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I have no desire to visit China or India    12/18/18  (129)
BONER POLICE will get 1 new STD for every 100 posts/bumps ITT    12/17/18  (109)
At what weight class could you survive 3 rounds with current UFC champion?    12/18/18  (102)
This blows my mind: House Ethics Rules prevent me from receiving a $100 gift car    12/18/18  (77)
Dersh throws out a legal HYPOTHETICAL    12/18/18  (75)
Nate Silver: Russians making Facebook memes shifted the election towards Trump    12/18/18  (68)
Alt-Right Message Written On Free Speech Wall    12/18/18  (63)
this place has distinctly changed in the past 4 months    12/18/18  (61)
list xo poasters who are legitimately good people    12/18/18  (54)
Student loan debt is now twice as large as pre-ITE    12/18/18  (51)
Developed something of an obsession with this "sex island" scheme    12/17/18  (46)
is PANAMA CITY, PANAMA a kooky place to visit    12/18/18  (45)
17 active investigations against Trump... NBD, totally normal!    12/18/18  (43)
Amazing how many hot girls there are at the mall.    12/17/18  (42)
PDDJ Wants Me To Tell Prole Goy Mom We're Opting Out Of Goyishe Gift Exchanges    12/17/18  (41)
Libs want war in the Middle East with Saudi Arabia now why?    12/17/18  (40)
pay bar fees for associates?    12/18/18  (40)
ITT: Explain the origins of your now permanent moniker    12/18/18  (39)
list xo posters who are legitimately good looking people    12/17/18  (36)
So literal Mexican citizens loudly supported HER, but "Russians" were the issue?    12/17/18  (33)
🚨🚨🚨*** BEST THREADS OF 2018 RETROSPECTIVE *** 🚨🚨🚨 MONSTERDONG    12/18/18  (32)
Just put 15,000 on ND +14    12/17/18  (32)
Ocasio legalizing self-care.    12/18/18  (32)
WHen the fat pads in ur face are inevitably eroded/depleted, it's over (DTP)    12/17/18  (31)
Did you ever fuck a friend's girlfriend over vice versa?    12/17/18  (31)
PayPal bends the knee to SJW mob    12/17/18  (30)
Am I a good goyim for buying a $200 trash can? DBG please opine    12/17/18  (29)
Why do people say modern life is "so stressful" when it's never been easier?    12/18/18  (29)
that devry poster is 120 but he's right about biglaw pay    12/18/18  (29)
Senator Warren (Pocahontas) JUMP STARTS her 2020 bid by bashing whites (NYT)    12/17/18  (29)
Legal recruiter of mine says its really hard to hire in-house in the SF/SV area    12/18/18  (28)
I have done a YUUUGE amount of AUTISTIC as FUCK planning for 2019    12/18/18  (27)
Law Teen Is One Of The Stupidest Forcememes. Just Poast Hot Girls (PIC)    12/18/18  (26)
remember high school making arrangements to get beer/liquor for the weekend?    12/17/18  (24)
Got into a verbal argument w a lawyer/sole proprietor TCTP    12/17/18  (24)
Oh shit nyuug called out earl too    12/18/18  (24)
Devry/HYPMASTER setting the record STRAIGHT on NYUUGs pickup skills    12/18/18  (23)
Know anyone who has got a DUI? Did it destroy their life?    12/18/18  (22)
XO's hatred of marriage and online dating stem from    12/17/18  (22)
a lot of cute young women look pretty bad naked    12/17/18  (22)
Solos -- how to get from 200k to 500k+ in revenue?    12/18/18  (21)
Describe someone who goes to Sarah Lawrence or SMU?    12/17/18  (21)
if i was RSF i'd do a lot more yachting and private island type stuff    12/17/18  (20)
Dem Nominee will either be Joe Biden, Kamela Harris, or Michael Bloomberg    12/17/18  (20)
Rating the first 100 poasters as AirBnB properties    12/17/18  (19)
Marriage worthy girl sings in church (vid)    12/18/18  (17)
ITT: We crowdsource some gift ideas for various people we have to buy for.    12/17/18  (17)
Ukraine rebels announce date of Ukrainian offensive against them    12/17/18  (17)
Unsaid truth: Modern American women are simply not worthy mates    12/18/18  (17)
A full 2 yrs later: NYT still running 5 articles/day on "Russian internet trolls    12/18/18  (16)