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Wow Elon Musk is a visionary genius and certainly not a grifter    01/30/23  (21)
what does GC stand for    01/30/23  (7)
RATE this drama in the Twitter pedophile community    01/30/23  (2)
so basically Last of Us is about gay sex    01/30/23  (1)
The Last of Us S1E3 love story except it's Ricky and Luis growing old together    01/30/23  (3)
Wow mr. jinx is a visionary genius and certainly not a grifter    01/30/23  (1)
How was Steph Curry not recruited out of HS? Is scouting total flame?    01/30/23  (38)
Santos begins his opening state of the union speech: "to be fair..."    01/30/23  (7)
REMINDERS: blacks wanted more black police officers.    01/30/23  (9)
Chiefs players adding bay leaf to Gatorade bucket before dumping it on Andy Reid    01/30/23  (2)
CHIEFS +1.5 is free money    01/30/23  (86)
Why is sex naturally better with one person vs another?    01/30/23  (36)
great moments in millennial music heat checks    01/30/23  (53)
Sorry about not poasting lately I've just been having so much sex irl    01/30/23  (1)
Gen X is solely to blame for nationwide mediocrity, chains like Starbucks & Pane    01/30/23  (18)
Why is sex naturally better with one poaster vs another?    01/30/23  (3)
Do you not get it?    01/30/23  (5)
Friend of mine was killed yesterday    01/30/23  (44)
lex get itt    01/30/23  (7)
twitter sucks    01/30/23  (9)
Now I know how Tom Brady feels    01/30/23  (1)
I have never enjoyed the "Kansas City" area    01/30/23  (12)
I am hungry and have $0. Not flame.    01/30/23  (32)
Saddest place I've ever been. Couldn't even finish this dog (gibberish)    01/30/23  (2)
If I had to bet, I would bet there is like a 80% chance booooom is a prepper    01/30/23  (3)
Rate my guitar skills (CSLG)    01/30/23  (112)
It's all yours friends!    01/30/23  (4)
Why are you letting them win?    01/30/23  (2)
Do people absent cheating etc really get divorced?    01/30/23  (1)
Rate this 'Supreme Court of Texas Eviction Court Order'    01/30/23  (19)
Accept Jesus while you still can!    01/30/23  (2)
how many "devices" do you own    01/30/23  (31)
Weird bashing of bay leaves, which are 180    01/30/23  (1)
"I'm adding value" (bay leaf tepidly soaking in your soup bowl)    01/30/23  (23)
Is it prole to watch Face the Nation?    01/30/23  (19)
"On the 'Interests' section of your resume you put 'Bay Leaf.' Could you explain    01/30/23  (16)
Please come ITT and rate this Doodikoff vocaroo    01/30/23  (7)
ChatGPT, blank bump all of my (1) post threads that were actually excellent g    01/30/23  (4)
Spanish is very grating on the ears. I am sick of hearing it    01/30/23  (18)
"If I could call blacks on Twitter 'nigger' they'd all SURELY leave"    01/30/23  (1)
Why did Half-life win 50 GOTY awards    01/30/23  (29)
Why are Netflix series so obsessed with gay sex?    01/30/23  (8)
***OFFICIAL THE LAST OF US SO1E03 DISCUSSION***    01/30/23  (14)
bay leaf? more like gay queef    01/30/23  (4)
This year's WEF was mostly three letter agencies, BLM and hookers (link)    01/30/23  (2)
Let’s assign the nigger ref to the most important game of the year    01/30/23  (3)
whok here. I have a confession to make (.mp3)    01/30/23  (62)
US government study on why women engage in hetero anal sex    01/30/23  (52)
Waiting for 10K TAX REFUND and unemployed    01/30/23  (35)
today's mentally ill bay leaf forcememe was 180    01/30/23  (2)
VATP taking qs for 15 minutes only    01/30/23  (1)
XO poasters: Do you plan on being an insufferable faggot forever?    01/30/23  (12)
Marty McFly is Scumbag Clique    01/30/23  (19)
Robert Malone: Jews are injecting mRNA vaccines into livestock to murder you    01/30/23  (11)
I went to a lawfirm in century city once and shit was LIT... West coast style    01/30/23  (1)
Tyre Nichols basically out of the news cycle?    01/30/23  (10)
I think "you people" on Netflix about Jews and Blacks talking about rap culture    01/30/23  (1)
Are there any “good girls” who do ANAL?    01/30/23  (5)
doodikoff, do you think you'll still be single in august?    01/30/23  (17)
Eagles are going to DESTROY the fuck out of fraud "Kansas City"    01/30/23  (8)
Honestly Florida is a nice place to live    01/30/23  (76)
GAYEST US SENATOR?    01/30/23  (3)
I'm looking for homoerotic content of manly bros    01/30/23  (1)
GORGEOUS INDIA picture thread (RSF)    01/30/23  (47)
doodikoff is the most down to earth poaster    01/30/23  (48)
"I gotta go babe, there's a new force meme starting right NOW on xo. CUMMIES"    01/30/23  (21)
scholarship tp's last name is actually bird    01/30/23  (3)
cowgod request: share your insight with the macrumors board & post links    01/30/23  (2)
in 7th grade i asked harrison if i could borrow his n64.    01/30/23  (6)
NFL is complete Jew distraction rigged force meme FRAUD    01/30/23  (9)
Funny people are still acting like more people are still watching fb than really    01/30/23  (1)
Anyone who thinks things are legit right now is a total ignorant retard    01/30/23  (5)
What percentage of humans do not ever reproduce & what types reproduce the most?    01/30/23  (4)
Nichols death was much more vicious and violent than Saint Floyd's. No cities    01/30/23  (2)
Twitter just shadowbanned #nflrigged cause it got to #3 trending 5 seconds ago    01/30/23  (4)
Hypo: $1m but you must have a 24-hour text-based discussion with paranoid schizo    01/30/23  (10)
CONFESSION: I really just love taking a strap-on up my ass 🔥 🧊 🐴    01/29/23  (1)
Starting to wish I’d never fucked with Ricky    01/29/23  (6)
The interstate highway system destroyed the US    01/29/23  (83)
AI women may be in the uncanny valley, but so are actual women's personalities    01/29/23  (1)
$5B AI does nothing but luis thread (link)    01/29/23  (6)
5 yo harrison duct taping mouth of build-a-bear after incident    01/29/23  (12)
Bush's "roll that beautiful bean footage" dog faces posthumous #metoo allegation    01/29/23  (10)
hot take: black cops beating black criminals to death once in a while = good    01/29/23  (8)
Expecting great things from steez in 2023. Cheers    01/29/23  (7)
Best buzzer-beater shot ever? - video    01/29/23  (12)
“let’s combined our mental illnesses & see what happens” (xo couples)    01/29/23  (2)
forgive your mother, lex.    01/29/23  (9)
a tale of two phenotypes    01/29/23  (5)
Tucker 'goes there' in his latest show:    01/29/23  (19)
Ron DeSantis is too fat to be President, period.    01/29/23  (3)
Korean food is honestly 180    01/29/23  (8)
LMAO at this Maddox post (from July, 2007)    01/29/23  (5)
airbnb is completely out of control now wtf    01/29/23  (6)
Dallas should've traded for Jaren Jackson Jr in the off-season    01/29/23  (1)
No Royal Rumble megathread?    01/29/23  (1)
Look at these bots Ukraine just activated. Musk doesn't care?    01/29/23  (5)
How much cocaine is too much cocaine?    01/29/23  (5)
steez how much for a coaching call    01/29/23  (3)
Michael J. Fox probably got Parkinson's from excessive cocaine use/bad cocaine    01/29/23  (52)
anymore info regarding bizarre Mr.Pelosi vid where he answers door in undies?    01/29/23  (1)
Meet your new AI comedy writing partner. You provide a joke set-up, and it gener    01/29/23  (58)
Am I White? (link)    01/29/23  (7)
having anal sex with your wife right after keying your own car    01/29/23  (10)
ITT: Post the knives you keep at your desk at work    01/29/23  (61)
told harrison i had pizza for lunch. he responded "i've killed people"    01/29/23  (4)
IFNB Songbook Request: IFNB version of "Video Killed the Radio Star"    01/29/23  (86)
Rate this jump off a roof into a pool    01/29/23  (3)
Theres no more whites in Toronto.    01/29/23  (3)
What an awful pair of championship games    01/29/23  (1)
Throwing around / beating up giant cardboard box = 180 workout    01/29/23  (5)
Height is an illusion? Jason Kidd and Charles Barkley are same height    01/29/23  (2)
Israel Launched Drone Attack on Iranian Facility, Officials Say (NYT)    01/29/23  (2)
a certain sort of "chill" slow descent into a totally avoidable world war 3    01/29/23  (1)
If the outside world is giving you adulation or praise,prepare to get fuckedhard    01/29/23  (1)
Travis Kelce is the GOAT sports Wigger    01/29/23  (11)
Okla. death row inmate gets 2 more weeks by sending last meal back 2 chef 34 tim    01/29/23  (1)
Cleopatra meets Julius Caesar - "Rome"    01/29/23  (16)
libs are really pushing pegging of white males by women    01/29/23  (5)
Do you take this woman, whose ass is frequently coated in rank shit, to be your    01/29/23  (1)
computer website    01/29/23  (2)
Philly is going to the Super Bowl    01/29/23  (25)
do you spread a woman's cheeks and look down while in doggy? or, look away    01/29/23  (5)
the master and margarita cinematic universe    01/29/23  (20)
Patrick Mahomes = Super Bull, Joe Burrow = Super CUCK    01/29/23  (1)
what was the appeal of Letterman? He wasn't funny and was a huge asshole    01/29/23  (10)
In hindsight, it's obvious XO would turn on Bay Leaves    01/29/23  (13)
It's fun to stim at the... I-F-N-B, it's fun to stim at the I-F-N-Bee-e    01/29/23  (81)
*luis wears a snuggie fashioned from heating pads he stitched together*    01/29/23  (2)
I’m going to turn my life around, do a 360 and make my life 180    01/29/23  (9)
The super bowl is Eagles Chiefs? What year is this?    01/29/23  (1)
Watched Tenet four times this weekend, taking questions    01/29/23  (36)
XO suicide rate > trans suicide rate    01/29/23  (1)
i guess they made a Top Gun 2. worth watching?    01/29/23  (6)
Are you so afraid of life that you sit and wait to die?    01/29/23  (5)
What does it mean for a doggy to be "on the gank"    01/29/23  (1)
Some of that shit Valen was saying about Russian weapons might be right    01/29/23  (1)
Who here has strong opinions on mayonnaise?    01/29/23  (23)
You're old. Jon Hamm was 32 when he began acting on Madmen.    01/29/23  (1)
darts announcer bellowing "one hundred and eighty!" as AssFaggot hits poast    01/29/23  (11)
Potroast, thoughts on niggers?    01/29/23  (4)
hey dupa, can i get your opinion on something?    01/29/23  (1)
HELP: I missed a Statute of Limitations deadline.    01/29/23  (13)
is the worst NFL team more competitive than the worst MLB team?    01/29/23  (1)
Normal to always be congested and never able to breathe freely thru nose?    01/29/23  (7)
What does America have that's most like this weapon?    01/29/23  (3)
Hot Take: I think Bright Eyes sucks    01/29/23  (56)
James Cameron: Liberal Artist    01/29/23  (4)
ndian-American girl visits India for the first time Makes tiktoks like she’s i    01/29/23  (2)

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