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How am I just now reading Karlstack's epic Screed?    11/27/22  (4)
It's difficult to fathom just how unlikeable Spaceporn must be, in person    11/27/22  (2)
Absolutely BASED cartoon from SNL    11/27/22  (15)
Asked an attractive girl to grab drinks with me, she said she's an alcoholic    11/27/22  (8)
Should I pay $1,610 for a two week "Zero to Hero" sailing course?    11/27/22  (79)
a chill Monday morning stimulant psychosis    11/27/22  (11)
Sailing bros? How much money would you need to live at sea? Boat, gas, food, etc    11/27/22  (10)
NYT: Here's why Fuentes is an Aryan/Germanic name    11/27/22  (5)
Bears give Peterman another chance after Siemian issue    11/27/22  (5)
Michigan is not beating Ohio State in Columbus. Zero chance.    11/27/22  (16)
Up the fun of the talk today    11/27/22  (1)
ITT: I provide guns, gear, prepping recs (Hegemon)    11/27/22  (24)
There were 5 early-mid 20s t-girls at Thanksgiving    11/27/22  (3)
Will Elon succeed or fail with Twitter?    11/27/22  (12)
MAINLINING fuck all of the bullshit friend! We're going to do as we please    11/27/22  (23)
why does consuela even poast here    11/27/22  (2)
How many restaurant owners took PPP and retired early?    11/27/22  (70)
Uh oh dumb fuck soyim might wanna read this BAP fedpoast like rn    11/27/22  (4)
Is KarlFAQs dark cowgod? somehow way edgier and hilarious    11/27/22  (8)
portland maine is 170+    11/27/22  (40)
Happy Advent Sunday!    11/27/22  (3)
Can't believe Army requires Deadlift for its physical fitness test    11/27/22  (4)
Reminder: Taylor Lorez has the smelliest pussy in the world.    11/27/22  (16)
Someone repoast that lulzy pic of spaceporn in the crowd of gooks    11/27/22  (46)
Top-Law-Schools.com    11/27/22  (1)
LJL railroad track workers are asking for $160k/year    11/27/22  (3)
Congratulate TBF and TSINAH for poasting anniversaries    11/27/22  (2)
Mainlining I have scary creepy stalker/s here..my life's in danger I feel(Boom)    11/27/22  (23)
Wake up fag$    11/27/22  (5)
evan39 how are your prole/loser/scumbag etc subordinate talking around holidays?    11/27/22  (17)
Bing Crosby “kill yourselves” to the tune of silver bells    11/27/22  (113)
Google results for "ballot harvesting" vs duckduckgo    11/27/22  (16)
Rate Glenn Greenwald's family photo (pic)    11/27/22  (43)
There will soon be landfills full of pelotons    11/27/22  (60)
You're young "Walt Di$ney" died in 1965 ljl    11/27/22  (1)
Take note of all the poasters falling for the Ye scam rn, TBF/Consuela lvl rtrds    11/27/22  (4)
Cuck 57 y/o single dad takes out $550K in loans for kids’ college    11/27/22  (84)
pink soyim shitstains    11/27/22  (1)
Cruises are absolutely 180    11/27/22  (31)
Green Ranger/White Ranger actor from Power Rangers committed Suicide    11/27/22  (10)
Bald and Bankrupt in Japan - link    11/27/22  (25)
Women are natural leaders because of their nurturing, caring mother instincts    11/27/22  (6)
Hope that insufferable “Emilio” faggot is dead and rotting in a ditch somewh    11/27/22  (1)
a lot of you got irreparably btfo today    11/27/22  (2)
Declare your support for YE24, update your moniker    11/27/22  (21)
Reminder: Only Birdshits & Niggas have WET Ear Wax    11/27/22  (1)
"I still don't code," an interview with a laid-off journalist snark-tweeting on    11/27/22  (1)
The Economist: British Bangladeshis are out performing Birdshits at school 😂    11/27/22  (16)
Strange New Worlds is just ok, still has same problems as other nuTrek    11/27/22  (10)
so Trump disavowed Fuentes/Kanye 3 more times today just for good measure    11/27/22  (19)
I lost my virginity to a nerdy, fugly Chinese girl with glasses, braces, and a f    11/27/22  (2)
1. Georgia 2. Michigan 3. TCU 4. ???    11/27/22  (64)
Luis and I are eating butter pecan ice cream and drinking Orange juice reading    11/27/22  (3)
Bort cons: When was the last time an R won the popular vote for President?    11/27/22  (64)
How has prayer helped you?    11/27/22  (1)
Croatia must be very diverse, based on their soccer team    11/27/22  (1)
American culture is trying out new fast food and drunk driving    11/27/22  (4)
"karlstack-"(crowd laughs)"i havnt told the joke yet" "yes u did"    11/27/22  (8)
General Patton was murdered by the Jews for being anti-communist    11/27/22  (13)
🚨🚨🚨 BENZO VIOLATED PROBATION 🚨🚨🚨    11/27/22  (100)
Jews pushing miscegenation is genius from a golem propagation standpoint    11/27/22  (1)
Reminder: kids bullying weirdos is 100% normal and healthy    11/27/22  (37)
Is Starfleet Military?    11/27/22  (2)
Gorgeous INDIANS have taken Phuket, advancing on Antarctica    11/27/22  (14)
Worth reading Mishima's Sea of Fertility tetralogy?    11/27/22  (6)
If hanging around people depresses/bores you, people think you’re an “introv    11/27/22  (1)
Let us cleanse our hearts for the coming of our great King.    11/27/22  (1)
good morning    11/27/22  (10)
waking up in a hotel in maumee, OH on my way to Mich/OSU    11/27/22  (77)
Fuck a Somali girl - tried this?    11/27/22  (9)
I moved on her like a sis (in-law) but I couldn't get there    11/27/22  (1)
Made a move on my sister in law. Did not go as planned    11/27/22  (77)
Ann Coulter on why soccer is shit.    11/27/22  (110)
"$cienTTTi$TTT$" current best model of universe says 95% of universe undetectabl    11/27/22  (33)
Bolsonaro files to annul Brazil election results    11/27/22  (15)
the thought of fucking ur sister in law worming its way into ur brain like disea    11/27/22  (2)
Anyone seen Amon Amarth live? Should I go?    11/27/22  (10)
FUTURE/PAST : Christmas at Crystal Valley Mall (vaporwave)    11/27/22  (23)
Is GC successfully reframing the post-covid-fraud world    11/27/22  (1)
Canadian Study: Fraudvax causes 7x higher incidence of heart damage    11/27/22  (1)
JCM’s droopy fat girl goth tits    11/27/22  (1)
The CIA had at least 20 "Lee Harvey Oswalds" just in case.    11/27/22  (18)
It occurs to me I have a classic nuclear family    11/27/22  (27)
Fetterman went into a berserker rage when told Eagles are not in the World Cup    11/27/22  (4)
{u to SiL on Christmas Eve} "Look, Niki, let's just try it once. Get it out of    11/27/22  (1)
Need a new hobby. All I do is read and lift.    11/27/22  (25)
entire Canadian world cup team is black    11/27/22  (2)
Learned today height isn’t everything    11/27/22  (25)
Is there Such a thing a neo pagan Judaism?    11/27/22  (12)
Do they still teach Julius Caesar in high schools or has this been replaced    11/27/22  (16)
World Cup fans refusing to speak to Israeli TV networks    11/27/22  (7)
Article: "Indian tourists to be highly sought-after"    11/27/22  (1)
This based nigger (only fucks whores) is 180!    11/27/22  (3)
*speakers crackle to life in long-abandoned mall* *"Silver Bells" plays @ .5 spe    11/27/22  (55)
Getting real sick ask tired of you stupid goys falling for every like trick agai    11/27/22  (9)
The bottom like 20% of THAIS are historically STUPID    11/27/22  (26)
There were 5 early-mid 20s girls at Thanksgiving    11/27/22  (29)
Disparity Doesn’t Necessarily Imply Racism (WSJ)    11/27/22  (3)
Even the fake fed gay kikes like BAP are blowing soyim tf out lately    11/27/22  (1)
Anyone else one bad bender away from fucking their hot young sister in law?    11/27/22  (53)
21 yr old Seminarian files 40 lawsuits under TCPA, pwns ATT/Verizon, wins $$$    11/27/22  (30)
What is this kike huddle on the front page this morning    11/27/22  (1)
Gorgeous Gaurav, Raunchy Rishi, Handsome Hardik, Vivacious Vivek    11/27/22  (5)
i don't understand the appeal of pools    11/27/22  (1)
cowgod is obsessed with me    11/27/22  (4)
I love South Asian Men    11/27/22  (5)
(((Pentateuch)))    11/27/22  (3)
hundun diaper    11/27/22  (2)
Only 29 days until Christmas & you can see your Sister in Law again    11/27/22  (10)
Are Incels losing or winning?    11/27/22  (3)
a sweaty, yeasty meat curtain monstrosity, smelling like casu martzu tp    11/27/22  (1)
Saw "Strange World" today with kids. Do not recommend.    11/27/22  (20)
You shouldn't just expect pussy to not smell bad    11/27/22  (23)
Lib women should not have messed with gamers if they wanted to keep Roe    11/27/22  (6)
vegetables tp by himself in empty Slack channel, wishing everyone "Happy Monday"    11/27/22  (2)
Are above-ground pools prole? They seem convenient    11/27/22  (3)
NIGGER    11/27/22  (1)
Really good video about the US's geographical advantages - link    11/27/22  (2)
Political commentary is worthless    11/27/22  (3)
Official Jose Chon Zepeda vs Regis Rougarou Prograis fight thread    11/27/22  (26)
Weird images from Houston’s lack of zoning laws    11/27/22  (3)
cowgod, you took it too far. It's really sad.    11/27/22  (58)
progressive muscle relaxation    11/27/22  (2)
scraping ice off of my windshield every morning drives me nuts    11/27/22  (9)
A delicious Subway sandwich meal of ... Mostly bread    11/27/22  (1)
journalism a profession inherently designed for women w/ a smelly fucking cooze    11/27/22  (2)
new movie idea: Harry Brown except it takes place in San Francisco    11/27/22  (1)
Is Kevin de Bruyne the most attractive man who's ever lived?    11/27/22  (2)
not a lot of sister in law threading this holiday season    11/27/22  (53)
benzo.exe is consuming unauthorized cookies.    11/27/22  (14)
Reminder: We dont have a single fucking MS of Bellum Gallicum earlier than 9th c    11/27/22  (4)
Ben Shapiro vs Kanye: who do you got?    11/27/22  (1)
Robocop to clean up San Fransisco (link)    11/27/22  (5)
there's a ton of money in vegetables    11/27/22  (7)
There were 5 early-mid 20s dads at Thanksgiving    11/27/22  (1)
A generation of men raised without penises    11/27/22  (3)
It was a real playroom hotdog sort of night. A real "who hid the biscuit" evenin    11/27/22  (3)
Karlstack went broke betting against "the" Ukraine (EJMR)    11/27/22  (3)
litigator bites down on all 32 soft teeth to end it all in a squish of glory    11/27/22  (88)
“I Still Benefit: This man is a Cohen who runs a racist website for lawyers”    11/27/22  (5)
Made an off color comment on a date w/ girl & she gave me a ton of flack wtf    11/27/22  (6)
digging into a bowl of steaming gnocchi only to find out they're soft teeth    11/27/22  (16)
Taylor Lorenz: “US is killing off millions of people by not locking down”    11/27/22  (4)
Pluto will be renamed Tubtron in honor of Harriet Tubman (IAU)    11/27/22  (1)
Weird images from Houston's "Dead Zone" (land of philosophical gray shadows & in    11/27/22  (1)
Dreams of My Sister-in-Law's Hairy, Fertile Cunt: A Post-Thanksgiving Debriefing    11/27/22  (3)
its mind blowing that there are 150 ppl that would pay MONEY to cuckstack    11/27/22  (1)
The evolution of Karlstack    11/27/22  (12)
"I still off-road," an interview with a man who traded in his Grand Cherokee    11/27/22  (4)
(((James Bond)))    11/27/22  (6)

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