  (4)
clique reassignment surgery    12/01/20  (4)
look at how easily they forced us to wear face coverings. just LOL.    12/01/20  (2)
Was just confronted by mob of BLM activists at Panera    12/01/20  (18)
This lockdown insanity and mask hysteria must end    12/01/20  (3)
Ok now we do it with Ebola!    12/01/20  (1)
The Misgendered Page's Anger    12/01/20  (8)
What is the clearest path to make $100k low stress 9-5?    12/01/20  (63)
reminder: it’s all going to get much, much worse    12/01/20  (2)
Lesbians always on the losing end    12/01/20  (7)
COWGOD may Bless you with a Clique Assignment.    12/01/20  (7)
Ellen Page NOW comes out as gay again, but gay man (NYP)    12/01/20  (2)
Superbad the movie, but during COVID lockdown.    12/01/20  (1)
On track to crack $500k this year    12/01/20  (2)
tmnt style beat em up game, but you’re sp jr trying to get to the korean embas    12/01/20  (21)
Washing machine no longer has putrid odor since ex-gf moved-out. Not flame.    12/01/20  (4)
Holy shit spent the last 12 hours playing video games on my new computer    12/01/20  (21)
Did epah really turn his two kids trans or is that xo flame?    12/01/20  (39)
So girls just do this all day during Christmas with family now?    12/01/20  (49)
bjjmos: what are you working on?    12/01/20  (2)
BTC downside target $11,500    12/01/20  (2)
US tax dollars used to fund DEVASTATING takedown of Russian cuisine    12/01/20  (1)
"Who gave him milk milk milk 24-7 when he was a greedy little milkpig?" *soyface    12/01/20  (11)
Inception but it’s Elliot Page planting thought you were born wrong gender    12/01/20  (2)
Juno reboot confirmed with Elliot Page as boyfriend and Michelle Cera as pregnan    12/01/20  (4)
Luis has "it." You don't.    12/01/20  (8)
Looks like new poster Tom Kike is killing it    12/01/20  (7)
did you chose your identity well?    12/01/20  (2)
You'll never meet someone who has been to "Suriname"    12/01/20  (8)
Wtf that Bitcoin dump was so brutal I got liquidated out of my hold position lol    12/01/20  (1)
The kids are all playing some new game called "Dolphin"    12/01/20  (10)
The Biden Vaccine Will Make 2021 Rock    12/01/20  (2)
Now that boring celebs are Trans, latest cool thing is to be monastic    12/01/20  (1)
The Misgendering Registry Act of 2021    12/01/20  (1)
Serious Q: what's the deal with this "coin shortage"?    12/01/20  (6)
How do I make a BTC wallet I can never withdraw from?    12/01/20  (5)
I paid $750 for GC shit this weekend. Taking insults.    12/01/20  (37)
rate the pessimistic future scenario from Creature from Jeckyl Island (2010)    12/01/20  (13)
Clint Eastwood pointing M1 Garand, forcing daughter to date blacks    12/01/20  (6)
Alligator climbing a fence in FL    12/01/20  (4)
“They” are our center fielder.    12/01/20  (2)
Marriage counseling w priest tonite. Bringing manila folder of club mandingo com    12/01/20  (6)
This is a proper man's house (redfin)    12/01/20  (10)
Man jailed 5 months ago for playing classical music too loudly dies in jail    12/01/20  (13)
d day but its hordes of black guys running off boats towards ur daughter    12/01/20  (1)
Your daughter gushing as Vandy kicker gets sacked    12/01/20  (2)
should I just abandon all of my Lib friends?    12/01/20  (12)
What's the most expensive pocket knife you've ever owned?    12/01/20  (14)
I don't hate black people. Geez my daughter dates them for pete's sake.    12/01/20  (4)
It’s all prole to me    12/01/20  (1)
LOL @ non-appartmentmos. Relaxed in bed this morning while laborers shoveled sno    12/01/20  (1)
black hawk down heli crash shootout but its u defending ur daughters virginity    12/01/20  (2)
"see you later dad!" ur daughter says before running into mob of black guys    12/01/20  (4)
fedgov wfh has to be the cushiest thing imaginable    12/01/20  (1)
Wife extremely “honest” about her past and it kind of bothers me    12/01/20  (19)
The Inspector    12/01/20  (3)
your mom, sister, and girlfriend getting fucked by fat smelly niggers in public    12/01/20  (3)
"im just not a sexual person" (wife moments b4 joining daughters nigmumble twerk    12/01/20  (6)
🚨 LUIS HAS A JOB 🚨    12/01/20  (68)
Gaming in America    12/01/20  (7)
Anyone is capable of anything    12/01/20  (1)
"what is this, the, uh, joy luck club?" (sp's dad showing up for thxgiving)    12/01/20  (17)
HUG Commencement, 2027: "So go out there, and just squib it. Thank you."    12/01/20  (6)
What is your favorite oil and gas supermajor and why    12/01/20  (11)
Straightmos: gun to your head. You have to suck a cock. Describe the ideal cock.    12/01/20  (17)
white gen x men are complete failures    12/01/20  (18)
"yeah just wear ur sweatpants nonstop whatever"    12/01/20  (1)
National Coin Shortage thread 11/30/2020    12/01/20  (3)
Viral twitter thread: where else but NYC bodegas can you buy candy and soda?    12/01/20  (8)
SCIENCE IS REAL    12/01/20  (6)
Do They Know That It's Cyber Monday    12/01/20  (12)
2021: It is the Month of Sumac. The sluice gates are open'd beneath the City on    12/01/20  (3)
Trump Jr: “We need your money! We’re desperate! Help!”    12/01/20  (1)
To the idiot driving around JMIA HQ blasting Tom Petty's "Freefallin'"    12/01/20  (4)
The Resurrection of Jesus is a Theory    12/01/20  (9)
Coastal Carolina offers to "loan some backups" to UTexas to help them win    12/01/20  (1)
Peak 2020: the "Maui Invitational" BB tourney is on an indian reservation in rur    12/01/20  (2)
ITT: you state whether you 1. tuck your shirt in and 2. whether u are WN    12/01/20  (2)
The Mandalorian is just him doing dumb side quests    12/01/20  (2)
i did not understand how “cool” wokeness is among the zoomer set    12/01/20  (3)
least attractive celebrity that you’re oddly really into?    12/01/20  (19)
any way to have profited by being confirmed immune to covid back in feb?    12/01/20  (2)
concept of “counter-elites” needs more discussion on xo    12/01/20  (1)
Just bought a PS5 from a scalper for $1,000. Taking brief ?s    12/01/20  (49)
Since Charles is gone, I guess I'll review Ready Player Two    12/01/20  (140)
Prole whites are fucking stupid    12/01/20  (1)
what's more prole: baileys or kahlua?    12/01/20  (2)
180 that USA/NASA will reenter space under Biden    12/01/20  (13)
James O'Keefe says Project Veritas has recorded CNN conf calls for 2 months    12/01/20  (31)
So, "president-elect" Biden broke his foot playing with a puppy? lol at this pat    12/01/20  (51)
"How Will Biden Deal With Republican Sabotage?" (NYT)    12/01/20  (68)
new John Lennon biography claims last words were "Pubic-hair envelope, please."    12/01/20  (3)
Lmao going to lose my fuckin house    12/01/20  (8)
New Yorker cover art is incredibly black-pilled (pic)    12/01/20  (64)
Henry Aaron's breakfast shake is three packs of Sea Monkeys    12/01/20  (6)
haha kids these days *watches daughter twerk to nigger mumble for online pervs*    12/01/20  (8)
Tuition strike at JMIA    12/01/20  (1)
The Warren Buffet diet and workout plan inside.    12/01/20  (1)
Sensible Trumpmo positions like voter fraud, fake moon landing, birtherism    12/01/20  (7)
McDonald’s breakfast is the last implicit stand of white identity    12/01/20  (27)
so we went straight from fidget spinners to 24/7 online 17 yr old twerk porn?    12/01/20  (7)
a lawyer should know better than to marry someone named "sumi"    12/01/20  (7)
Bought JMIA at 17, sold at 8. Buy back in?    12/01/20  (5)

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