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Why is CSLG so impressed with himself? V100 partner makes 2x he does    12/17/17  (133)
One of the stable of alts finally revealed!    12/17/17  (86)
Mom put new husband ahead of me as beneficiary    12/17/17  (67)
Official Billy Joe Saunders-David Lemieux thread    12/17/17  (58)
Boy IQ sure doesnt account for much. Frat bros from college doing way better tha    12/17/17  (55)
Is Tezos going to be YUGE    12/17/17  (50)
Dating Life in BIGLAW    12/17/17  (44)
day 44 of squatting everyday - up 9 lbs    12/17/17  (43)
Lawman8 here. Wastred, taking qs    12/17/17  (43)
You poast itt any advice at all your father gave you re careers    12/17/17  (41)
I'm prepared to gamble my entire net worth to escape wagecuckery    12/16/17  (40)
sign in London advocates sex with refugees    12/17/17  (34)
Your grandma making your grandpa a christmas sweater, serving him cocoa    12/17/17  (33)
goddam wife. i take my kid to a fraternity reunion thing at a colleg buds house    12/17/17  (32)
Amateur investor here: how do marketcaps change?    12/17/17  (32)
Gf won't let me drink anymore after I got wasted a month ago. Now I can't sleep    12/17/17  (31)
ATTN: sell cardano now. don't be stupid    12/17/17  (31)
How does one join the crypto Slack?    12/17/17  (30)
Actual Eminem Lyrics. You can't Maek this up    12/17/17  (29)
ITT: I rate you as a town in ARE country    12/17/17  (29)
libs bleating: "3% GDP growth is impossible!!!" Trump's America = 4% GDP growth.    12/17/17  (28)
what should i get my gf for xmas this year? i am poor and she is prole    12/17/17  (28)
worst part of last jedi was Admiral Strong Woman    12/17/17  (28)
If you're UNDER 35 and make ABOVE 150K you make a top 3% income    12/17/17  (27)
I still cant believe 95%+ of Americans dont do crypto    12/17/17  (26)
Cryptocurrency is financial populism and it's not going away    12/17/17  (25)
Rate Gal Gadot without makeup (pic    12/17/17  (25)
That UFO video on nytimes is freaky as shit    12/17/17  (25)
Power outage at ATTTlanTTTa airporTTT causes pandemonium    12/17/17  (24)
While NOWAGs and trannies ragepoasted about me all day, I was busy with    12/17/17  (24)
You guys think my greatest achievement is "flame" (evan39)    12/17/17  (23)
Vanity Fair: Last Jedi offers the harsh condemnation of mansplaining we needed    12/17/17  (23)
does anyone ever make equity partner    12/17/17  (23)
I actually really enjoyed The Last Jedi. Fight me.    12/17/17  (23)
taco belll or panda express tonight ?    12/17/17  (23)
Lets list things we are grateful about    12/17/17  (23)
anyone else riding cardano to $200 USD?    12/17/17  (23)
Hapa Oregon Ducks cheerleader posing in a thong next to her dad (pic)    12/17/17  (22)
Final summary of the tax bill? ITT    12/17/17  (22)
White American Men    12/17/17  (22)
RATE the craziness of this chick after one date (texts)    12/17/17  (22)
Im afraid the shitlib wing of my firm is coming for me    12/17/17  (22)
Wait a sec, Moore hit on a 17-year old? Open borders it is then    12/17/17  (22)
Matt Damon story reads like fake news article    12/17/17  (21)
hahaha wife is a chump. i told her i had tongo to.work all day today, packed    12/17/17  (20)
Gave away 500 business cards as a white elephant gift (CSLG)    12/17/17  (20)
New film- What's going on with Anaheim?    12/17/17  (19)
**BREAKING** Letter to Congress from Trump Transition team counsel    12/17/17  (19)