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Rate this Asian girl covering CLOSER by NIN    05/26/19  (34)
I will never be able to get a cheerful empathic wholesome chick. Why? B/c (DTP)    05/25/19  (21)
I inadvertently took my hatred of Jews outside xo    05/26/19  (21)
what was ur clown world rubicon when u realized modern "culture" is absurd flame    05/25/19  (19)
JFC this picture of Salt Lake suburbia makes me nauseous    05/25/19  (17)
Hypo: pay $200 per year & your local bar plays "entrance music" whenever you    05/26/19  (15)
10 million but a snail is chasing you for the rest of your life.    05/25/19  (13)
the most boring thing about 2019 is that every link exists    05/26/19  (11)
"The Boxcar Children" books MFE Here Taking Q's    05/26/19  (11)
I think Ariana Grande's vocal talents are being wasted    05/26/19  (11)
ITT recommend books to read    05/26/19  (11)
Why the fuck is Eric Bledsoe playing?    05/25/19  (11)
Brogdon & Middleton = 2 pure shit jokes. Bucks done here    05/25/19  (11)
Is it even debatable at this point that the wrong side won WW2?    05/25/19  (10)
More like Greek Fraud    05/25/19  (10)
"Throw Pickle in the Burger to Speed Up Commercial" - Patent by Sony    05/26/19  (10)
This Giannis fucker has an ugly game & travels almost every possession    05/25/19  (9)
crypto is so gay lol    05/26/19  (9)
Is Bojack horseman good    05/26/19  (8)
HYPO: Objective 10 but her name is MATT    05/26/19  (8)
man this pedraza lozada fight is fun    05/25/19  (8)
"Our" absurd "courts" say we aren't allowed to have a border    05/25/19  (7)
millennials are so cucked they won't even rape enemy women in coming world war    05/26/19  (7)
Game of thrones was never good    05/26/19  (7)
television prestige idea: cop show where cops are very obviously the bad guys    05/26/19  (7)
are there white people in ny?    05/26/19  (7)
AssFaggot hurtling toward Asian wife like matter to a black hole    05/26/19  (7)
What was point of a caboose? Why not just another car    05/25/19  (6)
Went to a redneck “party cove” at a lake today. Good times    05/25/19  (6)
Nigger goes into phone booth, puts on sweater vest, turns into UMC suburban dad    05/25/19  (6)
Crazy pills is a vastly underrated poaster    05/25/19  (6)
XO Mallory Edens stripping in agony at the Bucks defeat    05/25/19  (6)
Jap boxer on ESPN has a hot as fuck Jap wife    05/26/19  (6)
Cr to have tiny scabs all over head from picking at dandruff?    05/26/19  (6)
6-foot, white, male, 120+ IQ, 80% aesthetics, nuclear family, religious, FUCK LI    05/26/19  (6)
Gonna start using heroin and wearing leather jackets/swastika t shirts    05/26/19  (6)
Hanging out with 23yo and 26yo friends, neither had a clue who MOBY was    05/26/19  (6)
Realtors and developers need to be beaten to death constantly    05/26/19  (6)
son’s little league coach insists players wear fielding gloves while baserunni    05/25/19  (5)
Been hitting it too hard all week. PARTIES, truly getting blasted every night.    05/25/19  (5)
ITT you talk dirty to me    05/26/19  (5)
Really just want a megachurch girl to talk to about Jesus    05/25/19  (5)
A man by name of "ANDREW STEBBINS" posted under moniker 'DOOBS'    05/25/19  (5)
Brook Lopez lubing up getting ready for Aaron Rodgers    05/25/19  (5)
NBA officials billing 3.5 to “reviewing plays” for a 2.5 hour game    05/25/19  (5)
Looking through dating app—there’s something srsly wrong with people in 2019    05/26/19  (5)
PSA libs: Trump has the whole wall ready to go, construction starts 12/2020    05/26/19  (5)
Placed a bunch of new statues of Confederate generals around my neighborhood    05/26/19  (5)
Just stop shaving you faggot lawyers    05/26/19  (5)