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trump sent video to cuomo at his 1990 bachelor party warning him 'not to fool ar    03/01/21  (1)
a bag of beef jerky costs like $25 now    03/01/21  (12)
NYC / LA / Chicago / Houston / Miami — which has the worst 30 year outlook?    03/01/21  (7)
Lebron has bad taste trying to sell this Brentwood dump/eyesore for 20mm    03/01/21  (28)
When computer coins crash again all of xo will claim to have sold at the peak    03/01/21  (9)
friend told me they had a "jerky po boy"    03/01/21  (2)
I hope the Democratic party collapses    03/01/21  (2)
where is best place to get old as fuck oil paintings that are not expensive?    03/01/21  (23)
Trump, Jerky, VTSAX    03/01/21  (2)
Congrats Libs you did it: parents sending 2k kids/week alone to southern border    03/01/21  (1)
Romney endorses Trump in 2024, predicts "landslide"    03/01/21  (6)
I feel like such a loser, making sweet love to a delta-8-THC vape    03/01/21  (4)
It's happening: Baby born with 3 dads on birth certificate in NYC    03/01/21  (84)
if you aren't all in on beef jerky right now you're absolutely insane    03/01/21  (1)
Michael Jordan's home looks like a legit prison or mental institution    03/01/21  (6)
can someone c/p this WaPo about investing in social studies?    03/01/21  (5)
*tears into a $500 bag of boy jerky* "Jeez, it smells fresh and musty, like gym    03/01/21  (1)
Le Pen has the big Mo    03/01/21  (4)
Germans: still petrified of showing any inkling of national pride    03/01/21  (2)
AP: States paid out as much in FRAUD claims as legit ones    03/01/21  (2)
XO give it up on flyover..its a hellscape and will murder you    03/01/21  (1)
remember when they were caught planting that dead kids body for a picture?    03/01/21  (2)
Is Dr. Pepper underrated?    03/01/21  (7)
Is SOL the most prestigious coin?    03/01/21  (5)
UNGHHH just booked a trip to Tahiti for late '21    03/01/21  (61)
190k at prestigious company or 230k at TTT    03/01/21  (9)
Princeton math prof/genius: oh they coming for math too    03/01/21  (67)
Charlotte Behrendt, NYT HR, says "nigger" when questioning McNiel about it.    03/01/21  (1)
Tucker/Hickok45 2024    03/01/21  (1)
exeunt- what do you think of budz.finance (Defi)    03/01/21  (1)
Bruce Springstein DWI charges dropped    03/01/21  (2)
the new Jeep Cherokee is the ugliest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my life    03/01/21  (1)
Net worth means shit..if you have hustle you have unlimited printing press    03/01/21  (3)
a bag of boy jerky costs $500 now, wtf    03/01/21  (1)
what is it like to make 50k/year in flyover    03/01/21  (19)
GF: “It smells like Bob Marley’s ass in here”    03/01/21  (1)
Dubai is the grandest city in the world    03/01/21  (80)
Jeep under pressure to change Cherokee name to Jeep Football Team    03/01/21  (2)
Biden: we’re gonna do reparations now    03/01/21  (3)
Madison Cawthorne challenges Greg Abbott to wheelchair race in Orlando (link)    03/01/21  (1)
I don't admire other famous and rich people..I literally hate them    03/01/21  (1)
reminder: argentina is white    03/01/21  (17)
HBO Rome is the best television ever made    03/01/21  (62)
Oregon Supreme Court declares 11-1 verdicts are now "not guilty" instead of hung    03/01/21  (3)
"TV" will be just a blip in time, people already don't watch it anymore    03/01/21  (2)
Protip: in Delaware Chancery Court your dress shirt must be either white or cobr    03/01/21  (10)
evan39 do your subordinates sell food stamps for dope?    03/01/21  (1)
$50 million in NYC is like 50k in Kenya    03/01/21  (3)
Juat take housing voucher, ebt, medicaid, ssi whatever else f it    03/01/21  (2)
Fuck paying phone bill constantly change numbers and use wifi calling free    03/01/21  (2)
Got phone bill down to $25 now at $0    03/01/21  (5)
Cuomo accused of pressuring reporter to "eat the whole sausage" in creepy video    03/01/21  (5)
You can make six figures in flyover $ which is like 600k in NYC with just a GED    03/01/21  (2)
We were supposed to have flying cars since by 2000 ljl still ga$ing up in 2021    03/01/21  (4)
Bam you get $1400 stimulus check! Have 1 hour to spend@    03/01/21  (2)
Would you fuck a freshly dead 10s dead body with a single stab wound 2 heart?    03/01/21  (54)
Hawley supports $15 min wage for big business, GOP prole transformation complete    03/01/21  (5)
Any sucker who pays Lebron 20mm for this dump is a fool    03/01/21  (8)
Made 5M this year after never making more than 300k    03/01/21  (23)
Can't believe its already January 2nd 2004    03/01/21  (1)
You good at doing online begging like gofundme?    03/01/21  (2)
No $15 minimum wage and maybe no 1400 but hes bombing Syria libs explain    03/01/21  (5)
SOL right now is $17 on Binance US, $15 everywhere else. What gives?    03/01/21  (39)
ljl at litigating anywhere other than Del. Ch.    03/01/21  (16)
let's talk    03/01/21  (2)
how bad are the sanctions against Russia gonna get?    03/01/21  (3)
This life is SPS    03/01/21  (2)
*cheers theme plays over montage of assfaggot laughing at his laptop/phone*    03/01/21  (51)
For 9/11 to be an inside job, 100k+ federal employees would have to be in on it    03/01/21  (25)
If you just make a YouTube channel and get 50k subscribers u can retire    03/01/21  (17)
chances VISA will use SOLANA blockchain?    03/01/21  (5)
Having a TV in your house is like having a Jew in your living room    03/01/21  (38)
Niggers now gang raping Asian women in Wisconsin    03/01/21  (35)
Jafar, come ITT. How 180 would this be for my shitlaw office?    03/01/21  (3)
chill breh effortlessly pwns nowag (pic)    03/01/21  (14)
"I just don't see how u can consider Irish white" muffed the Indian on xo    03/01/21  (4)
Who should Garland appoint as special counsel to investigate Trump corruption?    03/01/21  (6)
whats the nicest major city airport in the us?    03/01/21  (49)
Is NYC starting to recover? Or is dead for good?    03/01/21  (10)
Was Julius Caesar right about ancient Brits?    03/01/21  (11)
WATCHMOS: Recommend a watch BELOW $1k    03/01/21  (5)
I make more money when litigating like an unhinged lunatic    03/01/21  (7)
RATE this half a million dollar Atlanta house    03/01/21  (6)
I am evan39's co-worker. I've been watching him post here. I have things to say.    03/01/21  (24)
what wallet are you guys using to store your SOL    03/01/21  (21)
Henry Aaron, did you "play" with cabbage patch kids when you were young?    03/01/21  (1)
Can't believe they jammed Mitch McConnell's hand in a door to remind him who is    03/01/21  (11)
Prole tell: calling soda “pop”    03/01/21  (1)
lol at wheezy risk-averse "boglehead" dorks    03/01/21  (2)
What is libs’ play in going after Cuomo?    03/01/21  (2)
just left McDonalds    03/01/21  (5)
Bros, made $300m last year. Drive a 14-year-old Toyota. Eat roadkill. Taking ?s    03/01/21  (1)
Drunkard, I need you to rank the judges on the Court of Chancery    03/01/21  (17)
Rate the A+ stock tip I blessed you with last year    03/01/21  (20)
Stock picks for 2021    03/01/21  (87)
lol at people engaging in the act of reading and comprehending    03/01/21  (3)
"We were going to give the job to Brooks but ... Jones drives a Q8. We had to."    03/01/21  (2)
Gonna have a $1200 (billed) day today. 1800000    03/01/21  (14)
leased an audi q8 now everyone calls me champ    03/01/21  (2)
Is clerking flame?    03/01/21  (33)
Leths forthmeme the Chanthery guys!    03/01/21  (1)
"Oh Jesus is that the sound of a finely tuned biturbo engine in a luxury SUV?"    03/01/21  (1)
Just got a call from my brokerage    03/01/21  (3)
goy families would pay me $170/hr to make their sons not antisemetic anymore    03/01/21  (2)
The truth about RSF's failed TRAVEL CHANNEL show (it happened)    03/01/21  (58)
Think about the Dancing Israelis    03/01/21  (6)
Should i LEASE an Audi Q8?    03/01/21  (2)
I WISH I CAN WORK AT CRAVATH    03/01/21  (5)
I'm going to buy a new pair of shoes. I'd like XO's thoughts    03/01/21  (2)
if u lean ur head a certain way to the back and left u can taste blood    03/01/21  (2)
Newsom offers Cali teachers $6.6 billion bribe to return to school. Deal done!    03/01/21  (9)
Itt: your best baseball cards    03/01/21  (34)
1980. American school in Kaiserslautern Germany    03/01/21  (6)
Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal. 180 as fuck video    03/01/21  (3)
need someone to link me to the confirmed best Henry Aaron thread on xo plz    03/01/21  (1)
voodoo child and henry aaron singing duel (the boy is mine) over giant eggplant    03/01/21  (26)
How do mice even get into your house?    03/01/21  (39)
Cuomo sex pest allegations are to distract from his disastrous nursing home orde    03/01/21  (1)
Chris Reeve Knives = CRK = Credited Response Knives    03/01/21  (1)
Here's why the NFT shit isn't as dumb as u think    03/01/21  (3)
IQ Requirement to understand various Plots    03/01/21  (102)
acm logging on for the first time in a year or something like that. Taking Qs    03/01/21  (15)
Cuomo sex assault gets attention so more women suddenly "remember" abuse    03/01/21  (1)
Jen Psaki is a spaced out stoner bitch    03/01/21  (16)
English v. French v. American v. Russian literature    03/01/21  (1)
"God ur an annoying faggot" - Henry Aaron's Dad at the dinner table    03/01/21  (3)
4chan is planning a mass bank withdrawal on march 16th    03/01/21  (36)
Have blue collar employees undergone CRT training too?    03/01/21  (2)
"God ur an annoying faggot" - Henry Aaron's Dr. at his weekly psychotherapy sess    03/01/21  (8)
Calling it now NBA Top Shot will be the biggest investment move of the year    03/01/21  (42)
henry aaron's bf acted niggardly (julia)    03/01/21  (2)
i think CRT will ebb w just a few more well penned WSJ op eds    03/01/21  (3)
unsure how to explain this but there are THOUSANDS of "JJCs" in Australia    03/01/21  (2)
Christies to Auction NFT Art Next Week    03/01/21  (7)
Are Chris Reeve knives credited?    03/01/21  (1)
Rate this lease deal: 2021 Audi Q8, 80k MSRP, 0 down, 1,000 p/ month,    03/01/21  (42)
my sister-in-law called me yesterday 2 let me know she's thinking of divorcing    03/01/21  (1)
Ljl at fishermen. Fish report baited hooks least attractive food    03/01/21  (10)
Why would any attorney take a job for less than $150k pa?    03/01/21  (35)
IT'S HAPPENING: Prosecutors appearing before Grand Jury this week re Trump 🎉    03/01/21  (14)
im okay with this becoming normal    03/01/21  (2)
How was this moniker available?    03/01/21  (8)
"Hey could u stop revving that 3.0T Audi Q8 engine of yours? This is a deal call    03/01/21  (2)
What's the most creative way you've seen someone make a swastika IRL?    03/01/21  (1)
WFH is a horror show    03/01/21  (2)
BOOM, did you quit drinking or something? you seem 20 IQ points smarter    03/01/21  (1)

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