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Who here has posted for 10+ years on xoxo and can prove it?    10/18/18  (127)
in your opinion, who were the WORST three poasters of all time?    10/18/18  (114)
sad to see people trying to carry water for the saudis    10/18/18  (79)
Rate Emma Watson's VC finance/tech douche (CHAD) boyfriend    10/18/18  (78)
Dems are closing beaches in FL because of the #RedTide (link)    10/18/18  (73)
ITT: ugliest posters on xo    10/18/18  (70)
2016 Election Night: For all the people here that WANTED Trump to win......    10/18/18  (61)
Golf: I have a 43 degree PW (??). Wedges start at 52. Sub 4i for 48?    10/18/18  (57)
Finally fucked my first Turdskin chick. Finally. Will give more deets tomorrow.    10/18/18  (57)
🚨Penn. Democrat forced to resign after FB posting "I stand for the flag" (lin    10/18/18  (55)
there's a 4th circuit nominee who is fucking 36! graduated ls in 2007!    10/18/18  (54)
I hate it when I see tall men with midget women    10/18/18  (54)
What will HUG be like if/when AA is outlawed and Asians are >50% of students?    10/18/18  (52)
Jezebel: #MeToo needs to apply to "gray areas" like regret sex (link)    10/18/18  (50)
It still blows my mind that the Astros are in the A.L.    10/18/18  (47)
NYT: White liberals hate other whites, ashamed of America    10/18/18  (47)
SUMMON: defense attorneys    10/18/18  (46)
HOLY SHIT - is this the most offensive/ridiculous political ad this year?    10/18/18  (45)
I got a fucking raccoon climbing up my staircase staring at me every night    10/18/18  (43)
be brutally honest—why haven’t you killed yourself yet?    10/18/18  (42)
Today I learned the CEO of In-N-Out Burger is a 36 y/o IBS shrew worth $3B    10/18/18  (40)
What do you hate most about yourself?    10/18/18  (39)
Kristen Bell: Snow White was raped when prince kissed her while sleeping (link)    10/18/18  (39)
You're Young!: Jennifer Love Hewitt is in her 30s    10/18/18  (38)
Have guys like libcrusher/lawman8 ever left CONUS or even their home state?    10/18/18  (38)
Emma Watson's hot little body (2006-2018)    10/18/18  (37)
Tunnel from Mexico to U.S. discovered with solar power, sub pumps, ELECTRIC RAIL    10/18/18  (37)
Which poaster is the "your favorite poaster's favorite poaster" of xo?    10/18/18  (37)
Ageism for low level white collar jobs is insanely bad    10/18/18  (37)
TRUMP: If Mexico does not stop the immigrant caravan we will CLOSE THE BORDER    10/18/18  (36)
Convince me not to buy opiates right now,    10/18/18  (35)
29 y/o law girl wants me to jerk off on video before we meet    10/17/18  (35)
How the hell is Harvard UG 15.8% black?    10/18/18  (34)
Will fuck a white South African girl who fled blacks. Taking Qs (TT6)    10/18/18  (34)
How many of you smoke weed before work as an atty?    10/18/18  (34)
RATE this Manhattan apartment    10/18/18  (34)
Men who go to "spin" class    10/18/18  (33)
Rate this rejection email from Kia Motors. TCTP    10/18/18  (33)
Need a Jewish person to rate this goy money saving tip from Reddit    10/18/18  (33)
Ermenegildo Zegna cr?    10/17/18  (32)
honestly don’t think I can take another year of a crypto bear market    10/18/18  (32)
Was there a single cool car that came out in the 80's?    10/18/18  (31)
one sign of disturbed people is how they constantly change appearance    10/18/18  (31)
I have a huge urge to propose to girl I've only known a few weeks    10/17/18  (31)
what is the moast prestigious ACADEMIC BACKGROUND for a gf?    10/18/18  (31)
Why are Spaniards so long-lived? Spain is about to overtake Japan.    10/18/18  (31)
The never ending story where his horse gets stuck in the mud    10/18/18  (30)
If I could go back in time and kill myself for buying crypto I'd take a bunch of    10/18/18  (30)
Weed is so chill man, it’s like harmless. *loses 10 iq points, becomes schizop    10/18/18  (29)
I weigh 178lbs now. Down from 195lbs 4 months ago. Rate me (pic)    10/18/18  (29)