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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
How did Mercedes become prole in less than a generation?    06/26/22  (8)
RSF has been demoted from “member” of his firm to “counsel”    06/26/22  (48)
I've never fucked an Asian chick    06/26/22  (1)
High Serotonin levels make up for height and WILL get you laid    06/26/22  (15)
RATE this hapa chick:    06/26/22  (2)
What's the big deal about banning abortions after 14-16 wks? Just propaganda?    06/26/22  (34)
Feels weird without Fake virus, evil vaccine, contrived recession atm    06/26/22  (1)
"Trump is an opportunist who got out in front of the parade."    06/26/22  (7)
Red America is a Venezuela within normal America    06/26/22  (1)
luis, im doing ayahuasca tonight for first time in nearly a year    06/26/22  (3)
Bought a house in 2012. Still lost money on it    06/26/22  (2)
ive severely fucked up the life paths of at least 5 women    06/26/22  (12)
Which poaster has the Fattest Wife?    06/26/22  (2)
Are Apple FraudPods wirth the money?    06/26/22  (13)
Just finished Barry Season 2    06/26/22  (1)
Which is more prestigious for a white man - light skin black or Asian?    06/26/22  (55)
air bud the golden retriever, retrieving ur air ball and dunking it    06/26/22  (3)
Ketanji Jackson Rips 'Uncle Clarence' Thomas For Risking Interracial Marriage    06/26/22  (3)
Boom we are both alphas i understand    06/26/22  (4)
Do you ever draw attention irl by laughing so hard from XO!?    06/26/22  (7)
AA/preferential hiring is single biggest nuke Scotus could land on libs    06/26/22  (1)
Made my kids cheer for the Lesbian kiss in Lightyear    06/26/22  (2)
Pretty sure this Roe v Wade shit is a turning point    06/26/22  (117)
🚨***🚨 22 MASSACRED AT LONDON BAR 🚨***🚨    06/26/22  (37)
disco fries is darkhorse candidate for most insane poster of 2022    06/26/22  (6)
why are all those alpha looking dudes fucking femboy trannies now    06/26/22  (1)
Anyone else feel like the rest of your biglaw practice group gave up, while you    06/26/22  (3)
What are the most prestigious sexual fetishes?    06/26/22  (16)
PRIDE UPDATE: Watched gay orgy in back of gay club last night    06/26/22  (3)
Funny how abortion ban brought out all of the insane board libs    06/26/22  (1)
I wish I could go back in time and make things different    06/26/22  (11)
Rate this absolutely insane GJR poast    06/26/22  (39)
Another bullshit "holiday" weekend coming up    06/26/22  (4)
restaurants seem so overpriced compared to just getting food from costco ljl    06/26/22  (5)
Lol, family volunteered me to do their friend's divorce    06/26/22  (3)
Fuck my ass at hospital. Fucked my knee up hoping a fence.    06/26/22  (34)
Is this a perfect 10/10? (pic)    06/26/22  (42)
looking at houses in NYC suburbs, want to kill self    06/26/22  (5)
Assault on a disabled bald freak named Boom    06/26/22  (23)
Libs support abortion because they’re racist and hate black people    06/26/22  (4)
I’m not letting my sons play baseball    06/26/22  (20)
Board libs are v. concerned about Roe even though they can't impregnate women    06/26/22  (7)
Wife told me she was never physically attracted to me    06/26/22  (4)
Did :D go bust on his poker career?    06/26/22  (16)
What was your biggest misconception about irl circa age 18    06/26/22  (2)
Tall bros seem MAF about people wearing lifts    06/26/22  (34)
Phil Collins: “RSF was a member, but now it’s over (he was a member but now    06/26/22  (1)
There is nothing more delicious than the thought of soyboy board libs taking L's    06/26/22  (6)
who knew end times would be so slow and expensive?    06/26/22  (4)
Kid struggling at batting cage. Never play baseball again or push through it?    06/26/22  (12)
my daily stim cocktail: Concerta, modafinil, caffeine, nicotine    06/26/22  (16)
Cannonier is gonna upset Iggy    06/26/22  (1)
Buy a Hermon Miller Aeron chair? About $1950    06/26/22  (26)
Binging For All Mankind on Apple TV instead of working    06/26/22  (2)
"Poasting with fan fav booom here on the island of Malta. Caller one you're up"    06/26/22  (3)
a certain *chill* kind of filling a room with suicidality with just your presenc    06/26/22  (16)
this seems like the cr way to kill yourself. painless & easy    06/26/22  (1)
Gay pride still going;)    06/26/22  (1)
Xo is such bullshit its fucking funny    06/26/22  (2)
JK Rowling Dead    06/26/22  (3)
Jewish lib girl i went on a date with is at my apartment pool right now    06/26/22  (16)
LOL WHERE THE FUCK IS GOD?!?!?    06/26/22  (19)
Bizarre nyt op-ed says dobbs is pro slavery bc slaves were forced to breed    06/26/22  (4)
Michael Corleone watching Clarence Thomas montage: "Haha, wow..."    06/26/22  (3)
Hegemon is 5’6, roided w gyno, balding at 28, and triple vaxxed    06/26/22  (15)
Lol at sick twisted so called women calling baby murder "medical care"    06/26/22  (5)
Do as you please nothing literally matters    06/26/22  (1)
xo Shkreli shits all over dopey fraud Mark Cuban in latest newsletter (link)    06/26/22  (2)
Do you have any injuries/conditions that will make old age hard?    06/26/22  (4)
i feel like Azn women have given up on white men. No hoap anymore    06/26/22  (12)
only thing this guy did wrong was not finishing the job    06/26/22  (1)
Bald bro here, bought a toupe and feel like a moron    06/26/22  (8)
Sports are fraud all the hype for Mississippi to "win" in Omaha    06/26/22  (1)
Gonna start nodrink. Five years of alcoholism is enough.    06/26/22  (369)
Kim Jong Un has 2000 teen girls in his harem. You? Bumble 3s.    06/26/22  (14)
Can a 5’7 guy who was a DI football player ever be a “Chad”?    06/26/22  (1)
Belle dolhpine chick literally just fucked some retarded nigger    06/26/22  (1)
Paul walker’s daughter: “I’m a demonic whore who got an abortion, praise m    06/26/22  (20)
Pro-abortionmo here but happy to see shitlibs shrieking like Orange Man Bad    06/26/22  (3)
Buff chad whipped out his cock at pool party just now    06/26/22  (22)
Wife wants me to spend next weekend with her doing family things    06/26/22  (3)
New data shows Jewish heart attack jabs have massively reduced fertility rates    06/26/22  (5)
Xo makes me laugh uncontrollably IRL    06/26/22  (1)
Eva Zu Beck is a subjective 9 to me.    06/26/22  (5)
Shitlib slut moaning for you to "breed her" after complaining about roe v wade    06/26/22  (19)
ITT: I post well known xo monikers and you post emoji that comes to mind first    06/26/22  (223)
Did you know popular High School CHADs that fell off a cliff both in terms of    06/26/22  (6)
full head of hair and being tall    06/26/22  (16)
IRL off this delusional website I'm tall with full head of hair(Boom)    06/26/22  (6)
Rate this Polack soldier going balls-to-wall    06/26/22  (1)
Gas $6.32 gallon avg National:$4.90 gallon    06/26/22  (3)
TT what's with all of the dead people found in South African night club?    06/26/22  (1)
48+ million dangerous frauds on Amerikkkan frauds for the 4th    06/26/22  (2)
"Nigger?"    06/26/22  (2)
What is TSINAH up to today?    06/26/22  (2)
Not your body or your choice    06/26/22  (11)
Ole Miss is national champion in something (baseball)    06/26/22  (3)
Ole miss wins the college baseball national championship    06/26/22  (1)
You think I'm out of moves? FUCK YOU "I'm out of moves"    06/26/22  (1)
2023: "NoSAMO?" asked the disheveled man behind you in the BREADLINE    06/26/22  (1)
Was that Navy video of “UFOs” a fraud?    06/26/22  (1)
RATE this JEWESS (Pic):    06/26/22  (2)
Why is NIGGER DICK so BIG and POWERFUL?    06/26/22  (2)
Can Rach just put a “call in number” for like a voice chat?    06/26/22  (1)
How the fuck did RSF get demoted from a FAKE JOB?    06/26/22  (10)
Man claims to have come face-to-face with Bigfoot    06/26/22  (10)
Why are americans so weird and fake socially?    06/26/22  (3)
Can you still throw peanuts on the floor at Texas Roadhouse?    06/26/22  (3)
*Austin Lib woman screeching she will have to drive out of state for abortion    06/26/22  (1)
"I'm tall and very hairy full head of hair," Bbooom replied    06/26/22  (1)
what is your daily FIBER intake?    06/26/22  (10)
Link that hidden gems! Great restaurants and eateries    06/26/22  (11)
Hey, Seattlemos, thoughts on Big Mario's? 🍕    06/26/22  (2)
Why does NIGGER DICK feel so good in my tight white ass?    06/26/22  (9)
"I'll be honest--I want your big nigger dick stuffed in my tiny white asshole."    06/26/22  (13)
DAD! Give me my partnership back! I love mommy more.    06/26/22  (1)
Lol at criminal libs talking about "ballot box" shit    06/26/22  (1)
Pep, tilapia, Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits..what other food XO approved?    06/26/22  (5)
World Bank POTUS: green energy policies are destroying the world    06/26/22  (3)
US Stocks on a tear after recent sell off!!!! America is BACK baby!!!!    06/26/22  (1)
It's over you lost! Shut the fuck up! On to some fun    06/26/22  (3)
When libs say something gay do they "feel cute" the way girls do?    06/26/22  (4)
Awesome time in genetic history to be a successful serial rapist    06/26/22  (2)
rate this heroin addict's mugshot    06/26/22  (10)
So Trump’s #1 issue was open borders and he lost by 7,000,000?    06/26/22  (3)
Photographing something you want to show everyone    06/26/22  (2)
The Only Good Pumo is a Dead Pumo!    06/26/22  (2)
Just read The Nigger Trial by Nigger Kafka.    06/26/22  (2)
Who is the most powerful woman in Amerika right now?    06/26/22  (5)
King Tutankhamun slept on a CAMP BED 3300 years ago    06/26/22  (3)
Teletubbies | Laa-Laa Best Moments | Season 1    06/26/22  (4)
Barry S2E7...references to height privilege & "Horns of the Cuckold."    06/26/22  (1)
btw Bbooom is a prime shareholder of Yum! Brands, Inc.    06/26/22  (3)
<><><>RSF GOT NO MEMBER PWNED<><><> NO MORE BRIKFUSS    06/26/22  (1)
Boom gracefully fighting off deranged stalkers like Neo in Matrix Chateau fight    06/26/22  (9)
Waffle House is truly 180! Always tastes good when fucked up!    06/26/22  (8)
Amazingly Gorgeous PGA Golfer Sahith Theegala (video)    06/26/22  (41)
Lol America! Drive your faggot SUV from one shithole to the next?    06/26/22  (1)
Wall Street's elite investors convinced the crash has only just begun - link    06/26/22  (1)
Any woman who would even considering killing her own baby is a sick puppy    06/26/22  (4)
I just broke up a shitlib protest rally by cranking out the solo to "Simple Man"    06/26/22  (19)
Lift call-out comeback: Lol better than that rug on your head    06/26/22  (1)
Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Do you think anyone in real life has actually read it?    06/26/22  (8)
Short Latina looking to spice up your life    06/26/22  (2)
S. Korea clinic offers surgery that adds up to 4" of height    06/26/22  (5)
Oh wow that’s not your real hair?????    06/26/22  (2)
Man spends $45k to get foot replacements with implanted lifts    06/26/22  (2)
NOT FLAME: Obama recommends 2000 Mules    06/26/22  (8)
Hypo: $100,000 to have sex w/ a living corpse in a cemetary on Hallow's Eve    06/26/22  (9)

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