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*** Official Game of Thrones - Season Finale thread ***    05/21/19  (272)
What are some forgotten things from the early years of the Internet?    05/24/19  (200)
What is your single absolute favorite fast food item from any chain?    05/25/19  (179)
Craigslist used car sale took me to the fucking cleaners. Taking insults    05/25/19  (162)
What is the cr watch to buy for someone who doesn't want to spend thousands?    05/26/19  (147)
Woman discovered her book is fraud live on air radio.    05/25/19  (147)
Rating poasters as made-up theme parks    05/22/19  (144)
Credited way to killself that will definitely look like an accident?    05/24/19  (138)
financial advisor here taking your q's    05/25/19  (137)
not flame trying to be a virtuous person just turns you into an incel loser    05/24/19  (131)
Now the dust has settled: spaceporn was a good poster    05/25/19  (121)
Poast things that are going well in your life or bring you joy    05/23/19  (118)
Describe a lawyer who makes only $120k mid-career    05/26/19  (118)
Rating posters as dumb/questionable things from Season 8 of GoT    05/24/19  (110)
What were some GoT plots that turned out to be pointless?    05/23/19  (109)
NV passes bill to give EVs to national popular vote winner, trumptard fuming    05/25/19  (102)
Visited Are Country this weekend. It's 180 and like going back in time    05/23/19  (101)
What car can I afford on a $240k yearly income?    05/20/19  (89)
Do you have a vagina? No? Then you have no say on this abortion debate.    05/20/19  (87)
NYT op-ed blames liberal NIMBY for CA housing crisis. LJL@comments    05/24/19  (87)
Down to 235 lb guys. Clothes are starting to fit again. Face looks less bloated.    05/24/19  (85)
happiest of all wives in America are religious conservatives [NYT]    05/20/19  (84)
best high IQ television series?    05/25/19  (83)
Velocity is strangling baseball — and its grip keeps tightening    05/22/19  (78)
Breaking Bad is probably the only show that stuck the landing well    05/22/19  (77)
󠀠    05/25/19  (76)
Great long read by an academic trying to get laid on tinder    05/23/19  (72)
What State in the Lower 48 has the most depressing and worst weather?    05/23/19  (71)
ROFLMAO, rate this pic of hikers waiting to reach top of Mt Everest    05/25/19  (71)
Fuck. Electoral College close to being nullified.    05/23/19  (69)
RATE my weekend plans & poast your own ITT    05/24/19  (68)
RATE this PRESTIGIOUS CONDO in CHICAGO    05/23/19  (68)
UNC lib steals pro-life sign, gets immediately stopped and arrested (vid)    05/24/19  (67)
New Gillette commercial shows dad teaching tranny son how to shave (link)    05/26/19  (67)
sexually confused dork of a friend banged a tranny tonight lmfao    05/26/19  (67)
getting kinda bored of gf after 11 months. normal?    05/22/19  (66)
My brother is a BIG futurist, taking ?’s    05/22/19  (65)
Board minorities, has xo HARDENED you to racism?    05/19/19  (64)
wife's friend married much older guy. he got laid off. just wants to chill.    05/25/19  (64)
Dumb here. What does Roe v Wade say about abortions?    05/21/19  (64)
Lazy ass PhD student now a Dr. Lazy Ass Professor... sup    05/25/19  (64)
Millennial should be 1985-1995    05/25/19  (64)
Chances Trump is re-elected?    05/19/19  (63)
EMERGENCY THREAD! This is Rudolph. If you've posted since 2005 come here ASAP.    05/24/19  (62)
Birdbrain yoga instructor missing for TWO WEEKS in small park    05/25/19  (60)
What are your worst Uber/Lyft experiences?    05/25/19  (60)
Leo Dicaprio's new girl (hot as fuck) (milk truck alert)    05/24/19  (59)
Best cheesesteak ever, Geno’s or Pats?    05/23/19  (58)
New Race and IQ study out destroys the idea of inherent racial IQ gap    05/24/19  (58)
Hypo: air conditioning made illegal in USA. which areas remain inhabitable?    05/26/19  (58)
im fucking depressed    05/25/19  (57)
I’m gonna move out West    05/21/19  (56)
Frigid Offices Might Be Killing Women’s Productivity    05/25/19  (55)
What were some GOP conspiracy theories that turned out to be pointless?    05/23/19  (55)
ITT you help JCM continue to lose weight    05/25/19  (55)
chipotle got so shitty so fast    05/24/19  (54)
Stop Mel Gibson’s new anti-Semitic movie, if needed by erecting new laws (link    05/23/19  (53)
reddit aspies discuss how to poast MPA threads:    05/24/19  (53)
what would you do if you're me? 32F married    05/24/19  (52)
DESCRIBE the mindset that leads women to get tatted up    05/26/19  (52)
The MOST Jewish colleges RANKED in order    05/24/19  (52)
whats the longest youve ever retired from xo    05/24/19  (51)
Recommend me a song important to you and I'll give it a listen    05/24/19  (51)
Things ONLY low IQ people LOVE    05/24/19  (50)
Previews for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Tarantino) is out. Thoughts?    05/23/19  (50)
honestly US should just triple down and bankrupt China back to stone age    05/21/19  (48)
I lost 10lbs. How much weight should i lose now? SFW    05/22/19  (48)
Moby & Natalie Portman dispute whether they ever dated    05/25/19  (47)
Lol Margot Robbie, 28 y/o white woman, already starting to get ghoul face (DTP)    05/23/19  (47)
Abortion kills mostly niggers    05/20/19  (47)
Libs vandalize "problematic" pioneer statue    05/23/19  (47)
Thousands of Africans take over Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris    05/20/19  (47)
After 3 sexual partners women are emotionally destroyed for life hth    05/23/19  (46)
Copped a BJ from a tranny last week. Taking Qs. I'm gay btw.    05/25/19  (46)
I just tested POZ for HSV-1 and CHLAMYDIA    05/24/19  (45)
John Wick 3 might be the worst movie I have ever seen holy shit    05/21/19  (45)
Rate this CHAD that took Sasha Obama to prom    05/25/19  (45)
South Korea is literally finished as a nation    05/23/19  (45)
I need a wife. I want all your dating tips and tricks.    05/21/19  (45)
Aaron Rodgers, with a dime on his side, can't drink a half a beer    05/26/19  (44)
In Japan everyone gets a public insurance plan    05/22/19  (44)
not flame can someone explain to me how michael jordan is undisputed "best athle    05/24/19  (43)
Trump's ALPHA POWER MOVE leads opponents agape.    05/22/19  (43)
Ever notice that CSLG never poasts anything negative about himself?    05/23/19  (43)
ITT poast the best psychiatric drugs    05/26/19  (43)
being in Southern California its hard to be super distressed about Mexicans    05/25/19  (42)
Has anyone seen this “How Far is Tattoo Far” show on MTV? Best show on tv    05/21/19  (42)
Bort olds, how 180, when parents let u rent a movie and a game from blockbuster    05/23/19  (42)
LMAO Avenatti charged with stealing $300k from Stormy Daniels    05/23/19  (42)
Incompetent minority pilots canned; Navy’s solution? Ban non-PC callsigns    05/25/19  (41)
DTP taking questions on contemplating death (5/22/2019)    05/23/19  (41)
New York during the time of Seinfeld seems amazing    05/26/19  (41)
Just ordered 300 condoms online for $42 USD. Taking ?s ITT.    05/22/19  (41)
Worse finale: LOST or GOT?    05/21/19  (40)
Talk me out of converting to Islam    05/25/19  (40)
Life seems to be becoming extremely shitty    05/22/19  (40)
What was your red-pill and why was it Trayvon Martin?    05/21/19  (40)
Why Do Oriental Parents Emphasize Hard Work Over Working Smart & Efficiently?    05/21/19  (39)
Morehouse College commencement speaker will pay off all of c/o 2019's loans    05/20/19  (39)
Bozeman vs Butte vs Helena vs Missoula    05/23/19  (39)
Just put down 5k on Milwaukee at 2.17 to win Game 6 in Toronto    05/25/19  (39)
Never ending abortion debate is yet another reason why humanity sucks    05/20/19  (38)
Memorial Day weekend bachelor party crew -- check in ITT.    05/24/19  (38)
Read some Nietzsche, it's like 80% rambling    05/25/19  (38)
China and Islam will be the biggest pains in the ass of the 21st Century    05/20/19  (38)
i live prince. Nothing better than someone who has a 107 iq and opinions about    05/25/19  (37)
AOC: Growing cauliflower in community gardens is colonialism    05/24/19  (37)
Google 5s44YzOs9pw    05/25/19  (37)
Rate this big titted LA teen shopping in a tube top    05/24/19  (37)
The High-Paid DC Millennials Who Are Using Side Hustles to ‘Ball-Out’”    05/24/19  (37)
Whats heroin/fentanyl like?    05/23/19  (37)
Estimate Kobe's IQ    05/25/19  (37)
How can Trump win MI and PA against Biden?    05/22/19  (36)
Older millennials in fight of their lives to not be considered millennials    05/24/19  (36)
Rating poasters as dog breeds ITT throughout the day    05/23/19  (36)
dumb fucks with no internal monologue who need 'burning man' and 'polyamory'    05/25/19  (36)
psychedelics are flame    05/23/19  (36)
Why do Lithuanians commit so many crimes?    05/24/19  (35)
Millennials are FUCKED (LINKEDIN POST)    05/21/19  (35)
pirates, where do you find torrents nowadays?    05/23/19  (35)
2019 BigTen Predictions    05/25/19  (35)
Buttigieg: We should remove Thomas Jefferson's name and likeness off everything    05/19/19  (34)
Amazing how awful some people look when they lose a ton of weight    05/21/19  (34)
Need some1 to tell me *exactly* what Islam is wrong about    05/21/19  (34)
Why didnt you try to be an engineer, someone that contributes?    05/21/19  (34)
Rate this Asian girl covering CLOSER by NIN    05/26/19  (33)
ITT Popular people who you don't "get"    05/25/19  (33)
the vibe here has been very chill lately    05/24/19  (33)
You can literally buy entire house kits on amazon now (link)    05/22/19  (33)
Looked up another "Good" asian girl on FB. Of course her exes are all there (DTP    05/26/19  (33)
Ever notice that DTP never poasts anything positive about himself?    05/23/19  (33)
Breaking point: shrew goes off on proles.    05/23/19  (32)
Still confused as to where DTP's will to live comes from    05/21/19  (32)
Google image search your moniker and poast the first result...    05/25/19  (32)
Blue Velvet being re-released as part of Criterion Collection; 1 hr additional s    05/24/19  (32)
Upset Jew here, taking Qs in case you don't feel like talking to ARE Reptile    05/24/19  (32)
Two people take selfies with Daenarys Targarean hiking in the woods after finale    05/21/19  (32)
NY Federal Reserve Chief: Take out a HELOC or 2nd mortgage to consume more! Hehe    05/23/19  (32)
I have a horrible personality, no interests, and no marketable skills.    05/22/19  (32)
Amash will cost Trump re-election    05/23/19  (31)
NBAmos: Why didn't older players practice shooting as much as Curry/Harden?    05/21/19  (31)
IQ rates are falling in Western countries. Experts are puzzled as to why. (Link)    05/23/19  (31)
Huge variation in salaries as a big law partner    05/25/19  (31)
Indian tech bros are all JJJulias    05/26/19  (31)
So is my Huawei fucked?    05/24/19  (31)
How come xo criticizes reddit as an inferior board?    05/21/19  (31)
Shit like Ayahuasca only works on people with no inner monologue    05/23/19  (30)
do people give a shit if you wear a watch or not    05/24/19  (30)