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CASPer test? New shitlib flame?    04/23/21  (1)
Grace Bureau spotted with CharlesXII (Page 6)    04/23/21  (2)
The following are hereby BANNED as white supremacy: "Idiocracy", xoxo, LL Bean,    04/23/21  (10)
Parents marriage making it impossible to even consider marriage or kids    04/23/21  (23)
obeezy is getting increasingly hate-filled, violent, and unhinged    04/23/21  (21)
Trump releases statement on LeBron    04/23/21  (8)
MTG calls out AOC    04/23/21  (1)
5 dead, 22 injured after man uses 80 pounds of explosives at gender reveal party    04/23/21  (8)
How likely to make a girl pregnant if semi careful about pulling out    04/23/21  (3)
US murder rate soars + gangs run buckwild while 'FBI' chases 'white nationalists    04/23/21  (35)
which basic freedoms have libs attacked the most?    04/23/21  (1)
maybe there are actors around us, like in the Truman Show    04/23/21  (10)
RATE this $600k Minnesota home    04/23/21  (3)
When Obama finally is backed into a corner, he will try to burn down the country    04/23/21  (40)
Reminder: ghosts are much worse than aliens.    04/23/21  (15)
what race are these guys?    04/23/21  (2)
2023 prosecutor to Josef K: “You subscribed to Bannon and Giuliani’s podcast    04/23/21  (2)
Going to found the Yuri Bezmenov Foundation for Peace and Freedom    04/23/21  (2)
Real talk. Democrats are fucked in next few elections. hear me out    04/23/21  (39)
lol Biden is done here. It's over libs. TRUMP 2020    04/23/21  (6)
people underestimate how fast things are collapsing    04/23/21  (33)
Area evacuated after Los Alamos scientist spotted at gender reveal party πŸ‘Άβ“    04/23/21  (1)
Oldschool rapper Shock G (aka Humpty Hump) of Digital Underground (1953-2021):    04/23/21  (8)
Spaceporn’s infertility is perhaps the best evidence of Intelligent Design    04/23/21  (1)
Were yall around yesterday when Kenny lost his mind (again)?    04/23/21  (6)
If you're going to killself, go out like a fucking man    04/23/21  (2)
plate after plate of bad SUSHI...comped    04/23/21  (2)
Minneapolis City Council encouraging BLM to burn down wealthy neighborhoods (lsd    04/23/21  (21)
Nyuug surely you have enough to buy a corvette now right?    04/23/21  (1)
Why does SOL always move totally disconnected from everything else?    04/23/21  (27)
just bought a shit ton of SUSHI    04/23/21  (1)
Trend among all-cash Chinese buyers in California: Illegal marijuana grow ops    04/23/21  (2)
Former edgy punk rock guys who are now corporate tools on LinkedIn    04/23/21  (29)
Digital Underground - Doowutchyalike.mp3    04/23/21  (1)
this is my yacht rock year    04/23/21  (3)
Digital Underground - No Nose Job.mp3    04/23/21  (1)
Digital Underground - Kiss You Back.mp3    04/23/21  (2)
Herzog: "The lawyers had become, in their terminology, "redpilled". But sadly,    04/23/21  (1)
Digital Underground - Same Song.mp3    04/23/21  (2)
Tupac was a backup dancer for Digital Underground. BOM, you can still maek it!    04/23/21  (3)
i bet bloodacre sounds like that guy from digital underground    04/23/21  (4)
2pac feat Digital Underground "I Get Around" Lyrics ITT    04/23/21  (2)
Biden set to DOUBLE capital gains tax to 40%, retroactive for 2021    04/23/21  (173)
breaking in a new pair of hiking boots today    04/23/21  (5)
Will Chauvin's guilty verdict be appealed?    04/23/21  (21)
Medical ppl are tunnel-vision idiots. Derms say get ZERO sun. Whats a virologist    04/23/21  (3)
lib Twitter's take on LATEST shooting is truly UNREAL    04/23/21  (44)
Is SOL actually liquid or is this one of those frauds where u can never withdraw    04/23/21  (23)
Shock G and Humpty Hump tag teaming Barbaro IN HELL    04/23/21  (1)
Anyone who calls themself a "political junkie" needs to be gassed by COB/EOD    04/23/21  (1)
Been throwing up violently on-and-off for hours. Think I have food poisoning.    04/23/21  (5)
did the math. a h-bomb=100 million pounds of dynamite    04/23/21  (3)
wearing two masks on my face. both smell like vaginas    04/23/21  (2)
XO MLB crew roll through (2021 edition)    04/23/21  (150)
crazy pills remember when America used to exist like 6 months ago    04/23/21  (8)
Incontrovertible video evidence that Los Angeles is a 3rd-world lawless shithole    04/23/21  (20)
Russia blows up 2nd largest Ukrainian arms depo    04/23/21  (1)
ljl DOT, ATOM, AVAX, XTZ 30-40% drop in one week    04/23/21  (7)
REMINDER: descent and Resurrection are on every page of the story of Life.    04/23/21  (7)
got 2nd pfizer jab and rsf is still an obese retard (benzo)    04/23/21  (4)
So crim is the best practice area to get into now?    04/23/21  (1)
vax nurse asked which arm i jerked off with like nicholson in the departed wtf    04/23/21  (1)
Rec a cat for a single guy in early 30s    04/23/21  (56)
"We only burn the bad books," writes Google CEO    04/23/21  (111)
Bezos: "We named it the Kindle so that we could burn the bad books for you"    04/23/21  (46)
Tommy Ts life sounds terrifyingly lonely and miserable    04/23/21  (121)
2,000 US Soldiers to Pattaya for "rest and recreation" (not flame)    04/23/21  (20)
Ordered “How to be Anti Racist”. No more fucking around.    04/23/21  (4)
Hey ISIS, about that whole "take the wheel thing"    04/23/21  (30)
cuttingtable    04/23/21  (1)
xo brown invaders lecturing US whites about "social cohesion"    04/23/21  (9)
People who die ascending Everest 100% deserve it    04/23/21  (11)
Kid and I just got back from zoo and now were playing stinky red babboon bottoms    04/23/21  (121)
What's something that gives you legitimate joy?    04/23/21  (7)
Gender reveal party at the local federal building    04/23/21  (5)
Put potato in microwave, press pizza button, pull it out, it’s still a potato    04/23/21  (3)
Is paradise lost the greatest English literature of all time?    04/23/21  (14)
lol @ Baizuo's in the U.S. doing China's work    04/23/21  (8)
xo Tokyo Olympics BANS Olympians taking a knee for BLM    04/23/21  (73)
Addicted to Anime    04/23/21  (19)
Dick suck; Boy slut; Playin' red baboon butts; It's still squanchin' holes to me    04/23/21  (1)
"they're starting to see through our--" GC: "villainize the white ones"    04/23/21  (13)
Derek Chauvin is being held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day    04/23/21  (49)
Reminder: Elliot Smith didn't kill himself, was murdered by GF    04/23/21  (5)
Bay City Rollers vocalist DEAD    04/23/21  (4)
The Nervous Person’s Guide to Re-Entering Society    04/23/21  (3)
remember those 'catcalling' videos women were making?    04/23/21  (10)
In Roman people taking an oath had to squeeze their testicles and promise truth    04/23/21  (4)
Exeunt and Gatormo, are you guys selling BTC right now?    04/23/21  (16)
i am now a masters level Overwatch player, took like 4 months to get    04/23/21  (41)
near future: "i hope they don't raise the White tax bracket too much this year"    04/23/21  (3)
lmao 1 weird trick - hyperinflate then everyone pays top marginal tax rate    04/23/21  (3)
if you don't own glock, ar15 and body armor you're ngmi    04/23/21  (3)
lol the dumbass who runs FTX was the #2 individual donator to Biden    04/23/21  (3)
Cracked 2200 on Lichess    04/23/21  (1)
Hesco L210 plate armor in stock. This shit is impossible to find    04/23/21  (2)
Motorhead's 6th album, Another Perfect Day, is an underrated gem of a rock album    04/23/21  (2)
the pink fairies - do it.mp3    04/23/21  (2)
I'm just gonna say it: Motorhead does not get the appreciation it deserves on xo    04/23/21  (6)
GC consumerism destroyed our souls, our minds, our bodies, our environment    04/23/21  (6)
PSA: the race war is upon us. your skin is your uniform.    04/23/21  (4)
it's not a dip if it never comes back up    04/23/21  (1)
Stephen Miller was on Tucker, says he is 'suing' president 'Biden'    04/23/21  (1)
The Nigger Advantage by Zig Ziglar    04/23/21  (3)
see you guys @ $16,000 BTC    04/23/21  (1)
Yellen to propose 80% - yes EIGHTY - capital gains tax for crypto    04/23/21  (8)
Is threatening violence unless you get what you want "domestic terrorism" ?    04/23/21  (4)
crackheads dropping copper wire to loot wood panels instead    04/23/21  (1)
about time for an emergency Tether print, isn't it?    04/23/21  (1)
libs believe blacks should get away with anything    04/23/21  (10)
olivia newton john - let's get physical silver.mp3    04/23/21  (5)
3bn asians/indians can 'assimilate', bro    04/23/21  (2)
Let's talk about NEGATIVE MASS    04/23/21  (2)
Abandoned rural American downtowns with nothing but thriving weed store    04/23/21  (16)
So libs freaking out about cop who shot knife-wielding chick?    04/23/21  (6)
will poast a potential 10X+ coin itt soon    04/23/21  (10)
waiting to die in a an open air google starbucks prison called america    04/23/21  (17)
cant hide it anymore - im jewish    04/23/21  (3)
black culture is just absolute fucking gutter trash    04/23/21  (6)
Is AOC a complete sociopath? Or just a manipulated idiot puppet?    04/23/21  (33)
fucked up my entire life by suppressing my true desires    04/23/21  (15)
fuck this place    04/23/21  (16)
our "elites" care more about criminals, foreigners than law abiding US citizens    04/23/21  (13)
deification of Floyd is what's really sick and mind blowing    04/23/21  (20)
UFO: Using Alcubierre metric to bend spacetime, U: ITH DEBUNKED!    04/23/21  (2)
Ontario Reign AHL Hockey affiliate to the Los Angeles Kings    04/23/21  (1)
You can tell tic tac uses ALCUBIERRE METRIC in IR footage    04/23/21  (2)
affluent white women being incredibly brave on Instagram right now    04/23/21  (5)
In year 2040, will # of George Floyd U. campuses > # of Holocaust museums?    04/23/21  (2)
Reminder libs are desperate for religion - slavery is original sin    04/23/21  (4)
24-7 news cycle: black | systemic racism | white supremacy | asian hate    04/23/21  (6)
Instead of religion libs worship blacks wtf?    04/23/21  (7)
Blacks, whites, and Jews just need to team up to genocide the furries    04/23/21  (2)
Who is Navpreet Kaloty, the dashing Sikh    04/23/21  (2)
AOC telling whites to "get the fuck into my bed"    04/23/21  (2)
Indians (dot) have the weirdest attitudes toward whites. Either worship or hate    04/23/21  (24)
Exploring America's Racist Roots of Holding Physical Silver    04/23/21  (5)
Young Vietnamese Americans Say Their Parents Are Falling Prey To Conspiracy Vide    04/23/21  (6)
Who controls the narrative now? Blacks or white libs?    04/23/21  (8)
race, gender, religious differences pale in comparison to NPC vs non-NPC    04/23/21  (6)
"I want to be around similar people and experience low crime" "you RACIST"    04/23/21  (4)
still cant believe libs want open borders    04/23/21  (10)
Can't believe libs are making us go thru trayvon again    04/23/21  (3)
lmao i used to think FBI were the good guys when i was little    04/23/21  (7)
I can’t believe libs are trying to deny Trumpmos’ lived experiences    04/23/21  (4)
white silence is violence. knife attacks are innocuous family fun.    04/23/21  (2)
virtually no one believes Biden is the legitimate or actual POTUS    04/23/21  (6)
All this shit started with Michael Brown. Remember back then?    04/23/21  (2)
what coins to buy during this dip?    04/23/21  (3)

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