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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Unvaccinated morons dying from covid    04/21/21  (1)
rate the New York Times' new intern class (pic)    04/21/21  (66)
offloading miltary tech and training into law enforcement and healthcare is 120    04/21/21  (2)
XO poasters with the worst lives?    04/21/21  (1)
4/20/2021: Police shoot 15 year old black girl who called 911 for help    04/21/21  (176)
Libs spiking football: Merrick Garland investigating Minn. PD    04/21/21  (2)
"but my kids are black trannies", muttered EPAH being loaded into train 4 whites    04/21/21  (4)
*startled female cop spraying street with ak47 after hearing racoon in garbage*    04/21/21  (9)
Tommy Ts life sounds terrifyingly lonely and miserable    04/21/21  (94)
The Conservative Case for Soviet Show Trials    04/21/21  (12)
Impact of temperature has greatly impacted history. Warmer the better.    04/21/21  (11)
i miss borders (the bookstore not the retard poaster)    04/21/21  (12)
The Chauvins were millionaires before this shit    04/21/21  (5)
create new SCOTUS/senate seats at whim, but we totally aren't a banana republic    04/21/21  (3)
Weird how once libs took power it went from institutional racism to systemic    04/21/21  (9)
buttlicker's family built this country    04/21/21  (3)
cuttingtable is killing it today    04/21/21  (13)
Female fighter pilot bombs runway instead of lowering landing gear (video)    04/21/21  (25)
lib Twitter's take on LATEST shooting is truly UNREAL    04/21/21  (21)
Black man (babysitter) kills 1 year old with wrestling moves. Not Flame    04/21/21  (111)
🔪 It's ok -- normal, even, if teens get a little stabby with each other 🔪    04/21/21  (15)
libs why do you belong to a pro-war, pro-corporate bootlicker party?    04/21/21  (4)
this is pretty fucking crazy time we're living through lol    04/21/21  (25)
Is there any real resistance to the CCP in the US?    04/21/21  (5)
sheryl crow singing "the first sinecure is the deepest"    04/21/21  (3)
"elites" playing a dangerous game that will backfire, always does    04/21/21  (1)
White folk, get da fuck off XO, dis our bort now 🇰🇪🇰🇪    04/21/21  (10)
Milton Expensedman: The duty of a law firm is to increase its Seamless budget    04/21/21  (2)
The great filter: catering to every whim of a dumb as shit sub-species    04/21/21  (1)
is Jen Psaki by far the most insufferable person in this administration?    04/21/21  (23)
World government seems kinda cool guys    04/21/21  (1)
Stalin tp never came back from shitting on OldHLSdude    04/21/21  (5)
compartmentalizing it all tonight    04/21/21  (3)
someone send me some crypto (TSINAH)    04/21/21  (14)
93 year old woman breastfeeds starving baby in Uganda (link)    04/21/21  (4)
dupa, i only have a chill, laidback multi-tool. do you actually carry fixed-blad    04/21/21  (2)
Lebron to cop who saved girl from being stabbed "YOU'RE NEXT"    04/21/21  (28)
XO MLB crew roll through (2021 edition)    04/21/21  (149)
spic_nig_cycle.jpeg    04/21/21  (7)
Why would one buy an Apple TV over the other streaming "devices"?    04/21/21  (5)
i dont care about anyone but myself    04/21/21  (1)
Have you or a loved one suffered LASIK injury? Call the law offices of    04/21/21  (2)
the fuck my ass clique    04/21/21  (1)
is Brockmire good?    04/21/21  (1)
How did all the bros who went solo because of CSLG end up doingz?    04/21/21  (31)
"The Racist History of 'Do Your Boobs Hang Low'"    04/21/21  (1)
US hasn't been on the right side of any war in it's history    04/21/21  (15)
RSF do you have a car in the city    04/21/21  (10)
high quality cam footage of Makiyah shooting clearly shows knife    04/21/21  (1)
Another black person begging for her phone back after seeing a violent murder    04/21/21  (4)
"Voting Rights Activist" Stacey Abrams nominated for Nobel Peace Prize    04/21/21  (7)
beckersted, where is the nig/spic movement to get your own house in order?    04/21/21  (54)
Iranian drone just struck Dimona Israel.    04/21/21  (3)
Frog and Toad dragging spaceporn jr behind their F-150 like James Byrd    04/21/21  (21)
Jfc not sure I can stand libs another 4-5 decades    04/21/21  (1)
Describe the worst stretch of boredom you have ever had in your life    04/21/21  (1)
Libs: if u don’t have daily knife fights in school, you’re privileged    04/21/21  (11)
Black Kang free bc cop sloppy w probable cause, media acts like actual innocent    04/21/21  (1)
There is nothing "loving" or "charitable" about hating oneself    04/21/21  (3)
Stacy Abrams: I am so tired of White people interrupting our knife fights (twit    04/21/21  (1)
Man on moon 52 years ago. Word 2021: can't keep footnotes on same page    04/21/21  (12)
Gorgeous dude tp    04/21/21  (11)
*Moves to white neighborhood* Why are there white police officers here?!    04/21/21  (3)
Any1 else doing Brown Boy Summer in Thailand this year?    04/21/21  (1)
Teens beating on their parents then claiming "child abuse"    04/21/21  (6)
Wholesome, cheerful Latinas are truly God’s greatest gift to mankind.    04/21/21  (12)
Cops, jails and courts need to stay out of peoples personal family issues and bu    04/21/21  (1)
ultra expensive top shelf gin revealed to be pine sol (link)    04/21/21  (17)
SOLANA is MOONING @ this crash    04/21/21  (82)
♬ if i die young, bury me with silver ♫    04/21/21  (4)
Amerikkka is fucking garbage a fucking circus    04/21/21  (1)
you have to admire “accountability” being the new woke tagline.    04/21/21  (2)
I still don't understand how Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049 figured it out    04/21/21  (1)
This summer is going to be awesome    04/21/21  (18)
dear xo shitcons: YOU'RE NEXT!    04/21/21  (7)
appetizing internet-worthy windowlicker love of her life    04/21/21  (1)
Post best randomized monikers ITT    04/21/21  (282)
Fix is simple. No more white cops policing black/brown bodies    04/21/21  (4)
OYT if you can get me a job we can become lesbians and buy a house together    04/21/21  (1)
NASA announced Benzo as External Tank for upcoming mission    04/21/21  (1)
boomers figuring out how to reverse mortgage their crypto portfolio    04/21/21  (4)
Harry Potter and the Curse of the Fifteen Dollar Parking    04/21/21  (4)
hehe it's just getting started hehe    04/21/21  (10)
The New York Times Retracts the Sicknick Story    04/21/21  (43)
i can't pass a flying j, pilot, or ta without loling    04/21/21  (4)
NYT: Why depictions of "Good Cops" on Paw Patrol is problematic    04/21/21  (68)
no way "Biden" legitimately won the "election"    04/21/21  (33)
tether has $50bn in assets, but it had to print $18.5mn tether to pay NYAG fine?    04/21/21  (4)
MS CS Fully Funded, 2 years away from work, yes?    04/21/21  (6)
Chauvin trying to binge watch HBO’s “Oz” before he gets sentenced    04/21/21  (2)
crypto shoah for electroshekels    04/21/21  (4)
Guess it's time to bump the benzo/RSF feud threads. Yay.    04/21/21  (3)
Elizabeth City, North Carolina on riot watch.    04/21/21  (14)
HYPO: $5M to race Lewis and Clark to Fort Clatsop on the Pacific in 1804-05    04/21/21  (2)
Lower sperm counts due to seedless melons, grapes and oranges.    04/21/21  (1)
Imagine having buttery creamy mash potato INSIDE your face (link)    04/21/21  (1)
RIGLIZARD benzo sniffing around for any spilled TEXAS TEA    04/21/21  (7)
going to a TTT part time this year what should i do to prepare before ls    04/21/21  (3)
GAS DRUNK benzo banned from Exxon for public intox    04/21/21  (13)
*benzo sniffing around the desert like a truffle pig on an ARAMCO branded leash*    04/21/21  (26)
"Is that an '87?" *Trucker points to benzo* "Yeaaa it's a real gas guzzler"    04/21/21  (26)
Benzo twerking next to Exxon pump as gasolina plays    04/21/21  (27)
"just a few gallons baby" -strung out benzo to Exxon station manager    04/21/21  (17)
“It’s my cheat day” said benzo jamming the 93 octane into his ass    04/21/21  (35)
Drive by a “garbage dump” immediately thought of CHRIS GRAVENS    04/21/21  (9)
*Teenage benzo bringing a gallon of crude to prom*    04/21/21  (7)
*baby benzo suckling 87 octane from a jerry can in his dumpster*    04/21/21  (7)
GAS DRUNK benzo listing the Exxon Tiger as his next of kin    04/21/21  (10)
Why are libs celebrating?    04/21/21  (20)
a comprehensive guide to trading/investing in crypto (exeunt)    04/21/21  (21)
*is a literal faggot* *goes after perceived enemies by calling them gay*    04/21/21  (2)
Are criminal laws and law enforcement inherently racist? Some would say so.    04/21/21  (1)
All cop bodycams should be live streamed on Twitch    04/21/21  (5)
Idris Elba: "Hello ever1. I won't lie and say my client innocent. I'm here today    04/21/21  (44)
BTC is about to get slammed isn't it    04/21/21  (24)
Do people really believe America isn’t completely coming apart at the seams?    04/21/21  (39)
Crime is inherently violence and order ought to be upheld    04/21/21  (12)
Is getting a Fitbit Smartwatch worth it?    04/21/21  (28)
Top nat'l security threat is...global warming!?    04/21/21  (3)
*lsdtp gut punches lawman8* *blackpills swarm out of his mouth*    04/21/21  (3)
you could literally be fired for espousing mlk-style equality.    04/21/21  (2)
2nd Cousin: Wants you as faithful lover; Shrew GF: Wants you in facial cover    04/21/21  (2)
*crips members causing pbs telethon for henry aarons anus to hit goal in 8 mins*    04/21/21  (1)
why does spaceporn still poast?    04/21/21  (8)
Having a small dick ruined my life    04/21/21  (68)
I have noticed many poasters are SMALL    04/21/21  (2)
That cop should have flashbanged the teen with the knife then flanked & executed    04/21/21  (8)
New study shows mRNA vaccines cause sperm count to drop 50-100%    04/21/21  (1)
Just booked a 18000 Summer in Europe (RSF)    04/21/21  (121)
Reminder: Killing unarmed Trumpmo chick = Good, armed blacked chick = bad    04/21/21  (13)
news segment about dublin goths in the 80s    04/21/21  (1)
Are you liable for a case if you refer it out for a fee?    04/21/21  (4)
Uppty waitress corrected my pronunciation of "charcuterie"    04/21/21  (5)
just bought some hesco plates lets gooooooo    04/21/21  (12)
Fertility has dropped 50% in men since 1970    04/21/21  (9)
Putin says Russia will have lower per capita carbon emissions than EU/US by 2035    04/21/21  (2)
If Chauvin committed suicide before the verdict was read, would it ever have bee    04/21/21  (1)
how hard is law school if the law school you go to is shitty    04/21/21  (31)
At the Halford, Halford Cantina, Doobs Rape with Passion was Always in Fashion    04/21/21  (2)
That shooting would have been impressive if black teen was of normal BMI    04/21/21  (1)
Would you spend $14,550 on this sweater?    04/21/21  (1)
Remember when Lebron James vandalized his house by spraypainting "NIGGER" on it?    04/21/21  (43)
People 18-34 average 1 hour of TV watching per day, 65+ average 5 hours lol    04/21/21  (6)
XO would be better if all libs were simply banned    04/21/21  (128)
How much do you save per year?    04/21/21  (1)
I wholeheartedly support defund the police. Would lead to much more peace.    04/21/21  (5)
Parents marriage making it impossible to even consider marriage or kids    04/21/21  (8)
imagine a world dominated by a non-fiat, non-tether backed GOLD CURRENCY    04/21/21  (8)
Discounted SF condo?    04/21/21  (32)

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