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Chick said I'm "creepy and rub her the wrong way" even though we've never...    02/25/18  (83)
30 YO female Thai Air Force Officer likes me    02/25/18  (40)
Your grandpa in P51 over Midway, ur Milkbank website pic taped above fuel gauge    02/25/18  (28)
Why do low iq shitcons think its ok to eat meat?    02/25/18  (26)
Is Buddhism the credited "religion"?    02/25/18  (26)
LJL, one year at HBS has a financial aid budget of 110 grand    02/25/18  (23)
Times of India MAF as Trump Goes Hard at H1B's    02/25/18  (23)
how low iq do you have to be to think a 16-cell morula has reached personhood?    02/25/18  (22)
CA democratic party won't endorse Feinstein    02/25/18  (21)
I really enjoy jim gaffigans stand up, am I low IQ    02/25/18  (19)
*David Attenborough voice* "The betas must be cautious. Someone else has his eye    02/25/18  (18)
Libs: BLM is actually about a few LEOs being bad apples. Whites: How dare you!    02/25/18  (18)
Virtually all young white sloots are taking the bbc these days    02/25/18  (15)
Why are jews obsessed with sleep away camp?    02/25/18  (13)
New Yorkers: are the social divisions in "Uptown Girl" still relevant today?    02/25/18  (13)
DBG, why are most Orthodox Jews prole, while Reform are UMC to wealthy?    02/25/18  (12)
tsa pre check and global entry    02/25/18  (12)
$20k, you learn Coca Cola secret recipe    02/25/18  (11)
ODD CASE: How does Cleveland have one of the best hospitals and orchestras?    02/25/18  (11)
HOW DO UMC EUROPEANS LIVE ON 44,000 EUROS/YEAR?    02/25/18  (10)
Fat shitcon proles who literally eat steak    02/25/18  (10)
Shaved head FL survivor girl now has more TWTR followers than NRA reptile cunt    02/25/18  (10)
Life Hack: Slow down (a bit) the illusion of time speeding up as you age by    02/25/18  (10)
recently discovered bunch of awesome russian ww2 tv shows (amazon prime)    02/25/18  (9)
Axios: United States of Corporate America is a Fantastic Thing    02/25/18  (9)
Should I get donuts or a bagel with lox?    02/25/18  (8)
Rate this haha message I just woke up to    02/25/18  (8)
filed my taxes this weekend. feel accomplished as fuck.    02/25/18  (8)
Peep Show/Eastbound and Down crossover    02/25/18  (8)
You can marry ONE Olympian. Who do you choose?    02/25/18  (8)
My iq is lower than 20, taking questions (AMA)    02/25/18  (7)
What do you do with money gifted to your kid?    02/25/18  (7)
IGWC = I'm Gay With Children    02/25/18  (7)
ur HS GF in white adidas, squatting & sucking black cock in Marsielle projects    02/25/18  (7)
holy fuck I'll be 30 in 2028 wtf    02/25/18  (6)
Is Sarah Silverman funny, y/n?    02/25/18  (6)
Summary of the illegal Obama approved spying operation    02/25/18  (6)
What corruption is going on that The Last Jedi got 91% on Rotten Tomatoes?    02/25/18  (6)
Tinder girl to me: you dont want to know in response to whats your number    02/25/18  (6)
people are terrible at cybersex these days    02/25/18  (6)
Rate audio of this fight between two Jewish billionaires on CNBC    02/25/18  (5)
Did you guys know that Monopoly was created to show pitfalls of Capitalism?    02/25/18  (5)
CharlesXII's pessimistic outlook on life: let's bash this TTT    02/25/18  (5)
White men literally need to start raeping white women or the race will die out    02/25/18  (5)
Russian hockey team sings Russian anthem and "Death to America" medal ceremony    02/25/18  (5)
"mods!" typed the faggot litigation associate, smiling & giggling to himself.    02/25/18  (4)
Is Game of Thrones (HBO) still going on? When is it supposed to end?    02/25/18  (4)
Came home to Persian rugs hanging all over my walls    02/25/18  (4)
Do Foreign Women look down on "haha"    02/25/18  (4)
NASA's only Mars rover that is still functional is a remote controlled CR-V    02/25/18  (4)