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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/12/19  (255)
Why hasn’t Stephen miller quit the cuck admin yet? No options?    02/23/19  (6)
Foursquare has improved a lot recently    02/23/19  (4)
Who is the least likable athlete right now?    02/23/19  (39)
Anyone else sick of Heightconomics    02/23/19  (3)
anyone else wake up with their puppy dude trying to be a little spoon?    02/23/19  (15)
Ariel Winter is really hot now (pics)    02/23/19  (4)
women will fuck your whole shit up    02/23/19  (3)
Trump era has yielded a new genre called “anticomedy,” which is unfunny on p    02/23/19  (2)
I've decided to BUY a 40 foot CATAMARAN and SAIL around the world    02/23/19  (64)
Which decade(s) in U.S. history saw the most social change?    02/23/19  (7)
Robert Kraft: Not guilty by "tug rule"    02/23/19  (7)
fuck this shit realm    02/23/19  (1)
Wife PMS has been like demonic possession levels of late    02/23/19  (40)
Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) and Work    02/23/19  (3)
Chicago meetup    02/23/19  (14)
Approval Rate Declines for H-1B Visas The Trump administration, which has made o    02/23/19  (1)
Canadian Elementary schools now REQUIRED to fly rainbow 'gay pride' flag    02/23/19  (11)
AOC: 25k new workers will destroy NYC! Also AOC: millions of illegals are great!    02/23/19  (1)
What is the root of the word, "Platonic?" Did Plato not get laid?    02/23/19  (3)
1980s: Miami, 1990s: Seattle, 00s: Brooklyn/Portland, 10s:?    02/23/19  (40)
when i was 5-7, every time i entered a new room, would have vertiginous incompre    02/23/19  (3)
Do younger American chicks prefer guys with GAMER skillz over Guitar Skillz?    02/23/19  (2)
NYT: "iPhones Should Monitor If You Vote Trump In 2020 & Your Vote Shared"    02/23/19  (35)
Sex tape of wife of former Trump Chief of Staff Reince Priebus leaked (TMZ)    02/23/19  (4)
What legislative accomplishments does Nigmalla have? Federal anti lynching bill?    02/23/19  (2)
every aspect of life is such utter shit    02/23/19  (1)
when i was a kid, i was so sensitive i was tested for 'ESP'    02/23/19  (1)
Do people still use Foursquare?    02/23/19  (3)
LGBTKQ Killer    02/23/19  (3)
Miley Cyrus shatters gender stereotypes by marrying a male    02/23/19  (13)
Ching Chong Bell, Whitey's in the well. Who put him in? Ritter exeunt thin.    02/23/19  (2)
People who say Trump will lose in 2020--who could possibly beat him?    02/23/19  (69)
YouTube demonetized anti-vaccination videos    02/23/19  (8)
bump the bottom thread on your "by you" page    02/23/19  (1)
tell me more about this bald faggot (((Corey Wayne))))    02/23/19  (4)
neil young - down by the river.mp3    02/23/19  (1)
BIZ IDEA: Turd Tongs. when u take a shit so perfect I grab it with ur bare hand    02/23/19  (6)
Jim and Pam were a beautiful middle finger to global capitalism    02/23/19  (31)
bruno fernando goes king kong on iowa; racist    02/23/19  (1)
Replace one word in a movie title with "penussy"    02/23/19  (8)
Dianne Feinstein smacks down some kids.    02/23/19  (56)
my best dating prospect is breaking up with me, i feel like dying    02/23/19  (60)
Blasey Ford disproving Monty Hall problem    02/23/19  (2)
Being “chill” is a ruse manufactured by Jews meant to destroy the white race    02/23/19  (6)
Is the word "forcememe" only an xo thing?    02/23/19  (6)
What's Dr. Blasey Ford up to these days anyway?    02/23/19  (5)
Fuck it, just put "penussy" in white font at bottom of my email sig block    02/23/19  (28)
Serious Q: do blacks/browns feel guilty about AA'ing into top colleges?    02/23/19  (64)
holy shit: /r/foreveralonedating    02/23/19  (102)
Miniskirts that show a hint of ass cheek    02/23/19  (243)
Farting so loud your penussy quivers    02/23/19  (26)
How do people who work 60+ hrs per week find time to begin relationships?    02/23/19  (51)
Lib strategy for 2020 = mass attempt to out "secret" Trumpmos    02/23/19  (66)
"76ers" would be an 8th seed in the west. Trash team    02/23/19  (6)
This new poster "GOY" is incredible    02/23/19  (16)
Stormy Daniels to play Blasey Ford in xxx "Supreme Cunt"    02/23/19  (3)
   02/23/19  (3)
going to do a HOLOHOAX daily series for xo in 2019. like the daily stoic    02/23/19  (3)
Not flame, my wife went deaf in one ear after sneezing last year    02/23/19  (10)
turn your cheek, be meek and mild    02/23/19  (1)
Fantastic article by Conrad Black on 2016 US Election    02/23/19  (1)
You arent white if you are Catholic or if you kiss ppl on cheek as greeting    02/23/19  (28)
I find Hamilton to be racist and offensive as fuck.    02/23/19  (2)
Jinx is always asking me if he can swallow my man chowder.    02/23/19  (1)
Trump standing atop golf-course 100ft sea-wall loling @ Noam Chomsky in dinghy    02/23/19  (1)
"hey son, look over there. its boner police. his mouth--thats where my poop goes    02/23/19  (8)
Ever take a shit so perfect I grab it with ur bare hand?    02/23/19  (167)
Man's friend sells him $1.75 mm insurance policy, kills him, marries wife    02/23/19  (9)
Peterman ejaculating into a trucker's mouth: "I just signed your death warrant."    02/23/19  (51)
"Oh becky I met the nicest lawyer, he's great let me tell you about him! ..."    02/23/19  (1)
TOXIC SLUDGE: Why your Wife/GF might be more dangerous than Oil byproducts.    02/23/19  (2)
Just popped Disneys "The Black Hole" into the DVD player. 180 movie    02/23/19  (16)
half italian, quarter irish, quarter kike--i'm basically a nigger    02/23/19  (1)
Boeing 767 CRASHES into bay on approach to Houston; all aboard killed    02/23/19  (3)
once you learn how to cook you can cut like 75% off your grocery bill    02/23/19  (3)
taking big, smelly shits right into boner police's mouth    02/23/19  (3)
Bezos: “We cannot rule out Russian sabotage in Prime Air crash.”    02/23/19  (1)
MPA referring to his GF weightloss ultimatum as "The Emaciation Proclamation"    02/23/19  (2)
Chandler Trial #3 Day 2 - Plaintiff's Case in Chief (CSLG)    02/23/19  (41)
rate how batshit you find Noam Chomsky to be based on this clip    02/23/19  (3)
Is the Netflix movie ROMA good or shitlib flame?    02/23/19  (37)
i just took a big diarrhea, and it happened to land right in boner polices mouth    02/23/19  (2)
You're OLD: Sheryl Crow is 64, Alanis Morisette is 52, Courtney Love 66!!!!    02/23/19  (8)
So people are OK with HS cheerleader uniforms looking like this now?    02/23/19  (5)
Guy asking who is this girl in porn comments asking poas to r8 him as a poa    02/23/19  (3)
"Spaceporn" born Cletus Heebowitz is a notorious child rapist and ebonics transl    02/23/19  (1)
18 y/o girl with a huge fart fetish! Clips From My First Meet-Up!    02/23/19  (1)
ITT you try to explain confidence intervals and I pedantically ridicule you for    02/23/19  (20)
found out chick i fucked is here illegally, can i get $ from ICE/INS to dime?    02/23/19  (12)
Reminder: Spaceporn likes to rape underage kids.    02/23/19  (9)
taking a big, smelly poop on boner police    02/23/19  (1)
Gimmie dat ricehoal for my acorn, I wanna vape weed and rape my son    02/23/19  (8)
34 year old Speech therapist gf can afford as many Moscow Mules as she wants    02/23/19  (9)
Poast a controversial music opinion    02/23/19  (169)
ITT: We post Psychiatric medications we are currently taking.    02/23/19  (2)
ALPHA Latino Lawyer STANDS Homeless Dindu and found NOT GUILTY at TRIAL    02/23/19  (18)
cowgod, is high jock/nerd prestigious?    02/23/19  (2)
People that rush off the plane at their final destination    02/23/19  (5)
i srsly don't understand what ethnicity most 'brown' people belong to    02/23/19  (2)
BTK serial killer wants Trump impeached not flame lmao    02/23/19  (16)
One weird side-effect of Tinder: Super Gonorrhoea    02/23/19  (2)
Have a crisp new pack of Marlboros in my pocket    02/23/19  (2)
BK Broiler serial killer    02/23/19  (1)
Will give 5 bitcoin for Name and Address of "I said RESEMBLE monkeys"    02/23/19  (17)
The most 180 thing about the Kraft bust was how it tanked Heinz stock    02/23/19  (1)
Dr Thunder what's your throwaway??    02/23/19  (1)
Gilles de Rais - sickest fucker ever?    02/23/19  (6)
Just knowing huge sweaty fat person waddling down aisle is seated next to you    02/23/19  (11)
So every "man" sets engagement ring budget then slops something together    02/23/19  (4)
Everyone who said Iraq had nukes was a lying treasonous retard (link):    02/23/19  (31)
Sentencing memos are *800* pages?!?!    02/23/19  (4)
herd happiness    02/23/19  (2)
Huge fat people causing waves of panic upon entering plane    02/23/19  (1)
naked teen nymphs tempting you to your doom    02/23/19  (26)
Realized I am not very profitable (boutique law)    02/23/19  (6)
this guy's nietzsche lectures are good    02/23/19  (8)
Former RNC Chairman says Trump was sad terrorist didn't kill journalists & libs    02/23/19  (4)
Does Dr. Drew owe the Russian mob money?    02/23/19  (3)
Libs want SPLC Grand Inquistor to be established to slow hate crimes (link)    02/23/19  (3)
boner_police's mouth is literally the perfect place for my disgusting diarrhea    02/23/19  (6)
was Home Alone sort of a *kiddie* version of Empire of the Sun, really?    02/23/19  (2)
pg13 is mvp    02/23/19  (17)
Rank: Louisville, Nashville, Richmond, Charlotte, Columbia, Atlanta, Memphis    02/23/19  (12)
Stim my Pole, Are Cuntry Proles, to the place I grow my ROD, Mr. Alpha    02/23/19  (3)
SUMMON: all gay males    02/23/19  (14)
Rate this section of Federal prosecutor's screed on white nationalism    02/23/19  (18)
pasta prima nocta    02/23/19  (3)
pants tp    02/23/19  (3)
the Seinfeld finale was good. people who hate it are just herd-following fags    02/23/19  (13)
life is so empty and pointless    02/23/19  (17)
Miami or LA?    02/23/19  (6)
Donate $1 to Tulsi Gabbard. She needs 65,000 donations to make the debate stage    02/23/19  (42)
Japanese troops conducting house to house searches in Winnetka    02/23/19  (1)
Keep it real.. is your non xo life actually great?    02/23/19  (132)
If you don't like puppydoods, you're an asshole. HTH 🐶    02/23/19  (23)
In which Brie Larson/Captain Marvel BODYSHAMES an IFNB-er    02/23/19  (24)
'The Empire of the Sun' but starring Macauley Culkin    02/23/19  (1)
pooping on :D’s bald head    02/23/19  (2)
elizabeth holmes and mark zuckerberg fusing dragonballz style autistically    02/23/19  (1)
Any good movies you bros recommend ?    02/23/19  (32)
Any tard who blows someone can maek it in amerikkka    02/23/19  (1)
guy was in McDonald's w/ BK cup, I loudly proclaimed him a 'quisling'    02/23/19  (2)
*locks police/prosecutors in gasoline filled gymnasium* *ignites*    02/23/19  (1)
What are the top 5 GOAT gangster movies?    02/23/19  (17)
RESULTS of the first AutoAdmit "prole or not" survey    02/23/19  (98)
Slavegirl Doobs begging Halford the Hut to spare her from gaping Pit of Peterman    02/23/19  (7)
Been having horrific sex nightmares. Coming off methadone and on trt    02/23/19  (1)
As a young man in Vienna, I often noted the promotion of a football club by...    02/23/19  (4)
Why is the East Coast full of nasty, rude people?    02/23/19  (23)
The Taming by the Jew- A History of the Trump Presidency    02/23/19  (4)

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