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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
getting to maybe tp    01/18/21  (4)
libs hoping for inauguration chaos. reptiles hoping for uneventful transition.    01/18/21  (3)
What's your favorite "law activity" that you do for work?    01/18/21  (13)
libs emailing me articles about how vaccine doesnt mean things go back to normal    01/18/21  (10)
Biden will be forced to step down, election cases will confirm Trump victory.    01/18/21  (15)
A Weimar Republic w/ Aunt Jemima-looking bitches dictating your life    01/18/21  (16)
That was Twins tp in the Buffalo hat today    01/18/21  (9)
White man attempts to live in Philadelphia; is promptly murdered by thugs    01/18/21  (157)
women who swear a ton. discuss    01/18/21  (15)
Trump is so unforgivably stupid    01/18/21  (2)
Uspos mba program is in the same building as wilburs cookie delivery company    01/18/21  (19)
On a scale of 1-10, how ELATED are China and Iran about Biden’s inauguration?    01/18/21  (4)
Military Warzone, Chinese Flag hoisted to full mast, Libs?    01/18/21  (2)
Will we be seeing a big pardon dump soon?    01/18/21  (16)
*Takes off Cookie delivery uniform/cookie design hat, logs onto coinbase    01/18/21  (7)
People actually pay 30% of a car's MSRP just to lease it for 3 yrs?    01/18/21  (39)
"So, Kamala will move against you first. She'll set up a meeting with someone.."    01/18/21  (50)
just ur avg cookie delivery driver sitting on a $400k ETH nest egg    01/18/21  (5)
1st president in 152 yrs to not attend successor's inauguration. Honorable?    01/18/21  (62)
ur 8 y/o twins giving you thumbs up as you secure exit bags over their heads    01/18/21  (48)
*Peterman getting carted off Shark Tank show for disgusting "idea'*    01/18/21  (13)
what are your predictions for Inauguration Day?    01/18/21  (31)
1/6 Capitol Storming was like touching a cancerous tumor through the skin    01/18/21  (9)
Why were the markets closed today?    01/18/21  (1)
ur son rapping "tracks" from "catholic" church hymnal as ur dotter twerks on alt    01/18/21  (2)
Weed edibles take away my anxiety but give me 3x anxiety after it fades off    01/18/21  (18)
What does it mean when a girl randomly says "things are getting to serious"    01/18/21  (74)
GME $41.28 on Frankfurt stonk exchange    01/18/21  (6)
Corp slave leaving Redwood City office 2 hike on trail with 400 other people    01/18/21  (22)
Why did they have to call it "Space Force"???    01/18/21  (26)
Want to become a lawyer + work for the FIRE thing that pwns libs    01/18/21  (5)
So DC is in full lockdown now?    01/18/21  (2)
Covid ends in 2 days    01/18/21  (1)
all this because Trump and Trumpmos couldn't accept losing    01/18/21  (37)
Lol at ever having a daughter    01/18/21  (4)
Moderna production has collapsed.    01/18/21  (3)
join the discord, over 100 strong and we have betting and games and tits (twins)    01/18/21  (31)
Army Rangers recruitment site features white couple with black baby    01/18/21  (37)
Wife is a political commissar for the left, a Covid Nazi, it’s a living hell    01/18/21  (76)
Guy on secluded hiking trail told me “you’re supposed to wear a mask bro”    01/18/21  (55)
ok which Trumpmo poaster was this (xo dm)    01/18/21  (5)
Reminder: Trump was SUPPOSED to govern like the Alt-Right Fascist he campaigned    01/18/21  (5)
Chillout_Tent_theHoldSteady.mp3 DOWNLOAD COMPLETE    01/18/21  (1)
First time I got screamed at for not wearing a mask was today    01/18/21  (77)
Pope Francis blesses Atlanta Hawks commemorative MLK Nike Jersey (link)    01/18/21  (27)
Besides fruit, are there other sources of "good" sugar?    01/18/21  (12)
I'm $1M in student loan debt, 5800 interest per month (Dave Ramsey)    01/18/21  (9)
Anyone ever visited The Villages?    01/18/21  (38)
if you make fake news I'll just post Truth faster than u can keep up (twins)    01/18/21  (1)
do you miss your youth    01/18/21  (35)
Trump basically tricked DNC/Biden into showing their full hand.    01/18/21  (4)
Kids are exhausting.    01/18/21  (12)
exeunt, thoughts on ADA these days?    01/18/21  (4)
Would you fuck this stupid gook?    01/18/21  (27)
if trump loses the virus will suddenly disappear    01/18/21  (10)
what was the point of that “impeachment”?    01/18/21  (14)
13yo jim_kelly asking "the bills are playing, why is he on a phone call?"    01/18/21  (8)
Trumpmos: "They put tracking chips in vaccines" *walks into Capitol w/ cell on*    01/18/21  (19)
Trump won Nov. 3. You can't ratify known fraud.    01/18/21  (19)
REMINDER: many Trumpmos still think Biden won't be sworn in    01/18/21  (5)
180 aspect of BLM: MLK day must be respected by corporate America    01/18/21  (4)
5 out of 12 USC linebackers from class of '89 are dead    01/18/21  (9)
Thought on the targeting and touchback browns vs. Chiefs?    01/18/21  (4)
Rate the pic of this "Peruvian" Vice President    01/18/21  (3)
are Bugles prole    01/18/21  (38)
REMINDER: As lawyer you took oath to defend constitution. If you recognize Biden    01/18/21  (3)
If you have a Bad Job people think that you suck and are like "fuck him he sucks    01/18/21  (34)
Lol mcdonalds fries are $3.50 now? Wtf??    01/18/21  (43)
Rate this letter from jewish buddhist druggie who's me-too'ed    01/18/21  (1)
Me sucky sucky...sucksucksucky-sucky    01/18/21  (1)
Went back to school for second bachelor's this semester. Observation re: COVID    01/18/21  (9)
When you meet Tinder chicks, do you ask them out    01/18/21  (5)
They are censoring pro-Trump voices b/c we're over the target    01/18/21  (7)
If Trump loses imagine his concession phone call to Biden    01/18/21  (3)
Why does a Jewish guy represent Memphis in Congress?    01/18/21  (5)
Took shrooms last night and it completely alleviated my sciatica    01/18/21  (1)
vatican announces exclusive prime day discounts for communicants (link)    01/18/21  (2)
what will return to normal quickly? what will stay permanently changed?    01/18/21  (5)
National security clearance to investigate anyone who may have "supported Trump"    01/18/21  (2)
To my big brother CSLG - the emptiest suit in town.    01/18/21  (1)
use hand computer to meet broken strangers for sex and tapas    01/18/21  (3)
America needs a Meiji Restortation    01/18/21  (10)
"Grr! Keep your woman in line!" typed the hapa with divorced AGWWG parents    01/18/21  (3)
ADL: doxing is wrong ... unless it’s white supremacists    01/18/21  (7)
California warns against using a batch of Moderna COVID-19 vaccines after allerg    01/18/21  (1)
Biden can never be POTUS due to his many crimes.    01/18/21  (1)
Biden CANCELS Keystone XL for some reason.    01/18/21  (68)
MSM: "Unhinged insurrectionist white supremacist terrorists, or "Republicans",    01/18/21  (4)
"we must bump one another or die"    01/18/21  (1)
Libs are gonna kill Biden, aren't they?    01/18/21  (2)
Will Cardano/ADA be worth 3-5 dollars in 2 years?    01/18/21  (3)
What does xo think about the storming the capitol stuff    01/18/21  (103)
XO Bills?    01/18/21  (6)
How easy/hard is Wharton, Harvard, Stanford EXEC MBA?    01/18/21  (8)
So Biden & his mask mandate will get credit for "ending" COVID thx to seasonali    01/18/21  (5)
Kids are awesome..teens are adults that get a pass as kids    01/18/21  (3)
how would you react if some shitlib made you use unique pronouns    01/18/21  (27)
If Trump had just kept his mouth shut seven people would still be alive    01/18/21  (18)
🚨 Alleged inside attack planned on Biden    01/18/21  (4)
I’m looking at buying a RAV4 Hybrid    01/18/21  (58)
I'm a gay black nigger with AIDS and I live in a jungle in Africa    01/18/21  (165)
the enemy's only weapon is demoralization. be cheery! (twins)    01/18/21  (5)
I would like to move my whole family down to Jupiter, FL from NYC    01/18/21  (20)
1 year in: Where dead bodies? Is half of office dead? Families obliterated? What    01/18/21  (8)
Some mental case Indian or Pakistani having 30 alts makes sense    01/18/21  (1)
Hegemon = fed    01/18/21  (2)
Africans invented soap and school 180    01/18/21  (25)
Rate this 10,000 square foot mansion for $675k    01/18/21  (16)
Want to quit smoking weed - what drug to replace it with?    01/18/21  (2)
Some guy tried to fight me at the grocery store    01/18/21  (11)
compilation of female reporters saying "right-wing extremists"    01/18/21  (2)
Bill's have to sodomize mahomes then Brady or Rodgers    01/18/21  (4)
trump’s inauguration absence is perfect example of his double-bind last 4 yrs    01/18/21  (4)
Live blogging: $10M litigation case mediation    01/18/21  (22)
Djokovic is a covid diva (link)    01/18/21  (3)
Old ass libs and cons should play football game like longest yard    01/18/21  (1)
Kamalasexychocolateeeee will be president    01/18/21  (1)
Can I watch honey I shrunk the kids with a 6 year old    01/18/21  (5)
I actually got waitlisted by Harvard, didn't get in ultimately.    01/18/21  (3)
Libs are a cancer -- they flee the results of their actions then bring it w them    01/18/21  (2)
What's the most Jewish thing ever to happen to you?    01/18/21  (5)
Nothing more alpha than mouth-raping another man    01/18/21  (1)
12yo you, seeing you now & fighting back tears- "why doesnt he fight back"    01/18/21  (187)
Jewish head of AMA squashed the cure for cancer in the 1950s    01/18/21  (25)
Libs are an absolute cancer    01/18/21  (2)
Trump was akin to chemo on a stage 4 cancer patient. Bought a little time    01/18/21  (7)
it's hard to believe how much this country changed in 1 year    01/18/21  (8)
Is Obama done here from those wiretaps yet?    01/18/21  (101)
TSINAH is fat as fuck and could fit a whole 5'2 NYUUG in his distended belly    01/18/21  (1)
Hillary attended Trump’s inauguration but Trump won’t attend Biden’s? Why?    01/18/21  (21)
New app that analyzes # of "hahas" in texts and tells u you aren't getting laid    01/18/21  (4)
Brady wins with another team..chiefs steal a game..typical bullshit    01/18/21  (3)
Which Black owned business are you supporting today?    01/18/21  (8)
Bills need to know fraud Brady mahomes and that Rodgers weirdo out    01/18/21  (2)
Copped organic grass fed beef 85% lean for 3.69/lb from LIDL    01/18/21  (2)
Asked app girl if she wants to come over for a drink, she replied with "hahaha"    01/18/21  (29)
When is we getting a new president?    01/18/21  (1)
patriotism = burn US cities, attack fed buildings, denounce nation as "racist"?    01/18/21  (12)
Gunmos how do I install Holosun 509T on my Glock 19?    01/18/21  (1)
Gibberish is so fucking MAF over election he's going by Grrrberish in protest    01/18/21  (7)
What’s the point of maxing your 401k    01/18/21  (35)
Taking Qs about a shithole country named after a bird (Turkey)    01/18/21  (2)
There are 10s of thousands of people who still think Trump will be POTUS on Weds    01/18/21  (14)
Chris Gaines to play Trump's Florida maskless MAGA rally on Wednesday    01/18/21  (1)
What's the best way to get a mortgage? Just go with your bank?    01/18/21  (22)
Oh you travel once posted his pic    01/18/21  (9)
Jew faking a southern accent offering "shitskins as a service"    01/18/21  (1)
No don't worry sweetheart my dick warts are from a tanning bed    01/18/21  (1)
Libs who despise America now calling people traitors    01/18/21  (56)
Alzabo microdoses to get through shifts at panda and as late night uber driver    01/18/21  (9)

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