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STICKY: Big changes   07/30/20  (329)
luis is part mexican, right    08/05/20  (4)
CR to hire teen or college girls as personal assistants?    08/05/20  (9)
so wtf happened in beirut    08/05/20  (3)
Dating a girl with a dark sense of humor    08/05/20  (59)
How many alts do we think Henry Aaron has?    08/05/20  (22)
"i'm afraid we might be entering a depression", luis: way ahead of you lmao    08/05/20  (15)
Ladies and Gentlemen, Joe Biden:    08/05/20  (1)
BAM. Genie offers youu ability to decide 2020 elections or $X    08/05/20  (14)
LA Times FURIOUS that Trader Joe's won't cancel Trader Jose    08/05/20  (16)
"I devastated him Henry" cooed VoodooChild, in nurse's uniform, gazing in mirror    08/05/20  (47)
Faggot Henry Aaron caught posting as his "tough bottom" alt VoodooChild    08/05/20  (10)
Have about $100k liquid. What to do with it?    08/05/20  (51)
biden video gives inside peek into his vetting process    08/05/20  (6)
So the twitter hacker was just some teenager and they solved it in 35 min?    08/05/20  (6)
I'm a gay black nigger with AIDS and I live in a jungle in Africa    08/05/20  (104)
luis: "te quiero." spritezero: "english."    08/05/20  (1)
what's your 'time to leave America' moment look like?    08/05/20  (2)
Seattle Public Schools = pro segregation!    08/05/20  (9)
Michelle Obama blaming her “low grade depression” on Trump really takes the    08/05/20  (18)
CNN: Meet the women of Blaxit leaving AmeriKKKa cuz racism    08/05/20  (38)
list of bullshit libs have quietly abandoned    08/05/20  (29)
Favorite movies from completely unnotable, forgotten directors?    08/05/20  (6)
People massively underestimate how fucked the economy is about to be.    08/05/20  (44)
Notes on various Southern cities I have visited this summer    08/05/20  (32)
Core difference between conservatives & libs: gratitude    08/05/20  (8)
remember how good joe burrow was    08/05/20  (2)
ITT I MPA-ify movie titles of your choosing    08/05/20  (136)
"whokebe" and "watchmen" were two middle-eastern losers    08/05/20  (6)
"let it be" the album is really fucking bad    08/05/20  (5)
XO $VERB    08/05/20  (1)
WV coal miner w/ black lung paying reparations to Magic Johnson’s son    08/05/20  (22)
libs, youre absolute pieces of human garbage. kill yourselves    08/05/20  (1)
F500 CEOs telling middle class families to "give up their privilege"    08/05/20  (13)
New Yorker runs this witty Motion for Continuance filed in SDNY (link)    08/05/20  (4)
HarrisX/The Hill: Trump within 3    08/05/20  (2)
if Trump actually won again, he'd be an all time political legend    08/05/20  (2)
Young lady mauled by "teen" dogs. You'll never guess what owner of dogs looks    08/05/20  (26)
Biglaw Bros: Should I fuck a hot contract atty?    08/05/20  (43)
i cannot comprehend the cognitive dissonance of rich leftists    08/05/20  (11)
Ohio "Singing Judge" Ordered to Re-Do Capital Sentencing Without Tunes    08/05/20  (3)
Florida man hops semi    08/05/20  (4)
without search, how should i know what to think abt movies i finally watched?    08/05/20  (4)
"Here's to you" plays as Ricky and alzabo are handed death penalty for treason    08/05/20  (25)
just realized "24" was an allegorical representation of euchre    08/05/20  (6)
entire BIGLAW firm vs Lebron solo. predict score    08/05/20  (14)
How do I tell my very homophobic parents I'm gay?    08/05/20  (7)
pic of Kanye and Elon Musk hanging out is like a Frog and Toad book cover    08/05/20  (14)
My back is killing me, how does the Cripple Dipple work?    08/05/20  (33)
Biden is done. His mental capacity is done. He can't complete sentences    08/05/20  (28)
which presidential candidate will get me a non law job    08/05/20  (3)
After today's "interview," odds of Biden staying on the ticket?    08/05/20  (15)
HOLD ON, LIBS. New poll shows that Trump's "Law & Order" messagi    08/05/20  (15)
Green Day - Good Dickings (Stim Of Your Life)    08/05/20  (21)
Any solos ever hired associates? How do you keep them from defecating?    08/05/20  (1)
Drug that legitimately decreases my IQ    08/05/20  (1)
Any solos ever hired associates? How do you keep them from defecting?    08/05/20  (54)
Trump: KIDS AREN'T CONTAGIOUS *GA school district shuts down 2 days after reopen    08/05/20  (4)
Drug that legitimately increases my IQ    08/05/20  (7)
17 year old who hacked Twitter is a chad with a hot girlfriend (link)    08/05/20  (2)
xo needs an upvote feature    08/05/20  (10)
Pope to celebrate Reformation (link)    08/05/20  (5)
1-877-POZ-4KIDS    08/05/20  (1)
reddit is banning all links to the george floyd body cam footage    08/05/20  (37)
$JMIA has been a monster stock. TY XO    08/05/20  (98)
Female football player (John Carroll U, Cleveland) has arm ripped off tackling    08/05/20  (4)
ITT post and underappreciated By You thread    08/05/20  (1)
Goddamn Trump sounds fucking stupid in the Axios interview    08/05/20  (132)
wow    08/05/20  (1)
Rudolph, are you ashamed of your stolen valor?    08/05/20  (11)
Trump interview: forgotten. Biden interview: lmao he's actually senile    08/05/20  (2)
no, spaceporn, that's not what "Fuck 12" means    08/05/20  (3)
lmao if you arent buying microcap stocks purely based on pumo recs    08/05/20  (1)
luis what are your top 5 juice wrld songs    08/05/20  (9)
Position yourself to become a warlord in aftermath of upcoming American collapse    08/05/20  (26)
People massively underestimate the rampant fraud and graft in America    08/05/20  (1)
Trump reading your haha texts to bumble 4 on natl tv    08/05/20  (24)
America is fucking hilarious when you think about it    08/05/20  (1)
me and ricky building vietcong jungle tunnel fort in Appalachian Mountains    08/05/20  (17)
silent standoff between police tp and camping tp (he's camping in police station    08/05/20  (8)
Gov Cuomo begs wealthy residents to come back to New York City    08/05/20  (27)
Second Finnic-Mongolian Hyperkhanate (2081-present)    08/05/20  (15)
In the past few weeks, DTP has surpassed mordoughi and Obeezy as worst poaster.    08/05/20  (63)
Scott Frost staring at an 8-2 schedule    08/05/20  (26)
Grill the Schnauser, Rape the Chung! Crit Dick, Crit Dick Numba    08/05/20  (11)
3 truths and a lie about Upset Jew - pick the lie    08/05/20  (17)
Do all azn "males" get a pillow GF on their 13th birthday?    08/05/20  (5)
"Vocal Fry turns on the Beta Guy" (NPR)    08/05/20  (4)
“How to Diversify Your Child’s Toy Box” (NYT)    08/05/20  (21)
"Obesity linked to support for Trump" (NYT)    08/05/20  (4)
is the Jewish propensity for swindling genetic?    08/05/20  (36)
Azns: I think this white chick would totally be into you    08/05/20  (2)
Best pulpy legal thriller? Basic Instinct? Lincoln Lawyer? Firm? Time to Kill?    08/05/20  (1)
libs dont even flush their toilets b/c of 'water conservation'. disgusting    08/05/20  (1)
what are all the jews and asians on flyertalk talking about with no-one flying?    08/05/20  (1)
The holy trinity of faggotry. Henry Aaron, Voodoo Child, DrakeMallard    08/05/20  (1)
"Papa Halford- I have sit on the Yann Log all night or Santa won't come, right?"    08/05/20  (3)
"Good goyim" chortled RSF as handed Mullah Omar the bearer bonds    08/05/20  (17)
Bigger Boobs: RSF, Elizabeth Warren, or Trump?    08/05/20  (6)
Turdskin living in Thailand got his dick cut off and fed to dog. Link    08/05/20  (2)
"Bless us for the meal we are about to receive" (Peterman kneeling @ FlyingJ)    08/05/20  (6)
nyt column on "Coronavirus Chaos" family situation in which NO ONE got sick    08/05/20  (4)
Doobs chained over the Pommel HORSE bolted to HellRoom floor    08/05/20  (2)
Odd how Henry Aaron retired his "Voodoo Child" moniker after c12 outing    08/05/20  (43)
So Henry Aaron outs numerous posters w/o consequence but nyuug threads get shitm    08/05/20  (1)
IPA Tits & Coffee Shits- My Brunch Dates with RSF by Lt Dan    08/05/20  (9)
Halford and doobs 69ing while tandem water skiing in wheelchair    08/05/20  (1)
“The ENTIRE FunkyBunch Mr Wahlberg?” -Yes you freak (beady eyes narrow)    08/05/20  (3)
NYC Karen enforces bike law on dumbfuck white male pedestrian    08/05/20  (105)
Mrs Dooberstein? He's inviting the kids to his Intestinal Sculpture Garden again    08/05/20  (3)
yelling "come on, man!" after biglaw partner emails u @ 5pm on friday    08/05/20  (1)
RealTalk: DeathPanels were the best thing Obama proposed    08/05/20  (9)
Slave girl Doobs silently sneaking over a sleeping Halford's wheelchair    08/05/20  (7)
Odd request, but what are the odds of getting a masked man to agree with you?    08/05/20  (1)
NYT: Get Back In (the Subway) - Why Public Transport Is Safe    08/05/20  (56)
Any of you boys ate ass lately?    08/05/20  (4)
Nick Cannon BENDS THE KNEE: fasts for Jewish holiday to make up for anti semitic    08/05/20  (29)
Wow, not one of the associates I started with at my Biglaw firm are still there    08/05/20  (3)
Gypi: dems win Congress but lose POTUS    08/05/20  (1)
Asked wife if she wanted 5 Guys tonight, she said no, I want 6    08/05/20  (6)
Mr. Dooberstein, could you please explain why 'boilet' is bolded on your resume?    08/05/20  (7)
"Swines, Swines, Everywhere there's Swines" (IFNB)    08/05/20  (6)
Wilbur Mercer 8/5/2020: "0% chance ETH doesn't hit ATH"    08/05/20  (1)
I never saw any European equivalent of the "Walmart scooter woman"    08/05/20  (2)
anybody ever try kratom?    08/05/20  (1)
Kirsten Sinema hints that social distancing has made her lonely and horny    08/05/20  (7)
Trump up 2 in North Dakota    08/05/20  (46)
LJL Biden makes Dukakis look like Cicero    08/05/20  (2)
Joe Biden thinks he's supposed to debate Mike Pence    08/05/20  (2)
rig pig nig jig    08/05/20  (1)
Been seeing several people in my area wearing Trump hats    08/05/20  (2)
Fatal Flaw of Working from Home- Porn    08/05/20  (12)
Peterboi becoming semierect after reading Jmaw poasts    08/05/20  (14)
Feel bad for those Beirut Port Officials    08/05/20  (10)
Can't believe TIKTOK = how journalists write stories in 2020    08/05/20  (1)
Jmaw has a monster cock. TY XO    08/05/20  (3)
why did DVP retire? why does everyone think DTP=DVP? why did DTP name himself a    08/05/20  (1)
"That's not lube, it's axl grease!"-Trucker/ "I know, I like the grit"- Peterman    08/05/20  (17)
Disgusting, debased, defiled    08/05/20  (4)
Trump to present MAGA-branded "Jared's Oil" as miracle cure tonight    08/05/20  (3)
Alyssa Milano with horrific long term covid-19 sequelae.    08/05/20  (8)
Just watched HBO interview. JFC can you imagine if journos were so rude to Obama    08/05/20  (106)
RSF.exe is corrupted. Abort process?    08/05/20  (3)
Does it matter if JMIA doesn't have any earnings next week?    08/05/20  (1)
"Great, here comes Patient Zero, AGAIN" (drive-thru test workers see Peterman    08/05/20  (10)
RATE the xo spouses/partners    08/05/20  (2)
“With boiholes spread open, interlinked” chant Doobs and Peterboi to the Rig    08/05/20  (30)
Cr to have ultra religious Christian emperor, Gold standard & libs on trains ?    08/05/20  (3)
Resolved: Flip Medicare and NASA budgets to save the human race    08/05/20  (9)

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