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Washing your own car is extreme Goy bullshit    07/21/17  (44)
Super Metroid came out 23 years ago and there hasn't been a better game since    07/21/17  (29)
Doing Postbacc for Premed at 30 years old?    07/21/17  (21)
Mind blown: British people used to speak like Americans, not vice versa    07/21/17  (19)
Totally sedentary 34 year old office bro stays shredded on 4000 cals/day (link)    07/21/17  (14)
Looks like another ETH dip is coming    07/21/17  (14)
reminder: women are constantly shedding asymptomatically contagious HSV-2 herpes    07/21/17  (14)
its crazy how girls hotness in HS was determined by popularity    07/22/17  (13)
Who here got a 180 on the real LSAT?    07/21/17  (12)
Been washing bed sheets every 3 days lately. Sleeping a lot better    07/21/17  (9)
Going to put $1000 each on five different crypto coins. You pick which ones ITT.    07/21/17  (9)
Remember when ETH was DOUBLE this price? Very good deal on sale now.    07/21/17  (8)
Dads do you ever try on your teen daughters swimsuits when she isnt home?    07/21/17  (7)
Gf and i earn 6,750/month. Can we afford $1780 apt in Costa Mesa, OC    07/21/17  (7)
{\} Official AutoAdmit Mass Exodus 7/21/2017 {\}    07/21/17  (6)
wow the linkin park dude was tied into #pizzagate this is some serious shit (lin    07/21/17  (6)
What's with the dating profile obsession with WITTY BANTER    07/21/17  (6)
PSA: There is now a poaster on the 6th Circuit    07/21/17  (6)
I hate when people say "shoot me an email"    07/22/17  (5)
WWE is so bad this shit needs to go out of business    07/22/17  (5)
went down the ANDREW WK CONSPIRACY rabbit hole today ljl    07/21/17  (5)
An SF MOFO Litigator is det (link)    07/21/17  (4)
cancer cure idea: arm moderate tumors to defeat the malignant ones    07/22/17  (3)
Do you know anyone who is insecure about not having gone to an ivy league school    07/21/17  (3)
lol kyrie irving requests a trade    07/21/17  (3)
scaramucci wont last a year    07/21/17  (3)
STICKY: transitioning to somethingawful style format, hope you got tenbux    07/21/17  (3)
finally, a job offer. actually, two. which should i take?    07/22/17  (2)
BART Withholding Surveillance Videos Of Crime To Avoid Stereotypes    07/22/17  (2)
is sessions fucked? (link)    07/21/17  (2)
Why do Watchmen threads only get 2-3 replies?    07/21/17  (2)
JFC, cute so cal teen has her mom join in on her bikini try-on video (link)    07/21/17  (2)
how many african countries could you have drawn on a blank map in 7th grade?    07/21/17  (2)
dbg rate this online ad I was just served    07/21/17  (2)
Grew my own strawberries, they taste the same as store bought    07/22/17  (1)
really want a bean bag now    07/21/17  (1)
Mike Tyson's Punch Out speed runner boxes Tyson IRL, kicks his ass (link)    07/21/17  (1)
New R. Kelly biopic Fifty Shades of Yellow getting surpringly good reviews    07/21/17  (1)
Uber driver fingered me while I was drunk (twentynine)    07/21/17  (1)
just got dinged from assist manager position at 99 cent store    07/21/17  (1)
Do libs remember that BILL CLINTON PARDONED HIS OWN BROTHER    07/21/17  (1)
OMG, Spieth!!    07/21/17  (1)
george20 throwing away bags of birdseed after learning what pigeonhole means    07/21/17  (1)
Tax Foods: help me with student loan repayment q    07/21/17  (1)