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**** LORI LOUGHLIN BUSTED re fake SAT stuff: BREAKING ****    03/19/19  (685)
Did someone just livestream himself shooting up a mosque?    03/17/19  (252)
This "redpill" comic made me lol    03/15/19  (203)
Is A 1.5 Day Stopover In Rome Worth It?    03/18/19  (189)
Modern home trends that are gay as fuck    03/16/19  (175)
ITT, we vote on the official XO things: XO book, XO movie, XO woman, etc.    03/18/19  (145)
Poll: Should the kids whose parents cheated to get them in be expelled?    03/14/19  (136)
Lori Loughlin’s Daughter Vacationed On USC Trustees 216ft Yacht As Scandal Bro    03/15/19  (125)
Hypo: new chick is fantastic but reveals she has fucked *EIGHTY* (80) guys    03/14/19  (121)
Going to a top firm (V5, V10) is a straight-up horrible decision.    03/16/19  (121)
look, obviously the NZ shooting is tragic    03/16/19  (115)
Still not sure how Russians engaging in American politics undermines democracy    03/14/19  (115)
New MLB rules. Pitchers now must face min of three batters in a game.    03/14/19  (107)
How do people live making less than $200k?    03/18/19  (94)
if you don't see China as the next Great Civilization by now you're 100% blind    03/16/19  (92)
Chelsea Clinton CONFRONTED by the Left.    03/17/19  (92)
I am so sick of my husband    03/15/19  (92)
The day is finally upon us gents: Mikey Garcia vs Errol Spence. Holy shit.    03/17/19  (92)
I feel that I'm somewhat responsible for the "decline" of XO lately.    03/12/19  (91)
What city in the world has the best night scene?    03/19/19  (91)
holy shit BASED Australian senator DOUBLES DOWN    03/18/19  (86)
Why are you idiots cheering the death of innocent Muslims    03/15/19  (81)
Tarrant manifesto much better than Breivik’s, leagues better than Supreme Gent    03/17/19  (80)
Why do people like clubbing? What is there fun about it?    03/18/19  (78)
Many adults not saving    03/18/19  (78)
Has "taking someone back" ever worked out before?    03/18/19  (77)
Tulsi getting zero traction. Sad. May not even make debates.    03/19/19  (77)
Last Grandparent Just Died, My Family Likely Disinherited. Contest For Shits?    03/19/19  (74)
Pick your wife’s weight. It’s also her IQ    03/18/19  (73)
Benzo has been sentenced    03/14/19  (72)
Why Are Feds Even Policing Victimless Shit Like Admissions Fraud?    03/18/19  (72)
Predict what will realistically happen if/when libs retake POTUS    03/12/19  (72)
Well it's official: my wife and my mom hate each other    03/12/19  (71)
rate this letter from a WWII naval officer to his 5yo son    03/17/19  (70)
NYT: Restaurants not doing enough to accommodate the morbidly obese    03/15/19  (69)
I want to marry this cute chick who bullies people in videogames    03/19/19  (69)
If you’re white and don’t have 3+ kids you don’t care about western civili    03/17/19  (68)
Sad Divorced Bro Check In    03/16/19  (68)
Not a lawyer, but can the Wilkie partner be disbarred over this?    03/14/19  (66)
200K "Policy Director" role as a way to LEAVE | THE | LAW    03/14/19  (66)
Max house with 500k HHI, 500k down payment? 2.5M doable or no?    03/18/19  (65)
Teen Beto considered outting sluts as AIDS-havers to local Nazis    03/16/19  (64)
T/F - CSLG's Law Practice Is Shadier Than The Celeb SAT Shop?    03/14/19  (63)
Explain tattoos please    03/14/19  (63)
5 seconds into the manifesto and weve got typos and shit. not looking good    03/15/19  (62)
Christchurch Mosque was a literal Al Qaeda recruitment center    03/18/19  (61)
ITT Post Your Intersectionality Score    03/16/19  (60)
US population 350 million x $12,000 / yr = only $350 billion/year    03/17/19  (58)
So Beto posted on anon chatbort in 87 and it’s found now? LJL at XO    03/18/19  (57)
The SAT and the ACT were compromised    03/13/19  (57)
Sierra Nevada “Brut IPA” drinking session Roll Call ITT (Epah)    03/16/19  (54)
The Atlantic: Invesment Bankers Debate Best Way to Kill Themselves    03/15/19  (53)
As a teen did you ever have an older woman push your boundaries sexually    03/18/19  (53)
Vid of Gordon Caplan walking out of court (xoDM)    03/14/19  (52)
Coulter presents objective data regarding Trump's performance in office so far    03/14/19  (52)
Why do people think the 737 Max 8 is defective?    03/13/19  (52)
Insurance company defending faggots on xo    03/14/19  (51)
Not a lib, but speech on the internet should be more regulated    03/15/19  (51)
What is one of the creepiest or scariest things you ever experienced?    03/13/19  (51)
What kind of person wears ties without a jacket to work daily?    03/14/19  (51)
average new car loan in the US was $545/mo, $387 for used, 6% intertest LMAO    03/18/19  (50)
Docs DO NOT KNOW why people CANT lose weight AFTER anti-depressants    03/14/19  (50)
DOW Chemicals caught on video abusing dogs, force feeding them PESTICIDES and ki    03/18/19  (50)
Black female Boeing engineer angrily claps in face of FAA investigator (video)    03/18/19  (50)
XO's new fav Aussie senator punches kid after getting egged    03/18/19  (50)
Russia and China would destroy 95% of NATO combat power in 7 days of fighting    03/13/19  (49)
BREAKING NEWS: Money letters go down in number, suitmen not happy (NYT)    03/18/19  (49)
another Trumpmo about to lose her job for being a vile disgusting PoS    03/18/19  (49)
43 demands currently pending (CSLG)    03/18/19  (49)
where can I watch the CHRISTCHURCH video????    03/17/19  (49)
still amazes me: entire world coordinated to stop Trump and he still won    03/13/19  (49)
Tulsi Gabbard takes 180 free speech civil liberties position on Facebook.    03/15/19  (48)
rest of world: grounds Boeing MAX; U.S.: Meh, they look safe    03/18/19  (48)
the nz shooting thing is depressing    03/15/19  (48)
My TV is broke. What 65” TV should I buy?    03/15/19  (46)
NYT: Admissions Scandal Is a Harsh Lesson in Racial Disparities    03/15/19  (46)
Irishize your monikers ITT    03/17/19  (46)
Went on a date with a model, taking Qs    03/18/19  (45)
BAM! You're a PGA pro. What company do you want on your hat?    03/17/19  (45)
Why is it still so difficult to build jet engines with modern computers?    03/15/19  (45)
I hate people who call their cars "my DAILY DRIVER"    03/18/19  (44)
Wait. Why do "elite" schools admit walk ons for non-revenue sports w/o scrutiny?    03/14/19  (44)
Rate this 54 year old MILF whose kid got "athletic" bump to Oklahoma State    03/12/19  (44)
Rating poasters as Metal albums I love (Mpa)    03/14/19  (44)
Strivers done here    03/15/19  (44)
ITT Andrew Yang’s ideas are sold in Trump’s manner of speaking.    03/14/19  (43)
My fat gf doesn’t like that I’m losing weight, says she wants a “teddy bea    03/14/19  (43)
Bonfire of the Vanities is probably the official XO novel (2 total in March)    03/18/19  (43)
Reminder: Boeing and the FAA were willing to let you die    03/15/19  (43)
Boeing's greed likely cost several hundred people their lives    03/14/19  (43)
think back to elementary school: they lied to you everyday    03/18/19  (42)
Who will you vote for if the election is Trump vs Yang?    03/14/19  (42)
Video montage of New Zealand shooting    03/16/19  (42)
At what point does the NBA give up on LeBron?    03/18/19  (42)
Met a college athlete on the dance floor, fell in love instantly.    03/18/19  (41)
Boxing general discussion    03/17/19  (41)
Recommend a daily carry KNIFE    03/19/19  (41)
Worst Performance SUV?    03/17/19  (41)
just bought oakley sunglasses after wearing $5 knockoffs for the last 20 years    03/18/19  (41)
Tuition for in-state Big State U is so cheap we don't really need "free college"    03/14/19  (40)
Colbert DESTROYS Tucker Carlson’s apology    03/13/19  (40)
Transatlantic telegraph laid in 1858; reduced comms time from weeks to mins    03/13/19  (40)
Spaceporn here    03/18/19  (40)
Caught insurance fraud today    03/19/19  (40)
wtf is going on here    03/12/19  (40)
Kind of ridiculous how big of a faggot DBG is    03/18/19  (39)
Trump on Boeing 737 issue: “Airplanes are becoming far too complex to fly.    03/13/19  (39)
USS Fitzgerald before fatal collision - Combat Info Center was like a hobo camp    03/14/19  (39)
Cops knew Watts did it from the start    03/14/19  (39)
Trumpmos w/ brain, u know in back of ur mind that he's not getting re-elected    03/16/19  (38)
Client "I need to speak w my wife first" ME: "who wears the pants in the relatio    03/17/19  (38)
i dont look people in the eye unless i absolutely have to    03/12/19  (38)
rate this Ukrainian girl with oafish tits (pic)    03/18/19  (38)
men in Spain were almost completely wiped out 4,000 years ago, but women? Lol    03/17/19  (38)
"Don't crash" was a Boeing 737 MAX upsell that included floor mats.    03/15/19  (38)
Has anyone actually had a hook up before    03/17/19  (38)
Tucker’s monologue last night was sheer poetry    03/13/19  (38)
Rate this former NFL lineman's weight loss    03/18/19  (37)
Rate my IPA tits (Epah)    03/18/19  (37)
Just lol at laveon bell    03/14/19  (37)
How do I become more articulate?    03/14/19  (37)
The first 3 posters ITT will get a VIDEO SHOUTOUT during NYU CALI models+bottles    03/18/19  (36)
rate these snapchat audio recordings my gf sent me tonight bc i didnt sleep over    03/13/19  (36)
so basically u struggle in biglaw for 4-5 years -> nice inhouse/policy dir job?    03/15/19  (36)
How much would you pay, today, to guarantee your kid admission to USC?    03/13/19  (36)
French are 180. Yellow vest protests are incredible.    03/19/19  (35)
What is it like having ugly children?    03/15/19  (35)
To the Xenophobes in Are Country:    03/15/19  (35)
can white meat pork actually be good?    03/18/19  (35)
so we looked at the anti-semitic trope data (steve sailer)    03/13/19  (35)
NZ shooter had a really cute GF (pic)    03/15/19  (35)
which childhood movie did u love that was also oddly prescient?    03/16/19  (35)
Holy shit that video is one of the most surreal things I’ve seen    03/15/19  (35)
Is this a good shotgun for home defense?    03/15/19  (34)
Good friend turned out to be a sociopathic liar. Very disturbed today.    03/13/19  (34)
Got banned from dropbox for uploading that NZ shooting    03/19/19  (34)
Every law review editor-in-chief/president at top schools is a woman.    03/17/19  (34)
Heres how to save the West    03/16/19  (34)
Was asked to give best man speech at wedding. I’ll probably pee my pants.    03/15/19  (34)
should i watch the NZ shooter video or no? im scared    03/15/19  (33)
Rate kiwifarms owner reply to NZ police in regarding posts about the NZ shooting    03/17/19  (33)
Favorite Robert Stack & Unsolved Mysteries Episodes that scared shit out of you    03/18/19  (33)
Indian Wells - 3/13 Men’s R16 #tennis    03/18/19  (33)
Tips on successfully getting out of jury duty?    03/14/19  (32)
lawman8 supporting literal terrorist movements then getting upset when    03/15/19  (32)
Rating you as interactions between nubile young women and CharlesXII    03/18/19  (32)
anyone here ever do tax resolution cases?    03/14/19  (32)
Breaking right wing thinking from GC allows space for right wing environmentalis    03/17/19  (32)
It depresses me that only a handful of races are capable of higher level thinkin    03/16/19  (32)