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Tulsi getting zero traction. Sad. May not even make debates.    03/19/19  (77)
Last Grandparent Just Died, My Family Likely Disinherited. Contest For Shits?    03/19/19  (75)
Recommend a daily carry KNIFE    03/19/19  (43)
Java XO has User Search! Come ITT and I'll give you stats    03/19/19  (43)
Got banned from dropbox for uploading that NZ shooting    03/19/19  (42)
Met a college athlete on the dance floor, fell in love instantly.    03/18/19  (41)
just bought oakley sunglasses after wearing $5 knockoffs for the last 20 years    03/18/19  (41)
Caught insurance fraud today    03/19/19  (40)
Only 7 blacks got into Stuyvesant’s freshman class out of 895 spots    03/19/19  (40)
Right now is exactly what a precursor to civil war looks like    03/19/19  (39)
Rate this former NFL lineman's weight loss    03/18/19  (37)
French are 180. Yellow vest protests are incredible.    03/19/19  (35)
do you guys realize you are all going to die at some point?    03/18/19  (31)
As much as 50% of children in certain affluent areas take SAT untimed LMAO    03/19/19  (31)
Sticker on a new Toyota Land Cruiser is $85k    03/19/19  (29)
What girls in Odessa think of foreign guys (vid)    03/19/19  (28)
Corey Booker has officially lost any chance at becoming America's next president    03/19/19  (28)
how many of your genetic grandparents are still alive, u OLD FUCKS?    03/19/19  (28)
Why is that "stopover in Rome" thread 168 posts you faggots    03/19/19  (27)
Doing my 2018 taxes -- have to pay $50,000 to the fed. taxes went way up    03/19/19  (26)
Trumpmos, get ready to be livid    03/18/19  (24)
Ichiro, age 45: Still has a firehose for an arm    03/18/19  (24)
not sure you guys get how attracted men are to academic success    03/18/19  (22)
do biglaw associates have to worry about the business side of things?    03/18/19  (22)
Doe Latina pussy feel better than white pussy?    03/18/19  (21)
rate my political development over the last 10 years    03/18/19  (20)
anyone else have a fetish for 30-something azns with ~0% BF & no tits or ass    03/18/19  (20)
Post your wallets. Giving everyone .180 BTC until I fall asleep    03/19/19  (20)
evan39 people are perfect as individuals and literal retards In groups    03/18/19  (20)
60% of Chinese users who read NZ killer manifesto "extremely sympathize" w kille    03/19/19  (19)
Half-billion dollar super computer accused of "taunting" black scientist    03/19/19  (19)
Google Inbox is dying in 15 days. RIP    03/19/19  (18)
Warren: DOJ should target white nationalists with full prosecution    03/19/19  (18)
#YellowVests loot designer clothing store, police try to stop but are fought off    03/18/19  (17)
Rate this 20 yr old girl on SA    03/18/19  (17)
Rate this Dallas McMansion    03/18/19  (17)
Reminder: you are not in Kiev, Ukraine (vid)    03/18/19  (17)
How old is too old to go to undergrad parties    03/18/19  (16)
We had moment of silence at company mtg today for NZ Muslims    03/18/19  (16)
Why do Jews love the NBA    03/19/19  (16)
Went to Wal-Mart today. When did they start locking up tide etc.?    03/18/19  (16)
Clinton and Obama economic adviser, GC cuck Alan Krueger, KILLSELF    03/19/19  (15)
UPS, FedEx et al. have no incentive to give a shit abt ur package anymore    03/19/19  (15)
Why do rich goys refuse to help their kids financially?    03/19/19  (15)
new lawsuit claims US Senate inherently violates Equal Protection clause    03/18/19  (15)
Trump administration proposes capping student loans    03/19/19  (15)
what the fuck happened to scene girls? they used to be everywhere.    03/18/19  (15)
XO Glenn Greenwald: Mueller is a Traitor    03/19/19  (14)
Want to use 4chan and 8chan: what do I do? Places are a mess    03/18/19  (14)
The movie Venom (2018) with Tom Hardy grossed $650 million    03/18/19  (14)