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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/17/19  (245)
Ocasio pwns Beltway establishment with video game pun. 🎮    01/18/19  (4)
community_account tp— let's bash this TTT    01/18/19  (5)
Hey ACP, how was it being the only Jew at Dowling Catholic?    01/18/19  (6)
Christianity would be 180 if real    01/18/19  (72)
Having a thin penis is probably one of life’s greatest curses after being shor    01/18/19  (1)
Alex Kozinski now running a one-man firm in TORRANCE    01/18/19  (41)
Zac Efron is such a hot jacked Chad, I would kill my wife & kid to blow him    01/18/19  (4)
Staying in top floor of the finest hotel in Spokane    01/18/19  (35)
lib fantasy Mueller Report: "Jail 4 TraitorTrump" IRL: "irregularities occurred"    01/18/19  (4)
19 year old graduating from NYPD academy for $6700    01/18/19  (6)
DNA suggests modern races are descendants of warring tribes of apes    01/18/19  (12)
"Land where my fathers died,Land of the pilgrims' pride" *mariachi music begins*    01/18/19  (9)
Would you buy this lamp for $2,200?    01/18/19  (4)
DEMETRIUS "BOO BOO" ANDRADE vs ARTUR AKAKOV thread    01/18/19  (18)
crazy how we rightwingmos have the fed govt + truth on our side and nothing else    01/18/19  (2)
dirte do you think your dad ever turned down teen pussy?    01/18/19  (13)
ordered a fitbit    01/18/19  (17)
bort is dying, good riddance    01/18/19  (4)
President Donald Trump's ability to get his enemies to selfpwn is extraordinary    01/18/19  (1)
*holds microscope up to MiG's tiny, usless PissPimple*    01/18/19  (12)
Hey Obeezy, can we get your thoughts on the Buzzfeed debacle?    01/18/19  (2)
ITT: a few hints about charlie brown/comma shitmod's IRL    01/18/19  (1)
Another pathetic night for Obeezy    01/18/19  (4)
Having bad parents is one of the worst curses in life    01/18/19  (48)
dennis tp taking SONG REQUESTS    01/18/19  (46)
and it was SQUANCH SQUANCH SQUANCH til CPS took the asian away    01/18/19  (24)
SP here. kid just said hed rather be w the thai boys in the cave wtf?    01/18/19  (4)
FINAL vocaroo - Toto's "Africa"    01/18/19  (20)
How badly do libs crave living under an Islamic caliphate?    01/18/19  (2)
“Rach has been notified” squeaks spaceporn 2 the pumo emptying his balls in    01/18/19  (7)
Why the fuck did St. Louis have two baseball teams?    01/18/19  (9)
The worst part of spaceporn posts: the bizarre cadence and spelling mistakes    01/18/19  (35)
Historically important poster discussing rectal prolapse, mr.jinx, bottom's life    01/18/19  (17)
Let us not forget: it was the MEDIA that first said TRUMP created fake news    01/18/19  (3)
Would love to drop middling IQ "uspo" in a woodchipper    01/18/19  (127)
21 year old mixed girl - help me guess her ethnicity    01/18/19  (43)
Was Cohen story PLANTED by TRUMP to pwn wlmas types?    01/18/19  (2)
"kid's a natural" (Peterman watching spaceporn jr get gangfucked)    01/18/19  (9)
Fridays are so much better when my faggot Shrew wife is out of town.    01/18/19  (23)
;;;..;..;;;.. (WLMAS's latest stalker account) completely losing his mind tonigh    01/18/19  (17)
really proud of lobstah tp    01/18/19  (8)
Anyone else getting increasingly mentally ill every single day    01/18/19  (6)
Seiko SKX007 on a Bond Nato Strap.    01/18/19  (5)
Trump directed Cohen to lie to Congress    01/18/19  (137)
is there ANY xo poaster more universally liked than dirte?    01/18/19  (12)
what is it like for a guy with kids to go through divorce?    01/18/19  (5)
Ten Generations of an American Family    01/18/19  (9)
In new statement BuzzFeed: we saw the documents re Perjury    01/18/19  (10)
Libs: why do you keep hiring this Jason Leopold guy?    01/18/19  (1)
is Matt Damon the fakest hollywood alpha ever?    01/18/19  (57)
Seriously though, how DO you get promoted    01/18/19  (6)
10 Made Up Fake News Stories About Trump and Russia (You Wont Believe #8!)    01/18/19  (1)
Work weekends to get promoted, cr?    01/18/19  (12)
I think rachmiel shadow banned me    01/18/19  (4)
k yeah
   01/18/19  (1)
xoxo needs a Revision History for when ppl make edits    01/18/19  (2)
Put father in a home last night and haven't stopped crying    01/18/19  (9)
One set of footprints: WLMAS lost his legs from diabetes, you carrying him    01/18/19  (18)
Manchester City to loan Uriel Antuna to the LA Galaxy    01/18/19  (1)
Official WLMAS Naltrexone Fund    01/18/19  (13)
crazy how tons of western countries committed suicide-by-immigration haha    01/18/19  (3)
libs using focus on RBG to hide fact that Breyer's been dead for years    01/18/19  (2)
180 to weak protestant beta men    01/18/19  (1)
how on earth do u people see EMPLOYER as a FRIEND    01/18/19  (1)
[--] bump this thread when yu see it    01/18/19  (2)
I’ll have comments for you in the morning. Have a good weekend.    01/18/19  (2)
I literally see my boss as my second dad    01/18/19  (1)
Speak now or forever hold your peace *assfaggot S Hawking voice* "fuck nigs"    01/18/19  (20)
Downtown Disney with Chandler, Kenny, and CSLG... (CSLG)    01/18/19  (48)
whats better? 150k pension or 10mm saved retirement?    01/18/19  (84)
red bottom bonobos or whatever, hilarious game    01/18/19  (1)
USPO stares into the toilet and sees his own reflection in water, oh it's a turd    01/18/19  (10)
SP here. Kid finally beat me in the “Face Fart” game we play. He’s growing    01/18/19  (19)
"No worries, gives me more time to work on my Ohashi floor routine haha"    01/18/19  (4)
Just cost myself $500 by telling the truth    01/18/19  (1)
Energy saving idea: flashlight + ton of mirrors    01/18/19  (1)
TCTP do you cold call    01/18/19  (15)
Hypo: $600k annual salary but you have to read female restaurant reviews on yelp    01/18/19  (12)
Charlie Brown: shitmods while eating chocolate banana bread and shitting pants    01/18/19  (2)
why is store brand soda so bad?    01/18/19  (5)
Buzzfeed: "10 reasons we're a real news source -- you won't believe #4!"    01/18/19  (1)
LOL Buzzfeed: we have not seen the evidence Trump ordered Cohen to lie    01/18/19  (17)
Reminder: Charlie Brown is a mentally ill boomer that shits his pants    01/18/19  (3)
So WashPost, CNN, MSNBC looking endlessly, but BUZZFEED breaks this story    01/18/19  (76)
Trump: Fake News is truly the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE    01/18/19  (7)
Mueller presenting his report: "Arrest that man!" *points at Hillary*    01/18/19  (1)
buddy's 14 y/o son got a bj from a 12 y/o girl; recorded it; girl's parents foun    01/18/19  (172)
Real talk: libs don't think Trump is a Russian spy. But they really hope he is.    01/18/19  (2)
LJL at this HONY subject that fell for the LS scam    01/18/19  (6)
get naked and lift the heaviest things you can find    01/18/19  (11)
Hot take: IDGAF if WLMAS is shitmodded into bort retirement    01/18/19  (2)
luis when meetup    01/18/19  (1)
Protip: stay at intensely insane hotels or resorts    01/18/19  (3)
LMAO , WLMAS has 12 (TWELVE) different quotemo/pumo accounts he's used in last    01/18/19  (2)
****OFFICIAL Jason Van Dyke Verdict Watch Thread****    01/18/19  (50)
Man lights chinese firework store on fire (video)    01/18/19  (1)
crazy how quick that buzzfeed propaganda got DISAVOWED    01/18/19  (4)
Rate this L.A. blonde's body    01/18/19  (30)
Reminder: this is ur average LAUSD teacher    01/18/19  (8)
Trump cancels Pelosi’s field trip over her misbehavior    01/18/19  (214)
Libs, name other times when Mueller disputed a public comment.    01/18/19  (2)
Oasis - Don't Lift Clothed In Anger    01/18/19  (42)
30+ pumos. 1 poster. WLMAS. This is his story.    01/18/19  (58)
So it’s now clearly established that spammer stalker ;;;..;..;;;.. is WLMAS    01/18/19  (37)
Stephen King’s The Stand: Complete and Uncut includes like 150 pages of    01/18/19  (13)
CNN's Cuomo: "Mueller didn't do journalists any favors tonight"    01/18/19  (2)
That feel 😞 when you click "poasted in" and see a sea of purple    01/18/19  (3)
Here's the debrief with megachurch girl    01/18/19  (6)
Wow Linares got DROPPED    01/18/19  (12)
don't worry mig i'm sure God loves the retarded too    01/18/19  (1)
Sp here. kid wont eat the damn tuna sandwich i made him!    01/18/19  (4)
Final solution to the journalist question?    01/18/19  (4)
Solve this puzzle: _UCK _E IN THE A_ _ TONIGHT    01/18/19  (4)
Straight men get pegged for the first time (Buzzfeed) (black reaction video):    01/18/19  (1)
This Buzzfeed thing looks like a coordinated hit job    01/18/19  (20)
"Yeah? Well you'll NEVER have an asian wife, LOSER!" shouted the lawyer    01/18/19  (48)
Evolution is a fascinating topic whereby man evolved from dust    01/18/19  (1)
Remember Glenn Thrush? LOLOLOLOLOL    01/18/19  (2)
Peterman here. 4 drinks deep. Taking Qs for 10 minutes.    01/18/19  (64)
in exactly 2 weeks No Drink January XO will be getting shitfaced    01/18/19  (7)
nigger hehe 🦍👩‍🎓    01/18/19  (2)
Libs: But but the SANCTITY of our ONLINE POLLING!    01/18/19  (1)
Cool new hobby: shoot niggers and kikes in the head with your AR 15.    01/18/19  (6)
Evangelism is the only credited form of Christianity    01/18/19  (1)
Kids React to Trans Porn (Buzzfeed)    01/18/19  (25)
megachurch was so 180    01/18/19  (1)
wife won't let me give kid his flinstone vitamins as a suppository    01/18/19  (1)
I don't even check crypto anymore. This time last year I couldn't stop.    01/18/19  (1)
*scans to NPR* "...blah blah transgender americans blah blah.." *shoots radio*    01/18/19  (78)
Sometimes I genuinely feel like God intervenes to save TRUMP every time    01/18/19  (1)
   01/18/19  (4)
durian dood    01/18/19  (1)
wtf is doobernigger.xoxohth.com/    01/18/19  (1)
Aerosmith- Dude Looks Like Elena.mp3 (RSF remix)    01/18/19  (362)
Insane faggots at google sent me a "beacon"    01/18/19  (22)
Am I gay if I don't find Katelyn Ohashi remotely attractive?    01/18/19  (22)
And this year's Pulitzer goes to Buzzfeed News    01/18/19  (7)
Brother won't stop telling me about his wife's cervix.    01/18/19  (2)
RSF's brother ass raping spaceporn's son in hell    01/18/19  (4)
Escape from New York is on Comet right now. YWIA.    01/18/19  (1)
Dupa literally means "ass" in Polish, as in Bloodacre is a real dupa    01/18/19  (5)
Anyone here have 4 or more kids? Please help.    01/18/19  (95)
So tommy t hates cumskin expats for using azn women 4 sex when he does it too    01/18/19  (6)
Buying a backup generator for your home is a very difficult decision    01/18/19  (28)
"There once was a Persian in Phuket..."    01/18/19  (2)
Neo-Lib Media working hard to generate outrage for 4 Syria casualties    01/18/19  (2)
Joy Luck Club prompts Russian Jew to kill Azn restaurant employees w/ HAMMER    01/18/19  (7)

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