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On which subject are you most likely the board's foremost expert?    12/10/18  (321)
Holy shit nyuug “speaks Korean at a 1st grade level”    12/17/18  (300)
Discuss Changes in Biglaw Past Decade    12/16/18  (286)
A poker player bet $100k that he could last 30 days in a dark room    12/12/18  (237)
Tulsi Gabbard burned Trump pretty hard with a single tweet not flame:    11/22/18  (232)
***OFFICIAL 12/1/18 WILDER v. FURY THREAD***    12/12/18  (226)
ITT, I give you three women. Pick one to be yours (as gf, fling, whatever u want    12/16/18  (215)
what are some signs of a good striver?    12/14/18  (213)
Leaving TOMORROW for a ~2month TRIP (RSF)    12/17/18  (200)
Random life advice (CSLG)    12/09/18  (196)
Why do L.A. white girls prefer black guys?    12/16/18  (186)
what are some signs of a good driver?    11/28/18  (179)
Selfish Asshole Brought Booze To Shabbat Dinner For Only Him & Host To Enjoy    12/12/18  (177)
Going to WAR with my coop board    12/13/18  (174)
Video for RSF!    12/18/18  (174)
“You’re a fucking idiot!” Musk shouted back. “Get the fuck out."    12/18/18  (172)
"I'm sick of this little bitch." Buckwild daycare worker murders 8 month old    12/08/18  (164)
ITT poast things/activities that lose their luster by age 30    11/27/18  (163)
Landlord Tenant Mastermen: Hypo ITT    12/08/18  (163)
Spaceporn here. Need help if you have it to give.    11/24/18  (162)
Tucker Carlson: Trump hasn't kept any of his promises and can't sustain focus    12/10/18  (160)
What is the end point for CFB realignment?    12/12/18  (153)
ITT we list QUALITY brands and products which stand out in DURABILITY and VALUE    12/13/18  (151)
Newly divorced - thinking about spending 4k/month on SA chick    11/23/18  (148)
Activist shrews divorcing Trump-hating husbands b/c they don't hate Trump enough    11/30/18  (147)
Why are suburban office parks so depressing?    12/06/18  (143)
Entire Mueller report will boil down to Corso told Stone, Stone told Trump    12/05/18  (142)
Rate this xo poaster from Columbia (video)    12/12/18  (138)
I have the lowest sexual market value of any poaster on XO. taking Q's/abuse.    11/22/18  (135)
Guys who say all black women are ugly: rate Rihanna in this video    11/22/18  (134)
Dumbass American tries to visit North Sentinel Island; is killed:    12/01/18  (133)
Discuss quitting Biglaw after 2 years    11/20/18  (130)
Which country has the most beautiful women?    12/07/18  (128)
FSU pike brother veteran CHAD surprises his 10/10 blonde gf at pike pool party    12/17/18  (128)
what male had the most credited life in history? female?    12/17/18  (127)
Fox weather babe kills self    12/15/18  (127)
Who on xo is down on crypto the most?    12/15/18  (126)
If you could have the answer to one historical mystery, which would it be?    12/18/18  (126)
What's a solid, higher end but not super fancy MFH restaurant?    12/12/18  (126)
old girl here - taking Qs, giving Qs    12/03/18  (126)
Just finished recording my solo practice course (CSLG)    11/30/18  (125)
What are some ghetto cities that most people don't know are ghettos?    11/26/18  (125)
Wife resorting to eugenics arguments so I agree to a second kid    12/05/18  (125)
In honor of George H.W. Bush, I am giving hypos (Krampus)    12/06/18  (124)
real talk: biglaw & elite boutique trial partners would FUCKIN' SMOKE CSLG    12/16/18  (124)
I have no desire to visit China or India    12/18/18  (123)
Wife brought up swinging to me on "date night"    12/17/18  (122)
which pro teams have the most BANDWAGON fan base?    12/10/18  (122)
AssFaggot rating posters itt    12/12/18  (121)
What is the most sickening example of GC?    12/17/18  (121)
what are your goals over the next 5-10 years    12/15/18  (119)
What is the most unprestigious sports team?    12/13/18  (119)
Almost told wife about the extent of my crypto losses    12/11/18  (118)
famous songs with actually brilliant lyrics    12/12/18  (118)
What are you getting your WIFE/GF for XMAS?    12/11/18  (117)
TMF MAF that i think tiffany trump is busted    11/30/18  (117)
Never thought Trump colluded with Russia, at least not on purpose, but I do now.    11/30/18  (116)
which US city name is most at odds with its namesake?    12/17/18  (115)
Final P&L For The Year 3 MILLION (CSLG)    12/15/18  (114)
Rate these two previously hot chicks now in mid-late thirties    11/30/18  (113)
Uh has anyone done a thread on the mega-cuck story in the NYT yet?    12/13/18  (113)
Which country has the most beautiful men?    12/08/18  (112)
Rating posters as cities I’ve driven through itt    12/06/18  (110)
These American Restaurants Are Failing to Attract Millennials (Link)    11/20/18  (109)
BONER POLICE will get 1 new STD for every 100 posts/bumps ITT    12/17/18  (109)
Test driving CORVETTE SUPERCAR to add to collection (pics inside). Taking ?s    12/02/18  (108)
JFC the stewardess on this flight is HOT    12/17/18  (108)
RATE this real estate agent    12/10/18  (108)
Any lawyers here want to explain the Charlottesville murder 1 conviction?    12/11/18  (107)
How the fuck have Media Shitlibs not landed on AutoAdmit yet?    12/14/18  (107)
Disappearance of fem posters shows that brunt of household duties lies w women    11/23/18  (105)
Chandler Trial #2 Day 1 - Opening Statement (CSLG)    12/05/18  (105)
Can never remember going to a doctor and having a health problem resolved    12/13/18  (104)
Holiday Party Dec 5 in Los Angeles (CSLG)    12/03/18  (103)
A word with my fellow Jews: Do we get a bit big for our britches? (ujtp)    11/19/18  (102)
RSF should tour the globe beating up poasters from xo    12/03/18  (102)
Tom Cruise fighting the good fight against motion smooTTThing TVs    12/08/18  (102)
Bad situation - I am a fuck up, help    12/02/18  (102)
At what weight class could you survive 3 rounds with current UFC champion?    12/18/18  (102)
Stormy Daniels claims she never consented to Trump defamation lawsuit    11/29/18  (102)
Biggest issue facing US right now is income inequality. How do we solve this?    11/21/18  (101)
Guy charged w/HATE CRIMES for putting up FLYERS - how is this constitutional?    12/13/18  (101)
ITT name groups of people that hate other groups but the hatred isn't well-known    11/22/18  (101)
True artificial intelligence is decades, if not centuries, away    12/07/18  (101)
luis - book me four nights in a 4-Star hotel and I’ll come kick your ass    12/12/18  (99)
if you're not excited about the Lion King remake you are dead inside    12/11/18  (99)
what is your favorite painting    11/30/18  (99)
What MASCOTS should biglaw firms have?    12/09/18  (99)
KKR should LBO chik-fil-a and blow up its SPS business model    12/15/18  (98)
Jus so we’re 100% clear, evolution didn’t happen    12/15/18  (98)
Kenny told me a certain lawyer in Virginia will be served with a defamation comp    12/05/18  (98)
Rate my live-in nanny    11/29/18  (98)
lmfao at this bush funeral    12/05/18  (98)
Interesting to realize that there are virtually 0 overt racists who r successful    11/30/18  (97)
Rate this 5'11'' Dutch woman's body    12/10/18  (97)
What fundamentally "broke" you? What was the point of no return?    12/14/18  (96)
Rate this South Park scene depicting modern wageslavery    12/12/18  (95)
I can't believe there are xo posters who meetup IRL    12/08/18  (95)
Who is objectively the weirdest poaster?    12/05/18  (95)
MEGACHURCH pastor buys wife $200K LAMBO SUV #lawman8    12/14/18  (94)
Jerry Brown’s CA: Continuous budget surpluses. Trump’s US: LJL    12/10/18  (94)
Trump tears into TILLERSON with the meanest tweet of his presidency LJL    12/08/18  (94)
luis is a nasty guy    12/10/18  (93)
Pics of night out in prole town ITT    11/23/18  (93)
Why do boomers use doc comparison software instead of native MS work tracking?    11/28/18  (93)
9 year old black girl in AL suicides after being constantly bullied about race    12/13/18  (93)
425k in-house jerb -- huge lifestyle improvement    12/03/18  (93)
Declare your xo poaster allegiance itt.    12/04/18  (93)
The Lowest Points in XOXO History    11/19/18  (92)
Charles XII is such a fag    11/24/18  (91)
Xo Autist Tipping Thread: Hotel Maids, Tip or Not? If so, how much?    11/30/18  (91)
Is a recession coming?    12/07/18  (91)
Reminder: If you could scale back, live on 50k, you could teach HS    12/08/18  (91)
180 WH just revoked Acosta's pass again    11/20/18  (90)
To this day I still think this Flynn thing is bullshit entrapment    12/16/18  (90)
Posters with good wives, what is CR woman to marry?    12/14/18  (90)
Spaceporn here. This is what I'm going to do.    12/05/18  (89)
Trump debates with Pelosi/Schumer in Oval Office in front of press (link)    12/12/18  (89)
Gayest famous person that denies being gay???    11/25/18  (89)
NYTimes programs RPG-style Thanksgiving dialogue tree for its NPC readers    11/21/18  (89)
Angry Mob Of Religious Fanatics Storm Cockpit, Flight Diverted. GUESS RELIGION    11/25/18  (88)
Guy who drives literally the most aesthetically pleasing car on xoxo here, sup.    11/29/18  (88)
Ocasio destroying GC    12/07/18  (88)
just got 'haha no worries' tinder pwned w/in an inch of my life. taking abuse    11/30/18  (87)
ITT describe the event(s) that blew you out mentally    11/22/18  (87)
Datelab showcases a middle-age cunty literal communist    12/04/18  (87)
GenX couple's debt diary will make you support debtors prison    11/25/18  (86)
What is the most prestigious sports team?    12/12/18  (86)
Have you ever presented a proposal of YOUR ideas at a company?    12/05/18  (86)
Morning office shitters are the scourge of the earth    11/28/18  (85)
Gun to your head, name 1 way Obama improved the country    11/22/18  (85)
Boy Scouts Considering Bankruptcy    12/13/18  (85)
This chad taped himself fucking 16 chicks in 3 months (aka why u fail on tinder)    11/20/18  (84)
Taking questions on Australia.    12/18/18  (84)
Vanity Fair on Mueller Probe: Is this it? Was it worth it? (link)    12/13/18  (83)
Odd ca$e! Very intere$ting! Off to pig 🐽 pig 🐷 pig 🐖 farm has u go!    12/14/18  (83)
Most of you will never fuck a 7+ ever again    11/29/18  (83)
I'm lifting weights in here, so take off all your clothes    12/15/18  (81)
I don't understand people who don't cheat.    12/16/18  (81)
Having a drink in hotel bar. Guess my location 30 Y/N questions (difficult)    12/07/18  (81)
Kareem Hunt is done here. Beat up some girl on video.    12/01/18  (81)
ironside what do u think of this asian lawyer with tasteful implants?    12/15/18  (81)
Spaceporn, you're finished here. Have your law enforcement buddy call me.    11/21/18  (80)
RATE my 2018 TRAVEL MAP    11/20/18  (80)
Youtube channel surveys Korean attitudes toward military service    12/14/18  (80)
FTC is investigating video game “loot boxes”    11/28/18  (80)
Reminder: RSF and Trump Team 6 both chickened out of a face-to-face meeting    12/10/18  (80)