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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Haven't gotten a bonus in 6 years. Here's my salary over last 10 years.    06/29/22  (26)
did Russia take Donbass yet?    06/29/22  (72)
Women care more about having endless casual sex than the lives of babies    06/29/22  (43)
Russiacucks, can you name some ways that Russia is better off with this war?    06/29/22  (56)
Hey man, don't talk about women like that. You don't know their pain.    06/29/22  (7)
Pretty impressed with Russia’s performance in Ukraine bros    06/29/22  (13)
Anyone else totally conflicted on the abortion debate?    06/29/22  (1)
we should draft a script for the 2nd cousin and shrew gf musical    06/29/22  (1)
How many years could you live on your savings alone    06/29/22  (20)
Xo is super rich most in Amerikkka would be in financial ruin in under 2 weeks    06/29/22  (8)
MArk MEadows, White House COS failed to appear in response to subpoena    06/29/22  (1)
The Troubling Secret Behind Indian Snake Charmers    06/29/22  (24)
2nd cousin: "sticky buns?" ur shrew gf: "he's gluten-free"    06/29/22  (155)
I hate chink tourists    06/29/22  (10)
2nd cuz: "what's reverse cowgirl?" Shrew gf: "Trump is such a churl!"    06/29/22  (10)
Leave the gun. Take the $9 croissant    06/29/22  (6)
So China will be biggest econ power but wont have most powerful military    06/29/22  (2)
Proles/poors/losers out opening and slamming car doors constantly    06/29/22  (17)
Consensus position: Russia will run out of ammo within 6 months    06/29/22  (1)
In food science terms why can I eat like a pig in Greece and still lose weight?    06/29/22  (18)
Michael Burry says White Collar workers R fukked    06/29/22  (1)
2nd cuz- OMG I just came! / Shrew GF- Jewish blame game    06/29/22  (10)
About to order the forthcoming BMW i4 M50    06/29/22  (54)
How much jailhouse internet time do these stalkers get?    06/29/22  (1)
What's legal job market like now? Biglaw looking for lit associates?    06/29/22  (20)
"nurse" practitioner things cheap detergent is more than hair gel..    06/29/22  (5)
2nd Cousin- Hearts on Underpants / ShrewGF: Upset Jew Rants    06/29/22  (10)
2nd cousin: let’s you cop a feel; shrew GF: he tried to grab the wheel!    06/29/22  (6)
Not flame just had a great day with my son    06/29/22  (34)
Hohol children snatching young ARE Reptile's glasses, stomping on his yarmulke    06/29/22  (8)
rate this evil Hahol threat that Russia destroyed today (pic)    06/29/22  (3)
Xo friends want to go to price is right taping? It's in Cali    06/29/22  (3)
Theory: Movie industry is collapsing because proles are DONE    06/29/22  (3)
Love having a pool in the summer.    06/29/22  (19)
Rate Korea’s first plus sized model    06/29/22  (2)
Greetings First Goyim! Our civilization has created "Kars4Kidz" in New Jersey    06/29/22  (8)
ugh you creep why would i fuck sam hyde just because i have dad issues (gjr)    06/29/22  (1)
Price is right audience is low-iq mentally ill homeless in thrift store clothes    06/29/22  (2)
Shrew gf: Trump lunged at him in rage! 2nd cousin: I’m less than half your age    06/29/22  (10)
ITT: I post well known xo monikers and you post emoji that comes to mind first    06/29/22  (226)
Why isn’t Trump fundraising for 2024 yet?    06/29/22  (6)
If CSLG is a lib he's safe from prosecution    06/29/22  (1)
Today’s wordle: not a fucking word    06/29/22  (3)
Biden’s net approval rating now 6 points lower than trump on 538 🤣🤣    06/29/22  (5)
I do like let's make a deal and price is right..jeopardy is boring    06/29/22  (2)
Trump is definitely getting charged    06/29/22  (59)
Millennials are the first generation of Americans who didn’t get to invade a    06/29/22  (19)
Thoughts on tiny house for single bro?    06/29/22  (5)
Trumpmos, how enraged are you that DeSantis will be ur nominee in 2024?    06/29/22  (1)
Ebert & Boebert at the movies    06/29/22  (1)
Republicans REJECT lsd's preferred crazed lunatic election deniers (link)    06/29/22  (1)
rating poasters as things    06/29/22  (55)
Is beef tallow is healthy alternative to seed oils?    06/29/22  (7)
Libs are spamming nonstop as it becomes clear Trump will win    06/29/22  (2)
Trump will win between 284 and 325 EV    06/29/22  (3)
Have the standards went down oj literally everything? What's legit now?    06/29/22  (1)
read my lips: Trump Will Win    06/29/22  (2)
3 week from now ACB shall be seated and Trump will win. Imagine how you see libs    06/29/22  (3)
10/11/2020 DAILY REMINDER: TRUMP WILL WIN    06/29/22  (2)
Larry Shweikart: Trump will win bigly. CTH: Trump will win Florida by 6    06/29/22  (5)
Never really understood how vile shrews were until this abortion debate    06/29/22  (1)
OCT 27: I Believe Donald Trump Will Win Reelection. Poster Sayeth Further Naught    06/29/22  (2)
Guy threw $100,000 away plus an easy million on price Is right    06/29/22  (3)
Rudolph: love you man, but you're wrong about Trump. Trump will win easily.    06/29/22  (5)
Obeezy is going crazy again.    06/29/22  (1)
Yeah I did give hiroshimoot an over the pants handy but BP thought it was funny    06/29/22  (1)
Trump will win AZ    06/29/22  (6)
Itt: I sum up in one picture why TRUMP will win    06/29/22  (36)
2 SCOTUS opinions today: 1) NG joins 3 libs in dissent; 2) Rob+ Kav+3 lib maj    06/29/22  (1)
Real talk: Donald J. Trump will win the U.S. presidential election on Nov 3    06/29/22  (5)
Yes, I sent nudes to Chris-Chan while I was dating BP. But it was just a joke    06/29/22  (2)
Trump will win for sure. Stop being paranoid.    06/29/22  (23)
Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years in prison    06/29/22  (45)
No futa, brap, excrement, yaoi, guro or vore.    06/29/22  (3)
Trump will win, mark my words    06/29/22  (2)
ugh kantbot is fat, why do you assume our trip together was "sexual"? (gjr)    06/29/22  (10)
D.C. Lobbyist here. Everyone "in the know" knows Trump will win    06/29/22  (3)
Dems: you know Trump will win, right?    06/29/22  (4)
Reminder to all shitlibs: Trump will win 300+ EV's    06/29/22  (4)
Medical idiots are dangerous..they're dumbs..how can you trust them?    06/29/22  (1)
Increasingly think Trump will win, Dems are boxing themselves in real bad    06/29/22  (27)
daily reminder: Trump will win again, GOP will retake house, pad Senate    06/29/22  (38)
Trump will win FL, MI, and WI. PA is a toss up though.    06/29/22  (15)
Trump will win Wisconsin    06/29/22  (14)
TRUMP will win WI and GA tonight and AZ will be recalled by Fox    06/29/22  (15)
Show me a purer swing than this (link)    06/29/22  (13)
Finally in DC. Where should we go for drinks? (TSINAH)    06/29/22  (73)
Lithuania willing to trade land corridors with Russia (link)    06/29/22  (4)
lol triple digit weather in Austin for the next week    06/29/22  (16)
Ugh who cares, his cock doesn't even work (GJR defending lapdance to 8chan guy)    06/29/22  (3)
boner police wakes up, takes sip of his dunkin, logs into his MASE moniker    06/29/22  (11)
No murder is ok..    06/29/22  (3)
Technically we didn't really lose that much money in SOL    06/29/22  (6)
How do you feel when you see people much less than you luck out&maek it?    06/29/22  (1)
Day in the life of Chicago 22 yo working in tech    06/29/22  (87)
Amazing, memorable time with my son last night    06/29/22  (1)
Everything is dumb luck..timing..fraud unless in with libs    06/29/22  (1)
Not flame just had a great day with my son    06/29/22  (4)
Shrew pens lengthy screed about why EVERYBODY should go back to the office    06/29/22  (1)
Why are Physicians so intellectually incurious?    06/29/22  (103)
americans' everyday diction has degraded so much since the '70s    06/29/22  (12)
What will happen to housing prices in non-overheated markets like Chicago?    06/29/22  (1)
VERY HARD XO TRIVIA: Which poaster had GORILLA HANDS?    06/29/22  (220)
Team Trump was sending veiled threats to Jan 6 witnesses    06/29/22  (29)
Tedbeckersted: Do you know any nice, eligible Catholic bachelors?    06/29/22  (2)
POLL: Did SCOTUS make the right decision in overturning Roe v Wade?    06/29/22  (171)
Juice Stand now passed $200 in INCOME!    06/29/22  (18)
"Elective abortion" is an amazing term.    06/29/22  (2)
High of 75 in Tahoe today. Any response from heat wave cucks?    06/29/22  (1)
Used to think 15 weeks for abortion is okay. Not anymore. It’s a small person    06/29/22  (17)
can you EMP fighter jets out of the sky?    06/29/22  (1)
Proles like to say 'ANTEdisestablishment' instead of 'ANTIdisestablishment'    06/29/22  (1)
glad i'm not a chad who has to waste time dealing with women    06/29/22  (1)
proles like to say 'nitch' instead of 'niche'    06/29/22  (30)
remember ppl said Mueller was formidable, til he opened mouth, spewed alzheimers    06/29/22  (1)
If we have open borders why are people sneaking across in the back of trucks?    06/29/22  (2)
Does anyone remember when WLMAS was excited that Mueller hired a homicide pros    06/29/22  (3)
"Oh Meeser Roberts, your diarrhea is come? I open mouth now."    06/29/22  (1)
anna kendrick playing cups on ur bald head    06/29/22  (4)
At Little Caesar's, we are firmly committed to a woman's right to choose    06/29/22  (1)
Trump/Boebert '24    06/29/22  (2)
China is RUNNING SHIT holy fuck    06/29/22  (8)
We're still only at 1% Crypto adoption rate. Imagine the prices when that goes u    06/29/22  (2)
doobs beating RSF to death with an oar off the italian coast    06/29/22  (113)
Uvalde MALL COPS GANGSTALKING a mom who bumrushed school to save her kids    06/29/22  (1)
libs cant find a picture of pregnant michelle obama?    06/29/22  (10)
sleep deprivation makes me incredibly aroused in the morning    06/29/22  (1)
being a chad seems kind of gay    06/29/22  (1)
told homeless guy he should 'take a class or something..'    06/29/22  (14)
Will RSF have another meltdown today? All signs point to YES    06/29/22  (9)
Boebert my noebert    06/29/22  (1)
invited all my guy friends to a bottom-friendly brunch this weekend    06/29/22  (1)
T/F with no EU support the US could occupy and control all of Ukraine in <8 week    06/29/22  (25)
anna kendrick is back on the market, boys    06/29/22  (2)
I LOVE MY BIG GAY SON    06/29/22  (5)
Lmao they’re making a movie about 1/6 not flame (details)    06/29/22  (8)
found three typing mistakes in my appellate brief and want to quit law    06/29/22  (89)
Skinny-fat 5'9" bro making fun of 6'4" RSF for having a dad bod tp    06/29/22  (3)
Working through lyrics for summer associate "Summer Social" musical. Here's what    06/29/22  (1)
I honestly like my job    06/29/22  (31)
The most prejudiced against short men: not short chicks by HIGH IQ ones    06/29/22  (32)
Tsinah you want a Seminole county crim case?    06/29/22  (1)
"Gradually, I began to hate them" to the tune of Mary had a Little Lamb.    06/29/22  (1)
Need Fulano to rate my t5 homos    06/29/22  (3)
Trump smashed driver's head on dashboard and threw him through windshield    06/29/22  (1)
Anal bead accident turns gross, ruins porn set for day (vid)    06/29/22  (1)
Secret Service agent on radio: HE’S GOING FOR MY WHEEL    06/29/22  (5)
Why do more men "go gay" during times of economic stress (NYT)    06/29/22  (7)
Injun Gorcuck loses this time (thanks RBG!)    06/29/22  (3)
What was your biggest misconception about irl circa age 18    06/29/22  (246)

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