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Judge rules NYC bar can refuse service to Trump supporter wearing MAGA hat    04/26/18  (38)
That feeling when that call you're unprepared for is cancelled    04/26/18  (11)
Chick I know said she only dates guys who make over $100k a yr...    04/26/18  (10)
So the only victim of #meToo was Al Franken?    04/26/18  (8)
Insane twist in the simulation: Trump sired a bastard DACA child    04/26/18  (8)
joy of being a lawyer: friends asking for free legal advice in every area of law    04/26/18  (8)
You muttering "N-Nn-nn-o, I fuck." as Incel Police toss you into windowless van    04/26/18  (7)
Is RPI an ok school like Georgia Tech or legit TTT?    04/26/18  (7)
This Alfie situatikn calls for armed insurrection and physical removal from hosp    04/26/18  (7)
Thank you for the comments. However, the Purchase Agreement is non-negotiable.    04/26/18  (7)
David Hogg Announces June 5th Release Date for Gun Control Book    04/26/18  (6)
Does any other female poster want to do a bikini face-off?    04/26/18  (5)
Julia's pussy smells like durian fruit    04/26/18  (5)
Giuliani hopes to bring Mueller probe to end within a couple weeks.    04/26/18  (5)
Are these comments coming from you or your client?    04/26/18  (5)
Christina Hendricks looks sloppy as hell in Drive    04/26/18  (5)
Wife kills husband's lover and herself. Mistress cucking her own hubby. Rate all    04/26/18  (5)
We have carefully reviewed your application. We regret to inform you that you ha    04/26/18  (5)
When its apparent youre failing colossally, best to walk away or keep going?    04/26/18  (5)
So is Jordan Peterson still into the whole magical thinking fallacy thing?    04/26/18  (4)
Trump called into Fox and Friends right now lmao    04/26/18  (4)
If 10 posters confirm they want to see it I'll post vid of me giving BJ    04/26/18  (4)
Daily Stoic, 4/26/18    04/26/18  (4)
My FB feed is blowing up with people blowing up $500 Yeti Coolers    04/26/18  (4)
I was almost an incel hot takes are here    04/26/18  (4)
Why hasn't Camden, NJ been gentrified yet?    04/26/18  (3)
Been awake for last 72 hours coding a luis boyfriend dating simulator    04/26/18  (3)
Do law teens do "senior partner dialing" when hooking up?    04/26/18  (3)
it's just one of those THREADS (limp bizkit)    04/26/18  (3)
UK hospital not letting you bring TMNT figures to your brain dead kid    04/26/18  (3)
The Skins - Clothmos are Creepy    04/26/18  (3)
Incel policeman looks exactly like RSF    04/26/18  (2)
New Ethereum Partnership with Uber Brings ETH Directly to Your Door (Bloomberg)    04/26/18  (2)
Incel Special Ops leader giving pep talk before squad swarms BronyCon 2018    04/26/18  (2)
Law teen strolls into firm temp workroom, taunting temps about lack of windows    04/26/18  (2)
Whitesnake is probably better than Nirvana    04/26/18  (2)
Your future wife, crab walking nude down fraternity row, crooning for fuck    04/26/18  (2)
cried last night when I saw that sht retired    04/26/18  (2)
in UK this moniker means smoking cigs w/ ur butt    04/26/18  (2)
Real talk: libs are pure evil    04/26/18  (2)
Watch 19 yo Mike Tyson destroy Sammy Scaff in the first round    04/26/18  (2)
Top 10 Butterbean KO's    04/26/18  (2)
You're under arrest! Put the tendies DOWN and step away from the computer!    04/26/18  (1)
There's a "Peterman" entry on Urban Dictionary (link)    04/26/18  (1)
So are we at war with Syria or is it cancelled bc Kanye West?    04/26/18  (1)
freemasons chucking darts at pictures of the pope and boner police at the lodge    04/26/18  (1)
Trial, day 4. Motherfuckers are getting cut today.    04/26/18  (1)
"Please speak with my attorneys, Ms. Gloria Allred and Mr. Spaceporn."    04/26/18  (1)
I am driving 4 PEOPLE from NEW HAVEN, including YALE GRADUATE STUDENTS    04/26/18  (1)
First attachment has our comments, second the buyers, and third buyers outside c    04/26/18  (1)