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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Post ITT if you made more than $1 million from crypto    12/09/22  (2)
I might eat the cleanest diet out there. Don't think even EPAH can top.    12/09/22  (7)
poasters corralling around Emilio the Grey's fireworks wagon    12/09/22  (26)
Hope that insufferable “Emilio” faggot is dead and rotting in a ditch somewh    12/09/22  (10)
Used to really like movie 300, just tried rewatching it and it kinda sucks    12/09/22  (18)
🚨🚨ZZZ opposition brief FILED🚨🚨    12/09/22  (35)
black wife got me this advent calendar    12/09/22  (3)
hold me lex    12/09/22  (68)
Will Deion Sanders succeed at Colorado?    12/09/22  (20)
God chooses you. You don’t choose him.    12/09/22  (1)
Outraged Bibi Netanyahu declares "with jews, you lose!"    12/09/22  (2)
Lol at this xo flame that uncircumcised cocks are better, they look alien    12/09/22  (1)
Elden Ring wins GOTY, team member thanks 'Reformed Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton'    12/09/22  (2)
Geno Smith leads NFL in completion %, #2 in QB rating, #2 in yds/comp    12/09/22  (4)
Church people want to be led by a confident alpha male.    12/09/22  (1)
EPAH’s eyes are way too far apart on his head    12/09/22  (8)
Why arent more cooking recipes in weight (grams) not volume (tsp/cups)    12/09/22  (32)
Can someone file a bar complaint against that Twitter lawyer chick?    12/09/22  (32)
the best part is whelan could probably beat griner 1-on-1 in basketball    12/09/22  (15)
Wait, there are “males” who sit in the passenger seat while their wife drive    12/09/22  (8)
Whok, even if jinx raped you, I will always side with him    12/09/22  (1)
Wow how Georgia has went lib    12/09/22  (38)
ITT: you name a well known poster and I'll tell you why they're a bitch boi    12/09/22  (26)
ITT we post the view from our “office.” I’ll start (Epah)    12/09/22  (11)
almost 50% of the Georgia vote comes from the core Atlanta metro area    12/09/22  (8)
57 wikipedia popups: "YOUR $1 IS RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR AD FREE EXPERIENCE"    12/09/22  (12)
I have Complicated but mostly Good thoughts about Christianity    12/09/22  (34)
will capeshit ever end?    12/09/22  (1)
On a long enough timeline, the value for all crypto drops to zero.    12/09/22  (22)
Victor Bout gives the most Russian interview ever    12/09/22  (2)
advent calendar filled with links to classic xo christmas threads    12/09/22  (3)
Pine Barrens is next episode on Sopranos rewatch    12/09/22  (7)
New season of "Crown" depicts Princess Diana seducing turd doctor LMAO    12/09/22  (7)
What the fuck is up w/ all these cars w/ LED headlights spitting high beams?    12/09/22  (10)
she's searching for that truly full feeling again    12/09/22  (2)
america would be a mad max hellscape of catatonic suicidal zombies under cruz    12/09/22  (1)
As Covid Cases Rise in a Weary Los Angeles, So Does Apathy (NYT)    12/09/22  (1)
putin won't see july    12/09/22  (52)
What are the best contact lenses?    12/09/22  (9)
Mayor Eric Adams Wins Fight Over Rat Infestation Fine    12/09/22  (1)
"Could a bitch boi do this?" I ask Karen as I press up against her in the alley.    12/09/22  (44)
High school cheerleader drained of all bodily fluids by giant Brazilian spider (    12/09/22  (8)
Rate this use of GPT-3 to trick the goyim    12/09/22  (12)
Mr. Herman Zhu (alia) has returned to us    12/09/22  (18)
Wall Street Journal: "Bored? Just build your own coffin it's so fun hehe"    12/09/22  (7)
Does Elon have a lawsuit against baker?    12/09/22  (3)
lmao do you guys remember Alia tp? she makes psycho karen look like a nun    12/09/22  (9)
whelan smirking, remembering ridiculous ‘we got next’ wnba ad campaign    12/09/22  (1)
Rate the quality of the MREs that Russian soldiers are supplied    12/09/22  (2)
The only WNBA trade that has ever made headlines    12/09/22  (1)
HE WAS OF COUNSEL OF ROME    12/09/22  (40)
Pig Vomit is the hero in Howard Stern's Private Parts movie    12/09/22  (1)
obese Of Counsel wheezing and coughing during telephonic conference    12/09/22  (2)
Me and Mainlining feasting on pep and & lmaoing at kaotic.com videos    12/09/22  (13)
Jets pep you game?    12/09/22  (9)
WW1 Christmas soccer ceasefire but it’s Ukr/Rus sharing a pepperoni feast    12/09/22  (10)
Rate this quote from a famous Jewish pornographer    12/09/22  (4)
Shrew watching Christmas Vacation: “I really like the yuppie couple”    12/09/22  (2)
Steve Sailer does YouTube interview from inside his closet    12/09/22  (1)
evan39 america is done here! Hit rock bottom! Also walmart    12/09/22  (3)
g    12/09/22  (1)
Where is my crew? Boom? Evan39? Jafar? Anyone cool?    12/09/22  (18)
Holy shit it's ππˆπ†π†π„π‘ π“πˆπŒπ„    12/09/22  (5)
n    12/09/22  (3)
i    12/09/22  (1)
what ever happened to that mexican reporter who went by miss piggy    12/09/22  (1)
gen z males contemplating the pros and cons of sucking a wife's penis    12/09/22  (13)
biden tells mexico he’ll trade el chapo for ‘any feckless microcelebrity’    12/09/22  (12)
Jenna Ortega nationalism    12/09/22  (1)
Dad, what’s dysentery?    12/09/22  (1)
So Biden admin just gave up the LORD OF WAR in exchange for WNBA player?    12/09/22  (8)
kevin mccarthy ripping up biden's state of the union speech like a stupid cunt    12/09/22  (1)
Parents in India named their son Pradeep Grand Cherokee (link)    12/09/22  (10)
this gets posted a lot but can't believe how stupid and gay everything is    12/09/22  (2)
Anyone else have a 175 life on paper but you feel 120 all the time?    12/09/22  (43)
Rate these Philly Eagles front office shrews as farters (James Joyce Jr.)    12/09/22  (33)
2015 Tianjin explosions or 2020 Beirut explosion more prestigious?    12/09/22  (3)
Tucker: 'we'll defeat rabid racial identitarians by saying 'race doesn't MATTER!    12/09/22  (7)
I went to the TRUMP casino once    12/09/22  (2)
Lead singer of LFO (Summertime Girls) lived a full life    12/08/22  (20)
excluding Vegas, what is the most prestigious casino in the United States?    12/08/22  (1)
There is no homecoming… not for me, anymore    12/08/22  (2)
Do we have James Joyce Jr.’s farter analysis on Bari Weiss yet?    12/08/22  (1)
Griner traded for Victor Bout, other dude left hanging    12/08/22  (26)
cowgod did you catch tonight's video game awards acceptance speech?    12/08/22  (1)
what price tranny    12/08/22  (1)
Biden Energy Department baldfag pupfiend stole MORE ladies' luggage    12/08/22  (26)
BAKER’S DOZEN! Mayfield overcomes 13 point 4th quarter deficit to win Rams deb    12/08/22  (1)
wake up every day in complete disbelief at this stupid fuck clown world    12/08/22  (16)
Democrats gave the AFL CIO billions of tax $?    12/08/22  (1)
Do current white nationalists share 90s idea that they should shoot random black    12/08/22  (1)
Tbf Viktor Bout is fucking Alpha    12/08/22  (4)
Wife is downstairs having a "wine night" and they're talking about TALL MEN    12/08/22  (3)
this Avatar is "more emotional" than the first what the hell does that mean    12/08/22  (2)
love the World Cup dude they don't have shoes bro meme    12/08/22  (1)
Is Elon Musk the only known billionaire to ever have been cucked by a tranny?    12/08/22  (3)
You see, it's just like the original Avatar, but underwater    12/08/22  (3)
Romney grits teeth, grunts, backs into wall-mounted dildo    12/08/22  (120)
Why is the bald tranny stealing women's luggage?    12/08/22  (1)
Holy fuk- mall in Russia is fucking exploding - link    12/08/22  (1)
George S. Patton Quote on Russians    12/08/22  (21)
ChadGPT telling you to shut up, faggot    12/08/22  (2)
Russian negotiating style is, they punch you in the face and then they ask if yo    12/08/22  (1)
gay marriage passes, Britney griner freed, it's a double whammy for trumpmos    12/08/22  (1)
Duraflame logs are 180 for home fireplace. Way better than wood and not prole.    12/08/22  (2)
Zelensky knows when this could all end. It could end tomorrow, if there’s a wi    12/08/22  (1)
ljl @ media bias re stuff like the dept of energy tranny    12/08/22  (7)
That's it, outing psycho karen ITT!    12/08/22  (1)
so you have any IRL enemies?    12/08/22  (1)
Buy equity index (VTI) now or Hold Cash?    12/08/22  (71)
hilarious to see that evil hack thomas's obergefell comment backfire on him    12/08/22  (1)
Ye (Kanye) appearing on Alex Jones today 12-4pm EST    12/08/22  (264)
On the Intersectionality of Fujoshi-ism and Forced Bi (epic long read)    12/08/22  (2)
My buddy knew J-Law growing up in Kentucky. Her family had the Genesis    12/08/22  (2)
only recently learned that we have no fucking clue about Wallace Fard Muhammad    12/08/22  (6)
Kanye wants to bring back 4Loko (link)    12/08/22  (8)
Watching this Megan markle Harry shit on Netflix. Really weird they say "H" to    12/08/22  (2)
My subconscious gives me bomb ass rap lyrics in my sleep    12/08/22  (1)
Why is lex so earnest?    12/08/22  (23)
how long doe$ it take you to fall a$leep?    12/08/22  (4)
The feeling of needing to unload never leaves me    12/08/22  (1)
WD Fard: God or not?    12/08/22  (1)
gay marriage bill passed with large bipartisan support. how MAF r u Trumpmos?    12/08/22  (1)
Baker "Tom Brady" Mayfield    12/08/22  (2)
Any Asian Scumbags here?    12/08/22  (3)
Last 747 rolls off the assembly line    12/08/22  (43)
jews not satisfied with killing aaron carter, accuse brother of rape    12/08/22  (2)
Why is it so expensive to go to the ballet?    12/08/22  (14)
Melissa and Doug Nationalism    12/08/22  (1)
geno - need you’re prediction for last 2 min of Bucs - Saints    12/08/22  (14)
did they ever find the Idaho college killer?    12/08/22  (3)
Ayyy! Must be the Nole!!!!    12/08/22  (7)
"I really like It here" (scholarship in front row of civpro everyday for 9 years    12/08/22  (45)
The "gangs" run Haiti now    12/08/22  (1)
"I Like It Here" from the XO the Musical soundtrack    12/08/22  (2)
cum drunk russian marine screaming "moscow how we feelin" in kyiv gay bar (link)    12/08/22  (1)
ZZZ, you forgot to file your opposition briefs    12/08/22  (41)
EPAHs dick is barely even hangin in the pic he posted    12/08/22  (26)
Credited way to get Microsoft Office suite for new computer?    12/08/22  (13)
“Viktor Bout” sounds awesome    12/08/22  (4)
Going to start smoking to get through cramming for finals (FizzKidd)    12/08/22  (50)
Vacant DC area parking lot found littered with luggage containing nuclear waste    12/08/22  (1)
ZZZ argument at mini trial on merits: "CMON MAN"    12/08/22  (4)
Putin LMAOing that his deal was accepted    12/08/22  (3)
Buried corpse in DR reanimates after 10 years    12/08/22  (13)
whats the longest amount of time youve experienced in a dream?    12/08/22  (23)
Wow. Second day here and you people are idiots    12/08/22  (22)
Is it malpractice for ZZZ to not file an oppo to a motion to dismiss?    12/08/22  (22)

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