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Lmao it’s supposed to be historically RAINY on Election Day, Trumpmos FUCKED    10/28/20  (2)
Something you guys aren’t getting about this election that’s different than    10/28/20  (14)
What happens if Georgia turns blue?    10/28/20  (1)
Due to deep state voter fraud, this will be a BLOWOUT in favor of biden    10/28/20  (3)
29 year man arrested over domestic dispute involving pork chop. Guess race    10/28/20  (2)
Haven't worn my MAGA hat since last Election Day. Looking forward to dusting it    10/28/20  (2)
Pretty clear Lamar Jackson is bust, right?    10/28/20  (6)
Anyone here wear exclusively law firm gear w/ logo?    10/28/20  (2)
Real talk, even as a Bidenmo, it would be awesome if Trump won more black/Latin    10/28/20  (2)
Biden corruption is pretty mind blowing    10/28/20  (4)
One Weird Trick: impersonate prosecutor then drop charges against yourself.    10/28/20  (1)
Why is the vocal trumpmo minority on here so supportive of the guy    10/28/20  (51)
Throwing in the towel. Trump is going to win this one BIG.    10/28/20  (14)
Massive black turnout in GA - link    10/28/20  (11)
Rate the rack on this hot WOC from 90 Day Fiance    10/28/20  (18)
borders "analysis" on white college voters in NC, AZ and FL is SO OFF, ITT we    10/28/20  (22)
Why are Nikon and Canon so popular when there are superior alternatives?    10/28/20  (23)
bobulinski cr this isn't about him, but why does this guy have top sec clearance    10/28/20  (7)
2-3 week market crash into the election to juice another 1-2% for biden    10/28/20  (16)
the future of America is a simple demographic math problem that people avoid    10/28/20  (97)
Some great discounts on stocks right now. Can get blue chips for 5% off    10/28/20  (2)
2nd Term: Melania feeds Trump’s hog into Hope Hicks & Kayleigh licks his tain    10/28/20  (5)
2020 Reptiles: "You have to run your private business like I want you to!"    10/28/20  (7)
the "problem" isn't Biden laptop story isn't true but that it was made public?    10/28/20  (2)
(((Senator Jacky Rosen))) to (((Mark Zuckerberg))): White supremacy biggest thre    10/28/20  (1)
DIOS MIO: Trump losing in FL (Univision poll)    10/28/20  (2)
"GO TO JAIL YOU FUCKING NIGGER" "anything further from defense counsel?    10/28/20  (23)
Hillary won Miami-Dade 63%. EV in Miami-Dade yesterday: GOP up 5k    10/28/20  (20)
Ever had a coworker move his/her office into your house?    10/28/20  (10)
GGTP what's your prediction for Tank Davis vs Leo Santa Cruz?    10/28/20  (11)
Scott Galloway: Voting for Biden is like storming the cockpit in Flight 93    10/28/20  (3)
R internal polls show Trump losing GA    10/28/20  (17)
I never really cared for Wade Boggs. John Olerud either.    10/28/20  (23)
Biden +28 in Midgar    10/28/20  (17)
there's weird stuff coming out of my vaggie, Mike when are you getting home??    10/28/20  (1)
New York Post twitter ban finally lifted days before the election (link)    10/28/20  (8)
How many wars in middle east will Biden start?    10/28/20  (3)
"No! Bad NIGGER, back in you goddamn cage!"    10/28/20  (5)
Naval Academy or Princeton?    10/28/20  (27)
Poll: who is the funniest board lib on xo?    10/28/20  (88)
Just brought back my Jeepmo moniker to ROLL OVER LIBS THIS WEEK    10/28/20  (6)
Rudolph: love you man, but you're wrong about Trump. Trump will win easily.    10/28/20  (4)
jafar has a 180 acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine clinic in tampa    10/28/20  (5)
How is twitter banning a mainstream newspaper not #1 story in America?    10/28/20  (9)
Just voted for JOE BIDEN with my mom in a posh Boston suburb    10/28/20  (20)
You can't get a good soft pretzel anywhere in this town    10/28/20  (21)
I have a hard time believing Trump loses AZ, NC, FL, GA    10/28/20  (23)
me and cornbread tp going over to chandlers place w/o wives to use the hot tub    10/28/20  (1)
Ricky, smoking a lot of marijuana    10/28/20  (11)
lol @ pandafaggotmos, just went balls deep in a cheesy Gordita crunch    10/28/20  (3)
If Trump is re-elected, predict how many more SCOTUS picks he'll get    10/28/20  (22)
"... and they're making Luis gay" "Hang on. Hang on. Jamie can you check that?"    10/28/20  (3)
Wiscy poll: TRUMP!!!!!! (+2%) (link)    10/28/20  (3)
"This can't be happening - we called a lid!"    10/28/20  (1)
Michigan poll: Trump up 1% (NYT poll)    10/28/20  (5)
Lol @ the film The Martian just shoe horning pro Chinese propaganda    10/28/20  (3)
do libs realize they can't "call a lid" on Nov 3rd?    10/28/20  (3)
How often do you hot tub owners use it?    10/28/20  (9)
spaceporn jr’s safe return hailed as nixon level break thru in US/Asia relatio    10/28/20  (2)
Counting Saturday’s game as a win, Nebraska back to 1-1 on the season.    10/28/20  (6)
one of the most well informed local NV journalist confirms blue wave    10/28/20  (20)
Here's the Case for Impeaching Clarence Thomas    10/28/20  (1)
Ricky I got the van all packed up    10/28/20  (11)
why do high IQ people love RAP music so much?    10/28/20  (33)
MF im about to go to confession if you want to do some anal stuff first (GJR)    10/28/20  (2)
Trump will win FL, MI, and WI. PA is a toss up though.    10/28/20  (2)
Trumpmos losing PA, so they start rioting and looting in Philly?    10/28/20  (1)
So Rohan’s new show is him searching for CNN articles for three hours?    10/28/20  (1)
What's the game plan next Tues night? Megapost 8pm-4am?    10/28/20  (16)
luis is muslim    10/28/20  (1)
rogan is finished    10/28/20  (62)
jews are despicable, idk why my dumb kike parents dispute this    10/28/20  (3)
The Borders Papers prominently featured in Trump Presidential Library display    10/28/20  (3)
Ricky you need to get right with Jesus.    10/28/20  (6)
More riots in Philly. CVS looted, truck flipped over (video)    10/28/20  (30)
NYT: antisemitic and not ok to be against: 1. globalists, 2. media, 3. Hollywood    10/28/20  (13)
So, MLB pulled Justin Turner in the 8th of a 2 run game, but let him celebrate?    10/28/20  (12)
Slowly realizing that my only true friend on this planet goes by name of Assfagg    10/28/20  (1)
How can anyone call this hook-nosed creature "White"    10/28/20  (1)
Georgia poll: Trump leads by 4- link    10/28/20  (7)
every girl that has ever swallowed my cum has let me know about it right after    10/28/20  (5)
if Trump gives a Victory Speech Nov 3 we must accept the result, move on    10/28/20  (17)
Can someone explain what this means?    10/28/20  (1)
Cardozo grad/ former lawyer gets student loan debt discharged in bankruptcy    10/28/20  (7)
Is Alex Jones right that Tesla cars produce more carbon due to power plants?    10/28/20  (20)
Borders tp: What do you think of this map? Biden 253; Trump 285.    10/28/20  (8)
If Trump is re-elected, predict how many Unicorns he'll adopt    10/28/20  (1)
REAL TALK: it will remain lulzy that Hilary will FUME about 2016 for eternity    10/28/20  (19)
Lots of good polls for Trump today (link)    10/28/20  (3)
In the case of Trump v. Biden Justice Barrett delivered the opinion of the court    10/28/20  (2)
is breathing a sin    10/28/20  (2)
Hang in there til Election Day, spaceporn jr! We’re all praying for you!    10/28/20  (3)
Borders tp here - Watch this video by journalist telling Dems the score    10/28/20  (22)
is it a sin to be attracted to your wife sexually    10/28/20  (7)
That guy shot in Philly was 27, had EIGHT kids    10/28/20  (23)
"The looters just want FREE STUFF!" *bills 1.5 to "Reviewed Correspondence."*    10/28/20  (4)
Sony admits it won't have any PS5 consoles for sale this holiday season (Reuters    10/28/20  (26)
covid mostly kills blacks, hispanics, and olds    10/28/20  (1)
Mormons said fuck masks. UT Hospitals starting to ration care.    10/28/20  (1)
Glad Tommy Lasorda and Vin Scully got to see one more WS.    10/28/20  (1)
abortion protests are 180    10/28/20  (2)
Heinrich Schliemann never heard scholarship explaining Troy was fake, so    10/28/20  (4)
Chad here, I thought cowgod's theory was cool af so I decided to make my own    10/28/20  (3)
Chandler why did OC manage its forests so poorly, cause all these fires?    10/28/20  (1)
So Benzo is the only reasonably intelligent lib here?    10/28/20  (13)
90% of my work day and my wife's consist of telling the other someone pinged us    10/28/20  (1)
Wisconsin QB4 Boom standing at empty Nebraska stadium locked gate arms still    10/28/20  (3)
GA back firmly in Trump's column (nice try Biden!)    10/28/20  (1)
Ok, so ur a sick pedo crackhead w/ a famous dad. THAT DON'T IMPRESS ME MUCH    10/28/20  (17)
luis taking a snapchat of him soaking beans overnight    10/28/20  (6)
"lockdown was great i learned how to soak beans"    10/28/20  (2)
Is it true Cardozo used a shofar to signal the end of an exam?    10/28/20  (8)
maybe nebraska will schedule a team that isn’t afraid of the sniffles    10/28/20  (1)
Really disappointed, guys. My hot organic ex-gf blew me off (TSINAH)    10/28/20  (85)
Are bagel chips prole?    10/28/20  (1)
Today's polls: Biden WI +17 (LOL!), VA +8, NC +1, MI +7, ME Dist 2 +4, ME +22    10/28/20  (12)
QUIZ: Can you tell a Biden REFRIGERATOR from a Trump REFRIGERATOR? (NYT)    10/28/20  (5)
Biden will be the 2020 Dem nominee, people "in the know" tell me.    10/28/20  (11)
My hot organic ex-gf is annoyed that I drunk texted her last night (TSINAH)    10/28/20  (33)
Trump address: "I would like to share some facts I have learned about badgers"    10/28/20  (49)
cock in hand, waiting for the GJR pic, up strikes the band, some wild wicked gui    10/28/20  (15)
Do libs think if Roe v Wade is overturned, abortion will be banned?    10/28/20  (36)
Cardozo's law school, the building, is such SPS    10/28/20  (9)
Ljl at kushjew never not fucking things up for trump.    10/28/20  (1)
GJR is a pussy terrorist, holding BP hostage & silent for access    10/28/20  (2)
Peaceful protesters educate Seattle drivers (video)    10/28/20  (6)
Suddenly feeling really negative on Trumps chances bros. Sad!    10/28/20  (2)
cowgod cant place hunter biden. LOL at his clique theory btfo    10/28/20  (46)
Google really whiffed on their new G Suite icons    10/28/20  (2)
Unfamiliar man enters stage. I am ANONYMOUS. Rips of mask. It's Tony Bobulinski    10/28/20  (1)
Silver gave Romney a 9% chance in 2012 but trump a 27% chance in 2016    10/28/20  (9)
Garfield calling a "lid" on Mondays    10/28/20  (12)
This pollster says TEXAS is a TOSSUP    10/28/20  (4)
Cucky the Badger scared of that Husker daddy dick, trying to cancel sat's game    10/28/20  (4)
henry aaron: bring da motherfuckin duck sauce (wu tang voice)    10/28/20  (3)
Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort billed THREE DOLLARS for president's glass of water wh    10/28/20  (5)
Hypo: Biglawmos, would u eat a 24 oz tub of spoiled cottage cheese for $300k?    10/28/20  (10)
Hint: Whatever Texas is polling at, change to Trump +5 and then apply to all oth    10/28/20  (1)
alex jones was arrested for DUI even though his BAC was under the limit    10/28/20  (5)
Nebraska 🌽 Wisconsin 🧀 canceled    10/28/20  (16)
switching back to team BIDEN    10/28/20  (2)
many libs would punish ppl more for logging onto autoadmit than for fucking kids    10/28/20  (1)
🍆🍆🍆🍆 (WaPo rating of Nurse Henry’s latest insane screed)    10/28/20  (4)
fired a client today. feels good. taking qs.    10/28/20  (35)
This place has become a safe space for retards.    10/28/20  (70)
“GJR can u be slightly less retarded?” “U want the pussy or no?” <shuts    10/28/20  (1)
Brady4MVP says HBS "Anonymous" from 2014 will come forward    10/28/20  (3)
George Conway says NYT "Anonymous" from 2018 will come forward    10/28/20  (8)
dont think goyim will be allowed to work without mandatory webcams 4 much longer    10/28/20  (2)

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