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If it DONT HANG then he CANT BANG    03/07/21  (1)
"some royal" was concerned how dark Meghan/Harry baby would be    03/07/21  (6)
Israel is basically 100% vaccinated thanks to American vaccine    03/07/21  (1)
Meghan and Harry have a combined IQ of 140    03/07/21  (39)
Online dating masterman taking ?s    03/07/21  (116)
Why do normal people live in Blue states/cities?    03/07/21  (19)
and now you're gonna die wearing that stupid little hat    03/07/21  (2)
Jordan Peterson in ICU    03/07/21  (3)
Study: Lesbian couples have sex more often than Asian Male/White Female couples    03/07/21  (1)
WAP was the top song of 2020; Dr Seuss is inappropriate content    03/07/21  (10)
Libs are freaking out over this photo. Thoughts?    03/07/21  (28)
Is anyone on xo superstraight?    03/07/21  (6)
Living in a place where wealth disparity isn’t thru the roof must be 180    03/07/21  (23)
Man sentenced for desecration of "Black Owned" food label    03/07/21  (2)
What the fuck does *leans into mic* mean?    03/07/21  (3)
Do professional and sucessful women turn in children behind closed doors?    03/07/21  (9)
IMO huge diff for a white guy to have a fob azn wife (pathetic) vs    03/07/21  (20)
AOC & u in a game of strip poker; she's braless and taking a giant hit on a bong    03/07/21  (2)
Prediction: McKenzie Bezos will date a black guy    03/07/21  (16)
lol at being 'nonjudgmental'    03/07/21  (1)
What is the proper car for a man?    03/07/21  (30)
Lol at a few of the unhinged stalkers here    03/07/21  (1)
shrew gf is hitting wall pretty hard, how do I get out with minimal backlash etc    03/07/21  (2)
🍞 Race labels coming to a good aisle near you 🍚    03/07/21  (36)
You can argue every which way and XO will go against it=mental illness    03/07/21  (1)
If rates dont go down, market is fucked    03/07/21  (10)
cowgod and exeunt are doing incredible work on gamefaqs    03/07/21  (11)
So proud of you Meghan!!!!! #sobrave #speakingthetruth    03/07/21  (1)
Theres literally no talent out there..and what there is in undiscovered by us    03/07/21  (1)
is deranged queer "kenny" still MAF about his failed life?    03/07/21  (2)
Bezos ex remarries: this time to a Seattle-area grocer (WSJ)    03/07/21  (18)
Arnold's Mexican son is 180, making him proud    03/07/21  (40)
either i will show itt that fractions are not really numbers, or show my low iq    03/07/21  (1)
MLS announces 34th team, Bayern San Francisco    03/07/21  (86)
Walt Disney (1901-1966), an American thought criminal,    03/07/21  (1)
"Teenagers" are not the least bit funny or cool or interesting    03/07/21  (7)
now james earl jones looks like baby sinclair from dinosaurs    03/07/21  (1)
Marcus Lemonis from CNBC The Profit married woman 20 years older    03/07/21  (10)
Favorite AFI cd?    03/07/21  (9)
NBA games now just BLM brainwashing opportunities    03/07/21  (15)
Urban Dictionary bans term “blue anon”, why?    03/07/21  (14)
Being high energy >>>>>> being smart.    03/07/21  (13)
holy shit. Price Harry does bit with James Corden.    03/07/21  (2)
I like shoveling poopoo in my mouth mmm mmm (Boom)    03/07/21  (1)
It's not CENSORSHIP when the OWNER of a COPYRIGHTED WORK decides not to reprint    03/07/21  (7)
“For the LAST TIME the 1st Amendment doesn’t apply to Cats in fucking Hats!!    03/07/21  (2)
Did TT sell his ARK lol    03/07/21  (40)
Benzos ex remarries: this time to a Seattle-area grocer (WSJ)    03/07/21  (4)
AEW Revolution 2021    03/07/21  (2)
Jurassic Park made me realize my dream career: blood-sucking lawyer    03/07/21  (1)
realtors are allowed to represent multiple buyers bidding on the SAME house    03/07/21  (4)
Rate this BTC price prediction by a legendary investor    03/07/21  (4)
scholarship what’s the most 180 thing you ever saw a chicken do    03/07/21  (3)
lol at being sad over 1 dead basketball player. 1m jews died in the holocaust    03/07/21  (91)
So 80M people were like "Yes I want trans, CRT, lockdowns, open borders & war"?    03/07/21  (74)
180 story about a WW2 British Army officer who carried an umbrella into battle    03/07/21  (4)
80% of fags watching Royal fam show, only 13% of trannies are (Nielsen)    03/07/21  (2)
is this escort worth $700/hr?    03/07/21  (40)
Once you got everything you want, travel and all that    03/07/21  (8)
Bezos..ljl    03/07/21  (1)
bezos ex wife marries seattle teacher    03/07/21  (8)
Bezos ex remarries: this time to a Seattle-area teacher (WSJ)    03/07/21  (1)
Benzos ex remarries: this time to an Indianapolis area soyboy    03/07/21  (2)
Edgewater hospital Chicago creepy    03/07/21  (6)
If you were down and out would you rather be in shelter or with awful woman?    03/07/21  (8)
exeunt, rating your crypto portfolio for 30 min    03/07/21  (85)
Redditors unanimously advise wife to leave husband if he adopts orphaned nephew    03/07/21  (1)
What happens once the economy is closed to NoVaxmos?    03/07/21  (90)
wgwag    03/07/21  (1)
I like Puns where it’s shellfish not selfish    03/07/21  (1)
I didn't realize Cathie Wood is CEO of ARK and went to USC ljl    03/07/21  (36)
xo Census: what race is your wife?    03/07/21  (34)
how do birds know where they're going when migrating long distances    03/07/21  (8)
When the fuck are hot tubs going to reopen    03/07/21  (5)
UC Boulder: Students who attended kegger must apologize to BIPOCs    03/07/21  (6)
$200k a year but you have feathers instead of hair    03/07/21  (18)
Jfc johnsmeyer is now trolling financial advice columns (link)    03/07/21  (45)
Found evan39’s LinkedIn profile.    03/07/21  (1)
Didn’t realize Russia banned George Soros’s shitlib NGO    03/07/21  (15)
Reminder: it’s selfish to not wear a mask, but not for boomers to go outside    03/07/21  (25)
Why are hotels so expensive in America? $400 for 2 nights .    03/07/21  (17)
called phone sex # and spent while time describing Staten Island Brunch plot    03/07/21  (17)
Libs might wanna take the L on Covid. Florida is doing just fine    03/07/21  (4)
Baylor’s looking good this year    03/07/21  (1)
GOP worries that COVID will kill more reptiles than shitlibs, rethinks antivax p    03/07/21  (2)
Whales are manipulating the market to shakeout weak hands    03/07/21  (20)
Camera pans over a professional office, but Are Reptile sits in Adidas tracksuit    03/07/21  (2)
Anyone investing in Dentacoin?    03/07/21  (2)
I remember my first ever niggerthread. It was 2005 and I was underemployed.    03/07/21  (4)
Where has EARL been?    03/07/21  (1)
Everybody hated scholarship's law business idea but loved TT'S    03/07/21  (7)
I can't stand being around regular women    03/07/21  (1)
Gacy was a lib and born in same hospital as Hilldawg    03/07/21  (1)
Should I give money to college I want kid to go to or nah    03/07/21  (5)
I love you all&give you all props all I do is get stalked and trashed here(Boom)    03/07/21  (1)
XO is all direct Mayflower descendants who sold @ top and bought back in @ botto    03/07/21  (14)
Cool conference this month. Bring family or nah    03/07/21  (1)
NatGeo: the Mayflower pilgrims were actually Jewish    03/07/21  (1)
This really the FINAL SHAKEOUT.    03/07/21  (5)
meghan markle is done here    03/07/21  (1)
Love of masks is 100% a submission fetish for libs, right?    03/07/21  (4)
Which life would you choose?    03/07/21  (4)
🚻 Should there be BIPOCs Only bathrooms? 🚻    03/07/21  (7)
Insane how johnsmeyer threads still get like dozens of serious responses    03/07/21  (20)
Fucking Bitcoin going parabolic again, lmao    03/07/21  (13)
Anyone experience weird side effects from Covid vaccine?    03/07/21  (17)
*waves Duchess into Sig Ep house like a 3rd base coach*    03/07/21  (11)
Startup CEO in hot water after tweet claiming physical fitness is important    03/07/21  (56)
birthday cake vape smoke billowing out of auschwitz bound boxcar    03/07/21  (1)
that's johnsmeyer u idiot the autistic poster scoffed like preteen @ mall Santa    03/07/21  (1)
wow hes like a viking berserker but he bullies kikes online    03/07/21  (9)
Uniswap set to explode in near term future.    03/07/21  (26)
Anyone wanna exchange some personal info here?    03/07/21  (1)
What changed in American diet to get everyone obese in last 30 years?    03/07/21  (124)
but the streisand effect, he lisped, as all of reality is rewritten in realtime    03/07/21  (2)
Traditional Conservatism: Arguments over Clans/Honor/Loyalty/Piety/Fideli
   03/07/21  (6)
Anyone seen that new movie with J Timberlake and that little faggot kid?    03/07/21  (1)
The modern Dem party is the most depraved and satanic org in human history    03/07/21  (17)
Crypto update: Chainlink shows parabolic potential (link)    03/07/21  (18)
Johnsmeyer continues to produce content at Reddit    03/07/21  (96)
The Moans of My Future Wife- By Johnsmeyer    03/07/21  (220)
I think Johnsmeyer has started trolling r/TwoXChromosomes (link)    03/07/21  (26)
Red Dawn 2021 crypto remake: "LINK MARINES" shouted from top of mountain    03/07/21  (2)
these aren't "libs" they're bleating idiots being led to slaughter    03/07/21  (1)
Under the Guise of Scholarship- by Ulysius Johnsmeyer    03/07/21  (146)
rate my bulge in these boxer briefs (pic)    03/07/21  (3)
Jeffrey Dahmer was an objective 9+    03/07/21  (2)
Johnsmeyer w/ headset mic in HS gym: "anything can be a meme. see this apple?    03/07/21  (114)
Could have sworn Randy Jackson (American Idol) died like 7yrs ago, now he's back    03/07/21  (8)
these people are evil    03/07/21  (2)
Hold on Svetlana, a gay guy online just said I have bitch tits    03/07/21  (108)
For posterity, "A Staten Island Brunch"    03/07/21  (18)
"no henry, it's not called the 'gag' economy." "not when i do it at least lmao!"    03/07/21  (1)
New Movie I'm pitching "A Staten Island Brunch" (180)    03/07/21  (233)
unsaid truth: it was disgraceful how literally everyone in congress pussied out    03/07/21  (29)
Bay Area School District Feb 2020 Parent Survey Results: 50% Want Zoom-Only    03/07/21  (53)
Best 3x leveraged crypto ETF to buy call options on?    03/07/21  (1)
A Staten Island Brunch (180) Behind the Scenes interview    03/07/21  (94)
*THIS* is what schizophrenia looks like    03/07/21  (1)
Predict when Kamala Harris becomes President    03/07/21  (19)
The First Annual James Lovers-Brunch Charity Brunch    03/07/21  (11)
Controversial casting of Michael B Jordan as James Lovers-Brunch    03/07/21  (14)
My XO bookmarks are so fucking hilarious I want to publish as coffee table book    03/07/21  (17)
Taking out a home eq loan, putting $$ into options on a 3x leveraged ETF    03/07/21  (1)
you are insane if you aren't loading up on 3X aerospace/transport/oil ETFs    03/07/21  (61)
What if Warren Buffet goes all in on BTC?    03/07/21  (9)
Infinite life is a century away. We just missed it.    03/07/21  (49)
Cryptobrehs: any thoughts on polkadot? ETH    03/07/21  (18)
Tonight I'm drinking Bulleit Rye and listening to this guy on the stereo    03/07/21  (9)
i just want to have sex with young attractive women all the time    03/07/21  (15)

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