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trying to be very charitable here libs but wat exactly is ur position on caravan    10/22/18  (87)
Bump this thread and I'll ask you a question    10/22/18  (86)
The Atlantic:Women with fewer sex partners before wedding have happier marriages    10/22/18  (82)
Ron Unz's Latest Article is 180, Asians, jews, it is xoxo catnip    10/22/18  (62)
Hypo: Rach fixes change moniker feature, but bans pumos and quotemos    10/22/18  (61)
Fleshlight here -- making my official retirement poast....    10/22/18  (52)
Deported undocumented immigrant: “I miss my PlayStation. I miss Buffalo Wild W    10/22/18  (45)
FEMALE Marine completed level 2 of MARSOC (pics inside)    10/22/18  (44)
Is Hillary REALLY going to run in 2020? How insane would she be to do that?    10/22/18  (38)
Steve Hsu declares the gig to be up for race realist denial    10/22/18  (31)
Rate San Diego as a place to live.    10/22/18  (26)
didnt vote for trump (or hilary), now going to vote straight R in november    10/22/18  (25)
How many historically important battles were won due to LUCK    10/22/18  (25)
SRS Q: How high up in military do you need to go to get leadership skills equal    10/22/18  (24)
you guys are generally some of the dumbest people on planet earth    10/22/18  (22)
Daily Beast digs into Avenatti's shady bus. dealings, bankruptcies, etc. (link)    10/22/18  (21)
"American" names that are huge signs of particular races    10/22/18  (21)
I need classic black dress shoes that don't make me look like a fag    10/22/18  (21)
This 21 y/o girl asking reddit whether she should be slut tells u evrything (DTP    10/22/18  (19)
Any other Trumpmos totally ignoring the Kashoggi "story"?    10/22/18  (19)
Booker and Kamala in fight of their lives to see who can promise more $$    10/22/18  (19)
Do you know former college sluts that have "settled down" now & found happiness?    10/22/18  (18)
Rate this big titted white trash single mom from Kentucky    10/22/18  (18)
the 1960s were a disaster for the united states    10/22/18  (18)
Libs: "We're not for open borders but hey if you show up you should be let in"    10/22/18  (17)
Black client I'm defending on criminal charge for free was late to court for dis    10/22/18  (17)
Lawman8, spiriting me into secret annex as he begins Jewish ideological purge    10/22/18  (16)
Pepito is the only person on this gay nigger website that deserves respect    10/22/18  (15)
Prime rib sucks why is it everywhere i go    10/22/18  (14)
Richest states blue, Poorest states Red    10/22/18  (12)
Serena's Coach Calls For Coaching At Slams. Thought She Doesn't Need It? #tennis    10/22/18  (12)
"By the way, I know ur moniker"whispers ur Jewish doctor as anesthesia kicks in    10/22/18  (12)
Caravan illegal: Trump is "anti-Christ" & "going to hell"    10/22/18  (12)
Why do people worry about retirement?    10/22/18  (12)
Corey Booker wants to give each poor kid $50,000 upon turning 18    10/22/18  (12)
Would you rather have Syrian refugees or the Central American caravan?    10/22/18  (12)
why doesnt trump allow in all WHITE CHRISTIAN SOUTH AFRICANS as REFUGEES?    10/22/18  (12)
Wait, so does engaging in sex acts with a tranny classify a man as gay/bi?    10/22/18  (12)
Explain 21st century living in one sentence    10/22/18  (11)
Rate how Jewish I am based on my lunch order    10/22/18  (11)
You bitches think youre too good for Philadelphia?    10/22/18  (11)
Saw pic of fat chick from before fat. She was atleast a 9.    10/22/18  (11)
🚨🚨🚨THE BOARD HAS A VIRUS not flame details inside    10/22/18  (11)
Rate this 50yo on Bumble (pic)    10/22/18  (11)
a swarm of squat mayans moving thru mexico like a raft of floating fire ants    10/22/18  (11)
How do you deal with clients who waste time answering discovery?    10/22/18  (10)
Anyone ever get so tired of keeping up with the Jews    10/22/18  (9)
Pro tip: ur butt wasn’t meant to be wiped    10/22/18  (9)
25% of millennials say they have PTSD from the 2016 election, study says    10/22/18  (9)
someone retiring in 2050 will need at least $10 million    10/22/18  (9)