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CNN is fucked. This story is like a wild fire now.    07/21/17  (154)
*.*.*. OFFICIAL GAME OF THRONES S7E2 THREAD .*.*.*    07/26/17  (135)
dumb fuck GOP now will vote on pure repeal vote w/o replacement (link)    07/20/17  (106)
Realize why I save no money: wife and I spend $70-80 per day on food    07/21/17  (93)
America is getting more Indians and Chinese immigrants than Mexicans    07/17/17  (88)
LAWYERS: can business owner sue you over bad Yelp reviews?    07/24/17  (85)
Capitulating to shitlibs destroyed the University of Missouri    07/11/17  (81)
Five things XOXO collectively overrates    07/18/17  (79)
How can you tell when a woman is attracted to you vs. just very nice    07/04/17  (79)
Wasted 25-35 in biglaw, but now can retire with 1.5M    07/26/17  (77)
Wife's boss just got fired b/c female colleague said he touched her butt    07/12/17  (77)
WOW some yuuge whale contract just sent 2.9k eth to MASS contract... Sale over    07/25/17  (76)
Would u date this chubby white teen NSFW    07/07/17  (72)
single male here. I earn $3,395/month. can i afford a $1,050/month apt in OC?    07/18/17  (65)
contest: poast a pic of the closest you can find to an objective 10/10 female    07/02/17  (65)
Ever been caught masturbating by a chick and she gets horny and fucks you?    07/26/17  (63)
Trumpmos literally begging for internet safe spaces    07/08/17  (62)
People still eat breakfast like they did when they worked on farms    07/14/17  (60)
Rate Steve Job's 19 year old daughter (Daily Mail)    07/27/17  (59)
Florida dindus film man drowning and laugh    07/21/17  (59)
Really sad to see dudes in their 30s still dating    07/15/17  (59)
Shrieking millennial arrested by chill azn cop (video)    07/09/17  (58)
Rate this UGA volleyball chick & daughter of NFL QB    07/04/17  (58)
I'm 5'8 and weigh 190 (pic)    07/15/17  (57)
XO GEEDS: Pike is literally the shittiest house everywhere except FSU hth    07/08/17  (57)
The movie "Winter's Bone" was an outpouring of Jewish contempt for whites    07/27/17  (56)
Tried LSD for the first time on an island. Holy fuck.    07/09/17  (56)
RSF here Giving away BTC to everyone ITT to prove I have more money than gatormo    07/21/17  (55)
As Paperwork Goes Missing, Private Student Loan Debts May Be Wiped Away (NY Time    07/23/17  (55)
Found another board discussing jjc lol how insane is this dude    07/10/17  (54)
I have some inside information concerning OmiseGo (OMG token)    07/23/17  (53)
Looks like only GOP "no's" on senate bill are Collins and Paul    07/18/17  (53)
Can't support the "alt right" due to their weird hatred of modern architecture    07/17/17  (52)
is it possible to pass the bar in 2 1/2 weeks    07/07/17  (51)
Why do you have mortgage? You'll never own ur house LJL    07/11/17  (49)
What $ salary do you need by 30 to be respected?    07/24/17  (48)
Odds that McGregor:doesn't get knocked out??    07/14/17  (47)
How do people drink soda every day? The shit is really sick    06/29/17  (46)
How cr to double major in Neuroscience and Philosophy?    07/11/17  (45)
Washing your own car is extreme Goy bullshit    07/21/17  (44)
The film "Her" is embarrassing to watch    07/20/17  (44)
impossible to lose fat after 35 without roids    07/14/17  (44)
Half of CLS students are paying sticker = $335K all in    07/22/17  (42)
Jews in congress are making it a felony to boycott Israel?    07/22/17  (42)
transactional work SUCKS    07/20/17  (42)
who here eats PB and J sandwiches ?    07/20/17  (41)
Dr David Duke pwns white women who date black men    07/18/17  (41)
Heller will be the deciding vote on skinny repeal    07/28/17  (40)
Depression is so powerful that someone like Chester Bennington would kill self    07/25/17  (40)
Friend said a median HYS student would easily get top 5% at a TTT school    07/12/17  (40)
Salon: elite public schools must prioritize diversity over academic standards    07/10/17  (39)
2006 era poster here - wtf happened to this site??    07/02/17  (39)
Low income families spend 40 percent of their money on luxury    07/01/17  (39)
Cliffs on "peterman"? Normal guy?    07/14/17  (37)
Waiter refused to give my wife a take home box    06/28/17  (37)
Sex robots are the future    07/07/17  (36)
This 16y/o teen from OC has a better body than 99% of women over 30    07/15/17  (35)
Do you have a mortgage? How much & at what interest rate?    07/10/17  (34)
Is there anyone who has had a more 180 life than John Mayer?    07/01/17  (34)
My V5 firm is now openly saying that "diversity" is the biggest partner consider    07/19/17  (33)
Sweden is Dying: TV Ad declares, "The New Country" (video)    07/09/17  (33)
24yo white teacher has sex with 17yo Hispanic in backseat of his Honda Civic    06/29/17  (33)
The Next Right-Wing Populist Will Win by Attacking American Higher Education    07/13/17  (32)
Lifting weights over 30 without gear is pointless    07/27/17  (31)
Business Casual Interview - Trap?    07/07/17  (31)
These two teen girls are ur next door neighbors. What do u do?    07/04/17  (31)
Just dunked Oreos in milk. This is amazing bros (corp slave)    07/13/17  (31)
LATimes OpEd on chink lawyers    07/25/17  (30)
Iraqi soldiers throw ISIS dude off cliff then shoot him (video)    07/22/17  (30)
Super Metroid came out 23 years ago and there hasn't been a better game since    07/22/17  (30)
possible to pass the bar exam in 10 days?    07/16/17  (30)
Obama had 8 years and did nothing to lift people out of poverty    07/22/17  (29)
Is Depression real? Or are those ppl just weak?    07/20/17  (29)
Watched "Before Sunrise" lol this movie is cringeworthy Gen-X trash    07/19/17  (29)
If Trump tweets this new WWE CNN video lib heads will explode (link    07/19/17  (29)
why are so many biglaw secretaries morbidly obese?    07/19/17  (29)
Cops shouldn't be able to ask for your ID unless you're under arrest    07/12/17  (29)
World's richest man in 1995: $12.9bb; Today: $90bb; That seems bad    07/28/17  (28)
*(#) Official poll: How many alts do you have? (#)*    07/14/17  (28)
So every "podcast" is geared toward making 110 iq urban libs feel smart?    07/21/17  (28)
Male uses Men's Bathroom while woman is in it. Gets in trouble. Legal recourse??    07/09/17  (28)
Trump Russia things is going to get fun when Grand Jury Indictments roll out    07/15/17  (27)
POLL: would u rather fuck a 8.5 w/ condom or a 6.5 w/o condom?    07/06/17  (27)
Would u impregnate this black teen NSFW    07/04/17  (27)
Nike says Gronk logo is too close to Jordan Jumpman (link)    06/30/17  (27)
Mexican here: The Big Mac is the best burger I've ever tasted    07/08/17  (26)
mcconnell has the votes    07/28/17  (25)
Been lurking/posting on this shit bort for 12! Years (FMA). Taking/Giving ?s    07/22/17  (25)
Capital One Money Market account yields 1.1 percent    07/22/17  (25)
Add "Tom Clancy's" to video game titles    07/22/17  (25)
God Bless USA and Trump. my gang just finished this historic building (Picture)    07/18/17  (25)
Anyone watching the Tour De France?    07/05/17  (25)
Crypto bros: CHANGE PASSWORDS NOW- Coinbase twitter says someone broke into the    07/02/17  (25)
realtime bar exam discussion thread    07/25/17  (24)
% of law school applicants who are STEM down to 5.7%    07/21/17  (24)
HYPO: you're a landlord. Tenant want to put an inflatable pool. U allow them?    07/12/17  (24)
Why don't faggot Ivy league schools play in the FCS playoffs?    07/21/17  (23)
Why was Ann Coulter moved from her seat?    07/19/17  (23)
foreign students to reapply for permission to stay in the US every year    07/10/17  (23)
Dr David Duke tweets a very dark meme re: CNN    07/06/17  (23)
Lol at (xo 2017) prole trash mad at CNN. Total non story. You need to calm down    07/07/17  (23)
PEAK shitlib is here: Canadian baby given health card without sex designation    07/04/17  (23)
VIDEO of Muslim teen raping 14yo in France caught on camera    06/29/17  (23)
Always funny when Biglaw firms get worked up about legal opinions    07/25/17  (22)
I have figured out why people listen to "podcasts". To drown out their thoughts.    07/16/17  (22)
9th yr Biglaw Associate hurrying back to office with footlong from Subway    07/14/17  (22)
I'm planning on learning to play the drums at 40 years old? Rate my chances...    07/10/17  (22)
lol kyrie irving requests a trade    07/22/17  (21)
Doing Postbacc for Premed at 30 years old?    07/21/17  (21)
Inhouse interview Friday - how do I answer the "why inhouse?" question?    07/19/17  (21)
We should allow hunters to "hunt" grizzly bears but not kill them.    07/19/17  (21)
Ljl at Goy of Thrones just watch your wizards&dragons while jews rob u blind    07/25/17  (20)
Who's ready for the yuuge ETH bull run in Monday morning?    07/25/17  (20)
lol wtf Georgetown Center and George Washington take over 100 transfers each    07/22/17  (20)
Women love to be rude to customer sevice people and call center workers    07/13/17  (20)
Do dads who leave their kids realize their kid cries every day for hours. sad    07/13/17  (20)
At a job interview. I'm still waiting for interviewer after waiting for 30minute    07/13/17  (20)
Putting half my net worth in cryptocoins any advice?    07/04/17  (20)
rate these proles copping ACTUAL middle-class jobs:    07/27/17  (19)
why do bar exam takers spray shit out their ass all over the place all morning    07/27/17  (19)
Making paella. Had no idea saffron was so expensive.    07/26/17  (19)
Burger King dies with no heir. Chain renamed Burger Regency Council    07/28/17  (19)
Mind blown: British people used to speak like Americans, not vice versa    07/21/17  (19)
Running list of WLMAS pumos.    07/22/17  (19)
Black people are basically a "cost center" American has to tolerate forever    07/13/17  (19)
I'm just a pumo, nobody loves me (he's just a pumo, from a prole family)    07/14/17  (19)
Top 1% white hispanic URM @ TTT LS - chances @ HYS transfer?    07/12/17  (19)
NY Times fact checker pwns Trump lol (link)    07/09/17  (19)
DO thinner women have tighter vaginas?    07/09/17  (19)
Soon there will be troops dying in Afghanistan who werent born when war started    07/06/17  (19)
XO Assange is pwning (((Kurt Eichenwald)))    07/25/17  (18)
If the Vietnam war was fought today how many casualties would we have?    07/22/17  (18)
Wrongful Term Settled for 425K    07/19/17  (18)
Smart-contract based Legal Agreement ICO LIVE NOW!    07/18/17  (18)
Which band has the best logo?    07/16/17  (18)
20% increase in LSAT takers.    07/14/17  (18)
Seriously what do you do if your son turns out like THIS (link)    07/12/17  (18)
POLL: have u ever had caviar???    07/08/17  (18)
What type of flooring should I put in my home office? Hardwood? Carpet?    07/01/17  (18)
Got stoop up by an escort, so went to the Asian massage parlor n finished it off    06/30/17  (18)
Birth control gives women vocal fry    06/30/17  (18)
I used to always try to be funny around women. What a waste    06/30/17  (18)
48 hours no alcohol or weed - longest I've gone in 6 months probably    06/29/17  (18)
Everyone is saying the Bar Exam MBE is changing questions to make Barbri fail.    07/28/17  (17)
Thoughts on getting a "massage" session with this woman?    07/27/17  (17)
WLMAS why are u always acting like a DC insider from your moms basement?    07/27/17  (17)
NYT: Q. and A.: If Workers Are Scarce, Is It the Work or the Wages?    07/25/17  (17)
Trumps criminal defense lawyer DROPS HAMMER on Mueller (link)    07/25/17  (17)
Considering Cornell Law at Sticker    07/19/17  (17)