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STICKY: Big changes   08/10/20  (332)
BOTW mos: am I ready to fight CALAMITY GANON?    08/11/20  (1)
Wait, so PN washes cars for a living? That’s his “job” now?    08/11/20  (30)
Bought a huge Rand McNally of the US and I just stare at it nonstop    08/11/20  (13)
*chicago mayor pushing shopping cart of garbage bags up to the podium*    08/11/20  (17)
LathamTouchedMe has been more MAF lately. Midlife crisis setting in?    08/11/20  (7)
How much do you think this "addition" to my secret room will cost?    08/11/20  (26)
casually threatened to beat a man with a wrench over like $62 today    08/11/20  (1)
NEW George Floyd video released    08/11/20  (56)
nude female body building    08/11/20  (5)
NYT: MFH taking it in the ass; retailers getting tfo    08/11/20  (5)
Avg Richmond, VA PI lawyer salary: $73K. LMFAO @ Spaceporn    08/11/20  (37)
Biden is crashing and burning    08/11/20  (30)
Would you creampie (pic)    08/11/20  (13)
INSTANT ding: "xbox" man    08/11/20  (1)
America's Next Top Looksmaxed Volcel    08/11/20  (4)
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨SUSAN RICE NO. 1 VP OPTION ON PREDICTIT🚨🚨🚨🚨    08/11/20  (28)
Ducati releases faster than bullet super bike (vid)    08/11/20  (1)
🚨🚨 Board Indian Trump Supporters are Fucking Crazy 🚨🚨    08/11/20  (4)
Remember the *first* time XO was loaded with emojis when you booted it? 🤣    08/11/20  (3)
🚨doodikoff🚨 how's the roach situation going?    08/11/20  (16)
The real losers right now are people that bought into urban revival    08/11/20  (15)
What kind of music would The Antibodies play?    08/11/20  (1)
what poasters taught themselves to code and got jobs from it?    08/11/20  (4)
Scientists still don't know whether dinosaurs had dicks    08/11/20  (4)
I miss incel evan39    08/11/20  (8)
Portland cops mock "feminist" freak (video)    08/11/20  (12)
ITT I will out bro you, brah.    08/11/20  (7)
Can anyone here rate the top 10 car washes in south Texas?    08/11/20  (1)
Sweden, chilling out. New Zealand, has a new case, panics anew.    08/11/20  (15)
Peter North, is it worth joining a car wash club or just pay per wash?    08/11/20  (1)
WSJ: Millennials Slammed by Second Financial Crisis Fall Even Further Behind    08/11/20  (87)
/r/FemaleDatingStrategy asks: is your man pornsick?    08/11/20  (31)
Reminder - California had a Republican governor 9 years ago    08/11/20  (5)
Lit vs Corp vs Patent (physics) vs Appellate: which is better?    08/11/20  (4)
So are libs happy to live in crime-riddle, police-free urban areas?    08/11/20  (1)
Hypo: you get $250 everytime you watch mighty ducks 2    08/11/20  (45)
any chance big cities swing GOP over this shit?    08/11/20  (19)
No recovering from this freakout    08/11/20  (5)
Can you name one US family that had 3 generations of worthy kings    08/11/20  (15)
Henry Aaron's 401k portfolio is just an excel spreadsheet of black mens phone #s    08/11/20  (39)
"They want u to accept black criminality" PeterNorth explained as mugshot taken    08/11/20  (44)
You thought Clique discrimination was bad...here comes Caste discrimination    08/11/20  (17)
🚨 🚨 *** OFFICIAL DC CIR FLYNN ARGUMENT THREAD *** 🚨 🚨    08/11/20  (22)
🚨🚨🚨🚨OFFICIAL SIREN THREAD🚨🚨🚨🚨    08/11/20  (6)
This virus flip out is such a joke..keep playing into it?    08/11/20  (6)
holy shit my back fucking hurts    08/11/20  (8)
The randomized monikers should be important pincites    08/11/20  (12)
Oh, FUCK. Florida just had its HIGHEST COVID-19 death day today. Surge NOT over.    08/11/20  (15)
Getting raped this morning in the market: VERB, JMIA, NGD, INO, IBIO, ADTX, MARK    08/11/20  (10)
***FLYNN DC CIRCUIT HEARING***    08/11/20  (2)
Karate kicked the face shield right off female Sprouts cashier (chilmata)    08/11/20  (38)
henry aaron wearing nurses scrubs with eggplant emojis 🍆🍆🍆    08/11/20  (119)
Reminder: Libs kill respectable institutions and then wear them as skin suits    08/11/20  (102)
Is 24 too old to get into skateboarding?    08/11/20  (23)
Subject: Make sure this is filed by 5:00:13, see attached caselaw    08/11/20  (5)
🚨🚨🚨XO seems to be on 🚨HIGH ALERT🚨 right now🚨🚨🚨    08/11/20  (1)
Just blame everything on covid    08/11/20  (2)
Kanye West missed WI filing deadline by 14 seconds    08/11/20  (63)
Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon or MSFT Surface Book 3?    08/11/20  (32)
Most prestigious farm land in the US?    08/11/20  (28)
What a stupid fucking waste of an existence    08/11/20  (1)
Ever committed a serious crime and didn't get caught and never told anyone?    08/11/20  (65)
Nebraska will have it's first perfect season since Frosty was QB 0-0    08/11/20  (3)
Interesting writeup on Mormon separatist movement & their memes (link)    08/11/20  (7)
Lit Bros: Can I (nonparty) get a copy of a motion lith exhibits filed in a case    08/11/20  (16)
WSJ: "You Want 20% for Handing Me a Muffin? The Awkward Etiquette of iPad Tippin    08/11/20  (13)
List the nicest small tits in America you've ever seen    08/11/20  (1)
“I’ll have the number 8 with Biden rice”    08/11/20  (1)
why doesn't Biden just reveal the VP pick already?    08/11/20  (2)
Rolling Stone: America Is Done Here Forever    08/11/20  (92)
Why are alcohol companies allowed to advertise on Tv and YT and like'?    08/11/20  (12)
If today's COVID-19 numbers are below 1,000 US deaths - SURGE IS OFFICIALLY OVER    08/11/20  (6)
What prompted spaceporn to come back to the board    08/11/20  (63)
So 18% of the country now lives in cities with legitimately defunded police?    08/11/20  (20)
now that society is super sensitive to blacks, can we end non-tipping stigma?    08/11/20  (2)
lol how many interns did the McDonald's CEO fuck?    08/11/20  (25)
Joe Biden’s Policy Director? Young YLS grad who of course never worked IRL    08/11/20  (1)
lmao Seattle fires their black police chief. gibberish/Ironmonkey defend ur ttt    08/11/20  (6)
Are you holding JMIA through earnings?    08/11/20  (5)
rubix cube doc on netflix was heart-warming; glad xo is not the only place autis    08/11/20  (1)
any states giving out the Trump EO $400 benefits    08/11/20  (1)
Seattle police chief resigning    08/11/20  (14)
I invested in ARE Cuntry real estate 3 years ago. RATE my return    08/11/20  (1)
Chris Rock in Season 4 of Fargo    08/11/20  (1)
Convert to Islam and move to Sweden CR?    08/11/20  (4)
What is the 2nd best city in America for steak after Omaha?    08/11/20  (55)
SomeOtherGhost is flat-out the worst poster in the history of XO    08/11/20  (6)
Who is most xo?: Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, or Madison?    08/11/20  (18)
In 8 minutes I have a call with a legit billionaire    08/11/20  (5)
SPS iPhone X shat the bed last night. Back to my old 5s LMAO    08/11/20  (9)
AMZN paying senior associates $300k for in-house bs    08/11/20  (34)
is 24 too old to get into rollerblading?    08/11/20  (1)
DAL was my airline pick and it seems to be working.    08/11/20  (1)
xo 2006: Boston Brahmins xo 2020: Austin Dalits    08/11/20  (3)
Hypo: $100,000 to get infected with coronavirus    08/11/20  (19)
Beating nicotine addiction    08/11/20  (5)
Nobody watched the Chicago riots overnight?    08/11/20  (57)
cowgod what clique am i    08/11/20  (14)
All of this drama in cities but Pittsburgh seems fine.    08/11/20  (5)
Lincoln Lawyer, but in superluxe houseboat on Mississippi & barred from MN to LA    08/11/20  (14)
What amount of $ required to just trade options/stocks/crypto and not work?    08/11/20  (2)
So US Deep State wants Biden and Russian Deep State wants Trump?    08/11/20  (36)
In a rut / struggling with alcohol addiction. Taking Q’s and advice    08/11/20  (152)
Gonna need EPAH to rate the WOC in 2nd season of Homecoming on Amazon Prime    08/11/20  (1)
Biz Idea: Combine Astrology and Brunch    08/11/20  (1)
what year will there be mass boomer retirement?    08/11/20  (90)
ITT, sign my petition to add a boccie ball court to Bellevue ER    08/11/20  (3)
Kid Rock Nationalism    08/11/20  (1)
Democrats suing trump over executive order extending unemployment benefits    08/11/20  (88)
Should I buy 15k worth of LINK right now?    08/11/20  (3)
Nigger me timbers (pirate EPAH)    08/11/20  (7)
Had a liquidity event, resigning from company. Taking Qs.    08/11/20  (9)
Do you like money? Do you dream of being your own boss? Long-haul truck driving    08/11/20  (19)
The cherry on top of 2020 will be the most fucked up election in history    08/11/20  (3)
China says they "prefer" A Trump POTUSy. Is it reverse psychology?    08/11/20  (3)
"Trump or Biden? Benjamin Franklin!" (Peterman flashes bloody, torn $100 bill)    08/11/20  (1)
"IQ tests" might as well be homosexuality tests    08/11/20  (6)
Entire month of November will be spent "ballot counting"    08/11/20  (1)
Seattle businesses owners fed up with crime, worry about cuts to police    08/11/20  (4)
Libs are destroying serious people’s trust in institutions...    08/11/20  (1)
"I devastated him Henry" cooed VoodooChild, in nurse's uniform, gazing in mirror    08/11/20  (49)
Crypto bros get ITT    08/11/20  (78)
Xo Cliff Mass finally CANCELLED by NPR. He lasted longer than expected.    08/11/20  (8)
fucking lol at this nypost headline re kamala    08/11/20  (2)
Sumner Redstone, who literally looks like he is melting wax, is still alive.    08/11/20  (1)
I used to think aging would suck aesthetically, but I thought it's painless    08/11/20  (5)
I stand with Drake Mallard and P0stradamus    08/11/20  (19)
If libs knew what they were doing, they would get Kanye into the debates    08/11/20  (2)
Watching your parents decay is profoundly awful    08/11/20  (11)
Life is so fucked up. We never realize how lucky we are when we are.    08/11/20  (1)
180 Chinese ginger commercial (starring Richard from England)    08/11/20  (11)
Love Trader Joes but feel like every employee is a member of antifa    08/11/20  (59)
Still LOLing at Richard, from England    08/11/20  (35)
I, Kanye Omari West, do solemnly sweat that I will faithfully execute the office    08/11/20  (2)
Why do fat girls always buy "WORK OUT CLOTHEEESSS" they don't work out    08/11/20  (14)
Richard from England should do his own Big Man Tyrone style business    08/11/20  (3)
Richard, from England, made an appearance at my son’s quinceanera    08/11/20  (4)
Biden only leads trump by 2 POINTS!!!! New Poll!    08/11/20  (2)
imagine growing up without a Dairy Queen in your hometown    08/11/20  (8)
Howard Dean supports China’s sanctions against Rubio, Cruz, Cotton    08/11/20  (1)
irish fag tp    08/11/20  (6)
Mike Cernovich looks like a homeless bum now    08/11/20  (1)
I got a 190 on the LSAT    08/11/20  (1)
Yesterday: HOW NEW ZEALAND BEAT THE VIRUS! Today: NZ in lockdown again    08/11/20  (1)
Went to airport skylounge. Everything is depressing facade like in 28 weeks late    08/11/20  (1)
lmfao Beyonce's Disney+ "Black Is King" BOMBED LMAO    08/11/20  (20)
Because I know how to make a perfect omelette, I get angry when I don't.    08/11/20  (3)
30 illegal immigrants found inside covered bed of pickup truck in Arizona    08/11/20  (12)

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