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STICKY: Big changes   08/07/20  (331)
The blacks at my apartment are out of hand.    08/08/20  (15)
Really really dumb 101 Biglaw question    08/08/20  (22)
Why do so many lawyers complain? Even cheap lawyers are expensive    08/08/20  (1)
Rate this Tiktok MILF    08/08/20  (8)
fucking hate waiting for uncrustables to thaw    08/08/20  (1)
Naïve young lawyers face 40+ years in prison    08/08/20  (170)
How does renouncing US citizenship impact ability to emigrate?    08/08/20  (1)
Just won 5 timeshare auctions on EBAY lmao    08/08/20  (8)
Blood letting is good & beneficial. If your dr isn't leeching you, he's a quack    08/08/20  (6)
the 6 foot rule is about rounding your height up from 5'10 on tindr, right?    08/08/20  (3)
Rate this Yale XC girl who likes to do Tik Toks in her underwear    08/08/20  (168)
   08/08/20  (1)
fun experiment: go to Google Images and type in "white American doctor"    08/08/20  (8)
haha sounds like you're following the "6 foot rule"! thanks anyways.    08/08/20  (12)
Best country for xo to move to? Israel, Ireland, Italy or Russia?    08/08/20  (14)
Trump executive order on student loans apparently coming out    08/08/20  (63)
I'm M00NiNG DaDDiBOi    08/08/20  (1)
****HOLY SHIT**** STUDENT LOANS FREE IN 2020    08/08/20  (6)
Divorce lawyers: how to avoid and gain leverage if it happens?    08/08/20  (1)
Enroll in community college, put loans in crypto    08/08/20  (5)
So the story of Portland is: white shilibs soak up attention; blacks get shot?    08/08/20  (5)
What does it mean to be "in escrow?"    08/08/20  (22)
Bros: How long do you last during penetrative sex with an actual female?    08/08/20  (35)
Trump: “Marriages that were very good turned out to be bad”    08/08/20  (1)
NYT: Everyone needs to repay their student loans. Here's why. (link)    08/08/20  (2)
Seems like salt and vinegar is POTUS flavor    08/08/20  (7)
i just told the census guy to take a hike    08/08/20  (27)
What is an item under $250 worth owning?    08/08/20  (66)
Talk me out of buying this house for $825k in HOUSTON    08/08/20  (27)
'psychiatric treatment'/ mental health 'events' can become huge divorce leverage    08/08/20  (1)
is the Jewish propensity for swindling genetic?    08/08/20  (43)
hooooooooooly shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
   08/08/20  (1)
Times reporters are already passive agressively melting down over the CHAZ story    08/08/20  (20)
August 8, 2020. A day that will live forever for Chainlink owners    08/08/20  (2)
Runners: Are minimalist footwear and barefoot running dead now? Was it passing    08/08/20  (6)
NYT: Oh I guess CHAZ was actually bad    08/08/20  (131)
T/F: The average American would be happier if they consumed 33% less    08/08/20  (4)
Abolish Private Property (Teen Vogue)    08/08/20  (19)
zerohedge: CDC mask guidelines Revealed to be Torah portion on Yarmulkes    08/08/20  (2)
📑 STUDY: Ugly people more likely to be shitlibs 📑    08/08/20  (10)
"Drs. recommend 1 hr screen time/day for kids. BTW all school is online forever    08/08/20  (6)
GAP is hilarious. Seems like there's a 50% OFF sale almost every day    08/08/20  (1)
Pump stock tips    08/08/20  (1)
How come no one bullys holdup for becoming a cross dressing tranny fucking guys    08/08/20  (19)
Is it better for kids to have dad play with them?    08/08/20  (41)
Social media has really amplified black stupidity    08/08/20  (8)
Hate libs with all my soul. But if no CFB season, I hope Trump dies    08/08/20  (5)
kike 'scientists' are trying to turn us all into OCD ortho jew weirdos    08/08/20  (2)
Surgeons are such faggots. They walk around in Scrubs for no reason    08/08/20  (9)
Turns out benzo is as bad at trading options as he is at not doing meth    08/08/20  (7)
Alpha to pull down mask to cough, sneeze?    08/08/20  (1)
How can a 30+ y/o male see vids of HS teens and not rue their shit lives? (DTP)    08/08/20  (68)
the nasa reveal scene in interstellar but "we're here we're queer get used to it    08/08/20  (1)
Disney stock in March was no-brainer    08/08/20  (10)
NASA goes WOKE (link)    08/08/20  (5)
CDC covid poster: 'wash hands, keep distance, wear mask, touch mezuzah'    08/08/20  (1)
tips for quitting drinking? nighttime drinking is killing me    08/08/20  (48)
Does UBI mean everyone gets 2k or just poor people?    08/08/20  (2)
“I’m an options trader!” Shrieked the craterfaced GED grad as he lost all    08/08/20  (20)
Going to break 400/1200? Crypto: lol no thx    08/08/20  (4)
how do people not realize that CCP is an existential threat to our existence    08/08/20  (14)
Scott Adams urinates into a glass and drinks it on Periscope    08/08/20  (5)
Flushing Pringles down the toilet    08/08/20  (23)
TRUMPMO UMBRELLA MAN IDENTIFIED (link w/ pic)    08/08/20  (46)
But Glaucon, what of the wet ass pussy?    08/08/20  (1)
Wtf happened to slip n slides    08/08/20  (6)
The posts where benzo used to whine about love not existing were 180    08/08/20  (9)
In a rut / struggling with alcohol addiction. Taking Q’s and advice    08/08/20  (62)
TITS    08/08/20  (1)
What’s up with all this charcoal toothpaste crap    08/08/20  (1)
Israel is borderline white nationalism    08/08/20  (39)
"the pursuit of happiness" is the biggest flame there ever was    08/08/20  (1)
"dark net" mastermen, how can I find a small personal supply of xanax safely?    08/08/20  (64)
Chainlink $12 watch    08/08/20  (23)
STUDY: Men registered Democrat scored higher on attractiveness and sexual desir    08/08/20  (2)
UGA releases COVID-19 guidance    08/08/20  (10)
Observations on the state of Yankee women from the lake    08/08/20  (2)
kendrick lamar - swimming polls (drank) [extended version].mp3    08/08/20  (1)
rsf's iq "on the wrong side of 30"    08/08/20  (1)
Any DAC worth getting for iPhone or MacBook?    08/08/20  (7)
rsf's writing career more stillborn than the twin he murdered in the womb lol    08/08/20  (4)
Henry Aaron you sick fuck    08/08/20  (1)
Outted on Twitter and taking it in the shitter, the Henry Aaron/Voodoo Story    08/08/20  (26)
Board Indians are next level crazy    08/08/20  (4)
imagine when offices are all 50yo millennial women    08/08/20  (17)
Kurt Andersen is an extremely overrated boomer    08/08/20  (1)
****8/16/2017 Crypto Thread****    08/08/20  (365)
Henry Aaron why are you such a sick fuck?    08/08/20  (4)
gov't really does seem to turn blind eye to buying small amt of drugs by USPS    08/08/20  (1)
crippled luis using walker @ grocery to shop w/ old people during 8-9am    08/08/20  (9)
found some literal 6 year old xanax in a non-climate control storage warehouse    08/08/20  (2)
we are the only place the internet where "gookboi ricehoal" means something    08/08/20  (3)
YAHSHUA HAMASHIACH    08/08/20  (2)
Fear City really explains how the Mafia went from Godfather to Sopranos    08/08/20  (3)
"you're as awesome as a unicorn eating a taco haha"    08/08/20  (29)
luis's fat hog doing a "stimulus check" on my sphincter    08/08/20  (1)
nordstrom reiterates legendary return policy: if u don't like what u looted, bri    08/08/20  (13)
luis writing you a 1,200 word poem in lieu of stimulus check    08/08/20  (2)
1984 guy: BLM paper arrives, he tosses COVID one in the memory hole    08/08/20  (3)
cowgod    08/08/20  (2)
Persistent: black criminality, Jewish pedophilia, Asian dishonesty    08/08/20  (4)
Dumped my GF this morning. Taking Qs    08/08/20  (42)
"the USA will NEVER be a socialist country" *Approves widespread Socialist polic    08/08/20  (1)
really happy, drinking macallan 15 with my kid, libs please get your shit togeth    08/08/20  (5)
Republicans announce they're "moving on" from Coronavirus negotiations w/Dems    08/08/20  (1)
A student set out to document the experiences of his Black classmates    08/08/20  (2)
The state of music in 2020 is insane/depressing    08/08/20  (22)
"Flatten the Curve" is just completely memory-holed now I guess?    08/08/20  (13)
Chainlink $14 watch    08/08/20  (3)
Cowgod have you seen the price of Chainlink lately?    08/08/20  (1)
harris bipod cr?    08/08/20  (1)
best non-lead based .308 hunting bullet?    08/08/20  (4)
Pretty kooky that Hawaiian shirts are the new "OK" white power symbol.    08/08/20  (24)
Basically if you're depressed you'll just naturally get over it    08/08/20  (3)
if you haven't switched to Firefox you're insane    08/08/20  (6)
oh the numbers! look at the numbers!    08/08/20  (1)
Which countries aren't overrun by feminism?    08/08/20  (9)
Chainlink $13 watch    08/08/20  (2)
SF to reopen gay bathhouses to aid in SF's economic & cultural recovery (link)    08/08/20  (42)
Cocaine is the most overrated drug    08/08/20  (6)
Anyone swapped out the trigger on their glock?    08/08/20  (2)
Are manual lawn mowers any good    08/08/20  (5)
does logging into personal accounts while using a VPN defeat the VPN anonymity    08/08/20  (2)
At the lake just watching the barely legal hotties    08/08/20  (3)
Anyone watching newer episodes of "Last Chance U"    08/08/20  (1)
Wtf is going on with the XFL?    08/08/20  (5)
JMIA is an absolute beast    08/08/20  (9)
Colorado State suspends Football. Twist: not for Covid but raycism    08/08/20  (1)
"and you poasted as 'stfu kike' for 8 years, is that correct" "that was only one    08/08/20  (1)
Checked Hispanic on USAJOBS for lulz. My God    08/08/20  (1)
Explain your poasting strategy ITT    08/08/20  (6)
So Ciolli apparently quietly got married    08/08/20  (123)
Wake up, it's Jan 3, 1990, your dad bought you a game boy, gi joe    08/08/20  (10)
The problem with Conservatism: it is a collection of Losers    08/08/20  (6)
What explains early 30’s men who are unmarried?    08/08/20  (118)
Lmao at dudes in Portland attacking police officers, getting shoved in return    08/08/20  (4)
my wife sucks    08/08/20  (2)
Australian luis getting assfucked by dingos, listening to Joe Bogan Experience    08/08/20  (2)
Been seeing a lot of TRUMP PENCE 2020 bumper sticks on trucks here in Brooklyn    08/08/20  (6)
MAC cancels football season    08/08/20  (6)
Slow burn dramas with brutally violent over the top endings    08/08/20  (17)
HS nerds who always thought, I'll show them!- did you show them?    08/08/20  (8)
Henry Aaron outted Charles our of envy and gay jealousy    08/08/20  (13)
Recommended some music to listen to    08/08/20  (1)
are we even allowed to take vacations in COVID?    08/08/20  (5)
lifelong dem but lib lingo is very grating    08/08/20  (13)
Jonathan Pollard back in Israel thanks to Trump    08/08/20  (1)
soft dick still makes me cum    08/08/20  (3)
luis is one of those fags that plays a ukulele while hiking    08/08/20  (3)
hushed golf anncer: “this is one of the faggiest hikes weve ever seen from lui    08/08/20  (9)

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