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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/14/19  (338)
if GOP retakes House in 2020 what kind of blowback for Schiff's failed coup    10/15/19  (4)
Met a super bubbly/cheerful young girl who seems to be really into me    10/15/19  (3)
“What are your strengths?” *17 severed goblin heads pour out of briefcase*    10/15/19  (10)
Lance "Rafa" Nadal Guaranteed #1 On Nov 4 (Post-Paris) #tennis    10/15/19  (3)
Shitlawyers: good article about defending junk-debt lawsuits ITT    10/15/19  (6)
GOP is the party of peace now? even though 80% of military supports GOP?    10/15/19  (7)
whats the best brand of hummus for college football    10/15/19  (10)
freddie tp is always be and well with a beautiful young family    10/15/19  (8)
Manchester City are still alive here . . . Balotelli . . . RUPINDERRRRRRRRRRRRR    10/15/19  (43)
Libs have gone full 100% neocon jfc it’s hilarious    10/15/19  (27)
Modern society tortures <110 IQs by forcing them to pretend to be literate    10/15/19  (42)
Bono presents George W. Bush with world peace award (link)    10/15/19  (12)
Well into my 20's, i didn't realize that black chicks' hair was all fake.    10/15/19  (27)
imagine raising the perfect family with prestige faggot the poaster    10/15/19  (17)
lmao Biden himself may be the "whistleblower"    10/15/19  (2)
Trump: the hardest thing i do    10/15/19  (8)
Where Was the Outrage When Iraq Attacked the Kurds in 2017?    10/15/19  (1)
firm holding triumph as you return from mountains with 12,000 goblin captives    10/15/19  (8)
COMPARE these two search pages for identical queries (links)    10/15/19  (6)
"Anyway, that's why we need to start killing goblins as--" hi, who just joined?    10/15/19  (1)
Progressive White NYU academics Cause Death of 4 Homeless Men    10/15/19  (2)
ur wife visiting ur tombstone in pouring rain: “Skad. Leg. XXI; Goblanicus.”    10/15/19  (8)
failing ur firm’s baseline test cuz u keep seeing haunting images of goblins i    10/15/19  (3)
goblins    10/15/19  (4)
Beltway elite CRYING that American soldiers 7,000 miles away getting withdrawn    10/15/19  (51)
the heroism demonstrated by the attorneys at the First Battle of Mt Rainier    10/15/19  (2)
So if you get laid off at 50. That's it? You're doomed to poverty?    10/15/19  (45)
Listened to NPR for a few hours today, here's the summary:    10/15/19  (94)
May you always be diapered, freddie, in this life and the next. *plunges knife i    10/15/19  (2)
CNN: this foreign correspondent who is def not a CIA asset says Biden innocent    10/15/19  (6)
woman: "...that 1 friend of urs...u said he's gay & stupid & poor. Is he single?    10/15/19  (47)
Better life: Kirkland fund formation share partner or CSLG?    10/15/19  (8)
a homoerotic gang of moustaches    10/15/19  (4)
Buxom girl FURIOUS her dad isn’t more concerned (tweet with vid)    10/15/19  (16)
MPA wearing headset, leading xo seminar: "Force this meme"    10/15/19  (10)
Defendants Emergency Motion to Check Jury Pool for CSLG sock puppets    10/15/19  (1)
The most prestigious CSLG discussion board in the world    10/15/19  (2)
Bill Gates struggling to hide smirk as african drinks diarrhea water with filter    10/15/19  (3)
Another reminder that things won’t work out well for you if you’re a lawyer    10/15/19  (4)
Sabras - Let's bash these TTTs    10/15/19  (4)
Google "straight couples" with quotes and do image search. Pls report findings    10/15/19  (21)
Japan denies homeless access to typhoon shelters    10/15/19  (16)
Minority rule doesn't work. Trump has proven that.    10/15/19  (99)
If u buy sabra hummus, You're supporting the kike state/idf    10/15/19  (20)
Resort, hotel, AirBnB or Hostel in Playa del Carmen/Cozumel. Thank.    10/15/19  (12)
Sabra brand hummous: let's bash this TTT    10/15/19  (60)
Sabra Hummus - Let's bash this TTT    10/15/19  (35)
remember: society was WAY more unstable in the 60s    10/15/19  (18)
Unrequited HS crush just texted me out of the blue for a “hang”. Dtf?    10/15/19  (37)
Best resources to learn PYTHON for an experienced coder?    10/15/19  (1)
Baltimore still so violent. So sad.    10/15/19  (3)
V5 partner here but feel very insecure when CSLG shares details of his 180 life    10/15/19  (25)
LOL at Benzo gaping tsinah so bad he had to rebrand as "LAW KING"    10/15/19  (1)
Is there a "high white" race?    10/15/19  (59)
99% of "news" is filtered through monolithic global cartoon corporation?    10/15/19  (3)
⚖ What are the big SCOTUS cases left this year? 📚    10/15/19  (21)
has anyone been to a couples resort    10/15/19  (7)
A lot of men are into trannies.    10/15/19  (1)
What's the most DANGEROUS STREETCORNER in America?    10/15/19  (26)
Hunter Biden speaks to ABC News (video)    10/15/19  (11)
Spending workday taking defensive driving course    10/15/19  (1)
Is buying a row house on U street a bad idea    10/15/19  (4)
Paki men literally raping river dolphins into extinction.    10/15/19  (42)
Lebron James: "Honestly, Uighurs can't afford my shoes anyway"    10/15/19  (4)
Dalai Lama here, really jealous of how self-actualized and happy CSLG is    10/15/19  (4)
I like to niggerthread in a public library surrounded by nigger teens    10/15/19  (1)
Supreme Court Justice here but fairly jealous of CSLG's intellect    10/15/19  (10)
let me guess, Henry Aaron, USPO, and CSLG spent all holiday weekend on xo    10/15/19  (22)
Scandinavian Libs: Too many blondes in this World. Let's import Middle Eastern    10/15/19  (1)
Modern society tortures <110 IQ lawyers by forcing them to pretend to be literat    10/15/19  (2)
The Loser Scumbag alliance in clique theory is the most powerful & potent allian    10/15/19  (2)
80s/90s CIA Agents: Jack Ryan, Jason Bourne. 2019 CIA Agents: Don Lemon, Maddow    10/15/19  (3)
What's worse: finding out your girlfriend fucked a nigger or a turd eater?    10/15/19  (8)
Lol at LeBron understanding what's going on politically    10/15/19  (3)
"U guys like to shit in ur drinking water? What if I give u $400mm?" (Bill Gates    10/15/19  (12)
Bill Gates running around the jungle shooting Africans with fertility darts    10/15/19  (2)
N-word use restricted ITT    10/15/19  (13)
"It's too quiet.." *Garfield peeks out of Monday fortress, Splut! narrowly misse    10/15/19  (1)
As women, drawn by $, flock to big rig trucking what happens to Peterma & Doobs?    10/15/19  (1)
would you rather be Matt Leinart in his prime at USC or CSLG    10/15/19  (12)
Honestly I’ll vote for Warren just to burn it all down at this point    10/15/19  (28)
RATE these calls from refs in last night's Lions/Packers game (link)    10/15/19  (3)
Lin Manuel Miranda's "Drumpf: The Musical" opening in 6 months!    10/15/19  (3)
Xi Jinping: "in your ass, right?" LeBron: "you betta belie dat!"    10/15/19  (1)
pokemon anime but young scalia starts quest to shut down the 8 abortion clinics    10/15/19  (11)
POLITICO: "Beto" fucked up tellin the truth about libs wanting to take your guns    10/15/19  (43)
Libs want us all to be gender-non-conforming vegan socialists who live undergrou    10/15/19  (5)
Whoa cr friend describe ur local white married dork weekend brewery scene    10/15/19  (83)
Groom, 34, is a lawyer for Skadden Arps. The bride, 21, is a huge-titted camgirl    10/15/19  (46)
Remember how MANLY it felt to get armpit hair?    10/15/19  (7)
in an alternate universe u are an anime protagonist, effortlessly dispatching    10/15/19  (5)
Why is John Cena famous? He looks and talks like a horse    10/15/19  (4)
Fact: at the atomic level, all matter in the universe is trying to become iron    10/15/19  (51)
If there is common law, then there should be such a thing as uncommon law, rare    10/15/19  (7)
gakked out tsinah writing essay about his diarrhea to get $$ from Gates foundati    10/15/19  (13)
Going to start next conference call w/ "This is Skadden actual. Authorization co    10/15/19  (2)
The “Polished Casual” restaurant segment    10/15/19  (5)
A lot of these TikTok teens are easy if youre a reasonably decent looking lawyer    10/15/19  (1)
Benzo, have you ever had to pull a firearm on someone?    10/15/19  (1)
Is Trump’s effort to manufacture Hunter Biden corruption in order to    10/15/19  (17)
I've been losing sleep / but I made up my mind / iiiiiiimmmm bortin' my baby    10/15/19  (2)
Hunter Biden: I regret nothing. But enough about fucking my dead bro's wife    10/15/19  (2)
Rank your top 5 candy bars    10/15/19  (134)
Betrayed (1988)    10/15/19  (1)
Josh Rosen proving the power of atheism    10/15/19  (2)
word around town you get licked like a stamp huh    10/15/19  (1)
🐟 I got STDs. 🐟    10/15/19  (4)
Josh Rosen is by far the best NFL QB prospect, so watch Browns draft Saquon    10/15/19  (18)
Hunter Biden: Regrets about overseas business? Moi?    10/15/19  (1)
Cali Sockpuppet Login Guru    10/15/19  (5)
"we're doing this for Trump." - 2019 Washington Nationals    10/15/19  (6)
"Colombus Day is horrible. I celebrate indigent peoples' day," (Julia)    10/15/19  (1)
Why hasn't Gavin Newsome tried to run for POTUS yet?    10/15/19  (3)
Libs: We need to EMBRACE change, but not climate change!    10/15/19  (2)
Imagine eavesdropping on secretaries talking and thinking women should vote    10/15/19  (1)
Skadden transitioning all junior associates worldwide to these soundproof "pods"    10/15/19  (6)
Toyota dealer ranting about the Jeep State    10/15/19  (4)
Reminder: "People of Color" - simply varying shades of brown.    10/15/19  (1)
so with QE4 announced Dow is going to 35,000?    10/15/19  (5)
If you still work for other men at 50 you deserve whatever you get    10/15/19  (8)
Reindeer Games (1996)    10/15/19  (7)
Remember kratom? What happened to that stuff    10/15/19  (21)
The Dow Jones Industrial Average will never fall below 27,000 in our lifetimes    10/15/19  (5)
Skadden offering Nadal job based on his baldness    10/15/19  (8)
Lebron James unleashed a blistering anti China tirade just now holy shit (link)    10/15/19  (77)
Video of Rudy in drag, Trump kissing his neck and tits    10/15/19  (55)
If only you knew how great things really are.    10/15/19  (2)
Going out on a limb here. Bloomberg will win in 2020    10/15/19  (10)
"Something's Gotta Give" captures peak boomer degeneracy    10/15/19  (10)
On conference call, accidentally called San Diego "dago"    10/15/19  (1)
Skadden launches ICBM code-named “Cleisthenes” directly toward Beijing    10/15/19  (2)
Serious Question: where did all the water in Earth’s oceans come from?    10/15/19  (16)
Skadden just countered Cravath's double scale / chem. castration: time travel to    10/15/19  (6)
smoking drugs with male escorts    10/15/19  (1)
SF man steals Dali artwork and libs let him get away bc don't want to be racist    10/15/19  (4)
Johnathany McCain hold my hand as we jump from our office cuck jerbs    10/15/19  (1)
“The crazy part,” said the ratface as he left Skadden at 2am, “is I don’    10/15/19  (12)
My heart turns to Skadden    10/15/19  (4)
partner just asked me what my cup of kratom was    10/15/19  (3)
In Contopia, after Civil War 2, which parts of Bill of Rights would u preserve?    10/15/19  (1)
max IQ to think that "the economy" is the most important facet of human society?    10/15/19  (7)
listening to chillwave in your kyoto studio apt during your teaching "gap year"    10/15/19  (9)
Dems coulda had Kamala winnin 40 states...Now, Liz losing 35.    10/15/19  (3)
If you were the Obeezy pumo, would you kill yourself?    10/15/19  (7)
ABC reporting Erdogan unhinged at EU meeting, cut to Bo Jackson Tecmo Bowl run    10/15/19  (5)
ABC: "Turkish troops violently raping Kurds" *shows Nats-Cards highlights*    10/15/19  (8)
An epidemic of targeting women of color on law school discussion site    10/15/19  (3)
Cards gonna win four straight and you Gnats boys gonna be cryin in yo beer    10/15/19  (1)
Remember that hot news anchor Megyn Kelly?    10/15/19  (20)
2020 Teslas will have wireless gamepad option to drive from passenger seat    10/15/19  (1)

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