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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/20/19  (339)
what's a realistic scenario where I can start killing boomers?    10/23/19  (1)
i fucking hate god    10/23/19  (1)
Ann Coulter just mentioned xo in an interview (link)    10/23/19  (6)
Is “shrew” a mainstream concept?    10/23/19  (1)
Daily blue-light exposure shortens lifespan and causes brain neurodegeneration i    10/23/19  (7)
still upset that pepito blanked all his old posts    10/23/19  (5)
Cialis is proof that monogamy isn't real    10/23/19  (1)
DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS! *Texas judge castrates your 7yo son*    10/23/19  (1)
whok, are you into rough bdsm sex or u're vanilla?    10/23/19  (1)
There’s an epic Reddit war going on about Netflix vs Disney MCU canon    10/23/19  (14)
Whok, here is a list of boxers:    10/23/19  (9)
Finally, a boomer male wakes up from his boomerific slumbers    10/23/19  (1)
Mark Cuban's teen dottir flashes her bra on TikTok in front of him (link)    10/23/19  (2)
Most valuable baseball card you owned as a kid? How did you get it?    10/23/19  (7)
I said "sex", no actual penetration, mr. jinx! (whok)    10/23/19  (6)
AIDs pretty much exposed blacks as being massive homosexuals    10/23/19  (3)
prestigefaggot how much 4 nudes?    10/23/19  (13)
(((Charlie Kirk))): 'America is an IDEA, not a country/people. ISRAEL is sacred    10/23/19  (6)
Marines aren't tough. They just walk around with backpacks and collect welfare.    10/23/19  (7)
How do you “develop” a skinny fat physique?    10/23/19  (4)
Hypo: $1.7 billion, but you can never leave your house. Take the offer?    10/23/19  (28)
Libs protesting Syracuse Orangemen basketball game    10/23/19  (2)
Top 5 all time poster in the game taking questions on going strong 15 years deep    10/23/19  (23)
beyond wheat: bread made out of meat    10/23/19  (2)
I'll say it, we should round up and kill single mothers and their "families"    10/23/19  (1)
lmao at the irate scootercucks in that Lime thread    10/23/19  (2)
Why isn't there more talk about Ginsburg being terminally ill?    10/23/19  (8)
Q: Why do women have pussies?    10/23/19  (2)
$2.4B Scooter rental company Lime will lose $300M on $400M of revenue this year    10/23/19  (65)
Attn James Joyce this NYC shrew has a "poop stool" in her bathroom (video)    10/23/19  (47)
Rate Her: A friends mom just sent me a FB friend request    10/23/19  (7)
Jury rules that 7-year-old boy must be chemically castrated against dad's wishes    10/23/19  (11)
“Friend” i$ paranoid.. tell$ me all$ impo$$ible anymore    10/23/19  (4)
my hatred of god is boundless    10/23/19  (2)
You will never want to eat again after reading all these food violations    10/23/19  (2)
godamn something is eating my brain from the inside out    10/23/19  (2)
the thing you gotta remember about WASPs: They love animals & can't stand people    10/23/19  (4)
Why does the US Government consider "the Kurds" a terrorist group?    10/23/19  (8)
damn daddy hasn't come out to his mom, refers to all 37 bf's as "roommates"    10/23/19  (17)
Transgender kid drops a pack of crayons and kills himself    10/23/19  (1)
FUCK. LIVING.    10/23/19  (1)
i know I came in here for a reason (me every time I enter a room)    10/23/19  (2)
Boner Police is on my naughty list    10/23/19  (38)
I don’t have an Azn boyfriend OMG thtop it guys, (doodikoff, while shaking boi    10/23/19  (6)
Rate this dorky girl dressed as Robin at Comic Con    10/23/19  (4)
fuck god, suck my dick you faggot    10/23/19  (6)
fuck god and this faggot ass planet    10/23/19  (5)
NY judge gives Proud Boys 5 years for defending themselves from Antifa    10/23/19  (39)
Protip: use military jargon in the office to gain respect    10/23/19  (3)
Rate this juggalo TikTok    10/23/19  (6)
47 yo Pitcher that walked on to Summer Wooden Bat league turns down MLB contract    10/23/19  (1)
Wtf? Trump not allowed to enter White House    10/23/19  (2)
Holy fuck, look at the media trying to torpedo Biden - link    10/23/19  (1)
Anyone watched “Tell me who I am” on Netflix?    10/23/19  (2)
started saying "do what?" in a southern drawl after everything anyone says    10/23/19  (3)
Anyone played Overwatch? Bored as fuck today. Should I buy it?    10/23/19  (18)
juggalo lives matter    10/23/19  (1)
so they just canceled that whole 'kurd genocide' thing or what    10/23/19  (2)
ICP showering cheering Juggalos with Franzen novels    10/23/19  (10)
Favorite Moments from Gathering of the Juggalos 2019    10/23/19  (6)
What will Rudy Giuliani's prison boyfriend's name be?    10/23/19  (1)
JJC cancelling Doodikoff's anal virginity with jizzy BAC    10/23/19  (1)
Really never enjoyed being alive    10/23/19  (3)
Obama gets $90 million of laundered $$ to make pro-impeachment documentary    10/23/19  (31)
club kids are just juggalos who think they're fancy    10/23/19  (2)
I hate being alive    10/23/19  (3)
I hate being alive 24/7    10/23/19  (3)
god damn i hate being alive    10/23/19  (3)
That I am still alive is remarkable    10/23/19  (15)
I'm getting everything I want, constantly blessed, and still hate being alive    10/23/19  (2)
god damn do I hate being alive    10/23/19  (2)
another day "alive"    10/23/19  (9)
Ljl @ being alive after 30    10/23/19  (3)
i have a huge long fat cock and hate being alive    10/23/19  (20)
Being alive is like being an unwilling subject in a demented science experiment    10/23/19  (6)
truly insane how I will never experience a non-anhedonic existence while alive    10/23/19  (2)
god damn i hate being alive    10/23/19  (12)
let me make this perfectly clear, i hate being alive and look forward to a meteo    10/23/19  (12)
god damn i hate being alive    10/23/19  (3)
Flyertalk aspie spends $1,000s to get a plastic duck    10/23/19  (21)
Why has XO soured so much on Austin?    10/23/19  (50)
hmm no news of Epstein funeral    10/23/19  (1)
Biden: "Really sorry about using lynching re: Clinton but Orange Man Bad"    10/23/19  (5)
Montreal Expos fan here    10/23/19  (6)
You have to jerk off to one Star Wars movie    10/23/19  (5)
Had a heated debate @ Friendsgiving on whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie    10/23/19  (32)
does anyone actually think WTC 7 went down because of a fire    10/23/19  (1)
WTF!!!! 2 1/2 hour interview with Sammy The Bull    10/23/19  (3)
Depression so bad that its laughable and cures itself tp    10/23/19  (3)
lawman8 - when does GOP start losing TX?    10/23/19  (17)
take the L tp    10/23/19  (2)
Seattle Mariners now only team in MLB history to never be in WS    10/23/19  (5)
My life hasn’t turned out as intended brothers    10/23/19  (30)
Godamn, so bored thinking of buying a PS4 to play Arkham and GoW series    10/23/19  (1)
Washington Bullets fan here. Their jersey was 180.    10/23/19  (1)
Wait there are actually "Nationals" fans & it isn't some weird transient thing?    10/23/19  (44)
damn, niggerstomper 1 thru 57 are taken (niggerstomper58)    10/23/19  (6)
Best Appalachian or Ozark small town?    10/23/19  (46)
Pretty 180 that Bin Laden had 15 minutes where he knew he was fucked    10/23/19  (17)
REACH OUT AND TOUCH ME    10/23/19  (1)
Metaphysics is Gay tp...... Here is the perfect girl for you    10/23/19  (3)
Scientists have successfully taught rats to drive cars (link)    10/23/19  (35)
22 year old guy here. feels like life is over.    10/23/19  (50)
GOY tp I'm making a blood pact itt 100% not flame    10/23/19  (1)
Henry Aaron is an unmitigated 180    10/23/19  (5)
bump this thread every time you want to die    10/23/19  (103)
is phineasgage still around    10/23/19  (4)
Funny how libs were against impeaching Clinton but want to impeach Trump    10/23/19  (2)
Dr Dre ft Eminem - forgot about Israel    10/23/19  (3)
Fallen angels are running a hologram supercomputer via Saturn that Jews somehow    10/23/19  (18)
sometimes Korean autism is really useful    10/23/19  (4)
star of remphan tp    10/23/19  (1)
jfc at Disney+    10/23/19  (11)
is olivia munn supposed to be attractive or something    10/23/19  (23)
The Synagogue of Satan    10/23/19  (1)
Tennessee commissioner to white men: "Wake up. We got a queer running for POTUS"    10/23/19  (43)
I have to say the new Star Wars trailer looks way better than the Last Jedi    10/23/19  (89)
‘It’s too much’: Democrats shudder at Trump’s money machine (politico)    10/23/19  (20)
Senate Democrats to force vote Wednesday to overturn IRS rules on SALT deduction    10/23/19  (21)
"Honey I shrunk the kids" but it's just acp taking his shoes off    10/23/19  (13)
Young Ariel Winter in a bikini - sfw    10/23/19  (14)
she replaced you & moved on tp    10/23/19  (8)
Study: 39% of psychopathic patients had a consensual sexual relationship with    10/23/19  (26)
bros pregnant black wife is in labor! she's already called the dr some bad words    10/23/19  (3)
wtc tower 7 tp    10/23/19  (1)
Life is a pervasive nightmare of cleaning up other people's messes    10/23/19  (3)
New Hampshire shooting suspect beats the shit out of his public defender:    10/23/19  (3)
180: CSLG reports undocumented potential Mexican client to ICE    10/23/19  (8)
How am I supposed to endure another 30-50 years of (((this)))    10/23/19  (3)
Saw a bunch of photos of the Old West and wanted to cry    10/23/19  (19)
yeah maybe but dont you think israel would notice?    10/23/19  (3)
oh fuck i forgot about israel    10/23/19  (4)
Letting women work was the biggest disaster of the last 100 years    10/23/19  (10)
swordmo, when are we starting our column at counter-currents?    10/23/19  (24)
Sick & sad how the Dems are impeaching with no due process    10/23/19  (1)
Texas Man Who Orchestrated Email Phishing Attack on Los Angeles Superior Court S    10/23/19  (6)
irish people invented everything    10/23/19  (11)
Goy throws remote at tv "Netflix Marvel isnt canon it's kike fraud" *buys Disney    10/23/19  (2)
When did libs go full bore we want to destroy America via open borders insane?    10/23/19  (21)
so Mexicans can't come here because Stephen Miller went bald at 23?    10/23/19  (2)
Prosecutors add new charges against Laughlin. Lol at this bullshit.    10/23/19  (1)
Latest Alt-Right Health Fad: SUNGAZING. Literally, staring at the sun.    10/23/19  (2)
As Homelessness Surges in California, So Does a Backlash [NYT]    10/23/19  (47)
"The filter makes shit drinkable. No, I won't try it but if I'll give u aids med    10/23/19  (2)
2019 World Series game 1: ASTROS vs. NATIONALS.    10/23/19  (83)
Has Charles released his schedule for his breakdown of the Catherine the Great m    10/23/19  (1)
Sister impregnated from wearing brother's nocturnal emission-soaked pjs    10/23/19  (4)
lakers/clips both look awful    10/23/19  (10)
do y'all remember when Hillary Clinton had a southern accent?    10/23/19  (1)

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