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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/12/19  (255)
2018 law firm financials    02/21/19  (63)
36 Hours in Goa (NYT Travel)    02/21/19  (4)
Like an Estrada in the wind...    02/21/19  (21)
Why are you phaggots so down on Birdbox? That movie was legit freaky    02/21/19  (12)
FL Jew Tranny Jazz Jenning's Fake Vagina In Mortal Danger (Link) (Vid)    02/21/19  (96)
China's "social credit" system crackdown: Millions banned from flights/trains    02/21/19  (18)
throngs of poasters in orange robes gathered around crosslegged lawman    02/21/19  (1)
Millenial decimates Gen X managers in the workplace    02/21/19  (16)
protip: Watch the Smollett GMA interview post indictment for da lulz    02/21/19  (13)
Tim Geithner and Hank Paulson were American heroes    02/21/19  (1)
Has a truly great album been released in the last decade?    02/21/19  (100)
Layoffs coming from all sides, you heard it here first guys    02/21/19  (6)
Lmao at this Don Jr tweet    02/21/19  (10)
Don Jr. and/or Kushner are months away from indictment    02/21/19  (9)
Is there a word that encapsulates professional millennials in big Lib cities?    02/21/19  (27)
Gay CNN contributor holds out hope, prays, that the Smollett hate crime was real    02/21/19  (8)
best decision of 2018 was ATDing gf and replacing her with a roomba + air fryer    02/21/19  (6)
Oh fortuitous Syracuse basketball coach!    02/21/19  (3)
What are some cr Get Up Kids songs?    02/21/19  (6)
Leaked audio of Jussie Smollett 911 call    02/21/19  (1)
Our hot Brazilian nanny ran away    02/21/19  (259)
Will Jussie's manager be indicted too? He was complicit    02/21/19  (1)
Mueller wraps up report with 0 indictments.    02/21/19  (28)
It's 2019 and Gay People Are Still Forced to Attack Themselves (link)    02/21/19  (3)
AOC has a bigtit LatinaTeen cousin LINK INSIDE    02/21/19  (57)
Loling @ how much of a "supervictim" Jussie Smollett was    02/21/19  (11)
80s/90s kids: grew up with time honored cartoons and shows. Kids today: Blippi    02/21/19  (13)
Bernie Warren ticket takes it in a landslide    02/21/19  (3)
Rate this lib shrew facebook post struggling with her cognitive dissonance    02/21/19  (2)
shouted @ Billy Dee Williams 'Aren't you that faggot Empire Strikes Back nigger?    02/21/19  (9)
Rate this 5'11 38 year old Black chick    02/21/19  (18)
SMOLLETT INDICTED!!!    02/21/19  (47)
5th associate dissatisfied w bonus hangs noose around neck, pours bleach on self    02/21/19  (4)
good night jon    02/21/19  (4)
The Smollett debacle must be really hard for LathamTouchedMe to take    02/21/19  (5)
israeli jews in LA and MFH are some of the worst people ive ever met    02/21/19  (72)
Donate $1 to Tulsi Gabbard. She needs 65,000 donations to make the debate stage    02/21/19  (31)
Libs want you to believe the USA before Obama was a terrible place    02/21/19  (5)
Jussie Smollett. Star Actor, Entertainer, Hate Crime Survivor, Best Selling Auth    02/21/19  (2)
Fuck it, just put "penussy" in white font at bottom of my email sig block    02/21/19  (25)
Don Lemon: not Smollett's fault he lost in the court of public opinion (link)    02/21/19  (5)
Interesting that bernie doesn't have a woah is me holocaust survivor schtick    02/21/19  (3)
XO poll: Where will Bryce Harper sign?    02/21/19  (30)
doodikoff should i sell my 2017 sg standard    02/21/19  (1)
Hmm this food isn't quite warm enough. I know I'll shoot it with nuclear radiati    02/21/19  (7)
Is Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. the only restaurant inspired by a movie?    02/21/19  (33)
There are going to be dozens of AOC ripoffs running in 2020    02/21/19  (10)
Trumpmos pointing to CA’s $2.9T economy: “See what socialism gets you, libs?    02/21/19  (9)
poast ITT if ur realistically BLACKPILLED    02/21/19  (43)
I cum really, really hard against 45    02/21/19  (2)
Trump: "US will never be socialist" *whole country cheers* Bernie: "i'm running    02/21/19  (1)
Boeheim killed some guy last night    02/21/19  (4)
Please list desired salary along with any hate crimes you have been the victim o    02/21/19  (1)
"US" libs don't want you to know anything about American history or culture    02/21/19  (3)
Indian woman: "Let's get one thing straight - I am black."    02/21/19  (7)
"Milk Cliff" is going to fuck me squarely in my round cornhole    02/21/19  (6)
Trump pointing to Israel's wall: “See what Judaism gets you, goyim?"?    02/21/19  (2)
Remember when Fox News pulled Tucker off the air for 3 days for opposing Syrian    02/21/19  (15)
Guy finds GF cheating on him in guys car, walks up shoots him in the car (vid)    02/21/19  (15)
seems like most of this board is over trump    02/21/19  (21)
Hackers: "Oh, actually we can hack the block chain. Lol."    02/21/19  (4)
"Tranny Gets STOMPED JAJA!" may contain sensitive content. (vid)    02/21/19  (2)
Reminder: GOP winning Roms states + OH + FL + VA = Dem POTUS    02/21/19  (19)
I am a feminist and ballroom dancer. I'm pansexual,not bi/les/cishet ty. she/her    02/21/19  (2)
Tucker Carlson gets torn the fuck up and loses his shit in unaired interview    02/21/19  (56)
requesting some more angry backspace blackpill posts    02/21/19  (3)
Why do dogs bark ALL THE TIME but wolves almost never do?    02/21/19  (6)
America is so just u have to pay people to attack u for your race    02/21/19  (2)
why did juno go on national tv & lecture us on believing a mentally ill fraud    02/21/19  (5)
Racist homophobes everywhere vindicated by Smollet's arrest.    02/21/19  (2)
So Fox News just refuses to air segments if guests make legitimate criticisms?    02/21/19  (1)
Tucker is playing 3-D chess    02/21/19  (1)
lol @ "havarti" cheese. so fucking prole.    02/21/19  (12)
A thread of a thousand poasts begins with a single blank bump    02/21/19  (24)
Kirstie Alley has fled overeaters anon, 'in all likelihood' joined the Alt Right    02/21/19  (1)
leaked email from Murdoch to Tucker RE: “Your bleeding asshole”    02/21/19  (1)
Cheers theme plays as you slouch thru life unable to make emotional connections    02/21/19  (13)
River Phoenix and Martha Plimpton    02/21/19  (3)
Google Nest Secure has an unlisted, (((disabled))) microphone    02/21/19  (18)
What happened when chilmata added lawman8 on Facebook    02/21/19  (9)
Told client: "your credit report shows you are OVER LEVERAGED. That's why u got    02/21/19  (3)
Lady cop shoots spic beaner faggot 15 times (180 video)    02/21/19  (15)
Rate this tweet about Jussie Smolett    02/21/19  (10)
MPA do NOT break up w ur gf    02/21/19  (24)
Best part of Jussie story is still shitlib journo sniffing trash for bleach odor    02/21/19  (4)
oh wow the poasting helps my depression im so special lol    02/21/19  (7)
Container full of bleach found near Jussie Smolett attack site    02/21/19  (25)
women never grow up. observe how easily they relate to adolescents/children    02/21/19  (18)
Obeezy: wtf, I love GC now!    02/21/19  (1)
AOC used a PAC to launder payments to her boyfriend    02/21/19  (114)
Has anyone been to Capitva/Sanibel islands? Good for family vacation?    02/21/19  (3)
i'm DIAMONDPILLED and it's great    02/21/19  (2)
Kamala Harris: Dumber, non-white Hillary Clinton    02/21/19  (13)
Keep it real.. is your non xo life actually great?    02/21/19  (123)
Does this 24yo white girl look older than she is?    02/21/19  (29)
10:1 odds against Clinton running in 2020 on predict it. Free money??    02/21/19  (11)
Lawman8 on Tinder Date: "You know, after age 35 fertility declines rapidly."    02/21/19  (1)
Ariana: "My pussy is so good that men aim for suicide after I deprive them of it    02/21/19  (10)
Jacked dude at my gym never completely changes into workout clothes    02/21/19  (19)
Does anyone remember Heathcliff?    02/21/19  (45)
Becky he was *amazing*, he does 'insurance defense'! He picked me up in a Rav 4!    02/21/19  (17)
For $3500 you can get a monographed brick in the wall    02/21/19  (1)
Joaquin Phoenix aged like shit. Already looks 58yo but is only 43yo.    02/21/19  (25)
Does anyone here have actual job security and feel secure    02/21/19  (7)
Would Herman Cain have won in 2016 if he ran instead of Trump?    02/21/19  (4)
Kamala Harris: "Russians hacked the vote totals for the 2016 election"    02/21/19  (21)
FBI arranged quid pro quo with Obama DOJ to minimize Clinton email investigation    02/21/19  (68)
leaked footage shows 19yo AOC making out with 32yo Huma Abedin on Lolita Express    02/21/19  (1)
Trump: “We never said the wall would be contiguous”    02/21/19  (1)
the problem with getting older is that you can see how your "movie" will end    02/21/19  (11)
*TMF looks at today's agenda* "8am-10pm: Act Like I Know Things"    02/21/19  (15)
Shitlibs taking a beating the past few days. Really just brutal.    02/21/19  (5)
Alexa, why are Jews over represented in all state & corporate power structures?    02/21/19  (1)
leaning over the bar grabbing the bartenders ipad and putting creed on    02/21/19  (5)
why is trump still claiming that the wall is being built rn?    02/21/19  (4)
It's a portmanteau of penis and pussy. Fuck yes they're real, mom.    02/21/19  (1)
Successful Indian tech bro marries a white doctor: NYT Wedding    02/21/19  (65)
Study: Most Sinful US States, Ranked (link)    02/21/19  (2)
The Japanese have a good culture, we need more of them here    02/21/19  (5)
AOC's response re boyfriend seems weak    02/21/19  (8)
"I'm negligibly Jewish" said TMF polishing 8 ft chrome Menorah on front lawn    02/21/19  (16)
imagine the gay butthole parties upset jew is gonna have in Tel Aviv    02/21/19  (14)
Jussie Smollett is now under arrest and in police custody    02/21/19  (7)
what are odds of my wife & ex-gfs husband dying in same year?    02/21/19  (2)
"My kids feel unsafe!" Tucker shrieks while supporting border child separations    02/21/19  (46)
Fox's Empire to write of Smollet's character in a vicious MAGA hate crime murder    02/21/19  (1)
what is this music genre called?    02/21/19  (2)
So a bunch of manchild geeks on XO used to giggle about “DuckTales” 10 yrs a    02/21/19  (6)
Avenatti tweets in support of Tucker in feud against lib historian    02/21/19  (3)
Obama: “You don’t have to have 8 women around you twerkin”    02/21/19  (5)
(Friends theme) I'll Lift Bare for You    02/21/19  (11)
will the release of the mueller report end wlmas and obeezy's xo careers?    02/21/19  (1)
shitmod running cover for spaceporn may be criminally liable    02/21/19  (2)
imagine waking up in the middle of the night to hear this is Maga country    02/21/19  (5)
XO Straw Poll: Would you trade lives with THUNDER COLLINS?    02/21/19  (17)
"No hookups" -- (300 lb freak whose face makes Tarana Burke look like Megan Fox)    02/21/19  (5)
I thought there were thousands of right wing domestic terrorists in the USA now    02/21/19  (1)
I have not seen megachurch girl on any dating sites    02/21/19  (7)
Jussie paint your pictures about how it’s gonna be    02/21/19  (1)
why are people saying spaceporn adopted a child just to rape him?    02/21/19  (22)
Smollett: I got the idea from Lebron    02/21/19  (3)
MPA, give yourself a chance to love her    02/21/19  (1)
libs are getting absolutely rekt every direction this month    02/21/19  (3)
Longread about the Oxford comma in dating profiles    02/21/19  (19)
moderately fat girls are the most sexually exciting    02/21/19  (2)
Remember when Lebron James vandalized his house by spraypainting "NIGGER" on it?    02/21/19  (23)
I found a second fatal flaw in True Detective    02/21/19  (10)

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