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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Half my crim defense clients have sex to blame for their predicament    01/22/21  (2)
Carjackers are going BUCKWILD in downtown Chicago as cops give up:    01/22/21  (24)
im extremely disheartened and black pill lately about the future    01/22/21  (3)
Friday the 13th: The Series (1987–1990)    01/22/21  (3)
Coordinated pause across five states never explained    01/22/21  (14)
Pretty sure just heard Ariana Grande (pop star to tweens) sing "fuck me all nigh    01/22/21  (3)
What if Rubio resigns and TRUMP gets appointed to the Senate?    01/22/21  (7)
Obeezy, an adult virgin, is having a rough morning, prob b/c Trump is going to w    01/22/21  (10)
im gonna miss Assad    01/22/21  (6)
Why Outing A Sex Worker Can Have Devastating Consequences    01/22/21  (2)
What is the most you've spent on dinner?    01/22/21  (59)
Lmao in all the confusion Barron was left behind in the WH (link)    01/22/21  (7)
Current level of Covid bullshit not ending in 2021    01/22/21  (14)
"I need a man who's tall, dork and handsome." - asian girl    01/22/21  (3)
ITT I give you 4 pictures of the $600 a session whore I fuck    01/22/21  (118)
Had sex with girl from front desk on business trip; came back weeks later    01/22/21  (53)
Trump: Gone. Charles: Ruined. Obeezy: Happy.    01/22/21  (14)
Boar's Head overrated? - Kroger Employee Forum    01/22/21  (22)
Going to call it the Biden Virus    01/22/21  (1)
BREAKING: Articles of Impeachment Filed Against President Joe Biden (cnn)    01/22/21  (90)
my wife puts the toilet seat UP for me    01/22/21  (2)
Republican leaders who questioned election results punished by GC    01/22/21  (1)
XO board olds: how intense was the patriotic fervor after 9/11 attacks?    01/22/21  (54)
Obama will be DONE HERE as a result of the wiretaps    01/22/21  (917)
TRUMP to FINALLY FUCKING unveil INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN in January    01/22/21  (184)
Secret Society. OIG Report. Q Anon. Nunes Memo. Spygate. Wiretapping.    01/22/21  (38)
Q Anon LITERALLY about the friends we made along the way    01/22/21  (13)
Biden popping up all over the place not wearing mask in federal buildings    01/22/21  (17)
Jim Kelly in broken Chinese asking wife “would you like to nude?”    01/22/21  (4)
Has life changed under Biden for you at all?    01/22/21  (20)
AOC cancels student loan debt entirely    01/22/21  (44)
TSINAH fucking with Shitlibs in a Public Park (link)    01/22/21  (7)
ITT we all laugh at paymos    01/22/21  (2)
libs emailing me articles about how vaccine doesnt mean things go back to normal    01/22/21  (21)
*glowing barron trump floats into oval office* “WELCOME 2 THE SITUATION”    01/22/21  (1)
Julia Taking Qs    01/22/21  (92)
I can’t wait to buy this dip    01/22/21  (10)
Which ethno-religious group controls the Senate?    01/22/21  (1)
I moved on Doobs like a bitch    01/22/21  (14)
Which generation controls the Senate?    01/22/21  (1)
Stock Futures Crashing 1.22.01    01/22/21  (2)
No student loan payments through September    01/22/21  (96)
Nothing and no one on the internet is happy    01/22/21  (2)
A Confederacy of Dunces is filled with 180 quotes    01/22/21  (10)
Time for panic selling was 30% ago    01/22/21  (17)
"Flights of Fancy, How Birds are Taking Flight Under Biden Admin" (Franzen)    01/22/21  (1)
Notre Dame football on probation for 1 year bc Brian Kelly walked through a cafe    01/22/21  (4)
Should I attend People's College of Law?    01/22/21  (1)
Met an 8/10 Brazilian doctor tonight (TSINAH)    01/22/21  (23)
Henry Aaron alts assemble ITT    01/22/21  (11)
Was Bin Laden actually 180    01/22/21  (11)
God is just a Universal Programmer    01/22/21  (2)
Is this the most non-prestigious long haul flight route?    01/22/21  (2)
FAGGOT TIME    01/22/21  (29)
"anal street my ass" fumed henry aaron walking down street w 34 bootleg purses    01/22/21  (12)
REAL TALK: I could beat *any* of you in a sword fight (TSINAH)    01/22/21  (16)
TSINAH pulling his favorite cereal bowl and hairpiece out of the dishwasher    01/22/21  (62)
TSINAH what happened with that girl you took out kayaking on a first date?    01/22/21  (11)
"wtf is duck sauce" the bored samuels and baumeister receptionist wondered    01/22/21  (13)
Rate how VICIOUSLY you would RAIL THE FUCK out of Lauren Boebert in this pic    01/22/21  (4)
where are all the BTC investment geniuses today?    01/22/21  (24)
Serious Q- what are they going to do with all the Trump Trains now?    01/22/21  (1)
OMG Rudy, he is so Butch! Surely we can't lose now    01/22/21  (1)
Could you plausibly neutralize a carrier group with tactical nukes?    01/22/21  (11)
Someone should go to HSBC Jersey City to do a Wellness Check on DrakeMallard    01/22/21  (3)
Big Mehican TITTIES    01/22/21  (45)
*ur rotting, maggot-infested, putrescent corpse seated at desk, 7 XO tabs open*    01/22/21  (26)
Hung out with CSLG & Chandler, consumed poison, eating del taco at my office now    01/22/21  (5)
HAPPY FRIDAY, NIGGERS!    01/22/21  (332)
Reminder: Obama had daily gay coke-fueled fuckfests with Larry Sinclair    01/22/21  (3)
some really terrible deranged basement dorks poasting right now    01/22/21  (3)
“Can you just toss the body?” -benzo’s parents on phone w coroner    01/22/21  (9)
Rating good posters only as Charlie Parker tracks ITT    01/22/21  (7)
Read this Biden transgender education plan and fell to my knees    01/22/21  (8)
for those that follow Rollo, his new religion and redpill book is pretty 176    01/22/21  (7)
i want to beat someone to death    01/22/21  (6)
JMIA pullback    01/22/21  (1)
Someone, anyone needs to take a gun and blow this tranny Biden pickeds head off    01/22/21  (1)
Sp jr giggling “I’m a fucktoy!” as he climbs inslide his toy chest    01/22/21  (2)
Why aren't we hearing more news on economy compared to 2008    01/22/21  (1)
Hegemon, which red dot do you recommend for a compact pistol?    01/22/21  (12)
Rate Melania leaving the WH today    01/22/21  (49)
Is jerking off cool now?    01/22/21  (4)
why are 8s twice as crazy as 9s?    01/22/21  (1)
*crypto CEOs in tattered clothes and "newsie" caps: "WHITE PAPAHS! GETCHA WHITE    01/22/21  (8)
You are all lower than shit compared to me. I'm drunk, come at me fags (RSF)    01/22/21  (17)
Why are so many libs moving to Nashville?    01/22/21  (47)
seems really unfair that im 100x better at writing than rsf+a math genius(benzo)    01/22/21  (2)
why is it so enjoyable to be alone?    01/22/21  (43)
Nobody, to date, has PROVEN Larry Sinclair's allegations false    01/22/21  (8)
What colorful chart names are associated with the BTC bear market?    01/22/21  (5)
Bioshock infinite is underrated as a prediction of insane politics    01/22/21  (5)
do you miss your youth    01/22/21  (49)
cold cut innovation    01/22/21  (2)
We are being ruled by a blasian woman    01/22/21  (3)
should i triple phd in math/comp sci/econ and become a quant? (benzo)    01/22/21  (1)
suicide is going to be so 180 bros can't wait to feel that bullet hit my head    01/22/21  (20)
does asher steinberg still poast here?    01/22/21  (7)
divided sky the wind blows high    01/22/21  (1)
fuck my dick this yellow shit is tight    01/22/21  (78)
earth is an evil place    01/22/21  (1)
John Stockton (1962-2020) - bat flu tossed “assist” to his preexisting condi    01/22/21  (10)
how mad do these pics make u?    01/22/21  (28)
america is due for an assassination attempt on a celeb or political figure soon    01/22/21  (6)
Forgot how fucking stupid and inarticulate Kamala is    01/22/21  (7)
being 'alive' is an abject nightmare    01/22/21  (9)
shitlibs chanting "Never again" as they load bigots onto trains    01/22/21  (244)
this is simply all about aliens, all of it, thats the big secret    01/22/21  (15)
suck me fucking dry satanic kike kingdom    01/22/21  (4)
interdimensional demons are on earth rn    01/22/21  (9)
it's simply time for targeted assassinations    01/22/21  (13)
couldn't even finish the Snowden movie    01/22/21  (7)
Could you read 100 books of 400+ pages each in one year?    01/22/21  (3)
Just watched the Snowden movie.    01/22/21  (2)
Is Snowden movie any good?    01/22/21  (3)
Lib tears up during "Soviet anthem" portion of 1812 Overture    01/22/21  (14)
I sometimes go to the airport and “find” luggage    01/22/21  (4)
chandler should give us bitcoin    01/22/21  (6)
When are barbershops reopening in Los Angeles?    01/22/21  (8)
How bad are cigs really?    01/22/21  (18)
Youtube stats: 3.3K likes 11K dislikes. Guess who?    01/22/21  (8)
Rate these bulges (video)    01/22/21  (2)
I miss Kobe.    01/22/21  (6)
NOWAGUG I am calling you out re RUSSIAN wife    01/22/21  (57)
How to best take advantage of the coming cancellation of student loans    01/22/21  (3)
The US is in for an amazing, transformative decade in 2020    01/22/21  (93)
The failed 'turning points' of Trump's campaign implosion:    01/22/21  (494)
cr to turn ICE into a Gestapo-like org?    01/22/21  (28)
What is the first word you think of when you hear "Obama"?    01/22/21  (21)
Trump: “libs must be stopped. No matter the cost” *transforms into 18w*    01/22/21  (3)
why are Koreans so huge compared to other Asians?    01/22/21  (13)
I think nyuug is right this is a third world country    01/22/21  (59)
"are you lost, baby goy?"    01/22/21  (1)
no one on xo gets along because powerbottoms are incompatible w each other    01/22/21  (3)
Here's what sucks about Trump losing and Biden winning    01/22/21  (257)
Tommy I hate my life pls help    01/22/21  (2)
How bad are nigs really?    01/22/21  (15)
people should only marry after they retire    01/22/21  (1)
why was music so shitty during the bush administration    01/22/21  (1)
luis lets me use his pacsun discount    01/22/21  (1)
what are the best cold cuts    01/22/21  (3)
ITT: I introduce the Burger King STACKER 4 WHOPPER    01/22/21  (11)
It's time we talk about fscknut tp    01/22/21  (20)
let's go to the airport and watch people take off their shoes    01/22/21  (1)
cold cut addiction - ive lost evertyhing    01/22/21  (1)
How much does Uncle Sam take from crypto holders?    01/22/21  (4)
How is everyone here now a shitlawyer making high 6 figures and cryptomillions?    01/22/21  (2)
Poll: BTC to 20k or 50k first?    01/22/21  (19)

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