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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   06/16/19  (300)
DESCRIBE prestige of war games Iran commander.    06/17/19  (1)
NYUUG scared to come itt and im his lifelong supporter, why?    06/17/19  (3)
Would you divorce your wife for this 16yo teen? Sfw    06/17/19  (83)
There is so much good free content on youtube. No need to watch Hollywood shit    06/17/19  (4)
Rate this sorority's house rules (DEVASTATING for shortmos)    06/17/19  (66)
RATE Caro Wozniacki - David Lee Wedding (DM PICS) #tennis #nba    06/17/19  (2)
On pace 2 fuck 1000 girls by the end of 2019.Taking ?s ITT on 1000 girls fucked    06/17/19  (14)
Anyone else pro abortion because it kills niggers?    06/17/19  (1)
FBI caught trolling 8chan    06/17/19  (25)
Underdiscussed hilarious part of xo: sqmo being outted thru tezos lit and    06/17/19  (39)
Biz Idea: Get Detained For Not Stopping At Retail "Receipt Check," Sue For F.I.    06/17/19  (34)
Only 5 South Dakota highway patrol officers ever killed all from 1941-1985    06/17/19  (4)
Explain how xoxo is so homophobic but yet so aroused by twinks    06/17/19  (3)
Guy sells unopened incubus cds for $10,000    06/17/19  (2)
CSLG has been poasting some quality content lately    06/17/19  (3)
Porn where the bottom cries because he knows he just got hiv    06/17/19  (1)
Get tits fuck straight men in the ass for cash    06/17/19  (3)
Lots of hot dads being posted to social media right now    06/17/19  (5)
Radio War Nerd #142: Iran-US War Scenarios    06/17/19  (2)
mr. jinx giggling after getting nutted on by a ladyboy.    06/17/19  (4)
High school girl snorts a line of cum as a dare (video)    06/17/19  (29)
A lot more shit should happen than does to straighten out things    06/17/19  (5)
Who gives a crap 💩 they stole a cop car? Who paid for the car? Me that’s ri    06/17/19  (2)
always lol'd @ low-t dork jordan peterson musing about the male "dominance hier    06/17/19  (17)
They claim to have caught one of 3 in South Dakota hope they get away    06/17/19  (1)
Lance "Rafa" Nadal Tennis Academy: 56,000 EUR / Year #tennis    06/17/19  (1)
What do 'pro-life' idiots even hope to accomplish?    06/17/19  (59)
There are 2 2011 films that perfectly encapsulate the MFH experience    06/17/19  (36)
Questioning the basis of decisions and life’s orientation-> only depression?    06/17/19  (5)
Boomer in Hollywood: "lets find the mentally ill, cast em, call it reality tv"    06/17/19  (1)
Tits. Lots of girls have them. Why is it so important they be attached to    06/17/19  (5)
Bands whose debut album was their best    06/17/19  (36)
White women with dogs who should be raising my autistic son    06/17/19  (69)
If you feel good you just haven’t thought about it    06/17/19  (1)
Lance "Rafa" Nadal Gives Commencement Speech (VID) #tennis    06/17/19  (1)
RATE The s-Hertogenboesch Trophy #tennis    06/17/19  (1)
"Aussie" Nick: Djoker Cringeworthy, Will Never Be GOAT If Cant Beat Me #tennis    06/17/19  (1)
what's a realistic job/career you wish you did instead of what you do now    06/17/19  (10)
180 girl found on internet    06/17/19  (2)
As China Tariffs Loom, Some U.S. Companies Say Buying American Isn’t an Option    06/17/19  (28)
Jason Mraz on Sesame Street, teaching TSINAH how to share    06/17/19  (4)
it's literally impossible to ever make money    06/17/19  (15)
ATP June 17-23 Thread - Halle | Queens #tennis    06/17/19  (1)
boogers are fossilized bugs that live & grow in ur sinus cavity    06/17/19  (1)
How big of a news story was OJ driving in his white Bronco?    06/17/19  (5)
libs are hideous succubi with black souls & putrid maggoty gristle for hearts    06/17/19  (10)
Green Nationalism is the only true nationalism    06/17/19  (2)
1453:Mehmed II captures Hagia Sophia,turns it into a mosque in workplace dispute    06/17/19  (6)
"I have my eye on a few chicks" hissed JJC in night vision goggles    06/17/19  (75)
Remember when Metallica wore makeup and dressed up like fags for a few years    06/17/19  (5)
Entrepreneurially-Minded Autist Seeking My Next Poasting Opportunity    06/17/19  (21)
Rental properties = Insurance policy against Cancel/Call-Out Culture    06/17/19  (24)
20 million and never work/invest again or 5 million (CSLG)    06/17/19  (77)
FBI agent outs self as 8chan troll in filing.    06/17/19  (7)
After a while I've noticed GC stops being empathetic and as caring for you    06/17/19  (118)
Krampus is dead. RIP.    06/17/19  (1)
JJC Yoda: "What unfolds see we will"    06/17/19  (1)
The movie 'Primer' doesnt quite live up to the hype    06/17/19  (21)
Guy living in a First World country, taking questions ITT.    06/17/19  (343)
Are there any schools out there providing kids w/ 3 taxpayer funded meals a day?    06/17/19  (7)
WLMAS is blatanty talking to himself with alts    06/17/19  (9)
incredibly underrated youtube genre: irish traveler fight call-outs    06/17/19  (10)
hilarious new youtube channel of nebbish jews shooting guns    06/17/19  (1)
NYT goes full white supremacist, NOT FLAME    06/17/19  (139)
Worst commute times you've personally experienced? How bad is it over a long    06/17/19  (27)
TINYCHAT TONIGHT 6/17    06/17/19  (5)
Russian pig-tailed girl foursome - nsfw    06/17/19  (1)
rec a movie i haven't seen    06/17/19  (28)
Ian there truly anywhere that one can bail to and be happy?    06/17/19  (2)
nothing good will ever happen to you    06/17/19  (5)
Phoenix really needs 2900 🚓?    06/17/19  (2)
that time spacehog lost their guitarist & u got onstage & ripped “in the meant    06/17/19  (2)
hey, who made that poast about phenotypes and video games the other day?    06/17/19  (3)
Phoenix cops slapped with 10 million lawsuit should be more    06/17/19  (2)
Buttigeig is mad chill bro    06/17/19  (1)
nothing is good    06/17/19  (4)
this country sucks    06/17/19  (14)
nothing is weird anymore    06/17/19  (11)
good things straight up do not exist    06/17/19  (8)
New cat discovered    06/17/19  (62)
wtf is a xbox one *s*?    06/17/19  (5)
Luis clapping, yelling "stay woke" as MYST collapses    06/17/19  (21)
My friends all refer to gf as "the thunderbutt with the undercut    06/17/19  (41)
Everyone I knows mental state is deteriorating significantly    06/17/19  (13)
are any of us really "living" before we get a dyed undercut    06/17/19  (17)
got a dyed undercut and wore zero * shirt today    06/17/19  (11)
Noticing more millennial women with undercuts/half their heads shaved    06/17/19  (5)
TRUMP HEIGHTS Sign Goes Up In Israel's Golan Heights (PIC)    06/17/19  (4)
dyed undercuts | ribeyes | chillwave    06/17/19  (8)
Why isn't Trump talking about the economic impact of mass immigration?    06/17/19  (20)
If Andrew Yang's child were a Clone of him, would he be diagnosed with autism?    06/17/19  (3)
"Omg. The off white coloring. The richness of his inner world."    06/17/19  (4)
*gazes into the inner world of a kike* *it's the casino zone from Sonic 2*    06/17/19  (8)
*Buddy the Biglaw Golden Retriever railing bony law shrew in Cravath bathroom*    06/17/19  (5)
Sarkeesian making mobster like threats to CyberPunk2077 to get consulting gig    06/17/19  (17)
"Milstah Tlump no show a spleadsheet of economic data to peopre!"    06/17/19  (1)
"Nothing in the rules says a Golden Retriever can't do Biglaw!"    06/17/19  (293)
On foot armed with assault rifles in Greenwood, South Dakota area    06/17/19  (3)
A South Dakota highway patrolman hasn’t been killed since 1985    06/17/19  (3)
The Beurette – A Symbol of The Sexualization of Maghrebi Women in French Cinem    06/17/19  (4)
These South Dakota cops are stopping literally every vehicle in the area    06/17/19  (2)
Dumbshit one got caught and he will snitch! Anthony Patterson locals    06/17/19  (2)
U.S. can't beat China with tariffs    06/17/19  (33)
Holy shit it's 9:30 pm and I can ** finally ** chill    06/17/19  (1)
Cop car ditched near greenwood, South Dakota now on for w/assault rifles    06/17/19  (2)
Mitchell South Dakota stolen cop car drivers armed via scanner    06/17/19  (6)
Trump: fuck you squares. The circle got smaller, the castle got bigger, the wall    06/17/19  (1)
PHILADELPHIA had 249 murders in 2014; on track to break 350 this year    06/17/19  (15)
1 in 200-300 pap smears have canine semen on them.    06/17/19  (34)
"Look, I get it. Women like alpha dogs." Shrew gf sips latte: "You have no idea"    06/17/19  (9)
Gut wrenching video of a golden retriever dying from cancer    06/17/19  (1)
List things that ONLY the Japanese are smart enough to do    06/17/19  (17)
the jews did this    06/17/19  (3)
An open-shirted Luis in Ray-Bans negotiating an historic peace between Iran; US    06/17/19  (9)
XO MLB crew roll through    06/17/19  (153)
Saddest GC gangbang I have seen: $200 "build your own lightsaber" at Disney    06/17/19  (36)
another UFO spotted on video, now over lake superior    06/17/19  (6)
A-10 strafes British recon unit    06/17/19  (4)
Black kid leaving his HS graduation calls "shotgun" in parking lot, cop shoots h    06/17/19  (3)
Deep state keeping Trump in the dark re: cyber warfare ops    06/17/19  (23)
How did Frito Lay Hot Fries get lifetime endorsement from Andy Capp?    06/17/19  (1)
Any modern movies that capture the je ne sais quoi of The Outer Banks?    06/17/19  (5)
a temporary ban on all ufos until we figure out what’s going on    06/17/19  (2)
trader joes precut ONIONS for like $1.49 is 180    06/17/19  (1)
Precut vegetables and fruit are hilarious goy bait    06/17/19  (22)
Opening All male tanning salon called "brehs"    06/17/19  (84)
Hate when the gym employees talk to me    06/17/19  (6)
Coked up Italian guys sweating through their denim shirts    06/16/19  (1)
Is showering the only chore that feels good    06/16/19  (4)
Interviewing for Product Management Roles    06/16/19  (138)
My dream is to semi retire and found a men’s rights NGO    06/16/19  (1)
"fatfaggots.com" this dump already has enough dumb shitlib turds    06/16/19  (9)
Bought a $17 bag of jerky. Got fucking scammed    06/16/19  (46)
Great Nick Fuentes video on "The Nation of Immigrants™"    06/16/19  (2)
No Escape (1994)    06/16/19  (2)
korean film absolutely dominates cannes. nyuug haters?    06/16/19  (20)
Lol how gay modern history is, imagine if Persians reached America before Anglos    06/16/19  (3)
Fuck it, watching 25th hour    06/16/19  (4)
whok    06/16/19  (8)
this insane shitlib twitter acct HAS to be flame, right?    06/16/19  (9)
you ever see the video of chuck berry farting on a prostitute?    06/16/19  (14)
cowgod, poast your phenotype    06/16/19  (1)
No shower Sundays.fyi man o war my balls are musky af.    06/16/19  (1)
Anyone else feel like technology.medicine are stifling IRL due to Market Forces?    06/16/19  (9)
They smile in your face. All the while they want to take ur place: Christstabber    06/16/19  (1)
.,.,.,.,.,,,....,,,.,.,.,.,.,, = new WLMAS pumo    06/16/19  (2)
Initial thoughts on Euphoria. Shitty try hard dialogue. Tryhard outlandish plots    06/16/19  (2)
"Yeah ok I'll 'wreck it little guy, but stop calling me Ralph" (benzo's cellmate    06/16/19  (5)
From Mayer Brown to Brown Mayor: the Lori Lightfoot story    06/16/19  (3)

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