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Turns out Emily ratajowksi.is a stupid bitch too. Fuck    10/27/20  (27)
If you look at Europe, isn’t Italy the most prestigious country?    10/27/20  (9)
Antifa Members Vandalize Liberty Bell By Repairing Crack (LINK)    10/27/20  (4)
WTF David Lee Roth "studies law" as hobby, analyzes FDCPA circuit split (link)    10/27/20  (4)
Biden is going to win isn't he. Covid fucked us.    10/27/20  (73)
Meanwhile........streets in Baghdad relatively peaceful and quiet tonight    10/27/20  (2)
The US is in for an amazing, transformative decade in 2020    10/27/20  (62)
Trump going after the SHITLIB CIVIL SERVICE if he wins    10/27/20  (11)
Millions of Future Murder Victims Fading Back into Picture    10/27/20  (1)
Why don’t true revolutionaries start murdering judges and people of influence?    10/27/20  (10)
📰 NYT: Trump lied about how much Chuck Schumer cries 📰    10/27/20  (5)
I’m boycotting sports until blacks stop committing 50 percent of murders    10/27/20  (5)
Chief Justice Roberts' mouse cursor moving chapter draft on his legacy to trash    10/27/20  (3)
Anal-only Female Catholic Law Grads Celebrate ACB Confirmation (link)    10/27/20  (3)
Went to PA Trump rally today. It was low energy and pathetic.    10/27/20  (49)
Kayleigh: “No, you see, he works WHILE he watches TV.”    10/27/20  (9)
Obama created Trump. Trump created Biden. Biden will create Pinochet.    10/27/20  (5)
should i become a jet black congo lasik surgeon    10/27/20  (2)
(Elton John voice): Goodnight XOXOoooo, where the dregs of society howl...    10/27/20  (8)
Trump ought to bring out that thing about “caravans” again.    10/27/20  (4)
It feels like the PA rioting is God giving Trump another chance to win    10/27/20  (7)
Chinese Intel: USA has never been more UNITED!!!!!!!!!!! Or more VIBRANT!!!!    10/27/20  (3)
global media swarm trump for 5 years. a BLIND GUY stumbles over biden corruption    10/27/20  (7)
Borders tp here: Okay, finally some not great news for Trump in these returns    10/27/20  (97)
Most of man’s misfortunes are occasioned by man.    10/27/20  (2)
half tempted to watch gladiator    10/27/20  (2)
Seattle fuckign sucks fucking fat fucking dick    10/27/20  (4)
Dha tux tp seem like a yuge fag, but I like him    10/27/20  (10)
So Repubs are going to take the black vote in 2020, 2024, and 2028    10/27/20  (32)
Only let my toddler watch veggie tails and graham hancock on JRE    10/27/20  (3)
Philly: Is this end of May/start of June 2.0?    10/27/20  (2)
Will laugh so fuckin hard if these chimp outs propel a Trump win    10/27/20  (2)
Billy Corgan rides a rollercoaster (vid)    10/27/20  (11)
RATE Khabibs wife    10/27/20  (10)
As Philly burns, FBI reminding you that white supremacists are most dangerous    10/27/20  (3)
28-year-old dies after being set on fire in SF    10/27/20  (6)
Why didn't the Philly cops shoot the knife out of his hand with a rubber Taser?    10/27/20  (18)
Look, Carson Wentz is indeed terrible but that’s no reason to burn down the ci    10/27/20  (4)
now that i've accidentally outed myself when i poast gay shit i mean it    10/27/20  (10)
CT, not roberts, to swear in ACB at WH tonight    10/27/20  (53)
Could ACB influence Kav and Gorsuch to be more conservative?    10/27/20  (7)
Who wins in a street fight, Khabib or toughest SEAL?    10/27/20  (131)
HELP: Is it prole to eat at WHITE CASTLE?    10/27/20  (4)
what kind of a loser votes "libertarian"?    10/27/20  (7)
UFC 254: Khabib versus Gaethje    10/27/20  (77)
come ITT if you've lost over 50K in crypto over teh years    10/27/20  (4)
Shitlibs, what viral loads do you have for Americans in 2020?    10/27/20  (48)
i dont give a fuck about anyhtign except gettgin 3-5 acres of land    10/27/20  (23)
Truly don't understand why libs don't just leave    10/27/20  (2)
Reminder: Barrett is the first non-ivy pedigreed SCOTUS justice    10/27/20  (23)
Biden “answers” Q after his juice runs out, escorted away by minders    10/27/20  (12)
It's just sinking in how shitty a poaster "Upset Jew" is    10/27/20  (98)
Will the Chinese pwn the US in 2020?    10/27/20  (34)
Advice to those who are contemplating cheating on their wives    10/27/20  (88)
Cum coated thorax, blown out antennae, totally exposed mandibles    10/27/20  (15)
rate this petite little girl playing the drums    10/27/20  (23)
Henry Aaron current alts: cornbread, SPARSE as fuck, I'm a cuck btw, Voodoo, FLW    10/27/20  (32)
What will Trump's campaign slogan be in 2020?    10/27/20  (53)
"What Happens if No One Wins?" (hint: Trump has some advantages)    10/27/20  (10)
Democrats to campaign on abolishing ICE in 2020    10/27/20  (47)
Voting age should be 21    10/27/20  (7)
woot.com is shit    10/27/20  (1)
Rach getting notified at 4:29 am that someone took a snapshot of a thread    10/27/20  (1)
Fed up with MACHIAVELLIANISM of modern society    10/27/20  (9)
Rach should begin holding “sermons”    10/27/20  (1)
There's not a chinchilla of evidence that my boobs are slanted(j    10/27/20  (74)
Just had a weird revelation regarding capitalism    10/27/20  (3)
“The guy had The Medici on fuckin speed dial.” *whole room laughs*    10/27/20  (1)
Who would be the most humiliating candidate Trump could lose to in 2020?    10/27/20  (9)
1492-1512 Florence must have been a wild time    10/27/20  (1)
Just took my Rolex in for SERVICING/OVERHAUL. Taking ?s ITT.    10/27/20  (15)
benzo, c'mere u boy toy lol    10/27/20  (2)
biden needs to move swiftly to consolidate power    10/27/20  (1)
new crop of fempoasters is dumb as shit    10/27/20  (9)
What happens after you move to a nice private house among nature    10/27/20  (57)
lol at both "Dreyers" and "Breyers" being mainstream ice cream brands    10/27/20  (3)
The sad kid that walks around and smokes cigarettes    10/27/20  (1)
Dems would have 6-3 SCOTUS if Hillary felt like saying radical islam?    10/27/20  (12)
nobody has Michigan on their campaign schedule?    10/27/20  (7)
Trump down to 12% odds on FiveThirtyEight    10/27/20  (2)
whenever i go to the movies i always yell "SUCK HIS DIIIIIICK!!" at the screen    10/27/20  (1)
Meet The Asteroid Hurtling Toward Earth on Election Day    10/27/20  (2)
Can’t run. Want to row. But concept 2 now, or wait for peloton rower?    10/27/20  (1)
GJR actually is autistic. Many of us fempoasters are tbqh    10/27/20  (28)
19th century was the century of england, 20th the century of the US    10/27/20  (1)
   10/27/20  (1)
D.F. Wallace book on the floor. Elliot Smith record playing. Patch Adams nose on    10/27/20  (1)
The Nude Medici    10/27/20  (1)
@realFonaldTrump: "Happy Birthday @hillaryclinton! AMAZING new woman Justice!"    10/27/20  (2)
so in the 50s everyone was hooked on barbiturates and gin?    10/27/20  (4)
New Jersey lawyer poops out 35 lbs of body fat; doctor speechless (link).    10/27/20  (5)
We are nowhere and it’s now    10/27/20  (1)
South Dakota has higher per capita covid death rate than most coastal states, Y?    10/27/20  (12)
I can't believe trump's zombie Joe as is actually real    10/27/20  (3)
good evening, my benzo    10/27/20  (1)
Joe Rogan designed his studio to be a “red pill”    10/27/20  (2)
Fentanyl Addict interview-Michael    10/27/20  (3)
Kenny the shitmod likes shitmodding and dogmeat... and he's all out of dogmeat    10/27/20  (1)
My OFFICIAL FINAL 2020 election prediction    10/27/20  (38)
Havent slept in days, feels like I'm dying    10/27/20  (9)
Carmela Soprano experiences Paris Syndrome    10/27/20  (8)
Christ was the original psychonaut    10/27/20  (1)
Joe Biden thinks cameras are off, talks with people without a mask    10/27/20  (1)
Well prince died    10/27/20  (1)
holy shit libs are insane lmao (LINK to video)    10/27/20  (11)
"as the 1st act of my 2d term, i sentence the lincoln project to a giant wedgie"    10/27/20  (8)
6-3 is the new 180    10/27/20  (14)
Hegemon: My Body's callin' for you    10/27/20  (3)
Biden spouting actual gibberish at rally    10/27/20  (1)
ITT: Name ur price range, ur current guns/gear, I give buy list 4 civil war    10/27/20  (195)
Trumpmos: CROWD SIZES MATTER! That's why Bernie won the primary!    10/27/20  (2)
Baby Jessica (fell down the well) is a piece of shit Trump supporter now.    10/27/20  (28)
Cops shot that guy 15 times to break his COD Warzone armor    10/27/20  (3)
On a scale of 1-10 how selfish do you have to be to not wear a mask in public    10/27/20  (35)
Lol at nerds writing entire books making fun of each other    10/27/20  (1)
California prop vote breakdown    10/27/20  (15)
Humans are sick disgusting freaks    10/27/20  (1)
bort lolyers rate this SCOTUS announcement    10/27/20  (15)
i bet ACB is going to hold down the handmaids to have babies raped into them    10/27/20  (4)
How often have you shat yourself?    10/27/20  (63)
big tech banning any attempt to crowdfund legal fees for Trumpmo defendants    10/27/20  (2)
Bunch of my shitlib FB friends are worried ACB will "install" Trump as POTUS    10/27/20  (6)
Who is working late on a Tuesday evening at the Federal Judicial Center?    10/27/20  (7)
Just finished all my work for tomorrow where should I vacation    10/27/20  (1)
Prolonged surgical mask use makes your teeth "melt" (time lapse video)    10/27/20  (3)
just went to athens chick-fil-a. look at what was in my bag (not flame) (pic)    10/27/20  (78)
Accidental redpill on thedonald.win    10/27/20  (6)
CNN: News of Philadelphia riots is “Russian Disinformation”    10/27/20  (1)
petite chicks with dark hair and super pale skin    10/27/20  (2)
RATE this Twitter thread of Philly riot video footage    10/27/20  (14)
what if THE PURGE like the movie was a real thing    10/27/20  (65)
why are you broken?    10/27/20  (6)
Chief Jim Medicine Crow endorses Trump    10/27/20  (2)
Trump's tweets are being hidden by twitter lmao    10/27/20  (2)
wouldn't rioters be counted in crime statistics?    10/27/20  (3)
*a Jew absconds*    10/27/20  (1)
Jews foment riots in urban opportunity zones -> Buy up subsidized land for cheap    10/27/20  (4)
hey, self care.    10/27/20  (2)
Rate this lib woman    10/27/20  (3)
British Muslims Fear Backlash After Tomorrow's Train Bombing    10/27/20  (187)
Philly rioters just got an AC-130 gunship    10/27/20  (4)
6 cops in philly run over in serial vehicular assault (twitter video    10/27/20  (1)
lmao fuck. youtube has my number. all recommended videos are bullshit xo favs.    10/27/20  (1)
The lib media is ignoring Philly, even Foxnews isn't really ...    10/27/20  (5)
The philly nigger shooting was staged by Bernie supporters (not flame vid proof    10/27/20  (1)
fxx suspends iasip production “until further notice” (link)    10/27/20  (1)
arab store owners guarding businesses in Philly (video)    10/27/20  (1)
lmao if the philly riots cost DEMS 10K votes and Trump wins by 5K    10/27/20  (12)

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