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Is presumption that GOP will outperform on election day justified?    10/28/20  (8)
Congratulate boner police on being accepted ED to Cardozo Law    10/28/20  (3)
You can't get a good soft pretzel anywhere in this town    10/28/20  (19)
Alex Jones was literally right about everything    10/28/20  (5)
Borders tp here - Watch this video by journalist telling Dems the score    10/28/20  (17)
Have we discussed here that Kim Kardashian is becoming a lawyer?    10/28/20  (1)
Loving all the libs tears over ACB on moveon.org emails    10/28/20  (19)
Sony admits it won't have any PS5 consoles for sale this holiday season (Reuters    10/28/20  (4)
Cartoon Network now tweeting about anti-racism and interracial gay marriage    10/28/20  (18)
George Conway says NYT "Anonymous" from 2018 will come forward    10/28/20  (1)
how many loads do you think ACB swallowed in college?    10/28/20  (25)
Why is the vocal trumpmo minority on here so supportive of the guy    10/28/20  (14)
"The looters just want FREE STUFF!" *bills 1.5 to "Reviewed Correspondence."*    10/28/20  (2)
Biden in bed by 8PM on Nov 3    10/28/20  (2)
Targetsmart is just a bunch of made of numbers. Now check out what Silver says    10/28/20  (2)
i called a lid and it slipped awaayyyyyyy    10/28/20  (22)
dont think goyim will be allowed to work without mandatory webcams 4 much longer    10/28/20  (1)
Cardozo grad/ former lawyer gets student loan debt discharged in bankruptcy    10/28/20  (3)
"Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis now a 2L at Cardozo    10/28/20  (4)
Biden has no path to victory    10/28/20  (4)
why do high IQ people love RAP music so much?    10/28/20  (29)
Biden winning is completely at odds with reality at this point    10/28/20  (4)
So Covid numbers have been conflated with flu numbers?    10/28/20  (1)
Britcucks mad af Marseilles players didn’t take knee vs Man City (link)    10/28/20  (2)
CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: WE FUCKED!!!111    10/28/20  (3)
ACP = always credited poaster    10/28/20  (1)
I have a hard time believing Trump loses AZ, NC, FL, GA    10/28/20  (20)
borders "analysis" on white college voters in NC, AZ and FL is SO OFF, ITT we    10/28/20  (20)
Nate Silver pushes early vote analysts' shit in    10/28/20  (9)
"Vicky Osterweil" pens book "In Defense of Looting"    10/28/20  (1)
R internal polls show Trump losing GA    10/28/20  (9)
Atlanta is the new Boise    10/28/20  (1)
im in atlanta    10/28/20  (4)
More riots in Philly. CVS looted, truck flipped over (video)    10/28/20  (28)
lol @ pandafaggotmos, just went balls deep in a cheesy Gordita crunch    10/28/20  (2)
Walmart looted in Philadelphia    10/28/20  (6)
Removed headliner from my Lincoln town car    10/28/20  (13)
Quitting job to be unarmed violence disruptor in the inner city    10/28/20  (1)
cowgod cant place hunter biden. LOL at his clique theory btfo    10/28/20  (44)
Buddy does closed captioning for PA dems - says biden is DONE HERE    10/28/20  (39)
I want black privilege to loot    10/28/20  (1)
GGTP what's your prediction for Tank Davis vs Leo Santa Cruz?    10/28/20  (10)
180 historical factoid, non-politics, just a fun and interesting diversion    10/28/20  (12)
literally know idea tp    10/28/20  (1)
Biden: "We're talking about coalition of pukes [POCs] to take a win to the DC"    10/28/20  (1)
*Libs lined up behind caution tape, cheering, handing Gatorade to looters*    10/28/20  (2)
Lol been telling this guy I'm in the Secret Service and getting bj's nightly    10/28/20  (8)
Dumb Q about section 230 protections    10/28/20  (3)
"Look, Jack, of course I'm gonna get my beak wet! Grease the wheels, man!"    10/28/20  (58)
Biden +28 in Midgar    10/28/20  (16)
Garfield calling a "lid" on Mondays    10/28/20  (8)
Prole redneck Trump supporter attacks Biden campaign worker (video)    10/28/20  (7)
cock in hand, waiting for the GJR pic, up strikes the band, some wild wicked gui    10/28/20  (14)
New WaPo Texas poll: Biden +16    10/28/20  (1)
Why would anyone go to Citadel or VMI if not interested in a military career    10/28/20  (15)
Predicition: Extremely mentally ill day on Zozo today    10/28/20  (6)
pensive has spent years writing a novel that'll be read by less than 10 people    10/28/20  (6)
Trump down to 11 percent on Five Thirty Eight    10/28/20  (4)
Holy shit jre election night live with Tim dillon, Alex Jones and more    10/28/20  (6)
Friend at Secret Service just told me they cannot wait until "FATSO" is gone.    10/28/20  (4)
Twilight of the Trumpmos, even Rasmussen has Biden +10 nationally    10/28/20  (1)
Trump pitch to women: "I'm getting ur husbands back to work, u get in kitchen"    10/28/20  (3)
one of the most well informed local NV journalist confirms blue wave    10/28/20  (15)
SaaS thread    10/28/20  (4)
Voodoo Child: Raging about Biden's Collapse / Nurse Henry: Ignore my Prolapse    10/28/20  (3)
🍆🍆🍆🍆 (WaPo rating of Nurse Henry’s latest insane screed)    10/28/20  (3)
What's the game plan next Tues night? Megapost 8pm-4am?    10/28/20  (10)
Hypo: Biglawmos, would u eat a 24 oz tub of spoiled cottage cheese for $300k?    10/28/20  (8)
A sane society would bludgeon TS Amanda to orgasm with large cocks    10/28/20  (5)
How funny if Trumpers mailed in thousands of Biden ballots to prove fraud    10/28/20  (6)
Rudy had a total meltdown, Yosemite Sam fuming, on FOX BUSINESS    10/28/20  (7)
JJC singing Harvard fight song at karaoke bar, no one else in his booth    10/28/20  (2)
*wakes up* *drinks coffee* *logs into xo* *searches "borders"*    10/28/20  (7)
the future of America is a simple demographic math problem that people avoid    10/28/20  (96)
Nebraska 🌽 Wisconsin 🧀 canceled    10/28/20  (13)
Starting to come around to cowgod's worldview    10/28/20  (1)
180 coach corey wayne vids on haha texts    10/28/20  (1)
LMAO Dodgers player had COVID & was pulled from lineup in 6th inning, then celeb    10/28/20  (4)
"yeah this place is full of retards" (pumo who is too scared to post under monik    10/28/20  (30)
So, MLB pulled Justin Turner in the 8th of a 2 run game, but let him celebrate?    10/28/20  (10)
This place has become a safe space for retards.    10/28/20  (68)
Philly riots are great for Trump, well played, blacks!    10/28/20  (4)
1963: MLK "I Have a Dream". 2020: *leaves CVS with stolen loot in stolen car*    10/28/20  (3)
really upset because i have infantile attachment issues    10/28/20  (5)
Philly & Shittsburgh go for Biden - but Pennsyltucky is Trump    10/28/20  (3)
BREAKING 3 States now decide election: PA NC AZ    10/28/20  (92)
Today's polls: Biden WI +17 (LOL!), VA +8, NC +1, MI +7, ME Dist 2 +4, ME +22    10/28/20  (3)
It's unbelievable that we've literally chased off every single female here. Ever    10/28/20  (28)
My hot organic ex-gf is annoyed that I drunk texted her last night (TSINAH)    10/28/20  (23)
Obeezy here doubling down on trump victory prediction    10/28/20  (4)
MA will only provide COVID funding to small businesses if they agree not to sue    10/28/20  (1)
Playing a round of golf with FLW and Ted Danson at Eagle Bend    10/28/20  (1)
Trump now leads in Wisconsin, tied in Michigan (link)    10/28/20  (1)
Report: Large 'Sand Worms' sighted on National Mall, motionless, facing WH    10/28/20  (8)
Great news. Biden up to 88% in 538 Forecast.    10/28/20  (1)
"my name is a killing word" muttered Barron    10/28/20  (1)
Trump MAGA = leave olds stranded in cold cornfield to get covid (link)    10/28/20  (1)
New Jersey COVID death rate per million: 1,851    10/28/20  (1)
Whatever, I'll post a nude (GJR)    10/28/20  (11)
Xo is going to completely melt down when Biden wins    10/28/20  (46)
🔒 Chicago in lockdown 🔒    10/28/20  (75)
Cowgod moderating POTUS debate: “What would you do to help losers?”    10/28/20  (12)
Orthodox Jews show up to support BLM and learn a hard lesson    10/28/20  (16)
Libs are fucking retarded    10/28/20  (5)
"Hi, who just joined?" "It'ssss meee, the pollsssss" *everyone gets excited*    10/28/20  (6)
fired a client today. feels good. taking qs.    10/28/20  (34)
My life as a Door Dash delivery guy (warning: horrifying)    10/28/20  (3)
2-3 week market crash into the election to juice another 1-2% for biden    10/28/20  (14)
Just beat some asians speaking in mandarin in small claims court lmao    10/28/20  (14)
Tried to get breakfast at 3 places. Nice black woman bought my McDonald's    10/28/20  (1)
EPAH getting tax refund for overpayment after reparations bill passes    10/28/20  (6)
"My father was.. an interesting man" says Barron as stars stream by viewport    10/28/20  (81)
rogan is finished    10/28/20  (59)
if Trump wins PA and can keep the red states, he wins    10/28/20  (2)
The peak of my internet life was Trump winning in '16 and being on XO    10/28/20  (1)
20 y/o visits NYC for first time- gets shot and killed    10/28/20  (11)
Nebraska's offense looked better against tOSU but D fucking sucks    10/28/20  (7)
Trump had to BUS IN thousands of supporters in NEBRASKA and then left them there    10/28/20  (2)
Obama puffing away on blunt, launches brick at foot locker windo    10/28/20  (10)
Poll: who is the funniest board lib on xo?    10/28/20  (87)
Wisconsin CUCKS cancel game against RISING Nebraska team    10/28/20  (4)
Trump: BUOYANT at huge rallies. Biden: in basement, lid and diaper firmly on.    10/28/20  (2)
Nate Silver: some "santorum" spilled on my keyboard when typing the model    10/28/20  (1)
Alabama* @ Georgia* CFB (thursday, ESPN)    10/28/20  (3)
Omaha rally, 1000s waited for hours in blistering cold, media: BAD FOR TRUMP    10/28/20  (3)
what result on Nov 3 would actually make some dems suicide    10/28/20  (11)
How are niggers affording all these nice cars?    10/28/20  (8)
Serious Q- is anyone actually surprised nigs are opportunistic looter thieves?    10/28/20  (11)
Emily Ratajkowski: I won't reveal gender of my baby until zhe is 18 (link)    10/28/20  (2)
why would hunter biden record sex tapes with his own sister?    10/28/20  (16)
Finally got a final round interview at in house jerb    10/28/20  (54)
Why are Nikon and Canon so popular when there are superior alternatives?    10/28/20  (21)
Toddlerdood eats a ton and shits 3-4 times a day. CR fiber cultist?    10/28/20  (3)
Bump this thread if u r still 100% pulling for TRUMP    10/28/20  (554)
Final warning: Do NOT continue to hold equities through the election    10/28/20  (23)
Final warning: Do NOT continue to hold NYT dial watcher's cock thru election    10/28/20  (1)
CONFIRMED: foreign languages on FL ballots just instruct u to vote Dem    10/28/20  (1)
What percent of the government is Luciferian    10/28/20  (3)
QUIZ: Can you tell a Biden REFRIGERATOR from a Trump REFRIGERATOR? (NYT)    10/28/20  (4)
Alex Jones Brings the Wrath of God to Spotify (Christianity Today)    10/28/20  (2)
Alex Jones: World Government hates carbon emissions. You’re made of carbon    10/28/20  (5)
Glory Days. Well they'll pass you by. Glory Days. Lmao libs ur all gonna die.    10/28/20  (6)
Alex Jones: Global warning is God’s benevolent will    10/28/20  (3)
I'd like to say it, with my xo bros while we still can: TRUMMPPPPP! (Bump plz.)    10/28/20  (6)
scholarship    10/28/20  (1)
Let's all agree to stop lisping about polls until election day    10/28/20  (7)
Ask yourselves, who among you has not held 10 for the big guy? Let him cast the    10/28/20  (10)
Biden campaign planning on BLITZING Texas this week. Trumptards? (Link)    10/28/20  (27)

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