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Government Model Suggests U.S. COVID-19 Cases Could Be Approaching 100 Million    11/27/20  (2)
ITT: truly weird cultural quirks of the mid-2000s    11/27/20  (78)
Did Henry Aaron and DrakeMallard spend all of yesterday rageposting    11/27/20  (1)
Remember, remember the third of November, Democrats, treason and plot    11/27/20  (8)
Is there any comprehensive attack on this COVID fraud to link?    11/27/20  (24)
Trump should pardon Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and Ross Ulbricht    11/27/20  (2)
Irish chicks - by far and away the ugliest in Europe    11/27/20  (39)
xo Knife-mos, please get ITT!    11/27/20  (1)
Terrorist Javad Zarif accuses Israel of a terrorist attack. Twitter bans him.    11/27/20  (1)
NYT: Bitcoin is racist and sexist    11/27/20  (11)
Henry Aaron sitting on a bowling pin as he posts on autoadmit    11/27/20  (1)
Minneapolis crime wave subsides as Mpls Council, PD, and Mayor put foot down    11/27/20  (12)
Drakemallard & EPAH most effective poasters at triggering their haters    11/27/20  (25)
top iranian nuclear scientist gunned down lmao    11/27/20  (3)
This audio of a white liberal earnestly pretending to be a black woman is 180000    11/27/20  (23)
Subject: Urgent staffing needed for Project Turkey    11/27/20  (10)
Rook, Risten, Werr,    11/27/20  (1)
“RISTEN TO THE WIND BLOW!” (Asian male belting out Fleetwood Mac at karaoke*    11/27/20  (2)
Trumpmos what is it you think libs misunderstand about your world view?    11/27/20  (3)
Obama: Hispanics are fucking bigots    11/27/20  (75)
Name all the new shows in the last 5 yrs that do NOT have a homo subplot    11/27/20  (37)
Petition to stop calling non medical doctors “Dr” like Dr. Jill Biden    11/27/20  (39)
All mortality US 2017-2020    11/27/20  (78)
Major news outlet covering typo in Republic lawsuit alleging election fraud    11/27/20  (1)
Bleeding badly from a face lift    11/27/20  (1)
Pope Francis: This Thanksgiving, try to lay off the Jesus talk, OK?    11/27/20  (19)
Trump I’d CLEANING HOUSE in the Middle East before he leaves office    11/27/20  (1)
Vince McMahon announces all female reboot of Macho Man    11/27/20  (1)
“Pope” Francis: SCOTUS is wrong, Government should ban church attendance    11/27/20  (12)
Scientists: HCQ was actually the cure, sorry guys    11/27/20  (87)
Rate Eric Clapton’s based screed against niggers    11/27/20  (1)
my entire wardrobe is clothes i found on unguarded snowmen (dbg)    11/27/20  (13)
Johns Hopkins analysis: COVID has had no effect on overall US death rates    11/27/20  (124)
Scientists should be lumped in with liberal artists    11/27/20  (2)
Weird that Doobs acknowledged faggot Kant, but not Rachmiel    11/27/20  (5)
Village People announce all female reboot of Macho Man    11/27/20  (2)
Lol at anyone who thinks libs are going to just let Trump go    11/27/20  (1)
How does Arby's stay in business?    11/27/20  (84)
now that trump lost we have vaccines up our ass and long-term immunity    11/27/20  (9)
How do your Liberal Artist friends pay Rent irl    11/27/20  (9)
Why are Trumpmos offended by demands for evidence to overturn an election?    11/27/20  (24)
GREAT RESET and BUILD BACK BETTER is about equalizing global QOL    11/27/20  (67)
Is it necessary to be pushed off a ledge to climb back up and stand on two feet?    11/27/20  (5)
Hello! Good morning! Gay sex available!    11/27/20  (3)
Haha wow holy shit Mario Sunshine is an awful game    11/27/20  (1)
Teen at starbucks this morning had see through lululemon pants.Snuck a quick pic    11/27/20  (2)
Wow "The Crown" is really unkind to Thatcher, actively worse than any other PM    11/27/20  (32)
Spaceprawn, why is dog crying?!    11/27/20  (18)
Knifemos: some nice benchmade black Friday deals at Dicks    11/27/20  (7)
Socrates vs Plato vs Aristotle. Who wins and why?    11/27/20  (24)
ITT: We give thank    11/27/20  (105)
Libs are still running with the "no evidence of fraud" line even though    11/27/20  (11)
ass to mouth to computer    11/27/20  (4)
Rate the dog of the RAF’s most decorated pilot in WW2    11/27/20  (29)
How do you guys handle disappointment?    11/27/20  (1)
Rate this Goldman Sachs recruiting video from 1985    11/27/20  (3)
Is Avon Old Farms prestigious?    11/27/20  (6)
What sort of weird freak do you have to be to dislike Joe Biden?    11/27/20  (31)
At this point is basically zero chance Trump isn't re-elected    11/27/20  (2)
Honestly I think there's a decent nonzero chance Trump will take NJ    11/27/20  (5)
many people will have permanent brain damage due to covid    11/27/20  (5)
Does TBF still think Trump has zero chance of being president?    11/27/20  (4)
Alex Jones says he’s followed by CIA    11/27/20  (62)
There is zero chance that Hillary prepared a concession speech    11/27/20  (22)
Why did Berenstein Bears change their name?    11/27/20  (7)
Honestly, being Asian is fucking horrendous    11/27/20  (26)
zero chance Trump loses in 2020 after the lib selfpwn over "family separation"    11/27/20  (10)
ITT we speculate what is churning thru Emily Nussbaum's digestive system right n    11/27/20  (3)
Zero chance Trump wins Michigan again    11/27/20  (8)
They cooked the books for fraud virus and now we have to get some vaccination    11/27/20  (1)
deep down u trumpmos know trumpie has zero chance of re-election    11/27/20  (4)
NYT: Coinbase has "torched any semblance of trust they had with media"    11/27/20  (64)
Heard CIA influenced media and narratives - Project Mockingbird    11/27/20  (1)
49 y/o Chinese construction worker marries 19 y/o, has 15 kids    11/27/20  (1)
You're a weird freak if you don't want a senile retarded shitlib puppet POTUS    11/27/20  (3)
Any Trumpmos willing to admit that Trump simply lost a fair election?    11/27/20  (34)
Humorless dimwitted fucks building "predictive behavior models" based on LARP jo    11/27/20  (2)
PSA: I just gave myself a “Dutch oven.” Ask me anything.    11/27/20  (7)
NOWAG, NOWIN, NOFRAUD    11/27/20  (1)
ITT quotes on Jews by xo Bobby Fischer    11/27/20  (78)
Loser Trump has a leaky anus (link + pic) #diaperdon    11/27/20  (1)
Any XO chefs: what do you make in a Dutch Oven?    11/27/20  (9)
Devout Catholic Joe Biden doesnt know how to pronounce Psalms    11/27/20  (17)
So not only no evidence of fraud but literally the most secure election ever?    11/27/20  (1)
Did you know that most women have a thing for the Grinch?    11/27/20  (4)
ITT: You post a comment, I declare whether it’s antisemitic.    11/27/20  (75)
can i get a rating and a name?    11/27/20  (5)
"Look, Jack, of course I'm gonna get my beak wet! Grease the wheels, man!"    11/27/20  (63)
Red Army inducts second battalion set of T-90M tanks    11/27/20  (6)
Testosterone level analysis of men sat at desks looking at computers (study)    11/27/20  (1)
recruiter reached out about returning to a firm    11/27/20  (18)
Amazon now has 1.2 million employees. Is larger than US Army.    11/27/20  (9)
'if' by rudyard kipling    11/27/20  (1)
Peterman screaming w/ ecstasy as 300 lb. trucker makes deposit in his 'Coinbase'    11/27/20  (42)
Quirks of Gamefaqs    11/27/20  (7)
“46” (a poem)    11/27/20  (8)
ETH DUMP    11/27/20  (16)
ITT: I describe what your body will look like after the nukes    11/27/20  (34)
its something unpredictable but in the end its right lmao libs ur all gonna die    11/27/20  (113)
HERE I AM / ROCK YOU LIKE A LAWMAN8    11/27/20  (11)
"I'm going to release the Kraken" shrew gf whispers after 3d slice of pumpki pie    11/27/20  (15)
Britain has bought 100 million doses of shitty vaccine - link    11/27/20  (1)
excited to try out my new $3.5 gaming rig, do u guys have game recs?    11/27/20  (3)
DrakeMallard hitting panic button upon discovering Damn Daddy is his Uber driver    11/27/20  (59)
We are in a dystopia now.    11/27/20  (6)
Good morning ZOZO! *hits snooze, wraps arms around giant live tuna, sleeps 10min    11/27/20  (11)
Is this 88M MANSION the prettiest house you’ve ever seen ?    11/27/20  (8)
Since Charles is gone, I guess I'll review Ready Player Two    11/27/20  (68)
Why did those 80s style baseball caps with rear neck flap go out of style?    11/27/20  (7)
"Not in the hair," Peterman pleaded to the trucker. "What hair," the trucker guf    11/27/20  (112)
Wife gets all huffy if I don’t fuck her enough    11/27/20  (7)
Based libertarian blows up Covid narrative    11/27/20  (1)
🚨 USB drives uploaded to vote machines gave Biden 50,000 votes each 🚨    11/27/20  (18)
Girlfriend has tried anal with her ex but refuses to let me try anal    11/27/20  (18)
In-house GC junior work cuck sent four emails yesterday (Thanksgiving) afternoon    11/27/20  (19)
Credited TV w/ HDMI 2.1?    11/27/20  (10)
Obamandias - a poem    11/27/20  (89)
Donald Trump is a great man and America's finest POTUS, but he has a huge ass    11/27/20  (1)
The Complete Manual of Suicide    11/27/20  (2)
Spaceporn why didn’t sumi take your last name    11/27/20  (140)
Hope you guys are happy - just locked wife & kid in oven and set to 500 (sp)    11/27/20  (17)
Did evan39 write this CBS sitcom?    11/27/20  (4)
When you start to lose even Rush Limbaugh....    11/27/20  (1)
About to whack it on zoom    11/27/20  (1)
I have the most 180 life of anyone here    11/27/20  (1)
Wife wants to name our kid the same name of a guy she used to hook up with    11/27/20  (31)
Does Don Corneo's mansion's decor imply something about the Chinese    11/27/20  (1)
GOP now just 1 of the last 8 in popular vote wins since 1988    11/27/20  (36)
Would you rather blow Brian Leiter or eat out RBG?    11/27/20  (18)
Should I buy JMIA or PLTR (if I could only buy one)?    11/27/20  (1)
doing 2L externship at scholarship's law hype house    11/27/20  (3)
Is Palantir a pump and dump?    11/27/20  (2)
Bom would you go back to live in the early Holocene era?    11/27/20  (1)
Chandler Weight Loss Thread    11/27/20  (184)
Which one of you wrote this?    11/27/20  (1)
Everyone blaming GWB for Roberts -- how was he to know? I give him a pass.    11/27/20  (4)
I hope spaceporn jr isn’t getting raped by an acorn dick right now    11/27/20  (9)
Kid and I just got back from zoo and now were playing stinky red babboon bottoms    11/27/20  (105)
Reminder: Rudolph fabricated his military service    11/27/20  (89)
Mmm the Turmeric infused ghee really makes the turkey shine. Thanks Rupinder    11/27/20  (10)
Chicago is the best place    11/27/20  (64)
DrakeMallard posting live from his disgusting neckbeard nest    11/27/20  (1)
how much strength/muscle mass do you lose after taking 1-1.5 weeks off lifting?    11/27/20  (8)
all the "smart" investors on xoxo said to not buy TSLA    11/27/20  (16)
Wife wants me to buy her boytoy a motorbike (CSLG)    11/27/20  (54)
when biblical krakken?    11/27/20  (4)
ba-da-ba-ba-ba...c'mon man! (mcdonalds theme)    11/27/20  (1)
going to lick up bull's creampie load from wife today (CSLG)    11/27/20  (101)
Everyone deep down knows that Biden can't beat Trump.    11/27/20  (18)
HBO announces an all female reboot of Band of Brothers    11/27/20  (14)

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