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AOC makes “Jugs” cover, calls Trump a “tittyfucker”    10/28/20  (1)
ljl@ the florida politician who couldn't button his shirt over his fat belly    10/28/20  (4)
What happens if Georgia turns blue?    10/28/20  (16)
So apparently Big Lenny is now fucking guys with wigs on.    10/28/20  (1)
New Garfield reboot has him hating lasagna (link)    10/28/20  (5)
8===========D~~~~~ NIGGER!    10/28/20  (23)
"pls stop with the crack& prostitution ur kids need you": text from joe or EPAH?    10/28/20  (7)
EPAH getting tax refund for overpayment after reparations bill passes    10/28/20  (7)
NBC poll: Biden +4 in Alabama    10/28/20  (2)
Libs, how many Biden-themed kids birthday parties are his supporters having?    10/28/20  (2)
any other spicy white guys here    10/28/20  (6)
Biden will win Texas and Georgia    10/28/20  (41)
AOC makes Vanity Fair cover, calls Trump a “motherfucker”    10/28/20  (1)
Really disappointed, guys. My hot organic ex-gf blew me off (TSINAH)    10/28/20  (86)
Tucker Carlson re-hires disgraced writer (link)    10/28/20  (14)
Limp Bizkit Mission Impossible song plays as Trump wins 50 states    10/28/20  (1)
Ricky & FLW truck bomb thread    10/28/20  (5)
🚨 NATE ALUMINUM BEGINS HEDGING 🚨    10/28/20  (55)
Biden campaign planning on BLITZING Texas this week. Trumptards? (Link)    10/28/20  (28)
2-3 week market crash into the election to juice another 1-2% for biden    10/28/20  (17)
My hot organic ex-gf is annoyed that I drunk texted her last night (TSINAH)    10/28/20  (35)
Standing desk that ejects you off the roof of your building    10/28/20  (3)
Last operational Tu-154 makes it final flight    10/28/20  (2)
Massive black turnout in GA - link    10/28/20  (15)
NYT: Borders TP is 100% right about Pennsylvania    10/28/20  (64)
Tommy Bahama / Jimmy Buffett / Filipino sex slaves    10/28/20  (1)
Did I just ruin my chances w this girl @ work    10/28/20  (7)
Biden corruption is pretty mind blowing    10/28/20  (10)
Biden wants to end “Cash Bail”. Does that mean no Bail at all?    10/28/20  (40)
Kill me    10/28/20  (2)
Will the dems run Hillary against Trump in 2024?    10/28/20  (1)
i need Cialis with women but not with men    10/28/20  (4)
accidentally hitting ur head very hard into a desk & starting to vomit spontaneo    10/28/20  (5)
every girl that has ever swallowed my cum has let me know about it right after    10/28/20  (15)
Why are Nikon and Canon so popular when there are superior alternatives?    10/28/20  (26)
LAMARCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    10/28/20  (69)
BOOM = BALD    10/28/20  (2)
Libs = Emissaries of Satan    10/28/20  (1)
we're gonna circle back to drill down so need to know where we are on this thank    10/28/20  (3)
just liquidated all pro-trump / anti-biden positions at predictit    10/28/20  (1)
Trump is losing PA isn't he? What's the path?    10/28/20  (9)
Ever hook up with a girl and your dick does a "u-turn" because of adderall?    10/28/20  (1)
you need a b2b mentality    10/28/20  (3)
180 LOTR scene when the orcs started throwing bananas and feces at frodo    10/28/20  (2)
pensive's novel eaten by rogue cat (link)    10/28/20  (2)
BREAKING 3 States now decide election: PA NC AZ    10/28/20  (94)
Univision poll: Trump leads Texas, Biden FL, AZ and PA - link    10/28/20  (4)
pensive's novel delayed again    10/28/20  (9)
Hulk Hogan comes out as MAGA (link)    10/28/20  (3)
probability of shooting civil war starting?    10/28/20  (43)
is it possible to be addicted to online?    10/28/20  (11)
The band goes over my head and the head makes the mouse move    10/28/20  (2)
Will Trump even give a concession speech? No show like Hillary?    10/28/20  (7)
Libs holding "vigils" for dead Philadelphia ape (pics)    10/28/20  (4)
Code of Hammurabi II explicitly bans 5G    10/28/20  (4)
early 20s sexual dysfunction megathread    10/28/20  (3)
Ricky I got the van all packed up    10/28/20  (13)
Just voted in upscale philly neighborhood    10/28/20  (2)
You can't get a good soft pretzel anywhere in this town    10/28/20  (22)
Throwing in the towel. Trump is going to win this one BIG.    10/28/20  (26)
Criminals ransack black owned business (guess race)    10/28/20  (5)
What's the game plan next Tues night? Megapost 8pm-4am?    10/28/20  (18)
(((Senator Jacky Rosen))) to (((Mark Zuckerberg))): White supremacy biggest thre    10/28/20  (3)
bobulinski cr this isn't about him, but why does this guy have top sec clearance    10/28/20  (9)
Biden will die with his whole family name in flames    10/28/20  (2)
Something you 5Guys aren’t getting about this election that’s different than    10/28/20  (3)
what will Biden say during his concession speech?    10/28/20  (34)
Just voted for JOE BIDEN with my mom in a posh Boston suburb    10/28/20  (21)
5g vaccines with complimentary autism    10/28/20  (6)
What happens if 5Georgia turns blue?    10/28/20  (2)
Russia begins mass vaccinations this week. Foreigners banned from shots.    10/28/20  (1)
every 5Girl that has ever swallowed my cum has let me know about it right after    10/28/20  (2)
Something you guys aren’t getting about this election that’s different than    10/28/20  (28)
Rate this crazy psycho chick threatening someone's property    10/28/20  (2)
Nate Shitmetal: "I was destined for platinum. How did this happen?"    10/28/20  (2)
KE 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
   10/28/20  (2)
are Sysco trucks 5g?    10/28/20  (2)
5Gaslighting    10/28/20  (1)
5GaaS    10/28/20  (2)
lol @ pandafaggotmos, just went balls deep in a cheesy Gordita crunch    10/28/20  (4)
are screens 5g?    10/28/20  (8)
Italian, Greek, etc.    10/28/20  (4)
how to fit watermelon in anus    10/28/20  (2)
have a good feeling about Trump next week    10/28/20  (3)
That guy shot in Philly was 27, had EIGHT kids    10/28/20  (25)
How often do you hot tub owners use it?    10/28/20  (10)
Texas will exceed 2016 vote total BEFORE Election Day    10/28/20  (1)
SaaS thread    10/28/20  (7)
How do libs explain FL situation? Trump is crushing biden there    10/28/20  (2)
The experience of staring at a screen    10/28/20  (3)
love standing desks & working    10/28/20  (4)
Borders tp here - Watch this video by journalist telling Dems the score    10/28/20  (24)
TRUMP on nov 4, negotiating EPAH jr’s successful reunification w zher dick    10/28/20  (2)
I don't see many people clip their phone on their belt anymore    10/28/20  (1)
"U libs are DONE now!" Henry Aaron shrieks as he's airlifted onto whale's dick    10/28/20  (50)
Biden has no path to victory    10/28/20  (6)
George Conway says NYT "Anonymous" from 2018 will come forward    10/28/20  (15)
Rate the rack on this hot WOC from 90 Day Fiance    10/28/20  (21)
29 year man arrested over domestic dispute involving pork chop. Guess race    10/28/20  (7)
Just brought back my Jeepmo moniker to ROLL OVER LIBS THIS WEEK    10/28/20  (12)
pensive has spent years writing a novel that'll be read by less than 10 people    10/28/20  (7)
Slowly realizing that my only true friend on this planet goes by name of Assfagg    10/28/20  (3)
Ever had a coworker move his/her office into your house?    10/28/20  (11)
luis taking a snapchat of him soaking beans overnight    10/28/20  (8)
How did they con so many people into talking about numbers 24/7    10/28/20  (1)
TRUMP on nov 4, negotiating Spaceporn jr’s safe return to Korea    10/28/20  (38)
Individuals voting    10/28/20  (1)
switching back to team BIDEN    10/28/20  (3)
Pretty clear Lamar Jackson is bust, right?    10/28/20  (8)
did i dream that Biden told US Troops "clap for that you stupid bastards"    10/28/20  (2)
coldplay fan breaking down in tears as "clocks" plays in his Maybach    10/28/20  (1)
Due to deep state voter fraud, this will be a BLOWOUT in favor of biden    10/28/20  (4)
Anyone here wear exclusively law firm gear w/ logo?    10/28/20  (3)
Lmao it’s supposed to be historically RAINY on Election Day, Trumpmos FUCKED    10/28/20  (2)
Haven't worn my MAGA hat since last Election Day. Looking forward to dusting it    10/28/20  (2)
Real talk, even as a Bidenmo, it would be awesome if Trump won more black/Latin    10/28/20  (2)
One Weird Trick: impersonate prosecutor then drop charges against yourself.    10/28/20  (1)
Why is the vocal trumpmo minority on here so supportive of the guy    10/28/20  (51)
borders "analysis" on white college voters in NC, AZ and FL is SO OFF, ITT we    10/28/20  (22)
the future of America is a simple demographic math problem that people avoid    10/28/20  (97)
Some great discounts on stocks right now. Can get blue chips for 5% off    10/28/20  (2)
2nd Term: Melania feeds Trump’s hog into Hope Hicks & Kayleigh licks his tain    10/28/20  (5)
2020 Reptiles: "You have to run your private business like I want you to!"    10/28/20  (7)
the "problem" isn't Biden laptop story isn't true but that it was made public?    10/28/20  (2)
DIOS MIO: Trump losing in FL (Univision poll)    10/28/20  (2)
"GO TO JAIL YOU FUCKING NIGGER" "anything further from defense counsel?    10/28/20  (23)
Hillary won Miami-Dade 63%. EV in Miami-Dade yesterday: GOP up 5k    10/28/20  (20)
GGTP what's your prediction for Tank Davis vs Leo Santa Cruz?    10/28/20  (11)
Scott Galloway: Voting for Biden is like storming the cockpit in Flight 93    10/28/20  (3)
R internal polls show Trump losing GA    10/28/20  (17)
I never really cared for Wade Boggs. John Olerud either.    10/28/20  (23)
Biden +28 in Midgar    10/28/20  (17)
there's weird stuff coming out of my vaggie, Mike when are you getting home??    10/28/20  (1)
New York Post twitter ban finally lifted days before the election (link)    10/28/20  (8)
How many wars in middle east will Biden start?    10/28/20  (3)
"No! Bad NIGGER, back in you goddamn cage!"    10/28/20  (5)
Naval Academy or Princeton?    10/28/20  (27)
Poll: who is the funniest board lib on xo?    10/28/20  (88)
Rudolph: love you man, but you're wrong about Trump. Trump will win easily.    10/28/20  (4)
jafar has a 180 acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine clinic in tampa    10/28/20  (5)
How is twitter banning a mainstream newspaper not #1 story in America?    10/28/20  (9)
I have a hard time believing Trump loses AZ, NC, FL, GA    10/28/20  (23)
me and cornbread tp going over to chandlers place w/o wives to use the hot tub    10/28/20  (1)
Ricky, smoking a lot of marijuana    10/28/20  (11)
If Trump is re-elected, predict how many more SCOTUS picks he'll get    10/28/20  (22)
"... and they're making Luis gay" "Hang on. Hang on. Jamie can you check that?"    10/28/20  (3)
Wiscy poll: TRUMP!!!!!! (+2%) (link)    10/28/20  (3)
"This can't be happening - we called a lid!"    10/28/20  (1)
Michigan poll: Trump up 1% (NYT poll)    10/28/20  (5)

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