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ching chong taking q's on crypto and stuff    12/13/17  (100)
Pretty sure I'm in the friend zone with the girl (evan39)    12/13/17  (93)
Black leftist here: the demonization of whites really disturbs.    12/14/17  (84)
How did Bannon not vet Moore? Fucking hubris on his part    12/13/17  (82)
Kenny went solo and I've already sent him 10 cases (CSLG)    12/14/17  (71)
Missing Bitcoin is going to be one of my life's regrets    12/14/17  (68)
Nigs chimp out over AA Harvard acceptance    12/14/17  (62)
Never understood rich parents wanting their kids to strive in a profession    12/14/17  (57)
Turning down In-House Promotion    12/13/17  (55)
how is it a tax "cut" when people making 200-500K will pay more?    12/13/17  (51)
Real talk for Trumpmos regarding Moore and Trump    12/13/17  (51)
Anderson Cooper is claiming his twitter was hacked    12/13/17  (51)
Democrats really could annihlate the current iteration of the GOP    12/14/17  (47)
Do Asians have a harder time grasping individualism?    12/13/17  (46)
Alcoholic, gonna die from it, drinking tonight, taking Qs    12/14/17  (44)
Is EPAH low T? explain his rancid shitlibbery    12/13/17  (44)
POLL: whjat do you think happens to you after you die    12/14/17  (42)
Real talk: Funemployment was the happiest time of my adult life    12/13/17  (39)
Here's How Liberal Or Conservative Major News Sources Really Are (xo WSJ    12/13/17  (39)
the crypto discussions on worldstarhiphop.com are hilarious    12/14/17  (36)
What kind of shampoo do you pussys use?    12/14/17  (35)
the worst posters here are all libs ljl    12/13/17  (34)
There is something seriously strange going on with American women (video)    12/13/17  (34)
Trumpmo xoxo'ers undeniably mentally ill. Proof was the unrequited Moore support    12/13/17  (33)
Obama's former speechwriter can get any girl he wants    12/14/17  (31)
How to make your Chipotle burrito 86% bigger, for free (no guac trick    12/14/17  (30)
The rural Midwest is incredibly depressing, so isolated, lots of druggies    12/14/17  (30)
Hot little spicy Latina eye fucking me at coed beer hockey game.    12/13/17  (30)
rach can u please put a 1 thread per day limit on spaceporn    12/13/17  (30)
How often do you cc the CEO on your emails?    12/13/17  (29)
lawman8 now fully on board with child predators, racists, sexists, lib killers    12/13/17  (29)
That call from Mom telling you Dad has Alzheimers    12/13/17  (28)
this picture sums up everything wrong in America    12/13/17  (28)
Why does xo glamorize moving to hometown so much?    12/14/17  (27)
Sad that my kids won't get to see Europe    12/13/17  (27)
REMINDER: What happened in Alabama was nigs usurping the will of white voters    12/13/17  (27)
Hypo: Creep molests your 8 yo dotter. Do you plot his assassination, or let LEO    12/13/17  (26)
Trumpmos, I want your take on some projections re: future of GOP    12/13/17  (25)
Tmf has literally the most boring job in all of law. Compliance monkey at bank.    12/13/17  (25)
me too movement going too far: newly accused lawmaker commits SUICIDE    12/13/17  (24)
Gotta respect how lawman8 uses his power sparingly    12/13/17  (24)
Decided to search YouTube for my HS gf - LJL WHITE WOMEN!    12/13/17  (23)
dunkin donuts is fucking gross    12/13/17  (23)
reminder: Roy Moore was the worst candidate in modern political history    12/13/17  (23)
POLL: which dress is hotter (pics)    12/13/17  (23)
Spaceporn is being really high handed and annoying right now    12/13/17  (23)
Black dudes are often naturally jacked on diet of McDonalds & malt liquor    12/13/17  (22)
if an AI suddenly became sentient, why wouldnt it think its in a simulation    12/13/17  (22)
I don't get how ppl can be unemployed for 5+ months    12/13/17  (22)
If GOP is a serious bunch they need to bury every dem in sexual abuse allegation    12/13/17  (22)