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Long distance GF lied to me    09/20/18  (156)
/*\BREAKING/*\ !!! Kavanaugh accuser's yearbook surfaces!!!    09/20/18  (105)
Popular terms used in law firm emails    09/20/18  (104)
Fml bought bottled beer for hotel room. No bottle opener.    09/20/18  (83)
Would you quit hedge fund jerb in MFH for 80k, 9 to 5 job in flyover    09/20/18  (76)
LIBS: Explain WHY exactly you're so MAF    09/20/18  (73)
GC Really Screws Incels Financially (In Comparison to DINKs)    09/20/18  (70)
Did Kavanaugh do the rape or is this a false allegation???    09/20/18  (68)
ITT: Post your top films of 2018    09/20/18  (68)
Lol at ZERO law professors coming out against the farce of 30 year old    09/20/18  (61)
Can someone expain what McConnell actually did re Garland?    09/20/18  (60)
shitlibs got Linus Torvalds to step down from his role as kernel gatekeeper    09/20/18  (60)
lol @ this fucking weirdo place, Lawman8 is "looking" for me    09/20/18  (59)
3 yrs as Excel monkey "analyst" at F500. What should next step be?    09/19/18  (55)
"What is HLS Doing About Professor Kavanaugh?"    09/20/18  (48)
Trump's boat joke from the other day was extremely 180    09/20/18  (46)
Upset Jew/he was running from his online feud/I bet he's never argued in    09/20/18  (43)
Unnngghhh...British SLAGS get me hard as fuck.    09/20/18  (41)
Middle aged to old men commuting in MFH subways...very depressing    09/20/18  (41)
Poasters in 2218 reciting the Sup Brady letter like Hail Mary    09/20/18  (40)
Rate this divorce client of mine    09/20/18  (38)
Applying Hitler's quote to Lawman8    09/20/18  (37)
The Mormon church is rapidly imploding and is in serious trouble    09/20/18  (36)
Feminazi: I don't care if innocent man loses job over false allegations    09/20/18  (35)
Even if Kavanaugh allegations were true, I wouldn't reject nominee over them    09/20/18  (35)
Amy Chua: I sexually harassed students so Kavanaugh is bad.    09/20/18  (34)
Listen to Lawman8's logic on why I have multiple accounts.    09/20/18  (33)
Upset Jews past is revealed    09/20/18  (33)
Rate this dancing Korean chick    09/20/18  (31)
Surreal Chad eating your future wife's pussy with his chicken beak mouth    09/20/18  (30)
what's the best lightly used luxury car?    09/20/18  (29)
do you respect "smart" people who aren't good at math?    09/20/18  (29)
The more I argued with them, the better I came to know their dialectic. First    09/20/18  (29)
ITT - What is the settlement value of my case?    09/20/18  (29)
Sorry libs, its over    09/20/18  (28)
Tesla Model 3 Haver, taking Q's    09/20/18  (28)
The value of a graduate degree in the U.S.    09/20/18  (28)
DTP taking questions on American obesity (9/19/2018)    09/19/18  (28)
ITT describe your common TREADMILL workout    09/20/18  (27)
Fat 35yo dork with 15yo dotter marries 19yo girl    09/20/18  (27)
Chuck Todd: Kavanaugh should demand an FBI investigation so theres no asterisk    09/20/18  (26)
loaning a friend $5k    09/20/18  (26)
Bootsy Collins Explains the ONE WEIRD TRICK to master funk bass    09/20/18  (26)
When does silent majority of fugly girls come for the heads of elite hot girls?    09/20/18  (26)
Merrick Garland removing Mission Impossible style Christine Ford mask    09/20/18  (25)
FBI Had "Two Sets Of Records" On Trump Investigation; Comey, McCabe Implicated    09/20/18  (22)
Space Jam 2 with LeBron is happening    09/20/18  (22)
Lawman gaped upset Jew so hard he won't be back for another week    09/20/18  (22)
NYT: The case for impeaching Kavanaugh    09/20/18  (21)