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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Why is exeunt so Conservative?    03/04/21  (24)
Taking Qs on black hole events horizon. (Some answers are confidential though)    03/04/21  (11)
i feel so special whenever Boom blank bumps one of my poasts :)    03/04/21  (10)
Carson Wentz's house is a total piece of shit (pics)    03/04/21  (21)
I used to think that they won Pendants in baseball (link Link to the Past)    03/04/21  (2)
Rudolph loading 9 bullets- “should certainly be enough to finish Curtis Jackso    03/04/21  (3)
Which city has the worst batch of lead paint-ridden violent psycho ghetto trash?    03/04/21  (2)
XO amazed by video of Chinese city but doesn't want to end lockdowns here    03/04/21  (3)
Did spaceporn do anything wrong other than being a faggy lib?    03/04/21  (4)
Americans are sick freaks..how is ok to live with parents now?    03/04/21  (7)
"Teenage girls" really woman whores and their fake delusional problems    03/04/21  (3)
lmao benzo's options expired worthless just like brother (rsf)    03/04/21  (5)
Hard to blame women for wanting daddy/husband gov't given what "men" look like    03/04/21  (5)
If a woman has started a cycle shes an adult =get out    03/04/21  (4)
fancy dinner parties where everyone is nervous about fascism    03/04/21  (6)
everyone to rsf: "benzo's smarter than you"    03/04/21  (10)
evan39 I've lost all interest in "women"    03/04/21  (5)
Braves CEO says stadium will be at full capacity for All Star Game in July (link    03/04/21  (11)
Dinosaur Planet N64 LEAKED    03/04/21  (1)
what does “breakfast” mean in xo terminology    03/04/21  (5)
Lol at wanting to be around any young annoying retard with nothing    03/04/21  (2)
I will cheer when spammer threatening SPjr is pack raped in prison    03/04/21  (36)
What is the longest acceptable time for thank yous to go out for wedding gifts?    03/04/21  (1)
Quoth the Graven: “I need pauper counsel”    03/04/21  (14)
what pc games do you play in 2021?    03/04/21  (28)
We literally live in the worst time for males in human history    03/04/21  (42)
CM Sydott | Bbooom | Wilbur Mercer    03/04/21  (18)
$1400 checks? More like poors and all the shittty peope should be in hard labor    03/04/21  (1)
DISTURBING NEW TREND: YouTube ad volume greater than video volume    03/04/21  (2)
Lulzy that Realtors(R) play dumb when you ask them why theyre better than Redfin    03/04/21  (41)
All teens should be in hard labor camps    03/04/21  (3)
No reaction at all from benzo’s family members to anything he does    03/04/21  (5)
The sad thing is that Benzo is 10000x wittier than RSF    03/04/21  (13)
NYUUG holding his dick and “scalping” for pocket change while we get rich    03/04/21  (22)
The Atlanta Antiracists face off against the Tampa Tubmans live at George Floyd    03/04/21  (4)
Meghan says royal family can't expect her silence if palace is 'perpetuating fal    03/04/21  (40)
Teens are parasites    03/04/21  (11)
Hitting up a Russian spa with a group of Ukrainian guys tomorrow.    03/04/21  (2)
Cemetary across street..would be fun to exhume and did it all up    03/04/21  (3)
Kids should be kicked the fuck out by 16 at the latest..really earlier    03/04/21  (4)
Women at first menstruation should be kicked out    03/04/21  (3)
I do not like your jewish scams. I do not like them, Chaim-I-am    03/04/21  (17)
Libs its ok for teens and adult losers to live with parents now in amerikkka?    03/04/21  (3)
gay    03/04/21  (1)
NYUUG "taking scalps on the way down" as BTC pumps from 43k -> 50k    03/04/21  (57)
crypto DAY TRADING > HODLing    03/04/21  (24)
Bitcoin is a lie    03/04/21  (12)
The biggest city in world in Chongqing (30 million)    03/04/21  (40)
Ricky lets snort preworkout and brutally beat some hobos to death    03/04/21  (11)
im a male nurse, a cumslut, and a filipino. in that order.    03/04/21  (6)
“No! I said POPPERS!” -angry trucker shoving benzo + father aside    03/04/21  (95)
Biden's 180 America: 300+ Trumpmo terrorist rioters already arrested    03/04/21  (1)
goyim simulator (download link)    03/04/21  (1)
“I’m an options trader!” Shrieked the craterfaced GED grad as he lost all    03/04/21  (40)
cowgod 3/4 megathread    03/04/21  (1)
Law firm associates are terrible at understanding law as a business    03/04/21  (97)
itd be 180 if you could just jizz on command without indignity of jerking off    03/04/21  (1)
"this is worse than auschwitz" reacted uj's grandma to his tryhard poasts    03/04/21  (6)
doodikoff, I'm registering on gamefaqs you ancient Gen X shithead    03/04/21  (1)
super-8 film emerges of Obama 'breaking the nose' of guy who called him n-word    03/04/21  (3)
Soy un perdedor I'm a gook bot baby so why don't you stim me    03/04/21  (2)
Henry Aaron types LMAO FUCK LIBS, gets up to meet telephone pole truck    03/04/21  (2)
Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (not shitlib)    03/04/21  (1)
how are sane, respectable people still members of the Dem party?    03/04/21  (89)
we need to end all lockdowns and restrictions now    03/04/21  (2)
Autistic Ducksauce Gookbot, if I hold ur hand can u take me to another dimension    03/04/21  (4)
Do gay indians have a lisp? Also do they fuck their dead mothers?    03/04/21  (1)
Backspace was a literal genius    03/04/21  (1)
This Autistic Ducksauce bro is utterly taking the board by storm    03/04/21  (13)
It is so easy to fuck when u got the $$    03/04/21  (4)
*Rudolph outed as gay Indian man* *goes pumo*    03/04/21  (7)
gookbot, dunununununununununununununununu
   03/04/21  (9)
My Gookbot - to the tune of Bruce Springsteen's My Hometown.    03/04/21  (9)
Henry Aaron in Costco eggplant bin- “You’re fucked now libs!”    03/04/21  (1)
Why is retarded gook nyuug spamming about crypto again    03/04/21  (2)
Thoughts on Tuna Helper?    03/04/21  (4)
Mother grabs child by the arm as Henry Aaron passes in produce aisle    03/04/21  (1)
San Jose to close 22 libraries because racism    03/04/21  (1)
Poast ITT if you are jamming out to xoxo Avril Lavigne right now.    03/04/21  (6)
Can someone please summarize current xo feuds?    03/04/21  (46)
this is insanity, libs    03/04/21  (1)
remember when nyuug had his meagre savings cleaned out by russian hooker    03/04/21  (16)
HTH: We're all free-falling. Hold onto your screen.    03/04/21  (6)
just bought a dyson air purifier and a vitamix blender. what's wrong with me?    03/04/21  (11)
*had friends and a life* *thinks he can be a therapist*    03/04/21  (1)
TRUMPMOS, TODAY IS THE DAY! Right? Trump being sworn in today?    03/04/21  (15)
so everyone in biglaw is just kind of a faggot?    03/04/21  (3)
Weak effeminate beta males who are really into following sports    03/04/21  (2)
gassy yoga shrews    03/04/21  (3)
Fuck. Logged in to make a specific thread, but I forgot what Iy was.    03/04/21  (4)
Disciples, Assemble!    03/04/21  (1)
TSINAH I'm going to drain my balls in your ass.    03/04/21  (10)
I hate Rudolph but I love his banter with Henry Aron    03/04/21  (2)
Do people who "time the market" end up any better?    03/04/21  (2)
*afghanistan henry aaron with ass in air calling in airstrike to his exact coor    03/04/21  (1)
i'm severely mentally ill    03/04/21  (36)
Mr Potato head cancelled for maintaining dangerous myth of gender    03/04/21  (3)
Henry Aaron bending over on runway as 747 is landing: "U ASKED FOR THIS LIBS"    03/04/21  (8)
Josh Brolin burnt his asshole sunning his perineum    03/04/21  (1)
“Tolerance is the lube that helps slip the dildo of dysfunction into    03/04/21  (12)
Rudolph why are you talking to yourself in multiple threads    03/04/21  (14)
TSINAH is even more worthless and pathetic than Henry Aaron    03/04/21  (5)
flw larps as a he-man nazi but at end of the day he still got fraudvirus vaccine    03/04/21  (27)
Rudolph still spams with alts every day    03/04/21  (15)
"Life is like a box of chocolates cause all I do is eat chocolates" (TSINAH)    03/04/21  (2)
what are your buy levels for more gold & silver?    03/04/21  (1)
Piece of dogshit >>>>>>>>
>>>>>>> TSINAH
   03/04/21  (3)
Seattle activists claim bicycle helmet laws are racist, council may repeal    03/04/21  (45)
Day 1 of nodrink    03/04/21  (5)
Rank the following board gays: evan39, Fulano, upset Jew, Henry Aaron    03/04/21  (12)
What's the credited exchange to CRYPTO DAYTRADE ON?    03/04/21  (1)
Outted on Twitter, Takes It Up The Shitter: The Henry Aaron Story    03/04/21  (2)
Just bought two staff who work for me $275 in sushi for lunch (CSLG)    03/04/21  (25)
I saw Henry drinking a pina colada at Trader Vicks. The pineapple was nowhere    03/04/21  (36)
*Whole Foods putting caution tape across entrance, Henry Aaron escorted out*    03/04/21  (9)
*Henry Aaron in Basic Instinct but uncrosses legs to reveal eggplant butt plug*    03/04/21  (2)
*takes face out of bedpan* "i don't tell you how to do your job" (henry aa    03/04/21  (11)
Holy fuck- Reddit's women's forum is all trannies posting their transition pics    03/04/21  (53)
this country is a maggot infested corpse    03/04/21  (1)
Rudolph alt tracker    03/04/21  (6)
Go away Rudolph    03/04/21  (446)
Blacks always complain abt disproportionate marijuana arrests, but y not murder?    03/04/21  (2)
who is stalking Rudolph?    03/04/21  (6)
TSINAH - have you qualified for the vaccine as you are clearly morbidly obese?    03/04/21  (2)
What was the greatest feud in board history?    03/04/21  (24)
My Potato's Androgyny    03/04/21  (6)
Cowgod, how often do you and your gay roommate smoke meth?    03/04/21  (5)
Which is worse in a pussy: yeast or bacterial infection?    03/04/21  (1)
Who are the top 5 most respected xoxoers right now?    03/04/21  (40)
*Angry Manager to Henry Aaron* "It's WHOLE Foods, Not HOLE foods u sicko"    03/04/21  (4)
I think we might have a stock market crash next week    03/04/21  (14)
Man gets ass eaten in NYC subway stop. NYers, why do you celebrate this?    03/04/21  (73)
Your bar disciplinary hearing transitioning to you conversations with boooomm    03/04/21  (1)
Period pads for dogs    03/04/21  (1)
Kidmos: will Charlie from Sesame Street become a big star as an adult?    03/04/21  (1)
There is no such thing as gay "tops" or "bottoms" just one big faggot humanity    03/04/21  (1)
As a fat boy, do you think Ron DeSantis was called "Ronny" in grade school?    03/04/21  (3)
RSF tell us about the underground COVID MFH scene during summer '20    03/04/21  (7)
Dozens of 30-40 year olds I know got the Covid vaccines in NYC this week    03/04/21  (2)
Uniswap set to explode in near term future.    03/04/21  (16)
asked a nurse out for drinks. says she has a BF but still wants to go out. wtf?    03/04/21  (124)
letting babies use tablets = massive prole tell    03/04/21  (24)
Mildly tweaked my lower back, is this gonna take weeks before it's fully healed?    03/04/21  (32)
xo has been too slow since the Charles scandal    03/04/21  (1)
fuck this awful planet    03/04/21  (2)
no coiners are always desperate for the coins to crash    03/04/21  (4)
Nigger cums in happy meal gives two kids HIV    03/04/21  (301)

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