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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
what is the #1 rock/pop song of all time in an irregular time signature?    12/03/20  (23)
Biden just had millions more Biden-Only Ballots than Trump like NBD    12/03/20  (7)
can someone explain why condo hoa fees are 4-5x’s that is townhomes and single    12/03/20  (1)
movie theaters absolutely DONE HERE: Warner Bros streaming all 2021 releases    12/03/20  (23)
BREAKING: Google fires black employee after email, she outs manager and sues    12/03/20  (134)
Mike Lee pushing 'fairness for Indian foreign H1B workers' bill    12/03/20  (20)
long island is severely underrated    12/03/20  (18)
Suburban Texan here. Seeing SJWism seep into elementary curriculum.    12/03/20  (12)
Should I go see my ex tonight?    12/03/20  (47)
Libs removing Ellen Page films from Bechdel Test database    12/03/20  (7)
Since Charles is gone, I guess I'll review Ready Player Two    12/03/20  (163)
Why do CA ppl have college license plate frames, Northeast ppl do window sticker    12/03/20  (16)
Taibbi: Student Loan Horror Stories    12/03/20  (3)
Is cheating actually bad    12/03/20  (26)
minecraft tp meekly jacking off in corner as enderman chad plows GJR    12/03/20  (3)
I’ve hit a roadblock in learning to code    12/03/20  (19)
"The Mandalorian" seems like a show for retards    12/03/20  (25)
Reality TV star Trump in March: “I’m a wartime president! We will BEAT this    12/03/20  (7)
2500 year old female mummy had sleeve tattoo and smoked weed (link)    12/03/20  (11)
Huge trumpmo here, I really want GOP to lose in the GA senate runoff    12/03/20  (66)
The UK and US will have Indian POTUS within 2-3 years LOL    12/03/20  (17)
What do boomer bosses hate more about Covid-19: High mortality rate 4 olds or    12/03/20  (6)
So cons bought AR-15s and libs still revolted and seized power anyway?    12/03/20  (48)
11yo kills self on Zoom class    12/03/20  (69)
PSA: the military is diverse as fuck now.    12/03/20  (2)
12 Words To Use for Your Next Savage Comeback    12/03/20  (2)
I call it my hard STEM heh    12/03/20  (3)
Trust the experts. Full stop.    12/03/20  (5)
Female SJW and YA author starts Twitter storm over her take on classic books    12/03/20  (59)
chess seems impossible to learn as an old    12/03/20  (28)
Can someone explain the “pencil” meme?    12/03/20  (2)
Terrible songs that you like for some reason    12/03/20  (6)
martial law now    12/03/20  (3)
Biden: mandatory masking for 100 days after I’m inaugurated    12/03/20  (16)
COVID taught me it's not worth dancing like a clown for social clout    12/03/20  (1)
much worse things have happened in the past why are we doing this    12/03/20  (1)
Whenever my GF denies sex b/c she’s “tired” I basically ignore her for 24+    12/03/20  (12)
Twitter: "Are you sure you want to like this? Election fraud claim is disputed"    12/03/20  (1)
San Francisco bans smoking tobacco in apartments; cannabis still okay    12/03/20  (2)
Literal video of Dems counting ballots after late night 'pause'    12/03/20  (46)
25-y.o. founder of Luminar becomes billionaire. Also he’s 6’4”    12/03/20  (2)
Every fucking commercial is NIGGERS NIGGERS NIGGERS    12/03/20  (5)
Tall Lanky Asian Women    12/03/20  (10)
"Christ was raised in the body" is just something you say, just a heuristic    12/03/20  (19)
This winter will be like winters in Game of Thrones.    12/03/20  (5)
Latest GA poll shows Reptile Senators with comfortable lead (link)    12/03/20  (1)
So is the US heading for South African style treatment of whites?    12/03/20  (1)
In his Nazi days NASA director von Braun would hang Jews daily at his V2 factory    12/03/20  (5)
Is a Barbour jacket worth it?    12/03/20  (13)
Aw ma! Fauci's Roachburgers again?    12/03/20  (3)
Lexus Dark Winter to Remember Sales Event    12/03/20  (6)
I hate everything    12/03/20  (4)
RON DESANTIS and his COVID balls are turning Florida into a permanent red state    12/03/20  (21)
crazy how libs rolled back lockdowns once they won    12/03/20  (4)
Starting a job in POMONA, CA. Where should I live? Gay male, 30yrs old    12/03/20  (1)
why is white ppl food so shitty    12/03/20  (76)
the lead singer of Third Eye Blind is retarded    12/03/20  (3)
O’Rourke/Ossoff ‘24, for some reason    12/03/20  (9)
wtf is the "90 day fiance universe"    12/03/20  (1)
SP Jr's real dad lights votive candle "Son... wherever you are...I WILL find you    12/03/20  (5)
2012 election where Haley Barbour becomes POTUS    12/03/20  (1)
My friend's got a Laotian and he squanches him / He tells me everyday /He says    12/03/20  (6)
just mass texted all Lib friends, told them to get fucked and burn in Hell    12/03/20  (1)
we're going to be locked down wearing masks til May no matter what?    12/03/20  (2)
Black Virginia students now have IMPUNITY to assault other students:    12/03/20  (3)
You GREEDY little MILK PIG!!    12/03/20  (10)
Trump's STAR WITNESS in Michigan - Trumpmos explain??????    12/03/20  (3)
Giving children comfortable childhoods is almost barbaric    12/03/20  (12)
Winklevoss brothers: Bitcoin will go up 25x from here (price target: $500k)    12/03/20  (22)
Spaceporn pulling out, "Ah jesus did you eat dairy?!"    12/03/20  (2)
Just started my Uber shift; Sunday Funday    12/03/20  (65)
"You like that, don't you faggot" *Fed buttfucking Greenback to death*    12/03/20  (1)
CIA created “QAnon” to delegitimize inquiries into elite pedophilia    12/03/20  (7)
hello mother, hello father, I've been smoking marijuana.    12/03/20  (1)
im very attracted to Elizabeth Berkely (current age/weight)    12/03/20  (4)
Trumpmos, rather than trying to steal the election now, why didn't u try to win?    12/03/20  (5)
ITT we list phrases or things that, upon reading, make u weep/depressed    12/03/20  (1)
What's this about Henry Aaron and butt stuff? Some weird meme or what?    12/03/20  (8)
Does Henry Aaron jerk off to National Geographic Whale documentaries?    12/03/20  (3)
Is it a thing now for women to wear clothes so tight u can see camel toe?    12/03/20  (18)
It should be obvious that Trump cannot win with massive mail-in voting    12/03/20  (148)
Facebook will now allow anti-white hate speech    12/03/20  (46)
If I was straight, I would so crush all of you in the pussy game    12/03/20  (1)
POLL: How many hours are you on track to bill this year?    12/03/20  (73)
Life does not feel complete without nicotine    12/03/20  (1)
Today was the DEADLIEST Coronavirus day in the US. GOOD WORK FUCKERS!    12/03/20  (125)
"everyone stop counting, breaktime" *briefcase full of Biden ballots falls open*    12/03/20  (1)
I'm MAF about this "dark winter" insanity    12/03/20  (5)
Would you be livid if you caught your GF cheating with this guy?    12/03/20  (1)
Bloodacre launching protein shake IPO, ticker: CUM    12/03/20  (1)
How did Kyle McLachlan survive Showgirls?    12/03/20  (11)
The internet gives her a daily audience of 13K people every day.    12/03/20  (8)
TRUMP to FINALLY FUCKING unveil INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN in January    12/03/20  (158)
One day ur an adult and the lyrics of "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia hit you    12/03/20  (1)
ITT: We track the progress of the "Big Cases" Trump promised on Nov. 15    12/03/20  (54)
FBI buddy said Biden transition told them to prepare to arrest no maskmos    12/03/20  (1)
ITT: ask an owner of an Xbox Series X anything (literally anything)    12/03/20  (87)
cant stop thinking about elliot page's pale hipster cock    12/03/20  (3)
who was the the aspie asexual girl who used to post here?    12/03/20  (45)
Confession: Towards the end of my time in biglaw I researched opening birdseed s    12/03/20  (12)
Biden is going to die in office    12/03/20  (1)
Your employer requires Covid vaccine by 6/1: Get it or get fired. What do?    12/03/20  (12)
biz idea: mini beer. bottles to hold next to your cock when taking dick pics    12/03/20  (3)
I pretty much only like taking dicks and doing oral cockinmouth    12/03/20  (2)
ELLEN PAO transitioning to Asian male    12/03/20  (4)
Cr to start playing WoW on classic? Anyone here play it?    12/03/20  (3)
Best most classic sneakers of all time?    12/03/20  (50)
"Uh, another boy being raped.." (spaceporn taking Rorschach test)    12/03/20  (6)
2nd cousin: Taking dick in the dorms Shrew gf: He's undermining democratic norms    12/03/20  (15)
Arlington Road is 180 underrated movie    12/03/20  (5)
90s lib: Save the spotted owl 17 lib: Your son taking dick in his bowels    12/03/20  (7)
omg u almost gave me a fart attack!    12/03/20  (3)
Are we in the "Dark Winter" yet    12/03/20  (2)
Once listened to Mazzy Star on a weeknight and couldn't get to sleep for hours    12/03/20  (2)
Do you at least get a nice view from your office as a big law associate?    12/03/20  (2)
HOLY SHIT: GA GOP Election official UN-FUCKING LOADS on GOP (vid)    12/03/20  (49)
i like my women like i like my whisky    12/03/20  (5)
Now I ain’t sayin he a boy squancher, but he ain’t fuckin wit his wife’s d    12/03/20  (2)
Guess which poaster I'm thinking of in 1 question    12/03/20  (1)
Ricky I'm gonna lose it if someone mentions Covid again    12/03/20  (1)
Guess which 90s film I'm thinking of in 30 questions    12/03/20  (54)
80s/90s nostalgia disorder    12/03/20  (4)
Women age like a glass of milk left out in the hot sun    12/03/20  (3)
Imagine if DMX worked in biglaw    12/03/20  (71)
Cowgod do you have a girlfriend? Have you ever?    12/03/20  (4)
Hilarious small detail about Biglaw    12/03/20  (51)
would you consider a donor egg?    12/03/20  (7)
Fartegg sandwiches banned from office smelevator    12/03/20  (12)
The love of money is the root of all evil. Repent, ye lawyers    12/03/20  (5)
Despite vaccine progress, experts warn 'dark winter' still awaits for US    12/03/20  (3)
watch some 80s tv and tell me what was done to this country    12/03/20  (1)
what's going on what's this dark winter insanity    12/03/20  (1)
frat frot (vid)    12/03/20  (1)
What if someone acid attacked Spaceporn’s 🤡 face like joker origin story    12/03/20  (10)
Random boomer told me at the grocery store to buy some property    12/03/20  (8)
Through the years we all will be together, if the libs allow    12/03/20  (1)
Declaration and deposition evience in NV that Dems paid for votes.    12/03/20  (2)
can libs please respond to this? (link)    12/03/20  (1)
This Reddit loser turned 50k into $3m this year. U: poast.    12/03/20  (3)
NYT in Aug: " 80 million mail ballots will flood election offices this fall,"    12/03/20  (7)
"colt" mccoy    12/03/20  (6)
Trump is bad for America and bad for the Jews (Abe Foxman)    12/03/20  (4)
Warner Bros to theaters: turn around so I can finish on your face    12/03/20  (3)
NYTimes: the "Deep State" is on a roll! (Link)    12/03/20  (9)
5 hour Twin Peaks doc guy does Mulholland Drive (*video*)    12/03/20  (8)
Biden and Harris confront the Biden Voter (Video)    12/03/20  (10)
Pfizer Slashed Its Original Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout Target After Supply-Chain O    12/03/20  (6)
Proles constantly talk    12/03/20  (1)
kinda crazy how everything is evidence of white supremacy    12/03/20  (1)
uspo tweeting citypop music vids from panda express official social media    12/03/20  (7)

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