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Peter theil thinks technology isn’t improving    03/24/19  (96)
Mass immigration destroyed the American identity    03/23/19  (94)
SRS Q: Will you give any money at all to your Alma Mater?    03/24/19  (49)
DTP taking questions here (3/23/2019)    03/23/19  (47)
ITT: State your HHI, breakdown of you/sig other, and ages    03/24/19  (45)
Man quits six-figure job to work at grocery store P/T, 'simplify' life    03/24/19  (38)
A Growing Problem in Real Estate: Too Many Too Big Houses [WSJ]    03/24/19  (37)
20 y/o female athlete flashes pussy, CNN wants to imprison anyone who notices    03/24/19  (36)
All this talk of HHI means xo cucks have accepted living off their wives' money    03/24/19  (31)
is 350k house on 150k HHI stupid?    03/24/19  (28)
libs are 100% coming for 2nd amendment within a decade    03/23/19  (26)
Whoa the Suburbs are 180 i should move    03/23/19  (25)
Your Volvo will soon call the cops on you if it thinks you've been drinking    03/23/19  (24)
I'm retiring unless I get rated by 10 posters in the next hour.    03/24/19  (24)
The one stay at home dad I thought was rocking it confessed he's miserable    03/23/19  (23)
black pill bros you need to have some hope    03/23/19  (22)
Insane/dating suicide to buy a house in the suburbs as 33 year old single bro?    03/23/19  (22)
fellow Maoists, come to me    03/24/19  (21)
Russiagate is a death-blow for the reputation of the American news media    03/24/19  (21)
Boomers getting tossed around by huge waves on viking cruise (video)    03/24/19  (19)
everyone forgot about charlie sheen?    03/24/19  (19)
Feels like I've aged 5-10 years in the last year or so    03/23/19  (18)
I want to have sex with my wife so badly    03/24/19  (18)
calling Villanova and Florida upsets    03/23/19  (18)
Kid-havers, how devastating was pregnancy on your wife's body?    03/23/19  (18)
Credited to fake faith in order to secure a wholesome wife and a community?    03/24/19  (17)
I wonder if any XO bros are having sex with a new chick tonight in their bed    03/24/19  (17)
I fucked the president of a sorority because we were both on sober duty    03/24/19  (17)
Why would parents allow their HS girl to get implants & lip fillers like this?    03/24/19  (16)
Saw "Apollo 11". 1969 United States is unrecognizable.    03/23/19  (16)
California injury lawyers, I have a pretty intense case if ur interested    03/23/19  (16)
Kobe Bryant's greatness will age better than Lebron's    03/24/19  (16)
reminder: whites are physically the strongest race. blacks only most athletic.    03/23/19  (15)
The state of technology is actually extremely depressing    03/24/19  (15)
xo creeps teach me how to bang 18 year old girls    03/23/19  (15)
Is buying Amazon Fire stick worth it if you don't have cable? Alternatives?    03/24/19  (14)
yo prince can you give me tips on starting out as a predator?    03/23/19  (14)
Should I order Wendy’s delivery?    03/23/19  (14)
Brothers, having the realization that you've completely wasted your 20s    03/24/19  (14)
Government employee here. everything they say about us is true    03/24/19  (13)
Wtf how did they make 3 of those Chris Pratt dinosaur movies?    03/24/19  (13)
fuk, getting banned from reddit for racism... so annoying    03/24/19  (13)
FF7 3/23 megathread    03/23/19  (13)
Just had some LAVA CAKES for the first time    03/24/19  (13)
Video of a sober intellectual debate in the Parliament of Uganda    03/24/19  (12)
Elizabeth Warren at 4% AHAHAHHAHAHA    03/24/19  (12)
Mueller report leaked on Scribd    03/23/19  (12)
when was the last time you felt like part of the cultural majority?    03/23/19  (12)