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If Kavanaugh could go back in time 2 months would he take himself off list?    09/24/18  (56)
everyone, lib and conservative, calling for CIVIL WAR. question for you    09/24/18  (49)
Post ITT if you did NOT get rejected from Tufts    09/24/18  (46)
FELLOW LIBS: don't get involved, sit back and watch the show    09/24/18  (41)
i know of two confirmed dead poasters based on facebook    09/24/18  (33)
REMINDER: Selena Gomez is half Mexican    09/24/18  (26)
Hey Ya'll, Genetic Female here again, Taking Q's    09/24/18  (25)
Now that GOP cucks got caught being part of the Kav accusations, who's next nom?    09/23/18  (25)
are any mods on right now    09/24/18  (24)
this place is not good for my mental health    09/24/18  (22)
Workout/Gear bros: starting first 12 week cycle this week    09/24/18  (22)
What happens to Kavanaugh if he DOESN'T get confirmed over this? Life RUINED?    09/24/18  (19)
Any reason why board Trumpmos so ir8 @ me tonight? (Epah)    09/24/18  (19)
So every lib here is on board with this bullshit?    09/24/18  (19)
just replace Kavanaugh with Amul Thapar if you don't like Barrett. easy peasy    09/23/18  (18)
I miss the days when shitcons and shitlibs could agree on certain truths    09/24/18  (17)
Cernovich talks DEPRESSING TRUTH re: Kavanaugh    09/24/18  (17)
Alright, mods are here. Who needs a spanking?    09/24/18  (16)
Rate the skyline of Manhattan Montana (pic)    09/24/18  (16)
FREE STREAM: WBO Flyweight championship, 3AM EST Tanaka v Kimura    09/24/18  (15)
Just do go to TTT undergrad + post on xoxo 40 hours a week    09/24/18  (15)
ITT: you post the PERCENTAGE CHANCE u think Kavanaugh is confirmed, NOTHING ELSE    09/24/18  (14)
Libs, you're not losing gay marriage or abortion, just shut the fuck up already    09/24/18  (14)
is there a poaster more cringeworthy than " .,.,.,,....,.,.,.,..,..,.,..,.,.
, "
   09/24/18  (12)
LMAO at how mad this pumo is at his Tufts rejection    09/24/18  (12)
Trumpmos are extra riled up and psychotic tonight? WHY?    09/24/18  (12)
real q: why is Ford so afraid to testify? is she just that bad of a public spea    09/23/18  (12)
A firm handshake and honesty are the best ways to do business, brothers.    09/24/18  (11)
I'm going hog hunting soon    09/24/18  (11)
Trump needs to drop kavanaugh and appoint a person already    09/23/18  (11)
RATE my beef jerky    09/24/18  (10)
Kavanaugh's new accuser says there 'gaps in her memory' on story    09/24/18  (10)
How is the wall coming?    09/24/18  (10)
wife just left not flame    09/24/18  (10)
you are ugly and your life is meaningless.    09/24/18  (10)
Is there a male board lib who is not a cuckold? (epah, spaceporn, etc)    09/24/18  (10)
Trump/Cohen/Kavanaugh/Moore: represent the best of christian conservative values    09/23/18  (10)
Where can I get good cowboy boots?    09/24/18  (9)
Which is worse? NPD woman or man with big ego?    09/24/18  (9)
when even shitlib honiara thinks libs are horrible ppl u know they went too far    09/23/18  (9)
New MURDER MAP by state for 2017:    09/24/18  (8)
decent man tp    09/24/18  (8)
so i guess anon6356 really was "plopplop"    09/24/18  (8)
It's easier to wake up at 4am than 5am. Anyone else notice?    09/24/18  (8)
*baby goldstein's teardrop splashing on a thin envelope from Tufts*    09/24/18  (8)
Do airlines retire flight numbers after bad accidents?    09/24/18  (8)
whoa NYT    09/24/18  (8)
So now libs have ratcheted up to "gang rapes."    09/23/18  (8)
Lmao at sussycuck EPAH boasting about being a "Physically Abusive Husband"    09/23/18  (8)
today was very informational    09/24/18  (7)