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Why is India's population getting so big    03/21/18  (81)
Austin bomber was ALT-RIGHT    03/21/18  (79)
Any chance that CSLGs kids dont end up as RSF-like malcontents?    03/21/18  (72)
why are xo autists so fascinated by air travel?    03/21/18  (66)
Why does this forum hate two dorks dating each other if they are interracial    03/21/18  (65)
Online dating corrupts & ages a girl in exponential time - fact (DTP)    03/21/18  (62)
Wife has a tramp stamp. I hate it and want to make her laser it. Cr?    03/21/18  (59)
YouTube Bans Firearms Demo Videos, Entering the Gun Control Debate    03/21/18  (59)
Just gobbled down some DICK (7 total in March) Taking ?s (CharlesXII)    03/21/18  (58)
Who the fuck is Jordan Peterson?    03/21/18  (58)
Please evaluate the enclosed excerpt from Vox's "article" on affirmative action    03/21/18  (56)
Drove for uber/lyft/local rideshare for the last 3 weeks. Taking ?'s (peterman)    03/21/18  (55)
You're not a REAL conservative if you want to give more power to ICE    03/21/18  (51)
XOXOs #1 "jew" = NOISRAELIPASSPORTpwn3d. NO ISRAELICITIZENSHIPpwm3d    03/21/18  (49)
Big Ten "tiers"    03/21/18  (49)
Recommend a used family hauler SUV under $35k    03/21/18  (48)
Funny how the board is shitting on lawman8 for not being a cuck.    03/21/18  (47)
rate this exclusively AGWWG facebook party (pic)    03/21/18  (45)
Seattle mayor proposes gun lock law    03/21/18  (44)
summon: rsf    03/21/18  (44)
Slate: Deleting Facebook is an "insulting" act of white privilege.    03/21/18  (42)
No dog in this fight but RSF really embarrassed himself responding to CSLG today    03/21/18  (42)
Need some scholarship here bros: if you are into MFMing your girl, you = cuck?    03/21/18  (40)
Who is the most POWERFUL poaster on xo?    03/21/18  (39)
jordan pterson has a style guy you know that right?    03/21/18  (39)
Which is more respected: project manager or lawyer?    03/21/18  (39)
AA is completely rational for elite libs, as it cuts out real competition    03/21/18  (39)
Cooking eggs in bacon grease is flame    03/21/18  (39)
i'm so much calmer since motherhood. i recommend it.    03/21/18  (38)
Fat GF says that my ex-wife ruined me    03/21/18  (38)
TWINS: did your wife call you a faggot when you were in tinychat? What's her dea    03/21/18  (38)
Some good new Sotomayor transcript gems from yesterday    03/21/18  (37)
Austin Bomber was a Bernie supporter    03/21/18  (37)
Totally Retrained PDDJ's Retarded Airport Bathroom Habits #RSF    03/21/18  (36)
lawman8 seems more unhinged than normal today...worried about him    03/21/18  (36)
Laura Linney - hot or not?    03/21/18  (36)
What angers me personally is how women create dualism of Chad/Melvin    03/21/18  (35)
A letter to Asian girls -- Have you ever wanted to wake up white?    03/21/18  (34)
NYC Seeking To Ban Smoking While Walking. 180    03/21/18  (34)
Cast iron skillets are flame    03/21/18  (34)
Just hilariously self-pwned    03/21/18  (33)
How do I get into a prestigious MBA?    03/21/18  (31)
40 years from now you'll be senior citizen and no longer majority in your countr    03/21/18  (31)
rank/rate young Charlotte Rampling vs. young Jane Seymour vs. young Helen Mirren    03/21/18  (29)
Pritzker LANDSLIDE    03/20/18  (29)
So a 'data scientist' doesn't need a PhD nor any type of technical degree    03/21/18  (28)
Lol why is lawman8 attacking bloodacre now?    03/21/18  (28)
Can someone give me cliffs notes on this Penn Law thing? wtf is going on    03/21/18  (27)