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MAGA kid's statement (pdf)    01/21/19  (106)
hey ";;;..;..;;;.." - ur false alarm cop call on me worked, they came by today    01/21/19  (77)
Libs have all the MAGA teens numbered like a most wanted list wtf?    01/21/19  (75)
Taking Q’s on a 18000 NYE trip, top-5 for sure (RSF)    01/21/19  (69)
Travelmos -- where is the CR place in Europe to rent a villa and chill?    01/21/19  (54)
Megachurch girl was going to make me a home cooked meal    01/21/19  (53)
So Tom Brady is the GOAT now? It's settled?    01/21/19  (51)
440 lb man made flight attendants wipe his ass on flight, moaning "Go deeper"    01/21/19  (48)
Graduating in '08, ITE humilation, being fired, all made me an IRL cuckold    01/21/19  (48)
Tony Romo got the EXACT call right there    01/21/19  (47)
NYMag writer on MAGA teens: "I just want these people to die, simple as that"    01/21/19  (45)
what would you say to an indian who said "go back to europe"?    01/21/19  (45)
Here’s what Trumpmos don’t understand about the MAGA teens    01/21/19  (43)
Why are companies so stupid re: raises/promotions? Rather lose talent that give    01/21/19  (41)
Just finished 3some, finished inside girl who sent video of her to bf in Europe    01/21/19  (38)
6'2 is the ideal male height    01/20/19  (37)
And of course he wasn't a Vietnam vet. (cnn)    01/21/19  (35)
why do lawyers put 2 spaces after every period    01/21/19  (34)
Salary went up 6K, nothing else changed. Net take home only went up 2.5K. How?    01/21/19  (33)
Went on 3 dates with shrew that ended in hugs.    01/21/19  (31)
Rate these insane pension benefits    01/21/19  (31)
I have an unusually thick dick. Been using tinder to advertise. Holy shit.    01/21/19  (30)
HE DIDN"T TOUCH IT    01/20/19  (30)
Kathy Griffin surprisingly reasonable re MAGA teens    01/21/19  (28)
Online Dating Study: You're screwed    01/21/19  (28)
Is getting a brand new iPhone worth it?    01/21/19  (28)
I will spell moniker in the snow with piss of 10th person to bump this thread    01/21/19  (27)
why hasn't spaceporn lost custody to child protective services ?    01/21/19  (26)
NFL Overtime needs to allow the defense to win    01/21/19  (26)
When i was dating megachurch girl, I was working out 6 days/wk    01/20/19  (25)
Too amped from Pats win to sleep    01/21/19  (25)
Fucking L-O-L that exeunt told spaceporn he should call the FBI    01/21/19  (24)
Client texted me at midnight for update on his DUI case    01/20/19  (24)
This line re: public pensions makes my blood boil, even if they're right    01/21/19  (23)
this MAGA teens thing is insane    01/20/19  (23)
Say you were given 60 seconds to fuck any woman you wanted, what sex acts would    01/21/19  (23)
Gen Z will save this country    01/21/19  (23)
Can someone explain meaning of "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"?    01/21/19  (23)
Found a good job, but horrid commute.    01/21/19  (23)
true detective s3 crack in the case (spoilers)    01/21/19  (22)
Which dem POTUS candidate infuriated you the most? Gilibrand? Kamela?    01/21/19  (22)
Maybe the Chiefs shouldn’t have just cut their best player due to libs    01/20/19  (22)
What’s the credited hatchback to get?    01/21/19  (22)
Elizabeth Warren banging war drum in Trump's smirking face during debate    01/21/19  (22)
Prole tell: you don’t have MLK day off    01/21/19  (22)
Need an OTC sleep medicibe    01/20/19  (22)
Real Q: Are there any poasters that actually admit to being racist?    01/21/19  (21)
the true POWER of a smirk    01/21/19  (21)
PSA: nicotine is not harmless, causes blindness, tumor growth, etc.    01/21/19  (21)
Is there any point to having "Director" in front of my title if I am "Senior Cou    01/21/19  (20)