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'Oh No Ya Didn't! You's r overruled, Mista! Get outta my Court, whitey!'    01/27/22  (4)
so WH leaked Breyer retirement to get Russia off the front page?    01/27/22  (2)
So US used to have something called "institutional competence"?    01/27/22  (2)
Can you imagine how ugly and weird TBF is in IRL? JFC!    01/27/22  (10)
YouTube now sorts time/place, can watch vids of your hometown / HS in 90s (link)    01/27/22  (5)
Why did Toyota discontinue FJ Cruiser? Such a good car    01/27/22  (6)
can't imagine how weird epah must be irl    01/27/22  (1)
why is Biden flying dead of night jumbo jets of migrants into middle America    01/27/22  (2)
epah is never right about anything    01/27/22  (2)
Nothing wrong with WMAF marriage if you give kid HGH and jaw surgery    01/27/22  (1)
Want to chalk backyard like FB field for kids. Just use spray paint?    01/27/22  (1)
DoorDash driver shot dead in white area of Baltimore    01/27/22  (4)
I fucking hate Joe Rogan    01/27/22  (5)
exeunt is a little bitch. lol @ him being so mad    01/27/22  (77)
🚨🚨🚨 Justice Breyer is retiring 🚨🚨🚨    01/27/22  (107)
Can you imagine how ugly and weird [insert any poster name] is in IRL? JFC!    01/27/22  (1)
Any reason to have anything other than VTI in IRA?    01/27/22  (2)
Chad completely OWNED a chick regarding her sexual past    01/27/22  (19)
kikes in england get diversity lesson    01/27/22  (2)
Is it cringe to wear baseball/hockey jerseys everywhere?    01/27/22  (8)
   01/27/22  (60)
D.O.D CANCERJAB STATS RELEASED - VAXXCUCKS! Get in here!    01/27/22  (140)
Do you have a queen or king size bed?    01/27/22  (26)
Gen Xers are disgusting    01/27/22  (29)
ITT: hottiest Genetic THAI Female I've ever seen    01/27/22  (15)
Connecticut Supreme Court Rules Against Women-Only Gym Areas    01/27/22  (14)
Opened up Google Chrome in a coffee shop yesterday and porn started playing    01/27/22  (1)
Why do people go to drive thru and then eat in their own car?    01/27/22  (12)
So Spotify told Neil Young to fuck off after he tried to dickswing them? Lol    01/27/22  (14)
force feeding a soft penis into a dry as fuck pussy.    01/27/22  (134)
Weirdest sexual experience just had some girl do "muscle worship" on me    01/27/22  (49)
Mullah Omar was an INSANELY Gorgeous Guy    01/27/22  (8)
Oh Malk! Bezos rocket rook rike big white cawk. Arive Girl say I can take ride!    01/27/22  (3)
"Oh Malk!" she said as she fell off the seaside cliff    01/27/22  (1)
Shitlaw boss used word "nutted" in his opening argument    01/27/22  (193)
Oh Malk! Why you no crose toiret seat? I farr in!    01/27/22  (15)
NY couple who faked vax cards for Bills game arrested for felony, facing 7 years    01/27/22  (28)
Steve Largent is the greatest white WR of all time    01/27/22  (20)
Awkward Jewish-Goyisha interactions    01/27/22  (1)
"Nothing in the rules says a Golden Retriever can't do Biglaw!"    01/27/22  (327)
Candace Owens: Whoever Biden nominates raped me (link)    01/27/22  (3)
Rate this DUNE slot machine (pic)    01/27/22  (16)
NYCityMoms: "Is NYC making my 5-year-old racist?"    01/27/22  (18)
MASS-SHOOTING at a hotel in 'fancy,' 'gentrified' northwest DC:    01/27/22  (2)
If I was a nigger bitch I'd be on the short list for SCOTUS right now    01/27/22  (1)
LOL at PredictIt's list of SCOTUS nominee candidates    01/27/22  (4)
an alien world consisting solely of golden retrievers, patio swings & oak trees    01/27/22  (74)
TBF on sidewalk spewing racism and whining about internet money    01/27/22  (7)
Senate confirms Justice Homogay to the High Court    01/27/22  (18)
be honest: do you wash your hands every time you piss    01/27/22  (23)
President of Ukraine is Jewish? Shocking.    01/27/22  (14)
Wordle    01/27/22  (186)
If you do not PROCLAIM love for Modi Ji then Get Furking off this Boart!!    01/27/22  (1)
Hard to take women seriously knowing they've all had cum on their faces before    01/27/22  (14)
LOL @ Alpha Indians shitting on NY Times and Amerikkka    01/27/22  (4)
I'm so BLACKPILLED I'm never gonna vote Republican again! I might just vote Dem!    01/27/22  (1)
r/antiwork has tranny janny represent them on FOXnews, you won't believe what ha    01/27/22  (13)
Barry Bonds falls off Hall of Fame ballot, denied by writers for 10th time    01/27/22  (59)
Biden's Supreme Court Pick Sexually Assaulted Me 25 Years Ago    01/27/22  (9)
Lewdle    01/27/22  (4)
Bridget Fonda was great as French heroin addict whore in kiss of the dragon    01/27/22  (1)
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ TRUMP 2024 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ    01/27/22  (8)
SOL $1,967 watch (exeunt's trillion dollar market cap target)    01/27/22  (36)
Look at this White Woman    01/27/22  (9)
Rate this Steve Vai vs Ralph Macchio Guitar Battle    01/27/22  (1)
"Democracy" or whatever our form of republicanism now is was a mistake    01/27/22  (14)
How does the fed raising interest rates reduce inflation?    01/27/22  (4)
Solid whitepaper, respected development team, unpronouncable retarded name,    01/27/22  (17)
Wow the Mandalorian is awful    01/27/22  (28)
Russia could invade fucking Canada & I wouldn't fight for the USA    01/27/22  (9)
"I would fucking crush some antifa skulls" *switches from XO back to WestLaw*    01/27/22  (38)
Turdle    01/27/22  (1)
NY High School locks unmasked students in Library after mask mandate struck down    01/27/22  (25)
David Lat disgusted by the stentch of ATL.    01/27/22  (6)
I just can't believe how shitty so many people are    01/27/22  (5)
Was Butchie Yost the most innovative surfer of all time?    01/27/22  (3)
I fucking hate leftists    01/27/22  (7)
life is pretty gay    01/27/22  (3)
Next Supreme Court Justice to have nonAmerican ape name like Oomphoophoo    01/27/22  (2)
Summon: Mitch creek    01/27/22  (9)
Leondra Kruger is black and Jewish    01/27/22  (2)
Faggier nation: Canada or Australia    01/27/22  (6)
RSF french lacrosse career is FUCKED; FRANCE to require vaccine pass for sports    01/27/22  (3)
TRUMP IS RUNNING BABY (LINK)    01/27/22  (88)
Jinx "makes" whok wear a butt plug to work but he always whines for a bigger one    01/27/22  (1)
What's going on in this video? Is this common behavior for women?    01/27/22  (1)
Mr. Jinx alleging that you 'slut-shamed' him & getting you 'canceled'    01/27/22  (2)
Random men are dming your wife/gf offering to be sugar daddies    01/27/22  (21)
back in the day I rocked Windows 2000 Professional & felt like I was fucking Neo    01/27/22  (26)
Aerial photo of Manhattan from 1932:    01/27/22  (6)
2022 Vacation Ideas Discussion Thread    01/27/22  (8)
2022 Vaccination Ideas Discussion Thread    01/27/22  (2)
Approved for IBR again, haven't made a student loan payment in like 6-7 years    01/27/22  (3)
lcollins/ - Down for everyone or just me?
   01/27/22  (19)
food diary    01/27/22  (77)
painting of TSINAH on a boat with a golden retriever    01/27/22  (12)
Golden Retriever swimming at Cambodian beach tp    01/27/22  (4)
Jews will end humanity    01/27/22  (5)
Lmfao "Hermit the Cog" holy shit that's me    01/27/22  (21)
exeunt cost me billions    01/27/22  (2)
Title capitalization    01/27/22  (3)
SOL is only up 40-50x since a year ago?    01/27/22  (1)
Early Christmas present for my XOXO Golden Retrivermos- Life is Getting Better    01/27/22  (15)
Golden Retriever solemnly shakes your hand as Emilio makes u pancakes    01/27/22  (30)
What is your take on the Lib claim that "Billionaires shouldnt exist"    01/27/22  (271)
Lmao at the top post on Reddit this morning    01/27/22  (63)
Happy Thursday Niggers!    01/27/22  (82)
"you know u can trust crypto b/c it's made by the same people who killed JFK"    01/27/22  (3)
Bravo fires Asian chick for noticing Black on Asian crime    01/27/22  (24)
Rate this HSBC commercial about BORDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    01/27/22  (8)
Biden has actually been a pretty good president. Especially considering covid.    01/27/22  (96)
People with <100 IQ advising each other to do their own research    01/27/22  (3)
MASS-SHOOTING in GUN-FREE Europe: Pro-gun-control libs; explain:    01/27/22  (3)
Poors want "discounts" on everything    01/27/22  (3)
Birdshit at Daily Wire endorses arranged marriage, calls it's superior system    01/27/22  (7)
Hey libs protip: THE MASKS DONT DO SHIT    01/27/22  (5)
wow everyone in crypto is really fucked lmao    01/27/22  (5)
Awake on my airplane awake on my airplane, my skin is bare [xo f    01/27/22  (7)
Being in the NICU, seeing your newborn with a tube in his throat, is hell    01/27/22  (117)
WFT -> Washington Commanders confirmed (link)    01/27/22  (2)
whok, is jinx the most masculine, brightest man you could find?    01/27/22  (3)
market futures are crashing    01/27/22  (54)
as I get older I realize sex is overrated    01/27/22  (15)
exeunt - these people don't deserve you    01/27/22  (19)
every OHM fork is rugging HARD rn    01/27/22  (1)
Historic "racists" were just based about black behavior and criminality    01/27/22  (2)
insane scam occuring rn with $TIME lol    01/27/22  (27)
RIP Trevor Moore    01/27/22  (1)
i look 180 in my mohawk hfs    01/27/22  (2)
is anyone using insurance with Anchor LUNA protocol for 16-17% APY?    01/27/22  (2)
so wall street bros literally just sells in protest when fed raises rates?    01/27/22  (4)
why don't policy makers understand that brutal oppression is bad?    01/27/22  (2)
Bridget Fonda in 2022    01/27/22  (11)
ri¢ky rugpulled $TIME    01/27/22  (5)
Deadspin: FUCK THIS WHITE NFL COACH! FUCK HIM! "Oops he's a minority"    01/27/22  (61)
not flame i just converted 100% of my NW into $LINK (not flame)    01/27/22  (11)
No "chip shortage" at my store we have a whole aisle of the things lol (evan39)    01/27/22  (16)
the sheer AGONY of the COVID era is overwhelming    01/27/22  (7)
itt: estimate the actual size of exeunt’s lil baby dick crypto stack    01/27/22  (1)
career question for bort    01/27/22  (9)
asian markets are muh dick    01/27/22  (2)
how often do u feel urself boiling with rage    01/27/22  (21)
Gonna force my gf to make me crêpes this morning    01/27/22  (1)
hey whok, is Pattaya a beautiful city? What's the best part (exclude gay scene)    01/27/22  (5)
lol god damn i hate being alive    01/27/22  (4)
Indians hire dopey-looking human trafficker to smuggle them into the US; die:    01/27/22  (8)
what do you aspire to    01/27/22  (14)
really looking forward to DYING FOREVER    01/27/22  (3)
What if the Fed manages to land the economy thru tapers without crashing it?    01/27/22  (7)

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