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oh god oh my husband wants to get involved politically    01/24/18  (79)
parents said they dont recognize me ive turned into something else    01/24/18  (33)
lol RSF busted for *still* using one of his outed sockpuppets to pro-RSF megapos    01/24/18  (33)
Those of you who have purchased your dream house, care, or whatever    01/24/18  (30)
Anyone else here sleep w/ a 6, then get guilted into hanging out w/ them?    01/24/18  (25)
Handsome Jacked Earl: Settles for azn poaster. NYUUG: Nah, Opportunity Cost!    01/24/18  (24)
Best looking male and female U.S. congresspersons?    01/24/18  (22)
British in India: Good or bad?    01/24/18  (22)
weird how you can't name any good female guitarists    01/23/18  (22)
180 excerpt from the Stormy Daniels interview about Trump    01/24/18  (21)
i'm 6'3 230 lbs and i wouldnt fuck with this kid    01/24/18  (18)
6'5 250 silverback scratched the fuck out of my neck and face    01/24/18  (18)
SO what do you do after 40 if you don't have kids?    01/23/18  (18)
when did libs become traitors?    01/23/18  (17)
lol I'd hook up w him too haha    01/23/18  (17)
Theres not a singe "poor" person whom poasts here fact fact fact    01/24/18  (15)
Would you date a racist chick?    01/24/18  (12)
Holy shit he's making America great again    01/24/18  (12)
Will NYUUG ever settle down with a good white woman, or just pwn poon 4eva?    01/24/18  (11)
Giving out ETH for 30 seconds.    01/24/18  (11)
this is an absolutely objectively 180 time to be alive    01/24/18  (11)
"they say the 1st 72 hrs someone goes missing is crucial. so r u ok? haha"    01/23/18  (11)
*Goes skiing in Japan* *volcano erupts* "Oh Fuck! Lava!" *dies in avalanche*    01/24/18  (11)
Wholly shit @ these pics of Ellie Kemper & other Pton grads    01/24/18  (10)
What did Child Pron freaks do before the internet?    01/24/18  (10)
Xoxo is a bunch of rich folk bickering at this point    01/24/18  (10)
holy shit i forgot how bad The Martian was    01/24/18  (10)
Tennys Sandgren excorciates the fake news media in press conference    01/24/18  (9)
PSA: whoever is pumping zilliqa here is an alt that got into the presale    01/24/18  (9)
"All, please forgive my inappropriate email. I did not mean to Reply All    01/23/18  (9)
Shitlib here. HATE to admit it, but Trump is doing way better than expected    01/23/18  (9)
hey Opera what are u doing for NAPE this year?    01/23/18  (9)
Treason is a capital offense    01/23/18  (9)
xo is so toxic its fucking insane    01/24/18  (8)
Firefox Focus iOS = tcr Xo browser    01/24/18  (8)
RSF here, just got off the ice, weird geek Big Dog 12 STILL spamming about me?    01/24/18  (8)
PSA: invest in Mexican housing, buy a house    01/24/18  (8)
Holy fucking shit at this Mark Meadows tweetstorm re FBI corruption    01/23/18  (8)
work in regulated industry, but total phony, I don't know the jargon or industry    01/23/18  (8)
i don't get why he's acting like this; i'd date you haha    01/23/18  (8)
serious question: I'm a lib but I relate more to conservatives, why?    01/24/18  (7)
RSF having one of the most brutal couple of days in xo history    01/24/18  (7)
Rate these Mexican teenagers SFW    01/24/18  (7)
It's 180 to poast alongside professional writers like RSF and Julia    01/23/18  (7)
sim cheat: get job at 20, max out AFTER tax 401k... let grow til 65    01/23/18  (7)
Is this girl too hot for her bf? (pic)    01/23/18  (7)
Trump blames Samsung in tweet    01/23/18  (7)
Zilliqa bets right now are stupid because it's a bear market    01/23/18  (7)
The People of the United States v. Barry Soetoro, Hillary R. Clinton, et al.    01/23/18  (7)